Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's Life Without a Soundtrack...

Every time I hear the song "Music For Life" I think about how much music is a part of my life and how much I enjoy listening to music.

I'm a hip-hop guy so I tend to listen to way more hip-hop than any other genre of music. I get my R&B in of course, a little jazz here-and-there, and the occasional jump into rock or some sort of "hip-rock" mash-up. Lately I've had a few songs in my "Every Day" mix on my Blackberry that I'd like to share:

Veteran's Day - Rick Ross, Baby, Lil Wayne

Slow Down - Fat Joe feat. Young Jeezy

Exhibit C - Jay Electronica

Victory - DJ Khaled, Nas, and John Legend

No Excuses - Young Buck

Trap Or Die 2 (Reloaded) - Young Jeezy

Beamer, Benz, Bentley - Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana

My New Sh*t - Drake, Von Pea, and Phonte

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Latest Pair: Adidas TRX Retro

Just got these in the mail today. Was kinda 50/50 about the yellow but now that they're here I think I can do something with these. Might have to wait till the spring/summer to wear them though.
If you haven't noticed by now, I have a thing for shoes. Some ugly, some plain, some colorful, most red and black (lol, shot out to Laf who gives me a hard time for wearing the same pair of red/black Adidas all the time), but always a pleasure.

By the way Laf, I know you're shocked I didn't get this colorway:

Why do I enjoy corny stuff so much? Seriously, why?

Maybe it's because I'm a goofball with a corny sense of humor, just maybe.

Apparently, Aziz Ansari (pictured above with Kanye Tuda) is a HUGE fan of Kanye West and a huge fan of hip-hop. It appears that he actually knows Kanye personally.

The above video isn't really hilarious to me, but the one below is, don't ask me why lol.

This guy really is going to drop a mixtape based on the character RAAAAAAAANDY he portrays in his stand-up routine.

Monday, February 22, 2010

And I Used to Respect Russell Simmons...

...until he went and said that John Mayer "don't know" when it comes to how his recent comments in Playboy might offend Black people.

Russell, HE DOESN'T KNOW?!?!?!?!?!!!! Really? A microphone in your face and that's all you could come up with? Sheesh! I"m kind of surprised that Russell Simmons just brushed those comments off.

Russell also says he gives John Mayer a "pass" when it comes to his statements that: 1) his d*ck was a white supremacist and 2) you could call a hood pass a ni99er pass. A pass on the first point might be plausible and understandable. He doesn't want to have sex with Black women, ok cool. But I also think it begs the question of why. Is he not attracted to dark-skinned women or ALL Black women, or does he just have a preconceived stereotype about Black women in general that he didn't care to divulge. But saying a hood pass is the same thing as a "nigger pass" is unacceptable. I refuse to believe that he "don't know" better. Maybe he didn't mean anything by it (yeah right) but he has to know better. Post-racial my azz! Russell Simmons needs to get a fucking clue and then share it with John Mayer!

It's times like this when I wish that (alleged) gangster rappers like Rick Ross, Beanie Sigel, and so on would go on record and say something like "A ni99er pass? Okay, then bring your azz to the hood and we'll see whether you have a pass or not". Not that it's a sensible/intelligent thing to do, but just to show that certain comments aren't going to be tolerated and that YES, there is something wrong with calling a "hood" pass a "ni99er" pass. Also, that you can't just go around using the N-word and talking ignant about Black folk because you have black friends, colleagues, or Black "enablers" in your circle that make you think that it's cool/okay.

The fact that more Blacks seemed to be upset about Mayer's comments about who he doesn't want to have sex with than the ni99er pass comments is really sad. I don't think that anyone really cares if John Mayer is sexin' green, red, blue, white, or black chicks. But if you think that everybody in the hood is a "ni99er" you are simply ignorant, arrogant, or a combination of the two. And Black people should care about that when you consider how we're overwhelming portrayed to be niggorant in film, television, and in music. Sometimes you have to take a stand and let people know that you might dress a certain way, talk a certain way, and like to do things they probably don't understand (read: a lil differnetly) but at the same time you are not going to tolerate ignorance and stupidity.

For posterity's sake, here's a link to John Mayer's Playboy Interview.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Suuuuuuuure, Eldrick! Suuuuuuure!

Tiger looks like he hasn't slept in about 8 days but he isn't foolin' anybody!

I'm not going to comment too much on this statement because it's really not worth it. It's scripted, it's lame, and it doesn't convince me that Tiger really cares about what he did. He pretty much had to do this at some point and it's kinda dumb that it took him this long to make a statement, let alone a scripted statement.

If Tiger really felt oh so bad he'd have taken into account that the media thinks he's already led a scripted and coached public life and made a statement straight from the heart. This shyt right here is something that was crafted by someone other than him and it's obvious that he was coached on how to speak it publicly. A script isn't necessary for true feelings from the heart, they just come out. If he would have come out and took the risk of being his true self and expressing his emotions without a script (or something he'd actually written), I'd respect him much more and be more likely to believe him.

Oh by the way, did you catch him say (paraphrase) ... "Elin never hit me either dammit! I know I look like a chump, but I'm not that much of a chump." LMAO! Le Tigre still has a lil bruh in him I see, lol.

Friday, February 19, 2010

WebNerd Alert: Google Liquid Galaxy

By now you've seen a post or two here on how Google is not-so-secretly plotting to take over the world. For example, Google predicting when you'll get the flu, Google making it rain, Google thinking for you, and my personal favorite...

Google knowing everything about you.

As if all that wasn't enough, Google's cooking up a smorgasbord of services and products to collect data about enhance your life. Not to mention everything they're cooking-up in the lab.

I won't lie, I'd love to work for a company like Google that seems to be on the cutting edge of everything but at the same time, too much of anything just isn't a good thing. There's no way Google can do everything well-enough to the point that we should buy into all (Apple zealots could learn something from this). Gmail, sure. Google Maps, sure. Google Docs, sure. Google Calendar, sure. But installing a Google application on my computer that can search everything on my computer? Ehhh, not so much. And now that I think about it, allowing Google to hold the keys to your mail (Gmail), calendar (Google Calendar), pictures (Picassa), and videos (YouTube) might not be such a good idea either. Even if they do all of those things REALLY well.

With all that said, I just ran across Google Liquid Galaxy which seems like a 3-D version of Google Maps. The video below pretty much speaks for itself but I'll go ahead and say it...WOW!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Know How I Know You're Ghey??? NSFW


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best Superbowl Party Food Item eVar?

This might be the coolest Superbowl Party "Favor" ever. I wonder how much this thing costs to create. No matter how much though, it's surely worth it!

The Big Game Snack Food Stadium - Watch more free videos

Shot out to my co-worker Mark for sending this to me.