Thursday, November 30, 2006

To: Barack Obama...From: MCARROLL4716

What's good my ni**a?
Hello O',

The first thing I would like to say to you is THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me and many other people hope that there is a new African-American leader that has our most important interests at heart and has a vision for himself, his people, and his country. Even if people the media will probably try their best to make a big deal out of your Hawaiian and Kenyan lineage as if that's a reason NOT to consider you African-American, we all know what your ethnicity of heart is. And you can bet that to those who still live in the slave and Jim Crows days mentally, you're just as much a African-American as the rest of us. Or as Michael Richards might say, a "ni99er" or "Afro-American".

But while I applaud your successes as one Black man speaking to another, I must say that I have a great fear for you as well. Fear that the accolades and expectations being thrown your way are a bit sensationalized and premature, respectively. You're the 5th African-American in Senate history; you've been applauded for your humility, intelligence, and sincerity; you've helped kids get more Pell Grant money to attend college; you've given a riveting speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention; and you've done so much more, already. But the Presidency? This soon? Are you really ready? Is America ready?

While having a Black President typically rings bells throughout the African-American community in general as something almost miraculous, if it were to happen what would it really mean? What expectations would it generate?

Would you be expected to be the Messiah for Black people? For some, I'm sure you would. Would you be expected to tilt all of your politics toward African-American interests? Probably so. How much pressure would there be from the Black community for you to serve their interests first? I could see people lobbying for reparations (even moreso than some organizations/groups already do) already. Above all, how dangerous would it be for you as a Black man, to be the President of the United States of America? I'm not sure that would blow over too well in those old-school southern states. Let's be real here. Remember Malcolm? Remember Martin? Remember Huey? Hell, remember John F. and Robert? Kennedy that is.

I'll be the first to admit that I am not very politically inclined or learned. I tend to shy away from reading too much about national politics because the politicians seem less sincere and the results seem less tangible than those of local politics. Sometimes though, standing back from a situation - in this case, national politics - can give you a better view. So while I'll be doing my political research as I grow motivated because of politicians like yourself, I hope that you will be motivated to think about the impact that your potential Presidential run could have on you, your family, and the people who will undoubtedly crown you as their savior.

I'm with you. I support you. But we may need you around in the Senate for a few more years so we can get some more like-skinded minded folks in there with you and then we can have a movement from within, not just an "inside man". You know, a "movement" like that of civil rights and that of women's rights. Something that's bigger than financial status, age/generation, skin-color, and everything else that divides us.

This is real talk bruh', from the heart. Please keep doing what you're doing and let the chips fall where they may. But keep reminding everyone that it's not about YOU and it's not solely up to YOU. It's about ALL OF US!

Concerned but confident,


As I traverse the InterWeb, I found a few videos...

and I realized that Nas makes some of the best hip-hop videos. Unfortunately though, the video for Hip Hop is Dead, is NOT one of them:

This video is like a cross between One Mic and Thief's Theme (see below). Not to mention the beat from this song is a total reproduction of the beat from Thief's Theme reverse Kanye'd (slowed down sample, not sped-up).

Thief's Theme:

"This ain't rapping, this is street-hop/So get up off yo azz like yo seats hot!"

This song is bangin' and the video is so raw and hard (no Johnnycakes).

"The Thief's Theme, play me at night they won't act right/A fiend of hip-hop, it's got me stuck like a crack pipe/Through mind elevation react like I'm facing time-life/Kathy Mason with pens I'm embracing/"...Man, Illmatic is that SHYT!

One Mic:

One of my favorite songs and videos of all time. This is probably my favorite song off of the "God's Son Stillmatic" LP.

I also ran across this new joint from Jeezy that is pretty good:

WARNING: Some serious stripper scenes in this joint. You know, that uncut -ish.

Bury Me A G (Courtesy

The funny thing about this song/video is what he wants to be buried in (LOL). Is he the epitome of street fame or what? LOL. The video is tight though with the story it tells and Jeezy's narration. I figure this is part of some straight-to-DVD movie he'll be realesing with his CD.

I think I might have said this a minute ago in some post, but Jeezy definitely isn't changing up his style for Thug Inspiration. I guess that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about his music. But if this joint and the joint with Luda is on his CD, it might be alright.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Redskins 17, Panthers 13

And I was lucky enough to be there to witness it. The Redskins actually won which is great, but I had a great time hanging with my brothers and stepfather. So even if we had lost I would still have had a great time.

Me and my brothers Manny and Marcus

They say we all look alike...

My brothers and my stepfather

My brothers with a couple Redskin cheerleaders

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kramer got that ULTRA SWAG...

By now you've heard about this, but...

Seems like he was feeling real comfortable/powerful saying what he said. Even saying "that's what you get when you interrupt a white man". I'm actually surprised those guys didn't rush the stage.
Kramer also has that ULTRA BOWLSHYT too..."We don't believe you! You need more people!!!"

"Said some pretty nasty things to some "'Afro-Americans'". Who the F&CK says "Afro-Americans"? He didn't even say "African-Americans" which to me, shows that he is trying too hard to sound sincere. He even referenced New Orleans out-of-the-blue...WTF? He's trying wayyyyy too hard here!

There will be more anger, rage, and hate homie. You brought that on yourself homie!
FYI - Definition of the word "ni99er" as defined by

Monday, November 20, 2006

If you had to throw away all your CDs but one...

Which one would you keep? I was posed this question today by a co-worker that I often go back-and-forth about the content of rap music with. He says that rappers are more concerned with themselves and their possessions than they are with contributing to the genre as a whole. I can only argue with him in that regard when it comes to certain artists who don't fall into that category (Lupe, Common, Talib, etc.). Otherwise, I believe that he's right. But he doesn't listen to the music at all because of his feelings, whereas, I will still listen.

Anyway, he posed that question to me and I had to think about it seriously because if you confine it to hip-hop it's probably not as tough a decision as you would think. But if you take your entire collection of music into consideration (meaning all genres of music, including rap), then it becomes a MUCH tougher question.

With all that said, my questions to you are:
  1. If you had to throw away all your hip-hop/rap CDs but one, which one would you keep?
  2. If you had to throw away CD you have ever purchased but one, which one would you keep?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Random Miscellaneousness

Don't judge the man by his appearance OR his words, but by his actions

Allen Iverson pays for the funeral of a guy who was shot over his jersey
"I don't think one guy can do what needs to be done, but I think one guy can help...I think it's going to take a collective effort. and there is a lot of good people trying to help the situation in Philadelphia...It was just tough, just to see somebody die for something senseless like that, over a jersey, over something material."
--Taken from ESPN.COM

We'll see how much more press THIS gets.
Just Blaze shows you why some producers are worth the price...

The making of "Why You Hate the Game" (this track is in the playlist at the top right of this page)...Parts 1 and 2 over at SOHH.COM. I have a new respect for producers (especially Just FIRE) after watching this.

Prodigy - Mac 10 Handle

Take a look at this joint over at OHWORD.COM. I like the song, but somebody better put this guy on the suicide watch list. This song is gonna sound familiar to you in so many ways (shot out to Warren G).

I'm on my HIP-HOP SHYT....

They took it back with this on the BET Hip-Hop Awards. This stuff is probably written but it's still a nice ode to what hip-hop is really about...

Cipher I - Styles P., Lupe Fiasco, and Papoose

Papoose is kinda nasty widdit (no Johnny Gill)

Cipher II - Rhymefest, Remy Ma, Saigon, Sway (yeah, he's Bri-ish)...Shot out to DJ SCRIDDATCH!

This joint got me pumped the other night too...

TIP and Dro' were in the zone for this one. Especially TIP! Big Kuntry and B-Gizzle kept the vibe going too!


Today, a friend of mine that has been incarcerated for the last 7 years will be coming home from jail. This is a friend that I grew up with from the 4th grade until he was incarcerated during my second year of college. Not just someone I know or an associate, but one of the closest and best friends I've had in my life.

It's been amazing watching his growth as a person, mentally, and spiritually during these past 7 years. It's been painful listening to him talk about his 7 year-old son that he hasn't seen since he's been locked up. Its been difficult trying to help him decide what he's going to say to his son who knows he's been in jail after being lied to and told his daddy was away in the Army. But I think he now knows that the truth will set him free. It's also been humbling to visit him in jail and realize that all the problems I might be having are nothing compared to what he has gone through. And it's been motivational and inspiring to hear him encourage me to continue doing what I have been doing on the "outside".

Some friends have been in my life for a season, but I know that this friend has been in my life for a reason and I thank God for that and I thank God for this friend.

Welcome home playboy! Welcome home! I know you don't drink or party, but the fellas poppin' something FOR YOU tonight!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's his turn: Jay-Z fires back...

UPDATE: Jimmy responds...This is actually a pretty funny azz comeback. And Jimmy wins this round.

We Flyy High reply to the reply featuring Juelz
Jay gets a lil gully on this diss track... Thanks Jimmy!

"We chase nikkas around they own ballgame [RUCKER]/
Ballgame nikka, it's over for you lames/
Gimme back the chain, it's over for you DAME'S/"

So this makes me wonder... If Jay chose to respond, then he must have some stuff up his sleeve for Dame, Cam, and Jim Jones, right? Do I feel a Nas/Jay diss collabo in the works? Hmmmmnnnnnn.

[Whoooosh]...That was Juelz Santana's career flying by. Shot out to Lance for sending me this joint.

Kanye has a song giving Diddy props?

I don't really get it...But whatever, it's G.O.O.D. Music:

Kanye West featuring Termanology - Everything I Got (If I Was Diddy)

I'm sure Diddy's going to love this.

O.J. has officially lost it!

UPDATE: DP is all over this too! (No Johnny Gill)

ORENTHAL Thought He Could Cross Over Like HARDAWAY…
"O.J. SIMPSON knew that his wife was about to die, but he wasn't one of the dudes that ripped through her and the fag pool boy's throats."

UPDATE #2: As we all probably expected, the families of the victims are speaking out against Orange Julius...
I'm sure Johnny Cochran is rolling over in his grave right now...

Since the civil trial in which O.J. was forced to fork over millions of dollars to the families of his wife (Nicole) and her friend (Ronald Goldman), O.J. Simpson has been quite a mysterious figure. That was years ago (late 90s) and O.J. has since had time to disappear from the public eye, and perhaps create a new persona for himself in the eyes of the public. Instead, he has become a quiet, mysterious, and often confused man whom we all (most of us, at least) have come to believe - whether we felt this way during his criminal trial or not - that he killed his wife and Mr. Goldman.

Since the civil trial, I had always suspected O.J. of being a little off mentally, perhaps even bipolar. Simply because the creepy-factor in his disposition went sky-high after he gave up all that money. After the criminal trial, O.J. was visibly relieved and happy. But after the civil trial, every time I saw O.J. on television, he looked sad, depressed, and quite frankly scary in that "Peeping-Tom" sort of way.

But now he's not leaving it up to our imagination to figure him out. He's blatantly telling us all that he is a crazy, heartless, piece of shyt that has confidently purchased his one way ticket to hell.

I am not going to give too much information out on this "interview" he's got coming up because I think that would be in poor taste on my behalf. But I will say that this guy is doing an interview entitled, "If I Did It". My initial thought:
"IF? Ni99a, you mean how?!"
Oh yeah, there's also a book that's going to be released, written by O.J., covering the same topic.

Personally, I think this is one of the most despicable and disgusting (non-violent) things I've ever seen. Although O.J. was acquitted of murdering his wife and her friend most people still believe that he did it (myself included). If it wasn't for the late Johnny Cochran, O.J. would be getting butt-raped somewhere rather than doing interviews about how it would have went down, had it went down. The man should be somewhere putting roses on Johnny Cochran's grave rather than promoting a book and interview about anything related to those murders. O.J. has to have something seriously wrong with him mentally if he thinks this is even remotely okay to do.

If I feel so strongly against this interview being thought-of, let alone broadcasted, that it makes me wonder how the families of Nicole and Ronald feel? It also makes me wonder if this is one of those things that will drive a member of one of those families over the edge and in a rage to kill O.J.'s azz! To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it were to happen.

O.J. is showing his true colors and it's pretty effed up. Is he this heartless or is he just broke? It doesn't matter. Money is the root of all evil anyway, right? So even if he is broke, he's going through (what some would perceive as) evil means to get the money he needs/wants. He's pathetic and everyone involved in the promotion, production, and financing of both this book and interview should be ashamed of themselves.
"Morals? Ethics? Ahhhh whatever. F*ck that shyt!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

R. Kelly must shop on Ebay

"Four urinals shaped like a woman's mouth have been auctioned online for a total of more than $7,070...The urinals, formerly located in a public toilet near Vienna's national opera, feature thick, lipsticked lips, a set of teeth and a bright red tongue. Last month, politicians demanded their removal, calling them sexist and inappropriate."

--Full Article

Pictures of the urinals below. What's weird/funny/interesting is that in the third picture there appears to be a bar there (Toilet Bar). So do you sit on the lips and urinate while you're ordering your drinks? This seems like some real wild/weird shyt going on here. I really don't get it and the more I think of it, it is making me want to puke.

That's messed up.

TAKE A LISTEN --> GAME: Doctor's Advocate

I now have the album up (look to the right of this page) for those of you who wish to preview it before you decide whether you want to buy it or not. Peep my preliminary review, then take a listen!

In the words of Big G Slim Charles..."YOU MAKE THE CALL!"

For all my people back home in the DC Area: Budget Talk

BUDGET TALK: Helping Young Professionals Prioritize to Meet Their Life Ambitions

Taking place THIS SATURDAY, November 18, from 9am to 3pm. Location below:

American University
Kogod School of Business
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016
BUDGET TALK is the AU Black MBA Association's first annual seminar on financial literacy.

Conceived by the AU Black MBA Association (AU-BMBA) and the Small Business Investment Club of America for Young Professionals (SBICOA-YP), BUDGET TALK is a forum where students and young professionals will learn about budgeting personal finances, saving their income, and investing for their future. The seminar will include a keynote address from Kelvin Boston, acclaimed financial journalist, entrepreneur and author of "Who's Araid to be a Millionaire" and "Smart Money Moves for African Americans".

Seminar speakers will include:

Kelvin Boston, Author & Telvision Host of Moneywise
Boston Media LLC

William Keating, MBA, Finance
Johns Hopkins University

A. Christiana Rawlins, Financial Advisor
Smith Barney

For those interested in meeting your life's ambitions, BUDGET TALK will introduce you to the Money Maker's 4-Point Plan.

The Money Maker’s 4-Point Plan:

1. Money Matters: Prioritize Savings Over Consumption

2. Pay Yourself First: Increase Savings through Discipline

3. Budgeting Tools: Develop a Personal Budgeting Process

4. Join the Investor Class: Young Professionals and the Capital Markets
FYI - Unfortunately (and ironically), this event is not FREE. However, the fee is probably small when compared to the information you will get (click the linked-title above for registration information).

You know what they say: "It takes money to make money!"

Tyler Perry: Daddy's Little Girls

It's good to see Stringer Bell didn't completely disappear after Season 3 of The WIRE. I'm sure the ladies will agree with me on that one (LOL).

Check out the trailer for his (actually, Tyler Perry's) new movie, Daddy's Little Girls

It looks like this movie is going to be a good one. Something for the ladies (Stringer)...Something for the fellas (Gabrielle Union)...And it appears there will be a good storyline that black families and black men specifically, can learn from.

More info on the movie
Question: Why do I still call this dude Stringer when I know his real name? Does everyone do this?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Preliminary Album Review: Kingdome Come

Let's cut to the chase. The album is a good album. Not a CLASSIC! Not the best Jay-Z CD I've ever heard. But it's a good album and I'd say it's worth buying whether you're a Jay-Z fan or just a fan of hip-hop.

My buddy L had an interesting comment about the album though: "I'm tired of dude rapping about himself. Yes he's reached iconic status within the industry and American culture more broadly, but this is ridiculous, and at times boring"...Hmmmnnn? I wonder how many people feel the same way? Probably a lot. I definitely feel L's point though. One of Jay's favorite past-times is making himself seem omnipotent and his competitors (and listeners) feel inept at being as cool as he is.

I actually discussed this with BHill earlier and I was telling him that Jay's penchant for making others seem like they just don't measure up will serve one of two purposes for people who listen to his music:
  1. Make you dislike him because he often talks about how cool he is and better he is than others through his ultra-swag
  2. Make you want to step your game up
These aren't really the only two things we could put on this list, but in broad terms these are the two directions one may take.

But let's get to the tracks...
  1. The Prelude: Great intro to the album. Smooth, laid-back, and Jay gives a glimpse of his lyrical prowess and wit in this intro. This one definitely gets you siced up to hear the rest of the CD
  2. Oh My God: In a word/phrase, over-produced. I thought "Show Me What You Got" was overproduced (though the beat is great), but this one feels even more overproduced
  3. Kingdome Come: I like this joint. Not much more to say than that. It's a good song.
  4. Show Me What You Got: SKIP!
  5. Lost Ones: Introspective, mellow, smooth, poignant. One of my favorite songs off of the album. I can feel this one.
  6. Do You Wanna Ride: Jay's song about his incarcerated cousin Emory who we've heard about on other songs (briefly). This is an okay song. Based on Jay's track record you really wouldn't expect this type of song and as a result, this comes across as a bit insincere. Not to mention all he can talk about is the material things he'll have ready for his cousin when he gets out of jail ("so every time I press 5, all he wanna hear is his boy talk flyy", REALLY??). It's a bit over-the-top and that adds to the feeling of insincerity as well. But that's just me...right now...subject to change. The same could probably be said for "Lost Ones". John Legend lends his help on the hook for this one as well. Production by Kanye.
  7. 30 Something: This is one of those "change the game" type tracks as far as Jay-Z being a trend-setter. This song is along the lines of when he said he "don't wear jersey's" because he's 30+. Jay takes a few minutes to let you know that he's on his grown-man shyt and that you young punks can't keep up. That's it. No more, no less. Specifically, in the third verse he pretty much covers why youngins can't keep up with his old azz! I think this is a shot at all the young rappers who've taken direct or subliminal shots at him. "30's the new 20..." Nah ni99a...30's the new 20 when ya azz got money!
  8. I Made It: Another one of those introspective type joints. This one is a dedication to his moms, Gloria Carter. The best part of this song is the beat. This one is definitely not "Hey Momma" by Kanye or "Dear Momma" by Tupac. It's definitely Jay-Z's version of the "dedicated to my momma" track because even when he's applauding his mother, he applauds himself just a tad bit more (take a close listen to the 3rd verse). Is it an ode to his mother or an exhalting of his not-so-new ability to provide for his moms? Because in the end, it was "him, himself, and his microphone".
  9. Anything: Feeble attempt at making a strip club (or club in general) song. This song is pretty horrible to me. If I ever step into a strip club again, I *might* enjoy this. In the club while dancing with a girl, I *might* enjoy this. But it's going to be hard to (no Omar). This has to be one of those Neptunes left-over beats and adding Ursher on this joint does not make it an ATL-certified stripclub banger. Jay-Z, please come correct man. This is some bullshyt! Of course, because I dislike this so much, women will undoubtedly love it for its crazy beat, dance-to-ability, and Curious George's Ursher's presence.
  10. Hollywood: The obligatory Jay-Z/Beyonce track. They're rich and famous and even though it sucks at times, they wouldn't trade it to be YOU AND/OR YOUR GIRL. Blah blah blah. I gotta admit though, I think Jay and Bey have a nice chemistry when they work together. Jay's flow starts off in that style that I can't stand, but he picks it up as the song goes along and it gets better. It's not a bad song, but...SKIP!
  11. Trouble: Content > lyricism...Production > content...Shot out to FREE and that baby she and Jay allegedly had. If nothing else, listen to this song for Jay's addressing of that situation.
  12. Dig a Hole: He should have dedicated this to GAME and CamRon. He doesn't say any names but you know who he's talking about. More of this, less "Hollywood"/"Anything".
  13. Minority Report: How dare he get political? Nice attempt, but I dunno Jay, I kinda feel like: "We don't believe you! You need more people!" I'm not convinced just yet. Maybe Nas is rubbing off on you a little bit though...You know, ya'll on ya'll Black Republican shyt and all.
  14. Beach Chair: "I don't want to wake-up 30-odd years without having my cake-up." WTF? You're d@mn near 38 and RICH! Why are you even mentioning this? Again, come better.
To summarize....Stand-out Tracks: The Prelude, Kingdome Come, Lost Ones, 30 Something, Dig a Hole, Minority Report.

One thing to note on this CD is that Jay-Z might have only cursed a dozen times on the entire disc. The album is by no means an astounding piece of work. It's good, but nothing more. Most of you know I am Jay-Z's #1 fan, so if I feel this way, I wonder how you will feel once you hear it??? As always I will put my disclaimer of this being my "preliminary" review of the album. But this album appears to be in the same vein of the Black Album but definitely not as good as that album. And considering that many people think that the Black Album is wack (myself NOT included), what's that say about Kingdome Come? Here's what I say....

Topical Content: 3.5/5
Creativity: 2.5/5
Production: 4.5/5
Lyrical Content: 3.5/5
Delivery: 4/5

Sorry Jay, but after preliminary reviews:
Doctor's Advocate > Kingdome Come

Sophia Bush: Another dime in my long line of celebrity crushes

I know what ya'll are thinking..."Here this ni99a go! First Paula Patton, now he's got another one! God, he needs a girlfriend!"

Well, ya D@MN right! At least about having another one.

Honestly, I think it's the dimples. They're so cute.

To be honest with ya'll, I don't know much about Sophia Bush other than I think she's gorgeous. Small details like the fact that she was in "John Tucker Must Die" and I'm sure some other TV shows or movies really don't mean much to me. Oh yeah, and that The Kootch (Ashton Kutcher) Punk'd her one time (which I thought was totally uncalled-for)...Anyway, I truly enjoy looking at her. Her beauty actually relaxes me.

But being the wannabe WebNerd that I am, I looked her up on Wikipedia (definitely a primary source in my academic opinion) and found out the following:
  • She's a Cancer, born on July 8, 1982. I get along well with Cancers so I guess this means I have a shot.
  • She went to USC (hopefully Matt Leinart didn't get his NFL-bound paws on her)
  • She was in Van Wilder, one of the funniest movies of all-time according to my co-worker Brian
  • She was on One Tree Hill on the WB. But who above the age of 25 watches the WB?
  • She was married to some b@st@rd who's way luckier than me (obviously) but subsequently got a divorce 5 months later.
  • She's dating someone. He's apparently teh gay or a former member of the cast of The Fresh Prince of Belair. Remember the white kids Will and Carlton went to school with who would try to emulate Will? This guy reminds me of them.
So there you have it, my e-Ode to Sophia "I wish I was white and didn't like hip-hop because I bet you don't and I'd probably have a chance if that were the case" Bush. Holla at me boo!
P.S. - I know some of you guys are going to hate because she doesn't show a lot of skin in these pictures. But that's because she's such a f%cking laaaaaady! Get over it!

Gold is the new Platinum

Remember back in like 1997 when you first heard Jay-Z say, "I was poppin that Cristal when ya'll nikkas thought it was beer and shyt. Wearing that platinum shyt when ya'll chicks thought it was silver"?

Maybe you don't. But I do! That was when I first learned what Cri$$y (not to be confused with Armand de Brokeback) was and what platinum was. It was around that time that platinum started to become the new gold. Out with the old gold chains and dookie ropes and in with the silver-looking platinum je-wells that Jay-Z and his ROC crew were rockin'.

I just read an article in Entertainment Weekly that brought up the point that not since 2005 has there been an artist who's went platinum (sold 1,000,000 albums) in the first week of their album's release. The last person to do it was none other than Half Dollar AKA 50 Cent with his album, "The Massacre", which was surrounded by so much promotional/controversial/beef hype that the million units it moved in the first week is not so overwhelmingly surprising in hindsight. Here are some figures on recent artists' first week sales that you may find interesting:

Justin Timberlake's latest CD - 684,000

Beyonce's latest CD - 541,000

Christina Aguilera's latest CD - 342,000

* NOTE: None of these people are rappers

These three artists (along with Fergie Ferg) were noted in the article. After reading the article it makes me wonder how GAME is actually going to move the 1,000,000 units he's predicting this week. Not only because of the information above, but because he leaked his album on purpose this past week so I figure that knocks about 100,000 people off the "going to cop that new GAME" list.

Another interesting point in this article was that album sales have declined each year over the past 5 years. Of course this can probably be attributed largely to the InterWeb and file-sharing/downloading as well as CD burning among friends, so it's really not much of a surprise. At least to me it isn't.

My prediction is that since album sales are steadily declining and probably will continue to decline in the coming years, expect more artists to extend themselves beyond music. Expect an onslaught of pop culture "icons" to appear out-of-nowhere. Most artists have already realized that spinning their musical success into other ventures (i.e. - clothing, movies, endorsement deals, etc.) will prove much more profitable than solely concentrating on moving units. I expect to see more musical artists crossing the lines into other forms of entertainment, advertising, and media. Expect to see your favorite new artist in commercials, writing books, endorsing all types of products, and oh yeah, working on their next CD. Jay-Z has set a pretty big precedent of unavoidable media attention with the buzz surrounding his "just out of retirement" album, Kingdome Come (which by the way, leaked this morning). Artists will probably take some of the moves Jay's made (large corporate endorsements, promo tour, guest spots on other artists albums) to an even greater level in the future.

The decline in album sales will leave artists with no choice but to expand like Jay-Z and become a "business man, not a businessman", which ultimately means marketing themselves moreso than their music in order to get their money in more ways. So if all the Jay-Z marketing going on upsets you, prepare to be pi$$ed off for years to come. If he's successful, everybody's going to do like Rakim used to say and "follow the leader".

Friday, November 10, 2006

Where do you stand politically???

"How you expect me to be drug-free/
When George Bush ain't never did shyt for me/
Follow me home and tap my phone/
What happened to my freedom of speech?/"

-- Young Jeezy
A friend of mine emailed me this test yesterday. In her words:
"Like many Black Marylanders, I had a moment of hesitation before the recent elections. Should I vote for the Black Republican or the White Democrat? This confusion made me realize that I never really acknowledged my personal political views and always supported one party (granted, I still support that party and I'm pleased with the election results). So I did a web search and found an excellent on-line quiz to help me 'find myself' in the political arena. The site is very informal but asks pointed questions to help you see where your views fit in our democracy.
So, I took THE TEST and found out that I have Democratic beliefs. This wasn't a real surprise, but it was an interesting process.

The questions definitely make you think about how you really feel about certain issues. I suggest you all take a few minutes at some point to take the test. If not to see where you stand politically, then just to enlighten yourself about some of the issues that determine one's politcal stance.

I've been a bit discouraged by the political process in general over the past few years. But the older I get and the more educated I become on how things work in the "real world" I realize that WE have to be engaged in politics or some wrongs will never be right and some things will always be dictated to us with our implied consent. Meaning, by not being politically active, you are implicitly consenting to whatever political changes are made and eventually enforced upon you. At least if you get involved and let your voice be heard, you will not be compliant without having the chance to be defiant.
FYI - Some of the latter questions are dating-based so don't be surprised. The site is

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Cocaine Crack is a HELLUVA Drug

"It's like the drunk uncle in your family/
You know he lame, you feel ashamed but you still love him the same/"

-- Jay-Z
You guys don't know how badly I wish I had video of this. Man, man, man! Laughs for days...

Peep the girl in the pink top...

Str8 CRACKHEAD style...

"No this nikka DID NOT!!!"

Yeah, he did...And he wants to know if you're feeling that shyt too!

Introducing the Crack-LEG!

Look at the bouncer's face though...LMMFAO!

This is more proof that a picture really is worth a thousand words. Between this guy and Bobby Brown, I don't know who is sucking the most glass dwyck! Imma give it to K-Ci though because this is one helluva performance, even via still images. This guy manages to do a complete Chappelle episode in one performance. Now that's TALENT!

What's funny about these pictures (aside from the crack-ish performance by K-Ci) is the people in the crowd and the looks on their faces. It appears to me that embarrassment, indifference, and shamefulness encapsulates the general feeling(s) of this crowd. And why does the crowd seem so YOUNG? I mean a jersey dress? In a club? WTF?

This is shamefully funny though! I can't help but laugh. Doesn't it remind you of the Martin episode where he lunched out on some "K-CI! Jo-Jo!..." type -ish?