Friday, April 28, 2006


For those of you who aren't already aware of Google's plot to take over all that is information technology related, I am here to inform you that they are rolling out yet ANOTHER service that we all may find quite useful.

This service is Google SMS. The way this SMS service works is, you send a text message from your cellphone to the number "46645" (guess what that spells on the keypad?). The content of your text message can be anything of the sort listed below (and much more, I'm sure):

Format = * Info to get: Text to enter as content of text message

* Local listings: hospital San Jose CA
* Phonebook : 2122269817
* Driving directions : pasadena CA to santa monica CA
* Movies : ice age 94110*
* Weather : weather dallas tx
* Stock quotes : tgt
* Q&A : population of Japan
* Glossary : define prosimian
* Translation : translate coffee in french
* Froogle : price mp3 player
* Zip code : 94043
* Area code : 650
* Calculator : 160 pounds * 4000 feet in calories
* Currency conversion : 5 usd in yen
* SportsNew! : duke, detroit nhl, lakers, sf giants
* Help : help
* Tips : tips

I haven't really tried to explore all the functionality that Google SMS provides, but even the short list of stuff you see above is pretty cool. Give it a try sometime. Just try sending a message to 46645 stating "weather [ZIPCODE]" (minus the quotes) where ZIPCODE is your zip code. You'll get a full weather forecast for your area returned to you in a text message. Pretty coool shyt!

I just thought I'd share this info...For more detailed instructions, check here.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dick Cheney Strikes AGAIN! LMAO!

Easter at the White House

This is FUNNY! Shot out to Brandi for sending me this one!

Taking from a little rhyme I wrote prior to the last paintball competition...

"Strap on those Tims bring ya water and friends/
Cuz it's time to get them gunz and go at it again/
Sign-up, come out and play but don't try to play me/
Or get fired on by a friend like the boy Dick Cheney/"

<a href="">Click here to listen</a>

Kern County Police - "We'll kick your a$$! And take your doughnuts too!"

Shot out to Lionel on this one. I thought this was pretty funny...Check out the slogan on the car.

I can only imagine what this would say if it were Prince George's County (Maryland) Police.

VIDEO: HUSTLIN - Rick Ross (AKA SleepyWay)

Rick Ross is Hustlin Everyday Ya'll

I can't front, I kinda like the song a little. Kinda street anthem-ish and I like the street anthems. Rick isn't the most lyrically sound rapper out there but I don't think that's what he's trying to accomplish anyway. Sort of like Young Jeezy, he appears to want to give you a glimpse of what HIS VIEW of the hood is like. That's all good by me homie! Do your thing! He's got all the MIAMI allstars in there: Trina, Pitbull, Smitty, Trick Daddy...Nice video.

After watching this video though, I must say that Rick Ross looks like a cross between Freeway and Sleepy Brown. YOu make the call:


Sleepy Brown

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Seatbelt Time

For those of you who have not seen the Volkswagen commercials where they show people casually talking while driving and all-of-a-sudden they get into an accident, here's one below:

These commercials really have begun to have an effect on me. They are definitely making realize I need to make sure I wear my seatbelt everytime I drive. They don't make me want to buy a VW or anything but they definitely help me realize (yet again) that I can be in an accident at any moment while on the road. This is like the scared straight program for drivers.

I think these are alot more effective than those "You could learn a lot from a dummy" Public Service Announcements that used to run regularly when I was a kid.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yes Gary! He IS one fine piece of MAN-CANDY!!!

This picture is completely HILARIOUS

I thought this was pretty daggon funny when I first saw it. And now that I look at it again...It's still completely friggin hilarious! A picture sure is worth a "handful" or words, isn't it! LMAO! I can't resist.

He's staring into Jeter's eyes just like Mariah Carey used to! Man this is classic!

You can find me in the club...Unfortunately

What I'm trying to get at here is the fact that I just found out first-hand how it feels to be in one of those random club pictures that you find online at sites like or Man does it SUCK!

First off, alot of these pictures are taken on some random type-ish so the people in them have NO IDEA that they're being captured on film.

Secondly, most of the time the people in these pictures are either A) drunk off their asses, B) just got turned down by that hot guy/girl in the club, or C) are on their way to pray to the trying to hit on that hot guy/girl in the club. What all these possible situations mean is that it's not the most opportune time to take a picture. Yet-and-still people will allow themselves to be filmed. Some people actually seek out these website photographers so they can eventually see themselves online. And some of the photographers take these pictures of club patrons without them knowing. I can honestly say that I duck the cameramen in the club at all costs. I took pride in saying you'll never catch a picture of me on one of those websites. Well, I was wrong and I have been HAD!

HAD by some random photographer who caught my skinny a$$ on the dance floor. Considering the fact that I cannot dance well at all, this makes it even worse. Fortunately, in the picture you are about to see (again), I am in preliminary Young Jeezy mode where I am just throwing my hand up and waving it because I am feeling the music the DJ's playing. I figure this picture could have been worse. I could have been in the middle of one of those stiff A-Town stomp moves or in the middle of an even stiffer "Lean widdit rock widdit" dance. So this is pretty mild. yet-and-still, I don't like the fact that I am unvoluntarily being filmed while in the club. I can pretty much guarantee you (without even thinking back to where I was when this picture was taken) that I was definitely under "the influence" of some Ciroc and pineapple juice. So this could have been ALOT worse. And perhaps about an hour after this picture was taken, it was ALOT WORSE! But at least I wasn't caught in the club with a half-gallon bottle of Arbor Mist in my hand like these two dudes at Club ONE a couple weeks ago. LMAO!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More New MUSIC

This one comes from Mr. Bentley. Yes, that Mr. Bentley. Shot out to Raheem for sending me this one.

<a href="">Click here to listen</a>

I couldn't resist posting this picture with it

Monday, April 17, 2006


This kid might be about to blow. You make the call...Lupe Fiasco - Glory

<a href="">Click here to listen</a>

From Weeping to Wonderful

This past weekend was quite an experience. There was the gloom and sadness of my father's mother passing away and her funeral on Friday. Rest In Peace grandma Dean. Naturally I was NOT looking forward to Friday one bit. But Friday turned out to be a great day in alot of ways. I got to see much of my father's side of the family that I rarely get to see. My younger brother Bryan, my uncles Chenkie and his sons Hakeem and Hasaan, and a bunch of other familiar faces. And it was great because that day helped me realize that family love is the most unconditional type of love I have ever experienced. No matter how long it's been since the last time I've seen them. No matter how many times I've SAID I was gonna call and got "too busy", my family still loves me. It makes you feel blessed (I can't allow myself to say lucky in this regard). It was a somber day during the wake and the service, but by the time we all made it to the repass (sp?), it was all smiles and all about moving forward. I couldn't help but think of Kanye's song "Roses" throughout the day. Even though it's not quite applicable to the funeral setting, it's just about the strength and bond of a family. And I can honestly say that I felt those things this past Friday.

Saturday was the beginning of wonderful. There was the Santi Budaya sponsored performance at GW that Brandi and I attended. It was nice. After that we took some time to go downtown in DC and just walk around and enjoy the nice weather. Very very relaxing. We ended up eating at one of my all-time favorite Thai restuarant out in Baileys Crossroads, VA, the Rincome Restaurant. This is a spot my mom used to take me for lunch when I was a kid. The staff there is very very nice and my mom went so much that they all knew her by first name and it was like they were very good friends. The dinner was delightful! I ended up going to the club they call "AVENUE" in DC on Saturday night for a friend's girlfriend's BDAY party. It was cool. The club though, didn't really impress me much. That Ciroc and pineapple the bartender made for me however, DID! LOL!

Sunday B and I went to the Wizards game versus the Cavs. I joked later on that night to one of her friends about how we traded in our normal reservation in the 400-level seats for a couple seats a little closer to the floor. I won't dare tell you what section we were in. Let's just say that we were close enough so that I could actually look at the dancers on the Wizards dance team faces and tell if they were cute or not. If you have ever been in the 400-level, you know that you don't really care about their faces from that far away b/c you'll go blind trying to zero-in. Okay, that was a bit chauvanistic, right? Dah well...I'm having an off-day I guess. For what it's worth ladies, I could see the basketball players faces as well and let me tell you...NONE of those guys were HOT to me! But that's just me. Well, except this guy...


After the game we went to B's friend's house and got our a$$es kicked in spades by the cheating-est m*therf*cke$rs I've ever played with in my life! LMAO! It didn't really matter to me that we were losing or getting cheated considering there was no money involved. But if you could have seen how badly we were beaten you would have thought we were just playing for the first time. Man, man, man it was bad!

Anyway, the weekend was a pretty good one, all things considered. This Friday...GOAPELE and FLOETRY!!!!!

Santi Budaya

This past Saturday, B-Mizzy and I went to check out my friend Voaranee's dance performace at George Washinton Univ. The dance performance was traditional Indonesian dance and it was put together by the Santi Budaya Group.

I must say that this was a pretty interesting performance. I am a bit out-of-touch (dare I say ignorant) when it comes to many cultures or the East so this was a pretty informative experience for me. From the musical instruments to self-expression through dance, I was pretty impressed with the entire show. Well, except for the corny guy who was co-MCing the entire event. His jokes were pretty dry and corny (kinda like mine).

Anyway, if you get a chance, check out the Santi Budaya's website (screenshot below). You may find some of the information posted there pretty interested and educational. Never hurts to absorb a little culture. Trust me, I'm learning how to absorb.

BIG THANKS to Voaranee for the invitation!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Some perspective on the Proof shooting

I'm sure most of you have heard about the rapper Proof of D12 being shot to death in Detroit a few days ago. By now you've heard about how he was shot in the head in a nightclub and how his friends are sad and people are just shocked. Me too!

Rest In Peace to Proof and hopefully the other man shot will fully recover.

But let's look at this situation a little closer. Initial reports stated that Proof was shot twice in the head. This appears to still be accurate. But now, reports are surfacing that Proof entered the club with a gun (which he was legally allowed to carry) and got into an argument/altercation with a bouncer. The bouncer somehow ended up on the ground and Proof stood over him with the gun and fired! Yes, you read that correctly! However, Proof was subsequently shot by another bouncer at the club and that's how he passed.

What I am here first and foremost is that I am very sad to hear about both of these men being shot and definitely sad to know that another person has died as a result of avoidable violence. However, if you think about it a little differently, your perspective on the entire situation may change.

Proof is deceased right now and the man he ALLEGEDLY/APPARENTLY shot is in critical condition. If Proof were still alive though, there is a VERY VERY GOOD chance he'd be locked up right now. And instead of calling him "another life lost too soon...slain rapper...a terrible tragedy...", we'd be saying "Damn that was a STUPID move! Why would he do that? Man these rappers be LUNCHING!"

So while he should be allowed to rest in peace and all the positive things that he's done in life should be remembered, don't forget that he actually shot this other guy who's laying in the hospital right now fighting for his life. I am not passing judgement here, just stating what has been REPORTED as fact thus far.

Why he shot that guy or what their argument was about we may never know. But regardless, was it worth Proof taking an attempt on this man's life? Was Proof in so much danger that he had no choice but to fire? We will probably never know and even if we are privied to the details it'll be a matter of public opinion and ultimately end up in conversations along the lines of "I woulda done..."

Meanwhile, one (possibly two) man/men may be resting in peace while their family, the media, and regular Joe Schmoe's like myself try to put together the pieces to understand such an unexpected and tragic situation.

Friday, April 7, 2006


Now this is a MASH-UP! Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Pun, Big L on the SAME TRACK! Good look on this one Kev!

<a href="">Click here to listen</a>

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Rush, take your shoe off. Now, insert foot in mouth...

Rush Limbaugh does it again! This dude never ceases to amaze, disappoint, and anger me by his utter ignorance.

Mr. Limbaugh goes and calls the girls who were allegedly raped by the Duke Lacrosse team hoes. He then goes on to reluctantly apologize to a caller who called him on it. And on top of that, he tries to deflect the attention to Keanu Reeves for some alleged comment he made. Rush is just wack.

Check it out here at the URL below. Be SURE to listen to the audio clip they have posted on the upper-right of the article.

And while you read, let this picture soak in your brain a little:

Then think about this...He can say this on a nationally syndicated radio show AFTER having said racially charged statements about McNabb AND after having an admitted addition to prescription drugs. Come on man! This dude still HAS A SHOW! I hate to revert back to the saying "if he was Black...", but hey!

You gotta listen to the audio clip of it. Dude is str8 up RACIST! He didn't want to apologize. He tried to deflect the attention to Keanu Reeves. That's a move that a guilty person does. Rush Limbaugh strikes me as the kind of kid who was a smart-ass in school and said lil slick stuff ONLY when he knew that he could get away with it. And if you were gonna call him on it or you approached him on it, he'd change up his story to make it seem like it wasn't as bad as it was. Then start talking shyt about you as soon as you left.

Perhaps they should take him and drop him off in the "hood" with all the "thugs" and "hos" and other "niggers" so he can see what life is really like for those whom he makes ignorant statements about. Now THAT would be a reality show I'd reluctantly have to apologize to Black folks for watching. I'd LOVE every minute of it.

The Fugees Pras doing something other than singing

He did a documetary on being a bum in LA living off $1/day.

I think this may actually bring some much needed attention to the lives of the homeless in this country. It's funny though because I don't give money to bums on the street very often. I think that there should be government programs in place to help these people. And if they are in place already they need to do a better job of going out and getting these folks and helping them.

I don't necessarily believe in just giving money to them. I offer my food and stuff like that before I give away my money. People can do anything with money: blow-it, spend it on drugs, spend it on something other than what they need, etc. Besides, one time I was at the Penn. Ave./Silver Hill Road light and a guy came up to my car and asked me for money. I didn't have a dollar on me but I got my Big Skillet Combo with Cheese. So I tell homie I don't have no money and I offer him my fries. Duke looks at me like I just told him his breath stank! So I politely laughed and rolled my window up. He stared me down the rest of the time I was at the light until I pulled off like a bat out of hell.

So it's situations like this that make me rather say "here, have my sandwich, it's cool" than give someone I don't know $5 just because they are a "bum", or homeless or supposedly need some money. But that's just me. Sometimes I get caught slippin and I just give 'em some money to get out my face.

Anyway, I thought this was interesting:

What Would Michael Do?

Last night I watched the highlights of the NY Knicks VS. the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs just so happen to be my second favorite team in the NBA (after the Wizards) because I'm a HUGE fan of Lebron James.

Last night, I watched LeBron do what he seems to do just about everytime I watch him play. Throw down 30 points, grab at least 5 boards, and dish out at least 6 assists. And I am being modest on his behalf here. Not to mention he usually grabs a steal or two.

What I also watched last night was LeBron exhibit his best and worst quality, unselfishness! This guy can drop 40 points per night if he wants to quite easily, but he does not! This is because he wants to get his teammates involved and make them better. I completely respect and appreciate that. But he has to do a better job of knowing when to shut that off and go str8 "MJ" on em! So in the last 20 seconds of the game, I'd like to tell you what LeBron did, followed by what Michael would do.

What LeBron did:

With the game at 92-94 (Knicks up), he took a drive to the basket and layed it up with ease (game tied at 94). The Knicks then come downcourt on the next possesion and Jamal Crawford sinks a jumper to make it 94-96 (Knicks up). At this point I'm already thinking "LeBron better take this damn shot!" Instead of doing just that, LeBron comes down the court, drives again (and I'm thinking "Oh shyt! He's about to take the shot!") and sees Larry "I was okay last year, hurt this year, and have never really been a star without a bigger star beside me" Hughes open in the corner for 3. LeBron gives it up to Hughes for the wide-open three which I thought had a chance to go in actually, but in normal Larry Hughes beyond the 3-point line style, GANKED OFF THE RIM and the Cavs lose! The camera then goes to LeBron where he does this facial scratch thing that translates into "Man, this ni99a is a BUM! I should have just dunked it!" Well King James, YOU'RE RIGHT! You gotta realize you're the star and you get paid to take that shot! Only if there's no way on God's green earth that you will get the shot off do you pass.

What Michael would do:

I apologize in advance for insulting your intelligence by even typing it. You already know. Michael would have drove for the same bucket to tie the game at 94. Then he would have guarded Jamal Crawford and not let him get that shot off. The game would have went to overtime where Michael would have scored the first 7-8 points for his team and locked down whoever else on the other side of the ball was expected to score. The only way Jordan would have lost the game is if some bum made a lucky jumper or layup.

LeBron should go back and watch some old tapes of MJ in his prime and even in his not-so-prime and take a few notes about hogging the ball when necessary and playing tight defense on the other team's star player. Kobe seems to have this mentality but it seems that he just cannot do it by himself every time. LeBron though, has a chance to learn from both Kobe and Michael. He better get to learnin'!

Monday, April 3, 2006

Who Scared? You scared!!!

New joint by Beanie Sigel and Tru Life (explicit lyrics). This dude Tru Life sounds like he might be nice! Looking forward to hearing more from him. This joint kinda reminds me of that "Pocket Full of Bullets" joint Beanie did with Ms. Jade and Freeway a while back.

<a href="">Click here to listen</a>

Sidenote: Am I the only person who thinks it's interesting that Jay-Z signed the dude who's crew JACKED Mobb Deep a few years back (Tru Life)? Just a thought..."Go play somewhere, I'M BUSY!"