Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm just bumpin' my music

Two songs I can't stop playing right now...

Young Jeezy - Hood Politics

J. Cole - Who Dat

What's random but interesting to me is that one of these songs is "rap" and the other is straight "hip-hop" if you really think about it. J. Cole is miles beyond Jeezy in terms of lyrical ability but Jeezy's song has a vibe that I really enjoy. Songs like "Hood Politics" are the reason I like rappers like Jeezy, Rick Ross, and other rappers who wouldn't be considered true emcees by a lot of people north of the Mason-Dixon line. Artists like Ross, and Jeezy have a way of making songs that resonate either through the production or just the "feeling" of the song. I can't articulate it very well but fans of those guys probably know what I mean.

Nowadays, I tend to view hip-hop as a pretty diverse genre of music with many sub-genre's that encompass just about every style of hip-hop/rap one can enjoy. For me, that's part of the beauty of the evolution of hip-hop but I can also understand why so-called hip-hop "purists" don't really like some of the newer artists (especially southern artists, lol). There's no stopping the evolution of hip-hop and that's probably a good thing but what would make it even better is more conscious or semi-conscious hip-hop/rap coming back into the mainstream. Unfortunately, it seems like those artists are relegated to the underground or the InterWeb.

P.S. - It looks like me and Drizzy both like the Jeezy joint.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Return of the Mack (no Ballerina P Prodigy).


I never paid attention to the fact that this song is really about a man scorned, lol.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Chris Rock you a fool for this one!

Question, does it play into minstrel stereotypes to make a video addressing these issues with this type of performance style? Just a question.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yo You Got One Homie!

In this case, the homie is Justin Timberlake. Check the promo video that incorporates Justin's new song (with Jamie Foxx and TIPPORD) with an NBA theme then check the song out afterward.

LISTEN HERE (link hosted at

I've been feeling this song since the day it leaked and I am convinced that this will be getting shoved into your ears consistently on the radio within about a week or two (if it isn't already).