Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few things I learned watching the Eagles/Vikings game last night

Number 1:

The average age of the Eagles most prolific offensive weapons is a little over 24.5 years old. I'm including Mike Vick, Brent Celek, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, and Jeremy Maclin only. Take out Mike Vick and it's a little over 23 years old. Either way, if these guys stay together they could have a run of at least 5 more solid years if they're healthy. Staying together is probably unlikely in this age of free agency but depending on how the collective bargaining stuff turns out it may be more likely. That should be a scary thought for the NFL.

Number 2:

All that Mike Vick MVP talk has to go away now. Leading up to this week it was plausible to say he had a shot at winning the MVP, but after the performance last night, it's a wrap. Go ahead and give it to Brady now. I've heard the arguments about how Brady is gonna win it regardless because he's Brady and his reputation is better than Mike Vick's in general and I agree with that to an extent. But combine winning an MVP with Mike Vick's story and it is far more compeling, motivating, and means a lot more than Tom Brady putting up big numbers this year or (for that matter) Mike Vick putting up big numbers this year. Vick's story transcends the sport and is about life's mistakes, consequences, and subsequent recovery and return to respectability. No matter how much you may hate what Mike Vick did or was involved in, you have to respect how he came back, showed humility, and performed well at what he's paid well to do. So while Brady will win the MVP this year, Vick's story is more valuable than just a trophy.

Number 3:

If Andy Reid is worth the money the Eagles are paying him, this win should galvanize the Eagles for a solid playoff run. The timing of the loss is almost perfect in that a team that's playing well toward the end of the season knows they're good and may be a little overconfident going into the playoffs. Losing a game in the last couple of weeks can help to humble them. Remember when the Patriots ran the table and lost in the Superbowl? That's all I'm saying. Sometimes a loss is a good thing. For weeks now the Eagles have been riding on a cloud of Mike Vick fairy dust and it seemed nothing could go wrong. Last night proved that Vick is most definitely human and the Eagles need to execute better and more importantly, learn how to stop the corner blitz coming from Mike Vick's left.

Number 4:

I understand why no defenses have been able to effectively make Mike Vick roll to his right rather than his left. It's because he's FAST AS HELL! He'll just dodge someone coming from the left and then continue left if there's room. By doing this he can easily square up and make his normal left-handed throws. When he rolls to the right he takes a little more time to set-up and throw the ball and is more likely to run. The commentators mentioned this last night and I've heard it before several times and thought the same exact thing I've always thought: "Ya'll must not realize just how elusive and quick this guy is. He will dodge that shyt and go right back to his left." Vick managed to do just that several times last night but not enough. And it also seemed like he and DeSean Jackson just weren't on the same page at all last night and I think that also played into it. But either way, the Vikings blitz schemes last night were effective and I expect that to be the blueprint for anyone that faces the Eagles from here on out.

Number 5:

LeSean McCoy may be the closest thing to Marshall Faulk in the NFL in terms of his ability to catch and run with the ball. He's not as good at running the ball between the tackles as Marshall Faulk but on dump-off passes and screen plays he's about as elusive as anyone in the NFL and plays with that sort of silky smoothness that Marshall Faulk had. I think lots of people expected Matt Forte to assume the Marshall Faulk role in Chicago this year because of Mike Martz being there but McCoy leads all RBs in receptions this year (and I bet it's by a landslide) and there was one pass he caught last night where he probably ran for 30 yards or so but he looked about as elusive as anybody ever has (Barry Sanders notwithstanding) in the NFL.

Number 6:

Mike Vick deserves a raise. I honestly don't think the Eagles are going to sign him to any sort of long-term deal as a starter. He's 30, Kevin Kolb is 26, and this is Mike Vick's shot to win a title in Philly. This year only. I bet the Eagles will use him as trade bait for a team like Minnesota who will need a solid QB next season if they can't draft one. I would throw Washington in that mix but Andy Reid isn't that stupid. There are a lot of teams that could use a solid QB so even though I don't think Vick will be in Philly he's earned a solid contract somewhere in the NFL next season.

Number 7:

Joe Webb might already be a better NFL QB than Tavaris Jackson. No disrespect to Tavaris but Webb showed a lot of poise and composure and the ability to make plays last night. Everybody's talking about how he was drafted as a receiver blah blah blah but dude was a QB in college so the position is not foreign to him and that showed last night. And if you look at what he did in college (albeit at UAB) you'll see that he's quite the athlete and put up rushing yards a la (ahem) Mike Vick. With that said, maybe the Vikings should start thinking about a future with AP, Webb, and Lesley Frazier as their team's nucleus. They've got two solid wide-outs in Rice and Harvin and a solid tight-end in Shiancoe. Grab another good wide-out, a lineman or two where you need 'em, a couple solid defensive players, and they're right back to being competitive with the Bears and Packers.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Every time I hear this it reminds me of Crystal Skate in Marlow Heights, MD. I remember being a young, stiff, barely-knows-how-to-skate kid doing laps trying to check out the girls. Meanwhile, it's grown azz men flying around the rink with white skates on shooting the duck and moving in unison like a dance troupe. It was good times, until people got to fighting or shooting anyway, lol.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Video: Where Do We Go - Ab Lica & iCan (feat. Malice)

I'm not sure who iCan is but I've been a fan of Ab Liva for a minute (ie - back when he was on "Hot Damn" by the Clipse). And if memory serves me correctly he was in one of those Philly rap groups back in the day not named The Roots or Philly's Most Wanted (for some reason, the name is escaping me but they did have one hit song the name of which I can't remember either).

Nevertheless, I ran across the track below on and only listened because I saw that Malice was on it (sorry Ab). Speaking of Malice, since the Clipse's last CD dropped, it appears that he has started to master the art of rapping positive but keeping it gully/street enough so that you don't really notice. For example, "Freedom". Meanwhile, Pusha T has moved on to talking about Versace sofas, salmon-coloered suits, and his favorite topic, cocaine lol.

This Ab & iCan joint is one of those tracks that'll find it's way to my "NewShyt" playlist and enter the "Day2Day" rotation soon thereafter.

Ab Liva & iCan Ft. Malice - Where Do We Go? from YenEuroDollar on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 15

Three games left in the season, except for this guy.

Normally this is the time when things are either really exciting (for those teams jockeying for playoff position) or really boring (for those teams that have no chance of making the playoffs). I'm guessing the playoffs turn out like this...

New England
Kansas City
San Diego (yes San Diego. And I realize the Jets would basically have to lose-out the remainder of the season and the Chargers would have to win-out)

New Orleans
Seattle (I know, I know. San Fran is probably the trendy pick here but I'm gonna gamble on the bum-azz Seahawks)

I'm not sure of who I think will win it all yet though.

San Diego over San Fran: San Diego needs this win. They are a more talented team and the only way I can seem them losing is if they self-destruct.

Bengals over Browns: Flipped a coin and when I looked it had T.O. and Ocho Cinco's face on it.

Dallas over Washington: My Skins will lose yet another one. As far as talent goes, Dallas is far more talented than the Bucs who we (as I predicted about halfway through this game) found a way to lose to.

Houston over Tennessee: Tennessee won't be able to stop Houston from scoring. I'm expecting a shoot-out in this one.

Jags over Colts: This may signal the beginning of the end of the Colts dominance in this division. Then again, maybe that was week 1 when Arian Foster went all Adrian Peterson on the Colts.

Chiefs over Rams: Chiefs are the better team and need the win.

Dolphins over Bills: Flipped a coin on this one too. The Dolphins have a better record but the Bills play harder. It would not surprise me at all to see the Bills show more heart than the Dolphins and pull this one out.

Philly over NYG: If Philly can stop the run and force Forrest Gump to beat them, this is a win for the Eagles.

Tampa over Detroit: Tampa is solid enough to win this one.

Arizona over Carolina: Arizona's only slightly better than Carolina but they'll show up in this one and get the "W".

New Orleans over Baltimore: The Ravens lose at home for the second time this season. Unless the Ravens can put some points on the board early I expect the Saints to be pretty consistent on offense (though it won't be a rout by any means) and do enough on defense to confuse Joe Flacco and contain the Ravens here-one-week-gone-the-next offense. If this turns into a shoot-out, the Ravens and their DBs have no chance.

Atlanta over Seattle: Atlanta isn't losing this week either folks.

Oakland over Denver: Denver's a team in disarray and Oakland appears to be a team (dare I say it) that'll be one to be reckoned with next year. Wow, I just said that.

Pittsburgh over NYJ: The Jets are showing their true colors. Defense wins championships but unless their defense can score like the Ravens defense used to, there will be no championship. And I will take a gritty Pittsburgh team that sticks to the run and play-action pass to control the clock and make a couple big plays in this game. But I am definitely sitting Mike Wallace and Big Ben on my fantasy squad this week (though I have a feeling Wallace has one or two big plays coming his way this week).

New England over Green Bay: The Packers only have a chance if Aaron Rodgers plays. And even then, the Patriots can keep pace with the Packers when it comes to scoring. I'd expect the Packers defense to break before the Patriots defense does. Although the Pats defense does bend quite a bit, they never really break. And their consistency on offense always keeps them in games even with the defense gives up yardage. Besides, how (at this point) can you pick against the Patriots in cold and/or inclement weather?

Chicago over Minnesota: Much like Brett Favre's season, the Vikings season is done. Favre probably won't play again eVAR and Tavaris Jackson is on the IR. They signed Patrick "I used to be a Redskins QB not named Rypien or Williams, isn't that enough" Ramsey and their other QB option is Joe Webb who is a freak athlete that they wanted to play wide-out originally. I say all this to say, it's time for Minnesota guys to start thinking about the sex boat outing they will be on once it gets warmer on the lake.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stuck in the horns of a Fantasy Football Dilemma

I'm in 3 fantasy football leagues this year, 2 ESPN and one Yahoo! I'm doing pretty well in my Yahoo! league (second place going into the playoffs) and one of my ESPN Leagues (#1 ranked). In my other ESPN league however - the one I enjoy the most and the one with my good friends - I somehow limped into the playoffs in the 8th spot. The playoffs started last week and I managed to pull a GIGANTIC upset and knock-off the #1 ranked team. Funny thing is, I wasn't even paying attention and didn't realize it was the first round of the playoffs because I was out-of-town all weekend lol.

But here's my dilemma for the second round. I'm going this round with a QB problem. Here are the 3 QBs I'm carrying on my team:

Ben Roethlisberger: Ben has been performing decent enough for me to start him every week since I acquired him in a trade earlier in the year.

David Garrard: I picked him up off waivers last week or the week before. I'm not a big fan of Garrard because he's one of those "thin line" guys. As in, there's a thin line between when he'll perform average-to-okay and when he'll perform horrendously. But to his credit, he's come on over the past 5 weeks as the Jags have started to surge/strengthen.

Kerry Collins: I picked him up this morning off waivers SOLELY BECAUSE HE'S PLAYING THE TEXANS! The Texans defense is ranked dead-azz-last in the NFL and Collins is a proven (but sometimes shaky) veteran with Kenny Britt, Randy Moss, and Nate "I'm a deep threat only" Washington at his disposal. Not to mention Chris "Pinball" Johnson who can take a screen all the way at any point.

So here's what I need to figure out...


Ben is playing the Jets. The same Jets that appear to be showing their true colors in that they can't keep up the scoring enough to consistently win against good teams. The problem with the Jets is not necessarily defense even though they've been losing, so I expect them to play solid defense against the Steelers and limit Ben's yardage.

Garrard is playing the Colts. The last time these two teams played Garrard 150+ yards and 2 TDs, not a bad performance at all. I can definitely see him putting up these types of numbers again and I have the Jags winning this one.

Kerry Collins is playing the Texans. Again, they (the Texans) are ranked last in the NFL in passing defense. They give up the most passing yardage and passing TDs. Oddly enough, the Texans are solid against the run (ranked 6th). Because the Texans can put up points with anyone in the league I'm expecting this to be a shoot-out with lots of passing yards. Again, this theory of mine is the sole reason I picked up Kerry Collins and even if he does well this week (and I make it to the next round) I'll still be dropping him and going back to my "Ben Garrard-Roethlisberger for the Win" plan since Ben has the Panthers and Browns the next two weeks and Garrard has Washington and Houston.

I know lots of people consider their matchup (who the other team has playing) when considering who to start. I never really understood that approach and I don't use it. I just try to put the best possible team of starters together each week and let the chips fall. But this week, I'm having a tough time deciding on a QB. I need to get through this week with as many points from the QB position as possible. If you were me, who would you start?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mystery Solved: Nikki Minaj's "Accent"

I know for a fact that I am not the only person that is sometimes annoyed by Nikki Minaj's penchant for using a faux accent in her raps. I guess I could call it a faux Bri'ish accent but it's not really that good of an attempt. It's like listening to Diddy rap lyrics that he's penned himself, you can only take so much of it. For those of you that think her over-usage of the fake accent is cute, shouldn't you be in 2nd period right now? Hopefully it's spelling or French class because m-i-n-a-j is surely not how you spell ménage.

Anywho, last night I was watching some news show and I heard of a medically recognized syndrome that clearly explains one reason why Nikki Minaj may be using this accent. What is that syndrome you ask? No, it's not fetal alcohol syndrome (I know that's what most of you guessed, don't lie) but Foreign Accent Syndrome.

YES, that's a real syndrome.

Check the details about this syndrome as stated on the most reliable source for medical information on the InterWeb, Wikipedia:
"Foreign accent syndrome is a rare medical condition involving speech production that usually occurs as a side effect of severe brain injury, such as a stroke or head trauma."
The keys words here (as I highlighted for you) are "head" and "trauma". Keep that in mind while you learn a bit more about this syndrome.
"It must be emphasized that the speaker does not suddenly gain a foreign language (vocabulary, syntax, grammar, etc); they merely pronounce their native language with a foreign or dialectical accent... To the untrained ear, those with the syndrome sound as though they speak their native languages with a foreign accent."

So this would lead me to believe (and perhaps only me) that at some point one of the following things happened to Nikki Minaj:
  1. She was dropped on her head as a child
  2. She got smart with some dude with a chip on his shoulder and he smacked the bejesus out of her
  3. Wearing a weave that's too tight is almost as traumatic as a stroke
  4. Doggystyle sex accident (*blank stare*)
It had to be one of those reasons or it's foreign accent syndrome induced by exposure to a recording studio or stage.

Unfortunately, this only (potentially) solves only one of the mysteries of the act/persona that is Nikki Minaj. We still have to solve why she wears those wigs (no Beyonce), whether or not she likes boys, girls, or both, and also how her butt got that ridiculously big (not that I'm mad about it).

Not to mention the one question I'd like to ask her which is, did she purposely try to make herself the combination of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Lil Kim or was it all Diddy's idea before she dropped him as "manager"?

I'm sure there's more to Nikki Minaj than what we all see on television and hear in her songs. But if there isn't, hide ya wife, hide ya kids... Especially your daughters!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 14

Somehow it seems ironically fitting that Ben R. has gotten punched in the face twice this year. Once on purpose and the other in the flow of the game, with the first one leveling him and the other breaking his nose. Or maybe it's just me and the girl he allegedly raped in the bathroom of a bar that feel this way. Not that I want to see the man hurt at all but I just think it's kinda funny.

Nevertheless, Ben came away with a across nose but also a HUGE divisional win on Monday night. Kudos to the Steelers and a smh to Joe Flacco who short-armed the hell out of the throw that would have kept the Ravens final drive alive and maybe let to a game-tying field goal (at the least). I've been saying all along that Joe Flacco has the tools to be a great quarterback but cannot handle the pressure. After Monday night, I rest my case. Where's Trent Dilfer when John Harbaugh needs him?

Indianapolis over Tennessee: Indianapolis needs this win and the Titans appear to be descending. I'll take Peyton in this one even with the shytload of interceptions he's thrown over the past few weeks.

Buffalo over Cleveland: Buffalo's been playing well all season (with the exception of last week) and I'm hoping they haven't started to mail it in. I'm a little leery about this pick because my gut is telling me the Bills' players are thinking about sunshine and margarita's in the Caribbean coming up and not about stopping Peyton Hillis. I've only picked one underdog this week (Washington) so maybe I'll change this one before the Thursday night game. We'll see.

Cleveland over Buffalo: Just realized Buffalo has the worst run defense in the league and Peyton Hillis is the new Mike Allstott. But the whole Jake Delhomme factor (in the event this comes down to a shoot-out) kinda makes me nervous. Hopefully it'll be snowy in Buffalo and the game will be mostly rushing (the forecast is calling for rain/snow).

Green Bay over Detroit: Aaron Rodgers much?

Giants over Vikings: The Giants and the Vikings are both two teams that can look good at times but really aren't going to do much if they make it to the post-season. Presumably the Giants will and I'm about 100% sure the Vikings won't. But, the Giants defensive line can potentially wreak havoc every single week from both sides of the line. I don't think Tavaris (or Brett) can handle that constant pressure. The Giants also have proven to have a very solid run game with the combination of Bradshaw and Psycho Jacobs. Minnesota has the 3rd ranked rushing defense in the league so it'll be an interesting match-up in that regard. If Minnesota runs AP 30 times and shuts down the running game of the G-Men I think they'll win. But something tells me the Giants (like the Eagles) will realize that they need this win to stay tied atop the NFC East and pull off the win.

Pittsburgh over Cincy: Cincy stinks and Pittsburgh plays tough. Hopefully Ben has a big day to help out my fantasy squad.

Washington over Tampa: The Redskins will show some heart and win this game at home. Apologies in advance to my brother who is a Bucs fan.

Atlanta over Carolina: Like my man Lance mentioned last week, Atlanta is due for a loss, but I just don't see the Panthers being good enough to pull it off.

Jacksonville over Oakland: I really want to pick Oakland, I really do. I think they've got the potential to win this game in a close battle. But Jacksonville's been toughing out wins lately and showing a lot of heart.

New Orleans over St. Louis: Drew Brees is going to have a good day.

49ers over Seattle: Flipped a coin and when I looked at it there was Mike Singletary starting at me like he used to do opposing QBs at the line of scrimmage. How was I supposed to NOT pick the Niners after that happening?

Patriots over Bears: Another case (like last week) of Bill Belicheck against a young QB. You know who won last week and expect it to happen again this week. Jay Cutler (no matter how well he's been playing in recent weeks) is always one week away from throwing a gazillion interceptions. I expect this to be the week he does just that. But if the Pats don't find a way to stop Julius Peppers it could be a long day for Tom Brady.

Denver over Arizona: Even with McDaniels gone I expect Denver to win this game. And no, I don't have any idea who his replacement is.

Chargers over Chiefs: Chargers lost last week to the Raiders and they need this win. If the Chiefs get out early and put points on the board this pick my go to smithereens. The Chiefs beat the Chargers back in week 1 and I'm sure the 6-6 Chargers who were surging (till last week) remember that. Also, I'm sure the Chargers are fully aware that they NEED to win this game to stay in the playoff picture.

Eagles over Cowboys: The Cowboys have been looking good lately and have beaten some decent teams. I think that Michael Vick however, poses a unique threat to them that none of the other teams the Cowboys have beat recently posed. And that is, a QB with the ability to run the ball if need be and also create on the run. Aside from that, the Eagles need to win this game to keep pace in the NFC East lead and I don't think they'll let the Cowboys get in the way of it.

Ravens over Texans: I expect the Ravens to fall behind early in this game but come back to win. Houston can run the ball well and pass well. That is, well enough to score on the Ravens defense that isn't as good as it used to be. The bad part for Houston is that their defense STINKS to high Heaven so I also expect the Ravens and Joe "Freeze-up in crunchtime" Flacco to be able to put up points on them.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toca Tuesday Freestyle: CyHi Da Prince

This is CyHi post #2 (check out the first post here). If he keeps doing stuff like this he's gonna have a few more posts at the least.

He's still gonna have to do better than this though to live up to that "if God had an iPod I'd be on his playlist" line he spit in So Appalled.

Video: Masspike Miles feat. Rick Ross - Nasty

I've been a fan of this song since I first heard it on one of Ross's mixtapes prior to Teflon Don. As I've mentioned before, I'm definitely a fan of Ross and Masspike on the same track together and I still think that Masspike Miles and Eddie House may have been separated at birth.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 13

It's about that time!!!

This week has some good match-ups with playoff implications. You've got Ravens/Steelers, Pats/Jets, and Falcons/Bucs. Not to mention some other divisional rivalries that'll can potentially impact one team's playoff chances (Bears/Lions, Kansas City/Denver, Giants/Skins, and Chargers/Raiders).

Before I get into my picks this week I have to comment on the Johnson/Finnegan "fight".

This was a decent semi-scrap slash skirmish or whatever. But based on Goodell's reputation for being a disciplinarian I can't see how Andre Johnson didn't get suspended a game for this, if not both of them. I mean he two-pieced Courtland pretty good there. If this were James Harrison of the Steelers connected to someone's dome he would have gotten a 4-game suspension I bet. Even Finnegan said if he'd have swung like Johnson did, he'd probably be suspended (Finnegan has a reputation for being a dirty player). I'm really surprised the NFL only levied $25K fines for both players and didn't suspend. Is the league saying it's ok to fight? Really? I wish they'd have done more to show that this type of behavior is intolerable, even if it meant that arguably the best WR in the league would have to sit out a week.

Now for my picks. I'm betting the Ravens/Steelers game will be the best game this week and I'm picking the Ravens to win this one at home. As for the full list of picks, here ya go:

Philly over Houston: Houston's pass defense is statistically worse than the Redskins. Remember what the Eagles did to the Redskins?

Saints over Bengals: I thought about taking the Bengals but then I came to my senses. It's gonna be cold in Ohio and the Saints are a dome team but in the end, I just don't think the Bengals are gonna pull it off. Nor do I think they can stop the Saints from scoring.

Bears over Lions: I'm not as convinced as to how good the Bears are after last week's win over Philly but I do think they're going to beat the Lions. Jay Cutler is always one game away from being horrible so it wouldn't surprise me if he plays mediocre. But after Julius Peppers's last game, I just don't see the Lions offense being able to manage a win.

Packers over 49ers: The win against ARIZONA didn't fool me, San Fran isn't that good. They're relatively good. That is, relative to everyone else in their division. Go to Green Bay and pull out a win against a team that can score on just about any defense? I think not. Especially when Green Bay's coming off a loss.

Jacksonville over Tennessee: Jacksonville's a lot better than I give them credit for (I think it's because MJD started off so slowly this year for my fantasy squad) and Tennessee seems to be a team headed in the wrong direction.

Kansas City over Denver: After their last meeting and the embarrassment the Chiefs must have felt, I don't think there's any way they lose this game. And Dwayne Bowe is playing like a beast right now.

Miami over Cleveland: I really wanted to pick Cleveland in this one (and I still kinda do) but I think Jake Delhomme is going to be the weak link, especially considering Miami is ranked 4th against the pass. Stack the box to stop Peyton Hillis and defend the pass, that'll hopefully be the game plan.

Buffalo over Minnesota: Upset special. Minnesota squeaked by the Redskins last week and I think Buffalo's playing with the most heart of any mediocre (lol) team in the league right now. They're in just about every game and they've got some talent in Fred Jackson, Stevie (last week we could have called him "Stonehands") Johnson, and Lee Evans. This is my gut feeling pick of the week.

Giants over Redskins: The Giants are the better all-around team. I don't think my Skins are going to Giants stadium and pull out a win. Sorry fellas.

Chargers over Raiders: If the Chargers defense shows up, this should be a fairly easy win. I don't think they'll blow the Raiders out but I do think they'll dominate.

Indy over Dallas: I totally picked Dallas to win this game initially then decided against it. Peyton had a bad game last week so I'm 100% sure he's been studying his azz off this week and will find a way to take advantage of Dallas's iffy corners. The only problem here is that Indy cannot stop the run or run the ball AT ALL. But I don't think Dallas can stop Indianapolis from scoring if the Colts o-line can keep DeMarcus Ware in check. I'm going to go with the older Manning brother in this one.

Rams over Cardinals: Arizona proved to me on Monday night that they are not worth picking anymore this entire season. Depending on the match-up I may go with them (similar to why I went with them last week) but this week the Rams and Sam "I'm playing better than Mark Sanchez already" Bradford along with Steven "Yup, I'm still really really good but stuck in the 'Lou" Jackson will rip them a new one.

Seattle over Carolina: Seattle's not very good. But they are good enough to beat the Panthers after the Panthers have had to travel across the country. I still expect it to be close and I expect Mike Goodson to have a solid game nonetheless.

Falcons over Bucs: Falcons overall balance as a team gets them the win. The Bucs are a solid team and they will play well but I think the Falcons are just a better team. If the Falcons don't turn the ball over too many times and create points for Bucs I expect them to win this one.

Ravens over Steelers: The Ravens haven't lost at home. I think their pride won't let them lose this one. It's gonna be a tough game and it's gonna be close through-out but I think the Ravens will pull this one out at home. And yes, it's hard to fathom that the Ravens will sweep the Steelers this year but they got the tougher win (the at Pittsburgh one) already. And I don't think they'll take that for granted and fail to prepare well for this game.

Patriots over Jets: Bill Belicheck's defensive schemes > Mark Sanchez's QB abilities. Aside from that, the Pats lost to the Jets earlier in the year and I'm sure they'll be out for a little payback in a big time Monday Night divisional match-up. I fully expect Tom Brady to get his Peyton Manning on this week.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Say Goodbye to The Mustache Lemon Pepper!

This is it people! The last week of the Mustache for Kids. It's been an interesting and at times embarrassing journey but it was all worth it. I was able to raise $812 (so far) and I'm proud that I'm able to help some of the kids here in Baltimore City.

If you have already donated, I would like to thank you very much. And that's a thanks even if you only donated because you thought the idea of me growing a mustache would be hilarious. And as you're aware of already, it was. Lol.

If you have yet to donate and would like to, please visit my Donor URL below and make a contribution. Your contribution can be as little as $1 (every dollar counts) and you can even donate anonymously if you like.

Donor URL:

Last but not least, if you're wondering how the mustache looks now, check out the picture below.

Yes, the 'stache will be gone by Saturday night. Sorry to everyone who has made fun of me relentlessly (Lance, Laf, you reading this?).

And for a quick recap of how le 'stache got to this point, check out these blogposts...


"The Decision"...

The Shave...

The Growth

Thanks again to everyone that has donated and those of you that donate after reading this!