Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pusha T (feat Wale) - Only You Can Tell It

Off the Wrath of Caine mixtape. "Bloggers get your trace on..."

Am I the only person that finds it odd/eerie that this guy dropped a mixtape called Wrath of Cain[e] when he and his brother have kinda went separate ways and his brother "found Christ"? It can't just be me, right? I know it's a play on his coke raps and all that but still, Cain did KILL his brother.

Get me doeeeeee!

Baltimore Blocks: Can somebody please translate the bottom red part of this sign, please?

I parked in front of this sign last night, got out, and tried to decipher this parking language and could not. So I ended up just saying eff it and took the chance. I don't know if I should be happy I didn't get a ticket or if I should be sad that I couldn't comprehend what the sign really meant.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video: Skyzoo (feat Talib Kweli) - Spike Lee Was My Hero

Joint G-O-E-S! When I think of Brooklyn hip-hop this style of music and the early Jay-Z and BIG work come to mind. Followed by Black Star and MOP too, can't forget about them.

Keeping alive that hip-hop that a lot of us grew up on.

SkyZoo and his music are both under-respected and under-disseminated.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rick Ross almost got the worst birthday present of all the times!!!

Glad to see this dude didn't get murdered and like 50 said: "BIG got hit in that passenger seat, Pac got hit in that passenger seat. Now I'm 'ridin' 'round in the passenger seat."

The moral of the story??? Don't ride in the passenger seat It's better to be a rapper that doesn't talk tough all the time (Drake) than it is to be a tough-talking rapper that as a result, makes himself a target for even more people than those who are already haters by nature. You don't get no points for poppin shots at Drake but if you hit Fat Ricky that might count for something in the streets.

Trent Williams was serious when got that silverback gorilla chain I see

A long time ago I read an article about Trent Williams getting some ridiculous gorilla chain made that reportedly is work up to $150,000 (check out that article here and the picture below).

The article starts with the following quote by Trent:
"'I'm always saying how I want to be a beast on the field and Silverback is a beast, so they just kind of gave me the nickname,' Trent Williams said after he was picked by the Redskins and introduced as Trent “Silverback” Williams by Roger Goodell."
And if he hadn't already "earned" the name somehow, he definitely earned it this past Thursday morning in Hawaii where he was there for the Pro Bowl (played this past Sunday) and he got into a brawl at a club somehow.

His role in the brawl appears to be victim but it's being reported that this dude was tasered and cracked over the head with a bottle... READ THAT AGAIN


And it required 7 stitches to close his head up but he "would not go down."

Let's be clear here, Trent is 6 foot 5 inches and has to be at least 300 pounds so short of a couple of strong men together, most people are not just going to be able to get him to the ground with a punch or by sheer strength if he's defending himself. But after being tased you'd think he would go down out of pain. And after being hit over the head with a bottle (I'm assuming something bigger than a beer bottle) you'd think he would go down. But apparently he somehow withstood all this. That is completely insane, completely!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Images of the Week

D@mn, lol.

Aye, but they do though!!!

You know somebody that thinks this way, you just might not know it yet, lol.

Gun control much?


Chip (feat. Jeezy & TIP) - On the Scene

I could have done without a Jeezy verse and had Bobby Ray on this joint but it still goes. And surprisingly, the Bri'ish accent doesn't bother me but that's probably because.....

Clearly, TIP is ghost-writing Chip's stuff. If he's not, I'd be shocked.

Shot out to the homie RipRock for responding to my email about this joint and thereby inspiring me to scribe (ha) this post.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wisconsin High School has a class where white privilege/guilt is addressed and examined. Oh my God no please stop the madness!!!!

According to the Huffington Post:
"A Wisconsin high school is under fire after a parent accused a diversity class of promoting a critical race theory, alleging that students are being taught that minorities are disadvantaged by white oppressors" (disclaimer, the HuffPost article follows that quote with "Fox News reports" which I assume is where that "being taught that..." line comes from, lol).
Anyway, the article goes on to say that "an unnamed parent tells Fox News that assignments and class worksheets seem like 'indoctrination.' ... They’re teaching white guilt... They’re dividing the students. They’re saying to non-whites, ‘You have been oppressed and you’re still being oppressed.'"

Ok, first-and-foremost, the concept of "white guilt" makes me laugh though I understand it and I think there's some validity to it. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not walking around blaming white people of today for shyt their ancestors did. That would mean I'd come to work every morning pissed off. The only white folks I'm angry at are those that appear to be consciously or subconsciously prejudice, racist, or a bigot RIGHT NOW. But white guilt makes sense although I doubt there are really that many white people walking around daily feeling bad about how their ancestors effed over Black people.

Moving right along, the idea that introducing the concept of white privilege as part of a class on critical race theory is probably par for the course I'd guess. One way for everyone to move forward is to be able to have open dialogue and discussion about the past and how it's affecting people of all races today. That's a fair discussion to have and white privilege is definitely a part of that discussion. I don't see anything wrong with discussing white privilege, white guilt, black stereotypes, why most black stereotypes have some validity to them (yep, I said it), and ways that everybody can work together to be more open-minded about the past, the present, and more importantly, things they just simply don't understand.

It's unfair to everyone that every time a discussion about race comes up someone has to jump up and speak-out against having conversations that could move everyone forward. The article is definitely worth a read and there are other links within the article that point to some interesting materials. I highly suggest reading it if you have time.

Google AKA Big Brother AKA Eye in the Sky AKA Privacy is Optional introduces...

...Google Now

I'm sure someone reading this will think that this is super cool and in some ways it is. In other ways, it's on the verge of making privacy something that you toggle on-and-off on your phone or mobile device. Pretty soon there'll be no more privacy by default, it'll be an option or series of options you have to find and select/enable. Technology has brought us some great things but how much are we willing to sacrifice our own privacy to have a computer think for us, suggest things to us, and tell us what they think is best for us based on their tracking mechanism/algorithms? Pretty soon you'll be at home and your phone is gonna tell you, "Your fat azz loves to eat ice cream at 1pm, go get some cherry vanilla" and you're going to do it, just because your phone said so. I love innovation but I don't think people realize just how close to artificial intelligence and thinking on someone's behalf (not to mention, tracking your every move) this stuff is. And to be clear, I'm not anti-Google by any means (I've talked about Google a lot here in the past). I just think we need to think about some of these technologies before we just embrace them by default.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Video: Grinding at the School Dance

This is pretty hilarious!

My Latest Pair: Flyer than the rest of 'em, still got my Nike boots

Nike Woodside II Snow Boot. I bought these right before New Year's Eve. I wanted a new pair of boots that were not the same ole' Timberlands or Nike boots. These are waterproof and stylish and that's exactly what I was shooting for. Unlike this pair shown below, mine have red shoe strings (because red is the best color of all the times). Not the typical Nike boots I think of that dudes wore when I was growing up but still fresh.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bad Lip Reading: NFL Edition

They should get Will Pharrell to do these voice-overs, lol.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baltimore's Love for Ray Lewis Has Absolutely No Limits

I present without comment, the "Ray Lewis Light Show" that is apparently being projected onto a side of the Marriott Hotel downtown in Baltimore. Ok, ONE comment. I'm not a Ravens fan nor am I a Ravens hater (well, sometimes) but this is actually kind of neat. I wonder who will be the first person to recreate this video footage with that lil situation that happened in Hotlanta a while back.

Not that I want to, but I might have to drive downtown tonight just to see if this thing is real.

Monday, January 14, 2013

NFL Conference Championship Weekend: All Bets Are Off in the AFC

After the performance the Ravens put on in Denver to pull out that win there is no way I can dismiss them from moving forward to the Superbowl. The Ravens showed a lot of heart, resolve, grit, determination, et. al. I can't help but think that the notion of Ray Lewis retiring at the season's end really is subconsciously or consciously driving and inspiring these guys, not to mention Ray's leadership during the game.

With all that said, I'm gonna pick the Ravens to beat the Patriots 31-27 next Sunday.

As for the other game to be played on Sunday, I don't think Atlanta is tough enough to beat the 49ers. Talented enough, for sure. But do they have the heart to pull off a win against a very tough team and also stop another dual-threat QB 2 weeks in a row? And Kaepernick is probably more of a "problem" than Russell Wilson. If the Falcons pull off this win I'll take back most of the negative stuff I've said about them. But until then, I'm gonna go with the 49ers.

So yeah, get ready for the HarBOWL!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mystery Solved: Russell Westbrook

For a while now I've kind of been slightly annoyed by Russell Westbrook. I wasn't really sure why though. Dude is a beast on the court and I love watching him play but something about his attitude (seems like a whiny, spoiled, cry-baby, brat, chump sometimes) or the weird look that is always on his face or that peach fuzz-ish mustache situation he has, .... something. Anyway, I finally figured it out and it makes total sense now. Russell Westbrook annoys me because he's a Dallas CowGirls fan!

A lot of you that aren't fans of the Redskins or another NFC East team might not understand what I am about to say but here it goes anyway. Dallas USED TO BE an awesome team. USED TO. And nowadays a lot of their fame and acclaim comes from having great rosters with nothing to show for it. A great stadium but no new trophies to but in the coffers. A gigantic fan-base of loyal supporters. And that latter group is where the problem lies for me. Much like some of my dimwit Redskins fans, a LOT of Cowboys fans are delusional, uninformed, front-runners. They love their team but a lot of them have no real football knowledge and no true regional or personal allegiance to the Cowboys, they just like or like them because they used to be "America's Team", got tons of publicity and were presented to the America public as "winners". Well that era's over. And I'm willing to bet that the last time the Cowboys were good enough to win more than one game in the playoffs, Russell Westbrook was probably a pre-teen (no, I'm not fact-checking that). I'm not sure how his allegiance to the Cowboys started and I'm sure it's probably a legit reason, but he fits right in with the rest of the CowGirls fans and now I've realized why his disposition and persona have annoyed me, it's like I could sense the delustional, uninformed front-runner in him. Good luck next season just like me and my Redskins Russell, good luck.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

NFL, KG, and a swagged out tux from Lionel Messi

NFL Divisional Round Predictions 

Seattle over Atlanta: People, please stop trying to convince yourselves that the Falcons are any better than they were last year. If this game comes down to a clutch moment do you trust Matt Ryan? If this game comes down to a clutch moment do you feel comfortable saying Russell Wilson won't step up? The answer to those questions should push you toward Seattle.

Green Bay over SF: Sorry Lance but your boys are going down. Unless the Niners can hold Green Bay under 20 points, this game is an easy one. If SF holds then under 20 points, they have a shot and will likely win.

Denver over Baltimore: It was a nice win for Ray Lewis last week at home and a chance for him to go out with a home win. But going to Denver to play Peyton is another thing. This is not Andrew Luck and the Colts who actually stuck around in that game and were competitive last week. Denver came into Baltimore this season and ripped the Ravens a new one, especially Eric Decker. I expect this game to be closer but still expect a Broncos win.

New England over Houston: Put Houston in the same box as Atlanta. Lots of talent, good coaches, but I just don't think they have "it". And "it" is what gets you to a superbowl.


If you read this blog by now you probably already know that I think RG3 is THAT DUDE. What happened to him sucks and he should have been pulled earlier in the game but it is what it is. The real issue that only a few people have addressed thoroughly is how the Redskins (my team) were stupid enough to keep the field that messy knowing that their franchise player had a knee issue and would run the ball several times during that game. I'm not saying I blame Daniel Snyder for the injury but at the same time, they should have thought about the potential ramifications to their already injured player.

Kevin Garnett

KG's a Hall of Famer. KG's been a great player and is now a solid player at the tail end of his career but from a lot of different things I've heard about him, the guy is an a-hole when he's on the basketball court with some of the stuff he says to other players. When I heard that Melo came out to approach him after the game my first thought was: "This bama KG either owes Melo some serious money or he said something about Melo's wife, Lala". Apparently, KG told Melo at some point during the game that his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. Which is pretty weird even though I like Honey Nut Cheerios. But it's also ridiculously disrespectful. So when Carmelo said KG said something "you don't say to another man", I figured it was something like that. I actually give Carmelo credit for maintaining his composure during the game and saving his "conversation" for afterward. The only 3 things that will drive an otherwise sensible grown ass man to have that reaction is his family (wifey included) or money. Melo's not gonna go ballistic about KG talking trash about basketball but KG crossed a line. But then again, KG is the same guy who allegedly told Tim Duncan Happy Mother's Day when Duncan's mom had recently died. An a-hole, right?!?!

Miscellaneous: AJ McCarron's Girl and Lionel Messi's Tuxedo

First off, AJ McCarron's girl is pretty for sure and that's pretty much undeniable. But when a girl tweets to you that she hopes you know what you're getting into after you two make it "official" (tweet it, so I know it's real, LMFAO), that's a semi-red flag in my book no matter how "hot" she is. That's stage 3 clinger shyt off the break. So yeah she's hot, but does AJ really know what he *might* be getting into?

Lionel Messi had on a polka-dotted tuxedo jacket and bowtie to the FIFA awards. Apparently the world's most prolific striker is also into fashion. I personally thought the tux was a good look. What do you think?

Video: Childish Gambino - L.E.S.

People write this dude off as corny or a poor man's Aubrey but he can roll for real. That Royalty Mixtape and some joints off his other mixtapes are official. But I get the whole "I can't get with this Black Hipster Emo shyt ole' boy be on!" You missing out though.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cowardly Bigot Writes Letter to Jemele Hill of ESPN

And I quote, directly from the image Jemele posted on her Twitter feed:
"I don't like women broadcasters anyway, let alone bitch jungle bunnies... This spear-chucker needs to go away... I'm not interested in spending all day listening to some thick-lipped gorilla, attempting to properly speak the King's English."
Of course, there's more context to that statement but the context doesn't change much. You can view the full image below:

I'm curious to know whether this person attached his name to this message or not. My guess is that he didn't because that's just how cowards roll. This doesn't surprise me one bit because for all the people in this world that are tolerant or open-minded, there will always be people out there like this.

NFL Wildcard Weekend Predictions

This weekend marks the beginning of the playoffs. As I suspected, my Redskins won because Tony Romo brain farted the game away. I was a little nervous but it's true when they say you can always count on Tony to drop the ball... Or throw the INT... or fumble the hold on the kick. Pick one, he'll taker care of it for you.

This weekend you've got one game that I think will be close and three that I think will be relatively easy wins. Let's start with the easy wins:

Texans vs Bengals: I think the Bengals are a solid team. I LOVE how AJ Green plays and their defensive line is pretty daggon good. But, I believe that their youth will hurt them in this game, especially at the QB position. I know what you're thinking, Matt Schaub is not much better or more reliable which is true but, Matt also has Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, and Ben Tate to mask his ineptitude. That is unless, the Bengals somehow jump out to a huge lead and Schaub has to throw to win the game. If that's the case, all the mask is off and Schaub will have to step up. In the end, I think the Texans win this game by a couple TDs.

Packers vs Vikings: Plain and simply, I expect Aaron Rodgers to rip the Vikings defense a new one. Rodgers seemed pretty unhappy last week and they almost won that game. It was in the cards for the Vikings to win because of the drive to get AP to break the record and the euphoria surrounding that effort at the end of the game. But this week the game will be at Lambeau and I doubt the Vikings can put "Giants D-Line last year" type pressure on Rodgers throughout the game. Which means the soon-to-be-named MVP will be heading home after this weekend. What an epic year for Peterson though, like ridiculously epic!

Colts vs Ravens: The Colts defense is pretty much a sieve but a few days ago (read: pre-Ray Lewis announcement), I thought the Colts would come in and play tough and maybe fluster Joe "not too far removed from Romo status" Flacco and be able to throw the ball to Hilton and Wayne effectively enough to squeak out a tough win. And, they've got karma on their side with their coach beating cancer and coming back and ... you know the rest. But once Ray Ray made his announcement the chances of the Colts winning pretty much went to zero in my mind. Read the following closely:


It's not going to happen. It can't happen. The Ravens won't make it to the Superbowl but maybe they'll get to the NFC Championship riding a Ray Lewis high, maybe. Regardless of where the "ride" ends, Ray Lewis's last home game will likely be a rout led by Ray Rice TDs and Flacco not Flacking up the game. I'd be willing to bet that it's going to be at least one score by the Ravens defense where Ed Reed intercepts a pass, runs to the one yard line, waits on Ray Lewis, pitches it to him, and Ray Lewis rumbles past 5 offensive lineman for the score. Watch, that shyt is gonna happen.

Now for the tough game, one that unfortunately involves my favorite team.

Seahawks vs Redskins: I think most people would say that this game is a pretty even match on paper with both teams being able to put up points but the Seahawks having a better defense. I think this game is going to come down to coaching, offensive execution, and the Redskins defense. If the Skins defense can hold the Seahawks to less than 20 points, I think we win! If not, it's a toss-up. It'll be interesting to see how both teams defend the other side's QB since they have similar styles. If the Redskins can have success running, I think they'll have a good chance to put up 30 points again. The Seahawks interior run defense is all that great though their defense is ranked pretty high this year. The Redskins have the hurculean task of stopping Marshawn Lynch which if I were a Redskins coach, I'd put my eggs in the basket of "let's make the rookie QB that doesn't throw it more than beat us" rather than letting Lynch destroy us like he did the Saints last year. But that's just me and I don't get paid to coach or blog about sports. Anyway, I think this will be an epic game to end the playoff weekend and I can't wait to watch! I've got the Redskins winning 27-24.