Thursday, April 30, 2009

Under Construction

I've given in and decided that I'm going to update my blog in order to be able to use some of the newer functionality Blogger provides. I've been holding out on this for a minute because I have done a lot of my own little tweaks to this page over the years and I don't want to throw it all away - which is essentially what I'm about to do - in order to allow for more functionality.

So if things seem a little wacky here over the next couple of weeks that's why. The most immediate change you'll see if the layout and color scheme as I'm going to have to change to a new template. From there I'll be updating the new template with some of the old features I liked (the tag cloud for example) and incorporating some new gadgets.

Please stick with me as I change things around a bit, for the better.

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Usual Suspects

When I first heard a snippet of Usual Suspects (courtesy of eskay) I was super-pressed to hear what NaSiR's verse was going to sound like. Ross held his own on the preview verse and the beat is arguably one of the album's best. When I finally heard the full song I felt like Ross out-rapped NaS but that's just my opinion. I've gotten into a couple arguments about this already and I am NOT saying NaS's verse is weak by any means but ... Ross 2nd verse > Nas verse > Ross 1st verse. Tell me why I'm wrong in the comments.

Usual Suspects - Rick Ross (feat. NaS)

I'm too cool for lame dudes to ridicule/I laugh while I'm doin' laps in the swimming pool: First thought was --> "I'm stealing that too cool line". Second thought --> "Ross can swim? NO WAY!"

And still my talent has yet to be challenged: Dare I say this is a shot at Jay-Z?

But back then dough was like a whore that Goldie loved, it didn't exist/and Officer Foley cuffs was after my wrist/was not Beverly Hills where we chilled/Imagine this the Nazareth had to get from rags to rich/I used to stand on rooftops with two glocks/Thinking how could I turn my Timberlands to Crocs/Now reptiles is left out I'm 'bout a watch: That right there is poetry my friends. NaS laced that! Officer Foley --> Beverly Hills...Rags to rich --> Timberlands to Crocs...Reptiles --> Watches with reptile skin. Dope!

As my 'fetti grow f--ck her, feed her Spaghetti-O's: Selfish, are we? How you gonna get more money and make your girl eat Spaghetti-O's? That ain't right!

Wow! This might be the least outlandish song on the album.


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facebook Man Law #3

Technically, this will be Facebook Law #3 (if we're counting the first Man Law and the second Law) but this one might be the most important one so far. So listen up fellas!

Facebook Man Law #3: No (presumably) heterosexual male is allowed to POKE another (presumably) heterosexual male on FaceBook under any circumstances!!!

Homosexuality Clause: If the recipient is straight and then sender of the "poke" is gay, then the law still applies. If the recipient is gay and the sender is straight, then the sender is now automatically gay. If both parties are gay, then the law is in-applicable.

Fellas, I do not care how nice/cool I am with you, if you are in the closet, out-of-the-closet, or undecided of where you want to be, do not interpret my niceness as an invitation to poke me on FaceBook. That shyt is beyond my threshold of things I will tolerate from gay, kinda, or "hasn't yet realized they are gay" male friends. I do not want to log into my FaceBook account and see that "Dexter St. Jacques" has poked me. Right after I say "no this mf-er didn't!" I'm going to automatically remove that questionable shyt and then re-evaluate my friendship with you. I will admit that I have come a LOOOOOOOONG way in getting past my homophobias but your boy has to draw the line somewhere. Seriously!

You are going to turn this...

Guy to his boy: "Yo man Cherese just poked me on FaceBook. I think she got a thing for the kid!"

To this BOWLshyt...

Guy to his boy: "Man this m*ther*fcker D done changed his name to 'Delicious' on FaceBook and had the audacity to f*cking poke me (pause)!!! I might smack the sh*t out this bama when I see him!"

Get it? GOOD! Chances are I'll still be cool with you whether you like guys/girls/animals/whatever but like I said, I gotta draw the line somewhere. Please respect my InterWeb personal space by refraining from doing something as questionable as "poking" me on FaceBook. That just sounds wrong even thinking about it, let alone typing it, saying it, or seeing it on my FB home screen. I wanted to smack my computer off the desk when I saw that crap!

And if this post makes you feel some kinda way I'm talking to your poking a$$ (pun intended)!

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Yacht Club

Yacht Club is my first or second favorite track off of Deeper Than Rap (it's a close battle between this song and Valley of Death). The vibe of this song is sooooo laid back and smooth that I can't help but turn it up loud and imagine myself on South Beach when I hear it. Maybe I need to start imagining myself on a yacht?

Yacht Club - Rick Ross (feat. Magazeen)

Pu--ies don't get pu--y: I didn't really pay this line much attention the first time I heard the song because Ross says a lot of recklessly crass stuff in general and I've come to ignore a lot of it. But my buddy Lance mentioned in his twitter feed that he hates that Ross says it throughout the album and now I'm reminded of Lance's tweet every time I hear Ross say it. THANKS A LOT RIPROCK!

I'm not bigger than Biggie, b*tch I'm bigger than you: How can you not love Ross's unintentional use of the much sought-after but not often achieved quadruple-entendre (there's no way he's lyrically talented enough to have though of this one)?
  1. Physically he's not bigger than Biggie
  2. Musically he's not bigger than Biggie
  3. He's probably musically bigger than whomever he's addressing here (God only knows who though)
  4. He's probably physically bigger than ALMOST EVERYBODY except for Biggie so does it really matter who he's talking to?
The fat Tommy Lee I made out with like eight broads: I might dare go out on a limb and call that a classic Rick Ross line. Not because it's classic in the broader spectrum of dope bars that have been spit but because it's hilarious when you think about Ross comparing his sexual exploits to Tommy Lee. There's now way Ross can even come close to Tommy Lee's Ron Jeremy-ish exploits.

She no speaky no engli-maybe Fat Joe can teach her: That was kinda slick. It made me chuckle anyways. I remember reading on someone's blog (maybe it was Bol's)recently about how for all this coke/Noriega/Escobar talk Rick Ross probably can't speak a lick of spanish and here Ross goes giving away his secretsof foreign communication. Cook Coke CRACK!

Janet was in control, because the hoe left: Another one of those out-of-nowhere lines like the one about Puffy and Total. I don't understand what the point of this is other than a quick word play on Janet Jackson and her album entitled Control. I also don't get the connection as far as how she was in control because she "left". "Left" what? Who? Ross, I'm going to need you to study Jigga a little bit more than you obviously have in preparation for writing this album and start making more solid connections to your quips.

My d*ck a big stretch: I think I understand what he was trying to say but I just wish he would have said this another way.

Told her to kiss your a$$ after you bought the b*tch breasts: A tip to all you trickin' fools out here. Don't play yourself.

I'm into frying fish with a slight lime twist: I thought he was into friggin' crabMEATS? Make up your mind already! I guess he's a seafood connoisseur. And wouldn't it be lemon rather than lime when we're dealing with seafood? Ross probably puts ketchup on his scallops I bet. He so hood!

Roll with a Navy SEAL: Here he goes again just throwing things out there that don't really make sense but rhyme. But it is kinda funny to think of a seal in the context of Rick Ross's stature. Hehe. Navy SEAL though? I think NAUGHT!

Still sippin' champagne, or is it merlot: Who confuses champagne with merlot? Let me help you out Ross: "Stay sippin crushed grapes, let's call it pinot/I call it fine wine, some call it vino/". I'm available to ghost-write for all under-educated rappers for as little as $100/bar. Holla at ya boy!

And in case you're like me and you're wondering what Greedy Geniu$ clothing is, here ya go. I'm sure Curly is going to act like I'm a bama since I didn't already know what Greedy Geniu$ clothing was but I don't care. You know you are! ADMIT IT CURLY!


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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Got It For CHEAP!

Tamiflu that is!

And I have it for cheaper than the Clipse old manager Geezy. My homegirl just sent out a tweet asking whether or not she should go to Mexico for a Memorial Day wedding. I told her sure, if she's wearing this...

Or even better, this...

My exact words to her were: "Eff with that pork flu if you want. Mexicans are dropping like sleezy villains in a Jackie Chan movie". Perhaps a bit corny and over-the-top but I'm sure she gets my point. With that said, I still didn't tell her NOT to go. Who better to risk a Mexican pandemic for than a friend? Not that I'd risk it for any of you (I kid, I joke).

Honestly though, I feel kinda bad for her because I know she loves to travel and how loyal she is to friends. Yet-and-still, if anyone is going to catch flu generated from an animal that produces bacon, sausage, chitterlings, and scrapple I'm not even going to explicitly say who it would probably be (again I kid, I joke).

Seriously though, this swine flu outbreak has something fishy written all over it. Why do I think this? Because yesterday I was watching the nightly news and there was a reporter/anchor/whatever at the Texas/Mexico border who said that people coming into the US from Mexico weren't even being questioned. Huh? If this thing is a potential US pandemic as well and we're raising pandemic code levels and such then how come your average Mexican or American returning from Me-hee-co can stroll right across the border without some d-bag border patrol officer at least asking him/her if they've coughed, sneezed, sniffled, or puked like an under-aged party girl within the last 48 hours? It's not like a double-shot of Vicks NyQuil (no Lil Wayne) is going to cure you.

This leads me to wonder if this is all just a front to kill off the Mexican labor force here in the U.S. and provide all these jobless Americans with some meaningful work. Yes I know that the majority of people that are dying are in Mexico but who is to say that they weren't potentially headed here to "work". Think about it, if the *millions* of "hispanics" working labor-intensive jobs (and yes I know that there are plenty of "hispanics" that don't do labor-intensive jobs) somehow can't work, then that'll provide some meaningful work/income for all the Americans that got laid off but have been to prideful/lazy/elitist/arrogant to do all the work they think only Mexicans should do. It's similar to how some folks thought back in the day that this country should only have been built on the strength of the negro, the blood of the Native American, and the so-called intelligence of "everyone else". Not to mention that the first settlers in the U.S. were the lowest class of society where they came from. It's nothing like a bama coming from jail telling you to clean his boots, wash his underwear, toss his salad, and accept that you're intellectually inferior. But I digress.

Nevertheless (foreverthemore), providing U.S. citizens with jobs is one need that seemingly trumps saving Mexican lives. That is, aside from taking Somilian lives. And what better way to help strengthen the U.S. economy than to provide lazy Americans with jobs that they'll be horrific at?

With all that said, I will be faking the flu for about three weeks and getting a refillable prescription of Tamiflu. I encourage those of you that really need the Tamiflu to either get your own or if you want to be price-gouged holla at me for the Day2Day hook-up. If you found something in the least bit interesting/funny on this blog in the last couple months I might even slide you an extra half-pill just for massaging your boy's upper region (read: ego). Secret is out that for the next couple months, Tamiflu is the NEW CRACK! Scratch that. Tamiflu is the new Cialis. Scratch that too! Tamiflu is the NEW TWITTER! You don't really understand how you got there or why you need it, but you use it like it's going out of friggin' style.

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Magnificent

Magnificent was the second song I heard from Deeper Than Rap and I remember immediately thinking: "Ross got one right here!" Overall, this is probably the best song on the album when you take production, lyrics, and listenability (yep, I said it) into consideration. John Legend does what he normally does on the hook (i.e. - laces it) and Ross holds it down lyrically. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Magnificent - Rick Ross (feat. John Legend)

She the one that I adore so I try to enter raw: Slow your roll, pimpin'! Rap It Up!

Ain't nothing free, I'm charging to breathe air: This is one of those out-of-nowhere lines that Ross has a tendency to drop where the line is so outlandish that you believe nobody would say it and actually mean it, except for??? Another example of this is: "I never phone ahead all she do is hear the pipes".

Ain't nothing on my back but the delicate(s) of fabrics: This line cracks me up every time I hear it. Me and my buddy Laf (aka Curly) laugh uncontrollably at this line and that crab meats line. This begs the question of whether or not these guys actually listen to what they say before releasing these tracks. Or maybe they just don't care and I'm too much of a nerd to let this particular usage slide. I think being high has a lot to do with lines like this and you know Ross is always talking about the smell of kush and lean on his breathe (like that's sexy or something). Aside from the obvious mis-step in usage of the term delicate, I think it's funny that big husky azz Ross is talking all big and bad but wants to be draped in the softest fabrics as if he's not going to sweat completely through that ish on the walk from his car to his front door.

It's time to rape the game, like Puffy did Total: WHAT?!?! Is this meant to be taken literally, figuratively? This is a very GAME-esque move right here. That is, out-of-the-blue dropping a random controversial line about another popular artist. And Total hasn't been relevant for eons now. What does The Bawse know that we don't? If you answered "absolutely nothing", I'd bet you're right.


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Another Drake Post??? YUP!

I'm going to make you hate or love this guy!

New Drake courtesy MissInfo - Right to Left (feat. Tanya Morgan)

Rizoh Nahshon doesn't get the Drake hype but has a bigger question about Drake's current super-buzz.

Colin Munroe (feat. Drake) - Cannon Ball. If you don't have Colin's "Unsung Hero" Mixtape you might want to cop that soon. "I hope when dinner's cold my ni99as do not dessert me"

Wale doing a cover of Drake's "Best I Ever Had" at a concert stop in Toronto.

And if you know the Drake/Degrassi history, this is hilarious.

And a bonus MP3 of Priscilla Renea's cover of "Best I Ever Had". Remember her?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Maybach Music 2

Maybach Music 2 was probably the song I anticipated the most on this album. The original was easily the best song on Trilla. While I don't think the second installment is as good as the first there are some jewels in here. In fact, more jewels than Ross-isms (shocker, I know).

Maybach Music 2 - Rick Ross (feat. Kanye West and Lil Wayne)

If B-I was alive he'd probably have the two tone: This is a Yeezy line but it sices me every time I hear it and I'm still not sure why. Maybe it's because it seems like everybody respects Biggie's swag so much that I like it when these guys pay homage in ways like this.

Kanye and Wayne's obsession with feces: "I am the sh-t and this is my commode"??? Even going back to "Swagger Like Us" where he says "how do it feel to be the sh*t and the urine?" That line really blew the crap out of me. Anyway, Wayne talks about sh*t quite often so if you haven't noticed it yet, maybe him "sitting in the azzhole" of his Maybach will help refresh your memory.

New crib, loftin'/Where is at? Austin/Where's that? Texas/What's in front? Benz's/What else? Lexus/Well whose Maybach is this?/Mr. West's!": That's dope!

I got so many horses b*tches call me Polo: A slick line from the Bawse. I'm wondering if this dude really does own horses though. Maybe he eats horseMEATS and crabMEATS.

I was barely getting pretty women: Hey Ross guess what? I BELIEVE YOU!

All black Maybach I'm sitting in the a$$ hole!: I have no idea why he felt like he needed to say that. What's the a$$hole of a Maybach? Why would I ever want to know? Tailpipe? Backseat? He should have ad-lib'd a "no homo" in the background on this one just for G.P. I guess this was just to catch everyone's attention at the beginning of his verse. Mission accomplished!

Fresher than Will Smith and Uncle Phil too! Slick! Fresh Prince...Rich uncle...Weezy is nice.

In my opinion, the proper line-up for this track would have been Yeezy, Ross, Wayne, and Jay-Z. It's kind of disappointing that Jay was on the first but not the second joint.


Mafia Music

Video: Kanye West (feat. Young Jeezy) - Amazing

The way Hype shot this video is dope. Kanye always comes through with good videos though.

After watching the video on my computer I felt like I needed to go home, turn the lights off, and watch this on the TV with the surround sound pumpin'. It seems like the type of video that you could watch in a movie theater and it would be dope.

Friday, April 24, 2009

These Videos Are Hilarious

This is something I would do, lol.

Auto Tuning from Casey Donahue on Vimeo.

This had me dying...

ALL THE HOES JOCKIN from don cannon on Vimeo.

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Mafia Music

If you've been following Rick Ross since the whole 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross beef started then this will entertain you. Otherwise, it probably won't, lol. I'm going to go through Ross's album track-by-track (each with its own post) and ponder the crazy things Ross says.

Before I start I want to give the disclaimer that I really enjoy "Deeper Than Rap" and up to this point I think it's the best album to drop this year. But I can't go without pointing out some of the ridiculous stuff this guy says. Without further adieu I present (BAWSE!)...

Mafia Music - Rick Ross

Having a job pouring tar "up on" a roof: I would imagine this builds character and the tough work would provide most of us with an impetus to do *something* else. Perhaps rap. Or sell drugs. Or become a C.O.

Making so much paper that you've got women taking photos naked: I cannot relate to this type of talk. I probably won't ever be able to. However, I'd guess that most guys that read this will have taken a pic or two of a naked female without so much more than a trip to Friday's, some smooth talk, and 3.2 sprays of some celebrity-endorsed cologne. Fellas, keep it real! You know I'm accurate here (not that I have done that type of shenanigans).

Being turned on by rumors so much so, that you masturbate "at the top" and "hoes so excited" they "catch every drop": What exactly is the top in this context? The top of rumor circles, rap in general, his house? Nevertheless I find this shockingly believable because if Ross has enough paper to make women take photos naked (how much money would you require from Rick Ross to take a naked pic for him, hmmmmmm?) then what's the difference between that and having enough money for them to catch every drop (eeeeewww)? You'd think that if a woman was going to watch this guy rub one out from the "top" then she's already given way to the fact that his money is relentless in its sexiness and she would hence be turned on enough to go ahead and pull a Superhead and catch those falling drops (I cringed writing that). Pardon my crassness on everything prior to this sentence.

Giving a chick to the block after you eff one time: I thought guys usually let the block smash at the same time they did, not pass a chick off. I'm sure Ross has ran his share of trains so I would have expected something a little more over-the-top instead of this. But dealing with women like Tia (the block could be 50 Cent in her case) and "Brooke", nothing is taboo.

Dropping another album for your dogs so you can buy 10 Maybachs for them to ride in: This is actually one of my favorite lines in this song. Ross is probably just dumb enough and self-absorbed enough to do this. But I like the point he's indirectly (and perhaps unintentionally) making about loyalty to his friends (aside from the obvious gloating about frivolous spending). If I could have, I would have had all my boys go to college with me, build a business together, and eat crab meats while wearing the "delicates of fabrics". That's BAWSE ish.

Having a Farrakhan aura: Do I even need to comment on this? So you want to be creepy but still manage to pilfer $1,000,000+ from the Black community with no accountability whatsoever and then try another march a decade later in hopes of pulling the same stunt? Ross clearly has some serious intestinal fortitude to pull this line out. And pausing on the pork was obviously something Ross didn't start until recently.

Question: Is killing people when you're bored > Effing people's lives up for fun?

Giving a girl 100 stacks, breaking up, and letting her keep it: You d@mn fool! This is similar to Ross wanting to buy Maybachs for his boys but much more lame. I can only relate to this in terms of pancakes (yes, pancakes!). If (over the duration of a relationship) I cook a chick 100 pancakes and we break up, I'll be pissed because of all that work I put in. But 100 stacks of money means I will be at her door waiting for her to come home to get my ish back. "I knew it wouldn't work, I just like to give". Ain't that some bullshyt!

Eating crabmeats! This one is so much my favorite that I may just buy AND Seriously, "crabMEATS"!!! That is classic! Besides that, only people from Maryland (my home state, no shots) and Rick Ross think that crab meats are high-society eating. Next thing you know he'll be be talking about eating venison like that's special. I can see this fool now: "I got so much bread these hoes wanna eat/Venison tastes good, but still ain't crabmeats!"

Next Up - Maybach Music 2...

Clearing up one of my Wake and Drake Posts...

I got a comment on one of my Drake posts from the artist that created what I thought was Drake's Young Angel logo and that led to this...

He seems like an honest guy who made an honest mistake so I don't mind taking it down. His work on that logo was pretty vicious so I'm hoping this doesn't hinder any work he's got going with Drizzy. Stop by his blog when you have a chance.

Wake and Drake: Say What's Real

This post will be in this vein...

Drake - Say What's Real

Why do I feel so alone
Like everybody passing through the studio
Is in character as if he acting out a movie role
Talking bullshit as if it was for you to know
And I don't have the heart to give these
B*tch ni99as the cue to go
So they stick around kicking out feedback
And I entertain it as if I need that
I had a talk with my uncle and he agreed that
My privacy about the only thing I need back
But, its hard to thinking than polite flows
[???] suits are your night clothes
And Jordan sweat suits are your flight clothes
And you still make it even when they say your flight closed
Eyes hurting from the camera phone light shows
Life was so full now this shits just been light pole
Always said I'd say it all on the right track
But in this game you only lose when you fight back
Black diamond bracelets, showing you the basics
I can't live and hold the camara, someone gotta tape this
I make hits so like a b*tch that's married married I ain't miss [Ms.]

24 hours from greatness, I'm that close
Don't ever forget the moment you began to doubt
Transitioning from fitting in to standing out
Los Angeles, Cabanas or Atlanta south
Watchin Hov show embarrassed to pull my camera out
And my mother embarrassed to put my Phantom out
So I park about 5 houses down
She said I shouldn't have until I have the crown
But i don't wanna feel the need to wear disguises around
So she wonder where my mind is accounts in the minus
But yet I'm rolling round the f*ckin city like your highness
Got ni99as reacting without a sinus [can't breathe]

Cause what I'm working with is timeless
And promoters try to get me out to they club
And say I have fun but I can't imagine how
Cause I just see my ex-girl
Standing with my next girl
Standing with the girl that I'm f*ckin right now
And shit could get weird unless they all down

And so I stay clear, we from a small town
And everybody talks and everybody listen
And somehow the truth just always comes up missing

I've always been something that these labels can't buy
Especially if they trying to take a piece of my soul
And Sylvia be telling [???] "Damn Drake fly"
And he just be like "Silly motherf*cker I know"
That was your bad, how could you pass up on em?
He just take the records and he gas up on em
Wayne would probably put a million cash up on em
Surprised no one ever put your a$$ up on 'em
Oh they did Po, at least they tried to
And that's what happens when you spitting whats inside you
But slip-up and shoot the wrong f*cking video
And they think they can market you however they decide to
Nah, before they told me to do me
And don't listen to anybody that knew me
Cause to have known me would mean that there's a new me
And if you think I've changed in the slightest coulda fooled me
Boar, and in my city I'm da 2-3
Drug dealers live vicariously through me

I quit school and is not because I'm lazy
I'm just not the social type and campus life is crazy
Understand, I could get money with my eyes closed
Lost some of my hottest versus down in Cabo
So if you find a blackberry with the sidescroll
Sell that mothaf*cka to any rapper that i know
Cause they need it much more than I ever will
I got new shit, I'm gettin' better still
Little ni99as put my name in their verses
Cause they girlfriend put my a$$ on a pedestal

Future said cause it's Ye shit you better kill
And I think this got that making of a legend feel
Problem with these other ni99as they ain't never real
Yea ... Thats all I can say

Listen for yourself...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Plug

I just typed up this email to a bunch of my buddies about Twitter and I decided I wanted to share it here. I was going to call this a manifesto but then I looked up the definition and realized I'd be using the word incorrectly for what I intend to say. So therefore, I'm calling it a "plug". This is verbatim so please excuse all the lascivious and/or random banter (ha!)

My Twitter Plug

By now you've all heard of Twitter and maybe some of you have checked it out or wondered why anyone would do it. Well if you need a reason to check out Twitter or would like to try it out, follow me, Laf, and my buddies J and Lance (or just check out our pages)... (if you follow Laf you gotta address him as Curly though. That's mandatory)

Twitter is what Facebook would be if there were only status updates. Facebook is what Myspace would be if it wasn't ghetto. Myspace is what Blackplanet would be if it wasn't just targeted at negroids. Blackplanet is shyt that only bamas use at this point. Bamas are Black guys that buy Chris Cooley jerseys when they have no personal connection to him (not that I'm racist). Black guys that buy Chris Cooley jerseys when they have no personal connection to him are named....But I digress.

The point of twitter (and the value of this is obviously debatable) is so that people can send out real-time (i.e. - to the second) updates of what they're doing.

The value of twitter (again debatable but I consider it valuable) is that you can keep up with people in real time. For example if I'm in Miami and Diddy (@iamdiddy on Twitter) is hitting up a party tonight and on twitter he says "Come through Mansion tonight I'm having a party"...My black azz is going to be there! Why? Because Diddy throws some dope parties. And if it wasn't for twitter I might not have known he was having a joint on the night that I happen to be in Miami. Another example: Shaq often sends out updates when he's in different cities and tells people to stop through a certain spot and he gives them free stuff. I know these examples probably don't mean much to you but at some point enough people you know will be on [twitter] that you'll start asking why and wondering how. Just think of twitter as the most popular usage of the mobile web for the time being.

The New iPod Shuffle

I'm almost 100% sure I'm super-late on this but I thought that this was pretty cool.

Wake and Drake

UPDATE: After receiving a request from the guy that created the logo and reading his post on what actually happened, I have removed what I thought was the Drake Young Angel logo.

But you should check out because that logo was OFFICIAL!

Ya'll know...the routine.

And yes, I'm STAN-ing to the point where I'm posting logos and sh*t. It seemed like a lot of people on nahright are saying it's kinda lame/gay but I think it's kinda smooth. And that second link above has me very interested in seeing what Young Angel and Young Hov cooked up during Drizzy's trip to New Yiddy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This must be Maino's Car

Spotted about 10 minutes ago in Towson, MD. You see me!!!
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wake and Drake

As soon as I got up this morning I turned on Drake's "Comeback Season" mixtape (FIIIIYERRRRRRRRR) and that put me in the zone. Then I got to my desk and checked my bloglines and what shows up in my NahRight feed?

Nothing other than videos from his performance at SUNY this weekend (vids from (props to Eskay). Don't let the weak audio fool you,

Best I Ever Had

If you don't like this song something might actually be wrong with you....

"Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on/That's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong"

"Buzz so big I could probably sell a blank disc"

"She call me the referee because I be so official!/My shirt ain't got no strips but I could make your ---- whiiiistle!/Like the Andy Griffith theme song/And who told you to put them jeans on?/Double-cup love, you the one I lean on/"

"Every single show she out there reppin like a mascot/Get it from the back and make ya ----- bra strap pop/All up in ya slot till a ----- hit the jackpot!"


"Hardly home but always reppin!"

"Women don't get saved around me even on a Sunday"

"Your frame makes me want to bowl a strike"

Every Girl, Successful, and Brand New

"Are any of ya'll into girls like I am? Lesbi-Honest!"

"They be staring at the money like it's unfamiliar...Just enough will solve your problems, too much will kill ya"

"Nickel for my thoughts, dimes in my bed, quarters of the kush shape the lines in my head"

"This lost boy got fly without Peter Pan, and my delivery got me buzzin' like the pizza man."



Drake coming to DC!!!

Drake on Cipha Sounds

Drake on Angie Martinez

Friday, April 17, 2009


I said it once already...Maybe even twice...

Drake = Next.Up!

Check out this interview with Angie Martinez.

And check out the CLEAN version of "Best I Ever Had".

I've been listening to the So Far Gone mixtape consistently for like a month and a half now and I refuse to take it out of my iPod rotation. If you don't have it already check out one of those two links at the top of this post and GET THAT! And get on the bandwagon with me because dude is about to BLOW!

Oh yeah, he's got a song with Young Roc Nation coming too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

50 Cent is about to LOSE!

Winning a battle is great, but winning the war is the real victory.

Curtis/Curly is going to have a problem on his hands once this Rick Ross album hits stores next week. Jada too, on Billboard at least.

From top-to-bottom Deeper Than Rap is easily the best album this year when it comes to production. Lyrically Ross can't touch Jada but he's holding his own and improved his lyricism to the point where I would say he's now universally respectable MC. He's not on the level of Jada or NaS or Jay-Z but he's holding his weight (no pun intended) on these tracks. He even (in my opinion) out-raps NaS on "Usual Suspects".

I've listened to 70% of these tracks already and enjoyed each one except the track with Foxxy ("Murder Mami"). And everything on the album that I haven't heard is either good or dope.

I'm probably going to do a full album review after I listen to the album a few more times but off the first listen this album is pretty close to getting my vote for the dopest joint so far this year. Sorry Jada.

Shrewd Marketing or Cheap Re-Tread?

I've got the album (it's our secret) and I have yet to listen to it but I've heard it's decent. I can't say I'm a fan but he has a decent InterWeb buzz so I am going to give it a listen.

As far as this marketing ploy, it *might* work but only if it gets some play on mainstream media outlets which I very seriously doubt will happen. Moreso than shrewd marketing I'd call this viral marketing.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Facebook Law #2

The first Facebook Law was a Man Law. This one is just a general Facebook Law to follow.

Facebook Law #2: No one shall post a profile picture that is not up-to-date (specifically, more than 2 months old).

This applies to males and females and those of you who can't decide either internally or ostensibly which side of the gender tracks you're on. Stop trying to post profile pics from 87 pounds ago or back when you "used to have it." There should be a statute of limitations on how old a profile picture can be for you to put it up on Facebook. Anything older than 2 months old is not allowed.

Why 2 months? Because 2 months is not enough time for the average human being to lose more than 30 pounds (and that's pushing it) or recover from trans-gender surgery. You might be able to change your hairstyle or wardrobe in two months time but there's now way you're swapping an outtie for an innie (or vice-versa) in 60 days and fully recovering. And if you lose 30 pounds in two months you either had gastrointestinal surgery or are smoking crack.

If you want to mislead people and create a fake fantasy world online you should start a account. Otherwise, keep it real because you're not fooling anybody other than yourself.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Favorite Comedian right now, Kevin Hart

LOL @ the part about scuffling. I've been a fan since I saw Paper Soldiers.

An Interview of "Ms. KERI BAAAAABY!"

Did I mention that I thought Polow Da Don convinced her to do this? Well, here's Keri's version of how the song came about and who she is or is not addressing.

My advice to Keri: You are a talented writer, beautiful, and you have a lot of potential. Don't screw everything up before you "get on" by throwing indirect darts at those who helped pave the way for you to have the success you have. Yes, you've written some great songs but as an overall artist and performer there are quite a few people who have way more success and experience. Take a step back and view the bigger picture and don't let some ego-maniacal, hot-shot new producer convince you to do things that are out of character or potentially self-ethering. Stick to making good music that the masses enjoy and enjoy the ride.

What is the Next Number?

How about a math problem? It is said that engineers take 3 minutes to resolve this, architects 3 hours, and doctors 6 hours. What is the 6th number?
1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ______?

It took me about 3 minutes to figure this out so I guess the "engineers take 3 minutes" line applies (even though I haven't been an engineer since undergrad, lol).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WebNerd Alert: Legacy Locker...Keeping your InterWeb pRon Collection Safe for Generations

Well, not really (re: the title of this post). But nevertheless, this is the type of service that'll probably become more and more popular as the generations that have grown up with the InterWeb get older.

Legacy Locker allows you to pass along your usernames/passwords for all your online accounts in the event that you die or are disabled. So it's not so much as a repository of archived pRon (which is probably what I'd really need) but a place to store your usernames/passwords and people you would want to have them. This begs the question: Who is YOUR e-beneficiary?

Would you want your wife/husband, parent, brother, sister, child having access to all of your email accounts? This service implies an interesting proposition of what people have in their online accounts and just how much of it they'd want to have "die" when they die.

Nevertheless, I think this is a useful service that I am NOT going to jinx myself by trying. I've told people all along to destroy/incinerate my computers whenever I drop dead. Lord knows I don't need anybody seeing all the foolishness I've got stored on those things.

Monday, April 6, 2009


LMAO @ #25.

What's funnier, the facial expressions, the mannerisms, or the names? Video spotted at DP's

Video of the Day: I'm SURE this isn't Kanye-Approved

...but it sure is funny. Somewhere Perez Hilton is tickled. LOL.

Rik Cordero + Rick Ross

This looks like it might actually be half-decent. I'm sure the visuals will be dope since Rik Cordero is shooting it. I'm itching to see how the plot/story plays out in this one.


Video spotted at

Friday, April 3, 2009

Timberland FAIL!

Purchased in 2000, buried in 2009.

31 Things I Learned While at the Wizards/Cavaliers Game Last Night

1. You can really appreciate the movement within a basketball game from the nosebleeds

2. LeBron James understands the significance of his celebrity and how it impacts the success of the NBA. During warm-ups everybody else is laying it up and he's doing windmills.

3. Mike Brown is not incompetent, but he could definitely be a better coach. There were at least 3 points in last night's game where I felt like he could have called a timeout to stop the Wizards momentum and he let the game play out thinking that his team could coach itself. Leadership FAIL!

4. The Wizards always have at least 3 dudes that you assume are from Barry Farms, just came off a 10 day contract, or you have never heard of before.

5. Every time Andray Blatche touches the ball on offense I say "self-check" to myself because he can only score by mistake. It's like playing at the local gym and the worst guy on the other team lucks up and hits the game-winner on you. HE is THAT GUY!

6. That McGee kid looked like he had potential.

7. If the Wizards get Blake Griffin and keep their stars in place --> Arenas at the 1, Caron at the 2, Jamison at the 3, Blake at the 4, Haywood (softie) at the 5. Juan (should list this bama last), Songalia (who actually can hoop at times), Stevenson (who the Wiz overpaid and should drop and just keep Mike James coming in off the bench), and Etan Thomas on the bench. No, I do not count Andray Blatche.

8. Tigger is a bama but I respect his hustle.

9. Why is it always 1 or 2 young black women that gotta shake like they're in a strip club when the camera is spanning the crowd? Why is that an immediate reaction for some? Sad.

10. Why do people act like they wanna hide from the camera and then wave?

11. Gilbert Arenas still has it, but he's rusty. And he had a great all-around game which is what he should probably take away from the win. But the only way I would keep him on the roster is if I got Griffin in the draft though.

12. I am always siced when the Wizards score 100 points because I get free papa johns or two for 1 drinks at the chophouse after the game. Free food/drinks = YES!

13. Do not go to the Green Turtle before a game.

14. On a certain level the games are more fun in the nose faucet seats than sitting lower. You get the crazies in the nosebleed section.

15. But I would still sit lower if I had that ROLL!

16. Always eat before you go in the MCI Center. You're better off paying for the over-priced drinks than the food.

17. LeBron James could average 50 per game if he really wanted to.

18. Mo Williams has a little Steve Nash in him at times.

19. WALLY!

20. I effs with Daneger for coming through the Green Turtle. No Dane-Hate for 72 hours.

21. I will give Ilgauskus 12. Nullus (courtesy Bol).

22. It's not a good look to bring your 1-2 year old to the game and sit them on your lap.

23. It's always one loud person yelling out incorrect statements about players, stats, sports history as if they are 100% correct. ALWAYS!

24. DeShawn Stevenson is a clown. I'm convinced. What's worse is that he thinks he's cool.

25. Bullets > Wizards > Zephyrs

26. People should not be allowed to buy the jersey of an NBA player that does not get more than 5 minutes per game.

27. Ed Tapscott...Who?

28. Antawn Jamison is still soft but he can still dunk. I'm shocked.

29. The Wizards/Cavs rivalry makes my sports life more exciting.

30. A first round Wiz/Cavs matchup would make for an interesting minute on PTI.

31. I would have never made it as a basketball player.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Picture of the Day: Federal Offense

Walking into the office this morning this is what I saw out front.

How does this happen?

Did a car hit it? Did someone saw off one leg and bend the other (which is quite the crackhead move)? What does the side that's on the ground look like? Was someone trying to steal a mailbox? Did the USPS have an employee come out and try to remove the mailbox? Did that person have no idea what they were doing? Aren't these things bolted to the ground? Did that car in the background hit the mailbox (it looks like a prime candidate)? Since that's a spot where people curb their dogs, is the mailbox laying in you-know-what?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baltimore Blocks: City Hall

So I had the bright idea of riding from work to the gym on a gloomy/rainy day. Turns out I got a chance to get a pretty nice shot of City Hall.

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Slaughterhouse: Proof Real Hip-Hop Is Still Alive

This is a lawsuit waiting to happen

Obama Fried Chicken in BROOKLYN. I wonder how many people are going to call this racist because it's an Obama (ie - Black man) FRIED CHICKEN spot.

This is actually pretty smart from a marketing standpoint. Whether it's legal however, is another question (lol). Spotted @ Bol's.

"That marketing plan was me!" -- Jay-Z