Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flashing Lights: Pick One

The one we all saw...

The one that just surfaced....

Obviously, I'm taking the first one because of the Rita G factor. But I think the second is a bit easier to understand conceptually. The second video is allegedly one version that Kanye made and threw away (as he's been known to do...ie - Jesus Walks). Funny thing is, even the videos he trashes are better than a lot of videos you'll see in rotation nowadays. Not that I actually watch BET or MTV to know what videos they're playing. Yet-and-still, I bet I'm right. LOL.

My homegirl Lauren just sent me a third version which is pretty good as well. Kanye stays going in on his video concepts.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Okay NaS, I'll shut up and let you, do you!

If you've been reading this boring ole' blog, you probably have seen me question NaSiR a couple times on his song releases up to this point from his upcoming album formerly titled "Ni99er" now titled "The N" (I believe, but really does it matter what he calls it now that it's not the N word?).

For the record, I questioned NaS focus on his first release, "Be A Ni99er Too" and I stated that he is getting warmer with his second release "N.I.G.G.E.R. (Slave and the Master)". Now that I've seen the promo image/flier/poster (shown below) for the video for "Be a Ni99er Too", I think I'm going to hold-off on my outbursts until I've downloaded purchased the album and listened to it several times.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Music

Usher - Love You Gently

This shyt right here! This shyt RIGHT HERE! The boy did his thing on this joint.

Common (ft. Skateboard P) - Universal Mind Control

Somebody told Common to "go head switch the style up/if nikkahs hate then let em hate, just watch the money pile up". This is a different look for Common but I actually like it since it shows some of his versatility. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what he's actually talking about though. Let me listen again....

Plies (ft. Jamie Foxx and The Dream) - Please Excuse My Hands

I don't really understand why Plies has been making so many "love" songs for the ladies but I guess that's his niche now. That might be the best business model for him though considering conscious gangsta rap (ie - "100 Years") does not sell as well as LL Cool J style rap. Ya'll know what I mean. I like Plies as a more gangster-ish rapper. His voice sounds a bit too country over these soft beats for me, but I guess these particular tracks aren't targeted at me anyway sooooo....

Mickey Factz - Good Money

I have been hearing a lot on the InterWeb about Mickey and his "The Leak" mixtape. The premise is that he leaks a track a day. I downloaded The Leak Volume 1 but I never listened and he's already got 3 tracks released for the second volume. I only listened to this track because of the 9th Wonder production and this shyt is kinda FIRE. Now I think I'm going to go back and listen to that mixtape.

Bloodraw (ft. Jeezy and Rick Ross) - Chevy Boyz

Bloodraw is a member of Jeezy's CTE crew and I might be the only person north of Atlanta that actually likes this dude. But I couldn't care less. I enjoy this guy's music even though he talks about the same stuff Jeezy talks about but in a wierd voice. But I also like Jeezy so go figure. As for Bloodraw...Is he a great lyricist? No. Is his flow on-point? Not really. Does he have anything that sets him apart from other trap-rappers? No. Yet-and-still, I have effed with Mr. Florida since his Gangsta Grillz mixtape, "Indictment Papers". Hopefully Blood steps his lyricism up a bit but keeps it gutter. In the meantime, I'm adding Chevy Boyz to my "Rider Music" playlist.

The Fixxers - Worldwide AM

I liked them the first time I heard them on "Can You Work With That" and they keep my attention on this one. The production is really what I love about this song (I assume it's DJ Quik).

American Airlines...Soon to be out of business

Would you believe that American Airlines (starting June 15) is going to begin charging fliers $15 for their 1ST checked bag? Yes, I said FIRST! Obviously, the higher-ups at American Airlines are idiots or have enough retirement money saved-up to relax and wait for the company to fold.
"American, the nation's largest carrier, said Wednesday the fee for the first checked bag starts June 15 and that it would raise other fees for services ranging from reservation help to oversized bags. The other fees will mostly range from $5 to $50 per service, the airline said."
I understand that fuel costs are rising and that your MD-80 planes all have wiring that's effed up. But seriously, if you're going to charge me an extra $15 for my first checked bag, you might as well roll that into your price and not mention the shyt. By announcing it, you're just going to make me avoid flying on your airline when I am searching on expedia or orbitz.

It's bad enough I have to pay a fee if my bag weighs too much and also a fee for my second checked bag. Now you want to make me pay for traveling with 1 piece of checked luggage. That's just not right! I'm a guy and this outrages me so I can only imagine how women (who presumably pack even more than my dainty azz) will feel about this.

In my eye, this signals the end of American Airlines. Actually, the end probably began a few weeks ago when they grounded all those planes because of bad wiring. This is just confirming the writing that was already on the wall. I believe the consensus even before the downed planes and lame fees was that American Airlines sucked bawls anyway so I'm adding American to my "I don't eff with them bamas" list. Unfortunately, there are probably some routes that American Airlines has on-lock and people will be forced to take. Hopefully I don't end up in that category.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Licky-licky! Licky-licky! I like to licky-licky, likcy-licky all night"

The title of this post comes from a Lil Wayne song from one of his 10 million mixtapes over the last year or so. Before Lil Weezie goes out and licky-lickies again, he might want to take the condom that this guy appears to be using on him and put it on his tongue. Yes people, the time has come for Trojan to start making prophylactics for the tongue.

I saw this story on the news last night and it didn't really shock me all that much. It turns out that guys can develop oral cancer if they perform oral sex on a girl with HPV. Most people that watch TV after 9pm (or took a high school health class) on a regular basis know that women with HPV can develop cervical cancer. If you don't know, you do now. And if you watch television after 9pm you probably also know that there's a big push to get young girls the HPV vaccine Gardasil (whose side effects include "side effects include pain, swelling, itching, and redness at the injection site, fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and fainting").

Oddly enough, some parents were outraged at the thought of vaccinating their teenage daughters against HPV. Because as we all know, teen girls don't have sex. I understand that some parents don't want to face the reality that their child is having sex or may have sex at some point before they turn "of age" (whatever-the-fock-that-means), but seriously. This is like not vaccinating your child against hepatitis, mumps, or measles. It just makes too much sense for you NOT to do it.

What I enjoy about the WJZ.com article on this topic is that one of the two men mentioned in the article that developed oral cancer (presumably from HPV) was described as taking "part in the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s". LMAO! If there was a sexual revolution back then, 30 years from now what are they going to call the "revolution" going on now with all these people experimenting with or diving into (no pun intended) homosexuality? Sexual experimentation and openness is probably more accepted and prominent now than it was back then (I would guess) even with HIV being as big a problem as it is. So I can only imagine what types of connections researchers will make between the sexual revolution of today and the diseases of tomorrow.

This post is more of a public service announcement than anything else. Fellas strap up...Ya tongue!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Music: NaS, Usher

NaS - N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave and the Master)

NaS is getting warmer with this joint. I wasn't so sure about NaS's last song but I think he read my previous post and he's being a little more coherent with his messages. At least, it seems like he's moving in that direction.

"We are the slave and the master/
What you lookin' for? We the question and the answer/"

Usher (feat. Jay-Z) - Best Thing

I think Jay out-performed Ursher on this track. But, I am a Jay-Z Stan (shot out to Laf). The beat is nice but Jay's appearance on the track makes it feel like it's a Jay-Z song featuring Ursher. Which is funny considering they only gave Jay about 6 bars at the beginning and another 6 bars at the end, LOL.

"You're the best mama!"

BONUS: Wale is from Maryland!

Having been in a similar position before (justifying your PG/MD/DC residency), I can feel Wale on this one. By the way, Wale is probably one hit away.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Somehow, I managed to experience the best hip-hop performance of my life and not blog about it for 10 whole days! Who would have guessed it. But better late than never, right?

On May 10, my brother, Woo, and I went to the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA for the "DC stop" of Kanye's Glow in the Dark Tour. I'd been excited about this concert for about two months and I had this wack joke going for about a month of that time where I'd tell my friends I was going to buy glow in the dark underwear to wear to the concert. Needless to say, I was BOWL-SHYTTING!

We got to the concert late. Well, late according to the time it was slated to start, 6:20pm. But I was only going to see one person that night, Kanye Tuda. From what I understand, Lupe Fiasco was the first to perform, followed by N.E.R.D. and Rihanna. We got there about 3/4 of the way through Rihanna's set.

It's going to be tough for me to convey just how crazy the atmosphere was once Kanye hit the stage but I'd compare what I experienced that night to what people say Woodstock was like. We had lawn seats so we were in the middle of a sea of people. There were glow in the dark shoes, necklaces, glasses, and shirts scattered throughout the crowd.

Once Kanye hit the stage is was like a riot from pretty much that point on. What impressed me the most was that Kanye did his entire set by himself with the exception of "Touch the Sky" (which he brought Lupe out for), so it felt like a very personal experience between him and the crowd. The light-show, smoke, and moving platform he stood on were all nice touches that gave you the feeling that you were a part of something half-astronomical, half-hip-hop. It was definitely far different from the feeling of the Jay-Z/MJB concert. It was FAR better.

Kanye's set probably lasted about an hour or so but we could have stood there dancing and chanting for another day or two. This was hands-down the best hip-hop concert I've ever been to and I would pay $100 for a Kanye show any day. Oddly enough, I paid $35 for my ticket to this concert and left feeling like it was worth $100. Whereas, I went to see Jay-Z and Mary J and paid $100+ for tickets and left feeling like I should have only paid $50.

If you have the opportunity to go check out the Glow in the Dark Tour, make sure you do. Even if you have to sit waaaaaaay in the back or waaaaayyyyy up high. Trust me, it's worth every penny. And in 10 years when Kanye's touring like the Grateful Dead, you'll be able to say you were there when he set a new benchmark for hip-hop tours.

Just ask Diddy...
And if you don't believe me or Diddy, ask EsKay or ask MTV.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Read this if you have Verizon Wireless service

A co-worker recently told me that by working for the Johns Hopkins University that we got a 15% discount on our Verizon Wireless monthly plan. Sooooo, it took me a few days (shocker, I know) but I just got around to calling ole' VZW and inquiring. Shockingly, it's legit!

If Verizon Wireless is your wireless carrier, I highly suggest that you visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/getdiscounts/ to see if your job has a corporate discount setup with Verizon Wireless. Hopefully you are pleasantly surprise like moi.

Just passing along the cheapeness.

Birthday Surprise

My co-workers caught me slipping yesterday with a surprise birthday lunch. There's a running joke in the office about how I eat spaghetti every day for lunch. I actually don't eat spaghetti every day but I do eat it very often for lunch. With that in mind, my co-workers decided to throw me a surprise lunch with a pasta theme. So each of my co-workers created a pasta dish to bring in for the lunch. It was a great surprise. And the Carvel ice cream cake was delicious.

Picture(s) of the Day

Game on the cover of the upcoming Source magazine. Perhaps this is in response to G-Unit's suggestion that he should commit suicide? Nevertheless, I think it makes for an interesting cover.

This next one is worth far more than 1,000 words....

The most perplexing thing about this picture actually isn't the shirtless Rick Ross because he has shown in the past that he just doesn't care about his blactor (blubber factor). The most perplexing thing is Trina's presence in the picture. Since when has she been relevant? Those old Jordans Ross is rockin' look dope though. Let's just be thankful Khaled didn't take his shirt off too.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Call this the "before" picture. LOL.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Miscellaneous Randomness

OMG! High, Crazy, or Both?

You make the call!

"Anybody wanna see Young Jeezy kill George Bush shawty?" LMAO!

"I'm ain't squashing this shyt shawty! We finna go to war!"

"Ay Gucci, come handle this shyt...Somebody gimme my hair so I can go...I'm pressing charges! Where my durag at!?!"

Bangin' in the Bay

This is crazy as well...

The Real LeBron

In an effort to post something that isn't crazy....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Video: Ace Hood (ft. Ricky Ross and T-Pain) - Cash Flow

I'm feeling this joint so I decided to post it.

I can't resist...

1. T-Pain's hats are actually more entertaining than the entire video.

2. Is it me or does Ace Hood look like Jody Breeze in a few of these shots?

3. The beat is infectious.

4. Does Snoop's appearance in this video lend it more street credibility?

5. You can't tell me Rick Ross doesn't look like Nicky Barnes with those shades on.

6. Who knew that one of the Runnerz was a white guy?

7. I love these DJ Khaled crew tracks. Guilty (party) pleasure I guess.

"Girls so hot, Ace so cold/Taking bets, Ace won't fold" - Ross!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

FYI --> Rick Ross is an idiot

Seriously Rick? Let's not get carried away. And put your focking shirt on! Jeeze!

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Ish, Justice and Swizz

New Video: Justice - Stress

WOW! This is the only thing I've seen from them since D.A.N.C.E....

Two dope videos.
New Music: Swizz Beats - Where Da Cash At?

Perfect opportunity to post this pic....

Swizz Beatz - Where Da Cash At?

If you loved hip-hop, were having a party, and could pick any DJ, who would it be?

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 6 (yes, that's your favorite high maintenance rapper partying with him)

Exhibit 7

Exhibit 8


LOL @ 50 getting his chain snatched, in Angola!

I couldn't even make this shyt up. About 1:30 seconds in, Curtis gets his chain snatched in front of thousands.

This really makes me laugh uncontrollable. Funny thing is, I don't think 50 even knew he got "got" until after homie had jumped back down off the stage and started running. I bet the guy who did it is gonna start a rap career off this shyt. LOL.

This is funny on so many levels...

1. All the talk about how Africans really idolize (Black) American rappers yet most people claim/assume that native Africans don't like African-Americans.

2. He just met Nelson Mandela the other day.

3. He gets his chain snatched in the middle of a concert, ON-STAGE (not even on the street).

4. A rapper, in Africa...Gets robbed for his chain.

5. LMAO!

It's like NaS said...

"Watchin' kids freeze in winters, they still poor/
How could I tease them with Benz's and feel no remorse/
Drivin' past them in the lively fashion, diamond colors clashin'/
Red stones, blue stones, red bones and black ones/
Fuck did I expect..."

-- NaS, "Every Ghetto"

Friday, May 2, 2008

TIPPORD: No Matter What

No Matter What

TI/TIP/TIPPORD dropped this track on Tuesday to a little bit of fanfare on the InterWeb (read: bloggers got excited). I am really feeling this track. He get introspective on this one, responds to some of the stuff Mr. Got Em for the L-O has been saying, tries to motivate the listener, and ends with a shot out to God.

This might be the realest track T.I.P./T.I. has ever wrote (that Pac quote is timeless). Or at least the realest thing he's written since "I Still Luv Ya", "TI vs TIP", or "Still Ain't Forgave Myself".

I Still Love You (Trap Muzik album)

TI vs. TIP (Trap Muzik album)

This is one of my favorite TIPPORD songs eVar, as noted before.

Still Ain't Forgave Myself (I'm Serious album)

Check the lyrics to "No Matter What" for yourself...

Never have you seen in your lifetime/
A more divine souther rapper with a swag like mine/
Facing all kinda time but smile like I'm fine/
Brag with such passion and shine without trying/
Believe me, pain's a small thing to a giant/
I was born without a dime, out the gutter I climbed/
Spoke my mind and didn't stutter one time/
Ali say even the greatest gotta suffer sometimes/
So I huff-and-puff rhymes, lyrics so sick widdit/
Set the standard in Atlanta how to g-g-get it/
So you up-and-coming rappers wanna diss just kill it/
I'm officially the realest, point blank period/
Whether I still live in the hood or just visit/
Whatever you can do in the hood I done did it/
That's why the dope boys and the misfits feel it/
This still his city long as TIP living listen/

I ain't dead, I ain't done/
I ain't scared, I ain't run/
But still I stand/
No matter what people here I am/
No matter remember/
I ain't break, I ain't fold/
They hate me mo', so/
Yeah I know/
Here I go/
No matter what shawty here I go/
No matter what shawty/

You let the blog sites and the magazines tell it/
I'm sure to be in jail till 2027/
Rather see me in a cell in, 'stead of this new McLaren/
God'll take you through hell, just to get you to heaven/
So even though it's heavy, the load I will carry/
Grin and still bear it, win and still share it/
Apologies to the fans, I hope you can understand it/
Life can change your direction, even when you ain't plan it/
All you can do is handle it, worse thing you can do is panic/
Use it to your advantage, avoid insanity, manage to conquer/
Every obstacle, make impossible possible/
Even when winning's illogical, losing still far from optional/
And, yeah they want to see you shot up in the hospital/
But, one life no punches, block your counter like a boxer do/
Been locked inside mi casa too long, I did a song/
To make it known the king lives on, pimpin/


Even in solitude, there's still no hotter dude/
I showed you how to do what you do, you ain't got a clue/
All you do is follow dudes, sound like a lot of dudes/
I weather whatever storm, make it out without a bruise/
I understand why, now when my hands tied/
They take shots cuz if I'm out there it's a landslide/
But revenge is best served as a cold dish/
And suckers will get served, better know this/
Guess it was understood for me it was over with/
But I don't quit, if you ain't notice yet/
They couldn't wait to say goodnight shawty/
So they could try to rhyme, act, and look like shawty/
Go get a beat from Toomp and make a hook like shawty
For you know it I'm back, what it look like shawty/
I lost my partner and my daughter in the same year/ (philant, miscarriage)
Somehow I rise above my problems and remain here/
Yeah, and I hope the picture painted clear/
If your heart filled with faith then ya can't fear/
Wonder how I face years and I'm still chillin/
Easy, let go and let God deal with it/


If you've been following TI as an artists since before his arrest on those weapons charges I don't think you can read the lyrics, listen to the track, and then tell me this isn't a good song.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Public Service Announcement: Don't Sleep With this Guy!

The guy in the video below calls himself "TrashMan" and is allegedly running off the littany of women he "gave AIDS to." Needless to say, whether this is true or not it's pretty effed up.

After watching the video a couple times, I'm not so convinced that this thing is real. Especially considering this guy starts off with the premise that he (and I paraphrase) "gave these women AIDS." I always thought (and I'm pretty sure I was taught) that you contract HIV which could then turn into AIDS (unless you're Magic Johnson). But I could be wrong, although I'm a pretty sure I'm right about that. Also, he says he's had sex with over 15,000 women. Come on homeboy, those are Wilt numbers. I don't think a Jaguar (which he claims to drive) - even the XF - is gonna get you that much action. A Maybach, maybe (I'm joking). Aside from that, he just doesn't sound all that believable to me.

The messed up part is that you can't really be sure. So ladies, be careful! Guys be careful too! Especially if any of those names sound familiar. I'm pretty sure that this guy will end up getting sued whether this is true or not since he's spewing off names like this. That is, unless the names are fugazi.

My guess is that this is a scare tactic this guy is trying to use to actually do some good. Azz-backwards as it might be, it might also be super-genius. He may end up getting himself into trouble in the process but instilling some fear into people is probably a good thing at this point. Let's be for real, HIV/AIDS is really out of control.

Speaking of AIDS, I was watching the news last night (where I heard about this video) and there was a very scary statistic. Of all the cases of AIDS in BodyMore, something like 86% are African-Americans. Scary shyt, I know. But if you ever needed an excuse to holla at some white chicks...

Or a white chick named 'Black'.... Let me move on since I know that shyt is gonna get me in trouble.

Here are some even scarier numbers. Here's a list of the nation's top 10 cities where AIDS is spreading the fastest. This list is from 2005 data and is the number of cases and rate of spreading per 100,000 people.

Miami - 2,435 (number) 44.9 (rate)
Baltimore - 1,074 (number) 40.4 (rate)
Memphis - 420 (number) 33.3 (rate)
New York - 6,150 (number) 32.8 (rate)
Atlanta - 1,587 (number) 32.3 (rate)
Baton Rouge - 225 (number) 30.7 (rate)
New Orleans - 400 (number) 30.3 (rate)
San Juan, Puerto Rico - 746 (number) 28.9 (rate)
Orlando - 551 (number) 28.5 (rate)
Jackson, Miss. - 142 (number) 27.2 (rate)

Information taken from the BaltimoreSun.com website

And one last bit of interesting information is that if you take a look at the list above and cross-reference the cities on this list with a map of where Blacks live in the U.S....Some things just make you wonder.

Yet another reason why censusscope.org might be the most interesting things on the InterWeb.