Monday, October 31, 2005

Burned-OUT celebs...

One Christopher Williams look-a-like...One recovering crackhead. And one down-low bruh recovering from crack as well....Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you...

Al B. Sure, K.C., and Tevin Campbell!

Okay, ya'll tell me that K.C. and Tevin don't look like one of your drunk crackhead uncles!!! Damn sure a ringer for one of mine!

Pictures from the Jay-Z Powerhouse Concert

Puffy sure does like that fur coat



"...jeans look like they painted on..."

Saturday, October 29, 2005

KING James...We're on our way...

Cleveland...November 15...Cavaliers VS Wizards! Time for a day-trip to Cleveland!

Shot out to Hiwoo and BHill (we travel in packs)!

If ANYBODY has any friends in Cleveland who can tell us some nice spots to hit on a Tuesday night (restaurant, lounge, etc)...PLEASE let me know!


I saw this guy on the Best DAMN Sports Show last night and I almost died of laughter.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Jay-Z and Nas UNITE!

Honestly, I don't need to give a summary of my thoughts on this...Everybody knows how I feel.

This is bigger than hip-hop to me. It shows that two popular and powerful black men can squash a beef and come together. And the money they're gonna end up making off squashing the beef was probably hella-motivation (yes, I said HELLA!)

"Stop thinking we local come-on homie WE MAJOR!"

Rosa Parks

She will lie in state in Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial from 6pm to midnight on Sunday.

More likely than not, I won't be able to make it because I have a midterm due on Monday and a TON of work-related stuff to finish, but this is definitely a historic moment for all of America, and not just African Americans.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

2Nite's the Night like Betty Wright...

Okay, so tonight is the Jay-Z (your favorite rapper's favorite "retired" rapper) Powerhouse concert in NJ. Tomorrow night in Philly (damn I wish I could have got those tickets). Anyway, rumor has it that...

"This is the big day, everybody. I know some aren’t even motivated to know whats going on tonight at the “I Declare War” New York Powerhouse Concert with Jay-Z and Friends, but I have gotten the rumors. I pierced the Def Jam walls to get the scoop from within “the building.” Don’t quote me – I ain’t saying nothing. Anyway, I heard that Jay is going after 50 Cent – not Game, not Dame and not Jim and Cam’ron. Now, on top of this, rumor has it that Jay-Z will be joined by an all-star coalition of supporters (hint: enemies of 50 & G-Unit). I’m not going to mention the names of the people that I heard are now down with Jay, but lets say that a lot of beef was squashed for this to happen – if its going down. Honestly, I have a hard time believing it, because it would be so incredible if it occurs. We’ll see."

Again, I did say RUMOR has it! I am very interested in reading about what happens tonight in NJ. I am thinking there's gonna be some Jay-Z and Nas and Jay-Z and Game collabos going down tonight, if, that is, Jay is really gonna go at 50 Cent. E-Jacques, you're gonna be there...Please give ya boys the run-down tomorrow morning on the Forum!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sheryl Swoope's Right Out the Closet

Sheryl Swoope's Comes Out

This is a pretty interesting story in the sense that this will probably give more women in the WNBA the confidence to come out about their sexuality. And I think it will ALSO give more men (let's not be naive folks) in professional sports the heart to do the same.

Like it says in the article, a couple guys already have, but they were either retired or not at a superstar's status in their sport. Sheryl Swoopes is the reigning WNBA MVP! This is HUGE! I remember back when Olympic swimmer Greg Louganis (sp?) came out. I didn't really understand it back then and the ramifications it had within the sport of swimming, but now that I am older, I can understand how motivational a statement like Sheryl's can become for others who feel "trapped" (shot out to R. Freaky Kelly...Maybe he'll be next to come out).

So now the clock starts ticking on the first male athlete of substantial status to come out the closet. Personally, I think he'll be ridiculed and castigated to no end by most people he has played with. Maybe not in the public eye, but people will be pissed. And I could definitely see an ass-whooping happening in an NFL or NBA locker room. But unfortunately, that's the society we live in. One of little tolerance. I admittedly fall into this category myself. And hopefully most people are like me and are trying to be more open-minded.

But please keep in mind everyone, that there is a damn line that has to be drawn when it comes to tolerance and open-minded-ness (wow, is that a word). Because (in the words of Cedric the Entertainer) "Imma grown ass man dog!" And some things, a grown ass man just don't do! Or in this case, become tolerant of.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

PHOTO: Generation NEXT...

Just wanted to post this picture of my little brother MAP. No, his name is not "MAP"...It's his initials! We (my family) calls him MAP.

Anyway, this is my brother and his boy Dre! These two are together doing what me and WG used to do...Party!

I'm not sure what those fingers are being thrown up for...That ain't no Capitol Heights sign, that's for sure!

I am sure you can guess which one is my brother (in case you can't, he's on the left).

Rah, how in the hell did you get this picture? I don't even have this joint. Shot out to my brother and Dre! What it do?

Joke of the Day...

I got this in an email forward so I'm probably late. But I thought it was kinda funny....

A woman was very distraught over the fact that she had not had a date or any sex for over 5 years. She was afraid she might have something wrong with her, so she decided to seek the medical expertise of the well known Chinese sex therapist Dr. Chang.

Upon entering the examination room, Dr.Chang said, "OK, take off all you crose"! The woman did as she was told. "Now get down and craw reery, reery fass to odder side of room". The woman did as she was told. "Now get down and craw reery, reery fass back to me". As she did, Dr. Chang shook his head slowly.

"You problem reery, reery bad. You haf Ed Zachary Disease. Worse case I ever see. Dat why you not haf sex or dates."

The woman asked anxiously, "Oh my gosh, Dr. Chang, what is Ed Zachary Disease"?

Dr. Chang sighed deeply and replied, "Ed Zachary Disease is when your face rook Ed Zachary like your ass.

LMAO! Now if that ain't funny, I don't know what is!!!


This is the funniest thing I have seen in a minute...LMAO!

RatMonster (Windows Media File)

Shot out to Rah for this one!

Camron Fake-fest begins...

As predicted, Cam is gonna start doing the "ni99as can't take me out, I'm a G!" act...

"In D.C.(D.C.) almost got Body (Bodied), for my Lamborghini, Genie in the bottle/
America’s top model and I got Tyra Bank (bank)/
And I’m back in your city next week to drop off the Weight (wait!)/
Like patients without a doctor, your lady call me doctor (doctor)/
And she the head of the hospital cause she give head in the hospital (proper)/"

-Killa Cam

LMAO! This dude is funny! I can honestly say that I was expecting this and I am definitely expecting more, unfortunately. Shot out to JRock for sending me those lyrics.

Besides, I like the verse my man BHill wrote much much better than the one above. Now keep in mind, he wrote this jokingly and as if he were Camron. Funny thing is, it sounds JUST LIKE something Camron would write.

"You could find me at Howards homecoming with two techs/ leaning on a blue lamborghini, the color of windex/ Chenel specs/peeped three dudes in a cotex/ yeah that's a maxi pad, and not a tampon/ and I aint Pac or Big/ This is Cam'ron/ And I aint runnin nuthin, unless I'm runnin somthin/ Next week I'm on the freeway/pumpin Freeway (right back in DC like I left somethin)/ Now THAT's Stuntin/ Yall aint know? Next monday you can find me in a scream mask/ on New York Ave/ in my signature Pink Rang-Ro/It's dip-set Bitc#"

Monday, October 24, 2005

Best Albums so far this year...

The following is a list of CDs released this year that I think are noteworthy. There is no order of precedence and feel free to let me know if I missed anything.

My genres are Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B. If there are other noteworthy albums from different genres of music, please let me know and help me expand my musical horizons!

-Game, "The Documentary"
-Beanie Sigel, "The B. Coming"
-Common, "BE"
-Kanye, "Late Registration"
-Little Brother, "The Minstrel Show"
-Black Rob, "The Black Rob Report"
-Young Jeezy - "Thug Motivation 101: Let's Get It"
-Bun B, "Trill"

-Raheem DeVaughn, "The Love Experience"
-Dwele, "Some Kinda..."


Ludacris, "Red Light District"
Pimp C, "The Sweet James Jones Stories" (FREE PIMP C!)
T.I., "Urban Legend" (Good look, I forgot that joint)
Slim Thug, "Already Platinum"
Worst Album...Mike Jones, "Who is Mike Jones?"

Vivian Green, "Vivian" (Most def Lauren, but she definitely changed up her tone on this album)

Stevie Wonder, "A Time to Love"
Anthony Hamilton, "Soul Life" (Dag, I can't believe I forgot this one!)

Killa Camron...

Camron shot in the Chocolate City

I wasn't gonna blog about this at first because I didn't want to spread the bad news via my blog (cuz I damn sure sent it to a rack of people last night via email). But shot out to JRon on hitting me up about this and giving me a lil motivation to talk about it.

First off, I have been watching/reading this unfold over the last 24 hours. Cam came to H20 by himself in a damn Lamborghini. Mistake #1 Mr. Killa! This is D.C., not NY. Wait for your security you IDIOT! Dudes don't really care about you or who you're affiliated with.

Then Cam leaves H20 (again, by himself) in his sweet ride (wonder if it's HIS or if it's rented...I know he has a Lamborghini, but I don't think that one is blue) and stops at a light. Some dudes pull up beside him and tell him to get out the car. Cam refuses to get out (mistake #2 Mr. Killa) and they start shooting at him.

Okay, the rest of this story is gonna turn into some sort of street legend about Camron and how gangsta he is (whatever) which will piss me off, but here it goes anyway. Camron gets shot in both arms and drives himself to Howard University Hospital.

Okay, let's think about this. A car with (presumably) several armed men in it shoots at you from close range and you only get shot in the arms...Believable, maybe they can't aim. Then, you drive (in a city you are not from) while shot from NJ & NY Avenues to HU Hospital on Howard Homecoming weekend??? This my friends, is NOT believable at all. This is the busiest weekend every year in D.C. and traffic is so bad at nights that they close down certain streets. This feat in my eyes, is very hard to believe. Especially considering Cam is not from D.C. So maybe he's just familiar with the roadways and made that drive (while bleeding and undoubtedly in shock) from H20 to HU Hospital. You be the judge. He was probably lost anyway.

What's next in this story? All $33 in my savings account says that he's gonna fake like he's a superthug, teflon-don, insert other monicker here... I can hear him now faking like he just put his hands up and stopped the bullets like Neo in the Matrix. It's gonna go from him getting shot twice to him getting shot 4 times. From it being 2 dudes shooting at him to a whole crew of dudes shooting at him. So on and so forth...Who cares?

The dude's lucky to be alive! I'm glad he didn't get killed.

Morals of the Story:

#1- Don't go around flossing your expensive material items at the wrong places at the wrong times and by yourself. That's stupid no matter how thugged-out you think you are or portray yourself to be.

#2 - Dudes need to stop hating on others for having things they ain't got. What could you possibly do with a blue lamborghini in D.C.? You can't sell it to anyone. It's not like nobody's gonna know how you got the damn thing! You can't sell it for parts...How many people in the DC area have a damn Lamborghini? So to me this says whoever did this was just haters and wanted to say "I/We robbed Camron!" That's some serious jealousy and hate issues going on. This was a theft that was gonna guarantee you got caught (if you were dumb enough to not dump/burn the car shortly after carjacking the dude).

#3 - "You may see me in D.C. at Howard Homecoming" with a set of bodyguards attached to my right and left arms and driving something a little more conspicuous than a blue Lamborghini. Cam, get your mind right!!!

In the words of Lil Jon...

"To the windooooooowwwwwwww-to-the-wall!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Who'd have guessed there's a condom war going on???

L, you are a fool for this one!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

For my DC/PG Folks...

This test is pretty damn funny!

How DC-Metro/PG-County are you???

I scored a 67% on this so I guess that means I've been in Bmore too long. But I love how the questions on the test specifically target 'hate' for Baltimore. Being as though I live in Bmore now I get a big kick out of that.

Jadakiss on Def Jam...Nas on Def Jam?

If this stuff comes to fruition, Imma have a lot to be siced about in the next few months!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The DUMBEST SONG I have heard in a minute...

Click the link below to watch the video:

Laffy Taffy

If you haven't already heard the song, you don't need to get your hopes up at all! I heard alot of negative stuff about this song prior to watching the video earlier (I had never heard it before watching the video) and I can honestly say that the comments WERE NOT negative enough. This is quite possibly the dumbest song I have heard ever! And the video just makes it worse!

These dudes are some CLOWNS! The dances in the video are completely hilarious. I can't stop laughing!!

There's some guy who wrote a GREAT blog entry about this. I think it's hilarious. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not a Foxxy fan like that, but I feel bad for her...

because she can't hear!

It's kinda sad that she can't even hear her own music. Not that it's ground-breaking or anything. But imagine (and this is NOT a comparison of musicians) if Beethoven or Tchiakovsky lost their hearing halfway through their musical works. You'd really feel for them because it's what they do and what they love. And in Foxxy's case, I hope it's what she loves, but moreso, it's what she does to make a living. So it's even more vital for her to be able to hear because who knows what else she'd be doing if she wasn't in the studio creating songs.

Again, I'm not her #1 fan or anything, but I like some of her stuff and I think it's messed up that she is losing her hearing. BUT, she should have gotten immediate help, so she kinda brought all this on herself. But I can't really fault her b/c we all do stuff like that from time-to-time. "Stuff like that" meaning, we prolong doing what we need to do and it comes back to bite us in the butt.

I hope she gets her hearing back though. Because I can't imagine living without my hearing and/or my vision.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Early leader for the Dumbass Award for the Week...


This morning:

Woke up a little late, but not too late. Ironed my clothes, got in the car...

Making right from Hillsway onto Perring Parkway and the car in front of me has a clear opening. There are no cars coming so they can go. I see the car move forward so I look back to make sure no cars magically appeared (and I can go too) and I don't see any cars so I start moving forward. Only to turn around and see that I am 5 feet away from the bumper of the car in front of me. Why they didn't just go, well I dunno!

I slam on brakes, skid right into their bumper. BAM!

NOW! Fortunately for both of us 1) My car has that license plate holder in the front and 2) they were driving a Saturn with one of those rubbermaid bumpers on the rear of the car. We both stopped. I got out, checked out their car to see if it was any damage...None! Yes! I'm good, no insurance company info needs to be exchanged. One of the girls in that car literally hopped out of the passenger side with one shoe on (must have been getting dressed). I asked her if she was okay, she said yes. I asked her if the other girl was okay, she said yes. She looked at their car and said "Oh, it's cool." I said "Ayight, my bad! Have a nice day!" And we both drove off.


Moral of the story.
Before you press the gas, make sure the car in front of you actually merged. "Huh-huh...You BIG DUMMY!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Female QB throws 3 TD's in high school game...

I might be one of few people who think this is a GOOD thing, but it's all good. I wouldn't mind seeing women on the football field. At least on the high school level. It might get dangerous on the collegiate or pro levels though because those guys take no prisoners and will really try to hurt you. But on the high school level, I think it'd be cool to go watch a girl throw three TD's!

Explanation: DC Metro Area Slang

Disclaimer: I didn't make these words up and I did not come up with the definitions.

Some of these I still use (actually quite a few), but some of these I don't use at all. A couple I have never even heard of. In any event, here's an explanation for those of you who wonder what I am saying at times...


ASS'D OUT - to be left hanging, stood up: "Man, we was sposed to meet at the library but he left me ass'd out!"

BAMMA - a person who is not very trendy, whether it be fashion or music: "Ugh! Look at his shape-up...and his beat-up Pro Wings. Hes such a bamma"

BLOWN - very upset/disappointed

BOOSTED - to be excited, proud: "He was so boosted when he found out he got an A on his history test"

BUN - v. to make one a steady girl/boyfriend: "She's the complete package; looks, smarts and she cool to be around. i had to bun her"
n. a pretty girl/boy: "I was looking at ur sister yesterday, and I didnt realize but, she's a bun"

CARRY - to disrespect someone: "Jimmy tried to holla at Crystal, but she carried him by walking away"

CHILL MODE - calm, collected: "Afterschool, I just be on chill mode, dawg"

CRUSH - to consume speedily or with vigor; or to defeat handily (see PUNISH): "Those Steakums were bomb, man we crushed them joints"

GET YOUR MAN - have success, whether with a girl or in sports. Refers to competitive situations: "Ima get my man today. We gonna punish Suitland"

GUMP - a nerd and/or wimp: "I dared him to touch her butt, but he a gump"

JAH, JI -kinda/sorta or very, depending on emphasis: "She is jah phat"

JONING - making fun of another person: "Did u see that dudes shape-up? They was joning at the lunch table all period"

KIRK (v. to KIRK OUT) - to get very mad, or excited beyond ones normal range: "If the teacher wasnt there, he woulda kirked on that dude"

LUNCHING - joking around, acting foolishly: "During my free periods, we just be walking around or straight lunching, cuz we be bored"

NO BULL,BULLSH*T, B-SH*T- to mean something truthful; equivalent to "Im telling the truth": "Man, thats exactly what happened. No bull"

OVERCOMPENSATE - to do more than is nessacary in a given situation by showing off: "I mean, i know its hot but stop overcompensating man, put your shirt back on"

PRESSED - to be annoying, conceited: "He was so pressed to show everyone he got an A; he gets on my nerves"

PUNISH - to dispense with readily, to handle easily; deals with sexual intercourse when used in reference to girls

ROCK - to wear or sport. "You need to gimme back my damn AJA IMANI headband so i can rock it with this shirt I got to match"

SACK CHASER (ie Golddigger)- A woman who is only interested in a man for his money

SHORT - unfortunate: "I cant give u a ride, young. either ask Chris or u short"

SICE - to over exaggerate: "Tamika not even that tight Isaac Ji Siced her.

SLAM - directly: "He wasn't looking and the ball hit him slam in the head"

SLUMP - to knock down and/or out with extreme force. "Dog, you keep f*ckin around with girl like that and imma have to slump your wack ass."

SMASH - have sexual intercourse: "Ima ja blown cuz I went over her house, and her parents were there, so I couldnt smash"

SON-SON - same as "dawg" and "dogg", but normally someone younger: "Young, dont talk about Jason. Thats my son-son"

STEAL - to punch, assault someone: "Young, if u dont get out my face, Ima steal u slam in ur jaw"

STOUT - A very attractive male or female in both the face and body.

TIP DRILL - A woman or man who is only attractive from the neck down.

WACK - unfavorable, uncool, unpoplar or very loser-like. 1. "What is with this wack-ass grade you gave me? i got all the right answers and you still gave me a 'D', man"
2. "Do you know how wack you look right now? If I ever see you wear those highwater jeans and small-ass t-shirt again....."

YOUNG, JOE - equivalent to "son" or "kid" in NY; similar to "yo" also: "Young, Im sick of school" or "Chill out, joe. It aint even that serious"

JRon's Requests:
FAKIN' - Fakin is when you are acting like you are someone or something you obviously are not, have not been, and most likely never will be. This would be equivalent to frontin' in places like NY/NJ. For example, you could be faking like you are a thug (i.e - "faking like he go hard"). You could be "faking like you got money" when you are really as broke as the rest of us.

LUNCHIN' - this basicaly means you are tripping, crazy, lost your mind, or making people laugh. For example, you are lunchin' if you pay $100 for a $10 shirt. And you are also lunching if you are in the club dancing like you have back and leg spasms.

PHAT-TO-DEATH - This really needs no explanation. This is strictly for men to describe the ladies. Free from 106 & Park basically sums this one up. This means you have the body of a goddess! 36-24-36! If I had to describe this in brand names I'd say Hooters, 15 Minute Abs, Apple Bottoms, Thigh Master, and "Your local Nail Shop HERE".

Monday, October 10, 2005


This is text from an email I got from a friend. Her friend is looking for her sister. I know putting this up on my blog may not mean anything and it's a long-shot, but I'll post it anyway because you never know.

If you are in the Baltimore area or the DC/Baltimore Metro Area, please take a quick second to read it over.


Hey everybody

I am trying to locate my sister so all I ask is that you forward this email to
you circle of friends and ask them to do the same. Hopefully this will
eventually be read by my sister or someone who knows her.

My name is Yolanda Harris (maiden name; Saunders). I am trying to locate my
sister Tina Saunders. I am not sure if this is still her last name, she may have
been married. The last contact I had with her was about 4 years ago and I
believe she was working at the downtown courthouse in the old post office building.
I know that she has at least one son who should be around 20 maybe.

If you are reading this email and think you may know her please contact me at Thanks for all your help.

Friday, October 7, 2005

In Miami, this song was the...

you know the rest...Kept the party going! Soul Survivor and Diamonds on My Neck. Those two songs will forever invoke memories of Summer in Miami 2005. Shot out to Laf, Rah, Young Cheezy (Nadine too...LMAO!), JRon, and everybody else...

"AKON AND YOUNG JEEEEEEEEEEZY! Gotta take it easy!!!!!"

A young vintage Rico from Paid in Full. "I'm bout to slap your. . .head off your. . .shoulders!" If you have seen the movie, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The pink in the background..."Dawg, that ain't GANGSTA!"

What's all this talk about me sending forwards?

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren,

First and foremost, I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER been one to send out massive amounts of email forwards. In fact, I can't stand it when people send me forwards all the time. I even recall me sending out an email that consisted of the top ten reasons NOT TO SEND forwards in an effort to get people to stop sending them to me.

Kings of forward? Me and L...HUH? I'm missing something here.

And by NO MEANS am I reprimanding you guys from posting comments. I LOVE it when people post comments b/c I know half of the people who read my blog entries do just that (read them) but don't comment and I wish they would. All I was saying was that L's comment was so lengthy it might as well have been an entry in his own blog rather than a comment in mine (let alone anyone's blog) because of the length of the comment. Take a look around at some other blogs and count how many times someone dedicated that many paragraphs to a blog comment. Then take a look at some blog entries and see how they're much lengthier than comments. If you still don't get it, well there's no hope for you just like there's no hope for L when it comes to bowling.

So L, Lauren, post away, PLEASE! This whole day has been quite confusing and weird as it culminates. I feel weird in a WTF are you guys talking about kinda way, but yet-and-still, it remains ALL GOOD!

Hopefully this ends all this confusion about posting to my blog. "Thank you for coming out, God bless you, good night!"

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Babyface and Tracy Edmonds break up...WHERE'S THE LOVE?

When I first read this, I was like DAMN! I looked at these two in a similar light as I do Will and Jada. And these two have been together LONGER! We never really think about BAbyface and Tracy b/c they're not always in the limelight like other celebrity couples. Me, being naive, I assumed that this was probably a good thing and being out of the limelight meant they were enjoying life with one-another without the papparazzi! This really disappoints me man. This actually hurt my feelings a little.

When you're hopeful and have dreams of a healthy, everlasting marraige and a couple that you assume (here we go assuming, right) has that splits up, it disappoints you a lot. Fellas, you might call me soft for this one, but it is what it is.

I thought this was funny...

Kanye and Mike Myers meet again (it's about 30 seconds into the skit) on Saturday Night Live

Monday, October 3, 2005

R Kelly Know He WRONG

"People in the singer's camp reportedly call Lee "Puppydog," and Kelly associates say she is required to knock before entering a room in their house if he is at home hanging out with friends."

Restraining Order

Sunday, October 2, 2005


A friend of mine is putting together an event on Oct. 14 here in Baltimore that is going to be BANGIN'!

If you aren't doing anything that night, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you attend...

PHOTOS: Cosmic Bowling

This past Friday night was bowling night (Cosmic bowling to be exact) for my friends and I. It was a lot of fun. Of course I was pressed and took pictures so I figured I'd share them with everyone. Enjoy!!!

T made it out!!!!


Sei WHAT???

Sei, your girl's a ringer. Ya'll hustlas homie!

Caught ya slippin L!

Not this time though, huh?

Hiwoo looking real possessed off the red-eye!

Pearl, Nadiyah (surprise guest)

Take two.

Tried to get everybody in this one. Missed about half the group though. Shot out to BHill's hat!