Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 8

Short and sweet this week. I am in a five-way tie for first after previously having a lead by 5 points. My team name "Perfect Week". Why? Because I feel one coming on and to be quite honest, I need it. I'm not really worried at this point because there's still a ton of time left in the season, but I do feel the need to get back in the #1 spot all by myself.

Houston over Buffalo. Houston has more than enough firepower on offense to beat Buffalo. Andre Johnson has a bruised lung (that's a crazy injury) but it looks like he's going to play. I can't imagine how playing would a bruised lung as a wide receiver would be. Seems like it'd be tough to breathe, let alone get hit. Anyway, if Johnson is healthy the Texans win easily. If he's not I still think they squeak out a win.

Chicago over Cleveland. After getting embarrassed last week I think Chicago will show up for this game.

Dallas over Seattle. Seattle sucks. Dallas is at home and I picked against them last week and I won't make that mistake this week. Now next week, that's another story.

St Louis over Detroit. St. Louis has Steven Jackson. Detroit has...a somewhat healthy Calvin Johnson and Daunte Culpeper. I'll take my chance with St. Louis.

Indy over San Fran. Peyton Manning. That is all.

Miami over the Jets. Miami played very well against the Saints last week and let the win slip away. The Jets aren't nearly as good offensively as the Saints and I expect the Dolphins to play well considering this is a division game. Wildcat FTW!

Giants over Eagles. Neutralize DeSean Jackson, beat the Eagles. The question is, can the Giants suspect secondary shut down Mr. Jackson? I don't know. And this is going to be a close/tough game no matter what but I'll go with the Manning brother on this one.

Broncos over Ravens. I wish I could pick the Ravens but with their defense playing average nowadays and the Broncos playing well on both sides of the ball (especially defense), I'm gonna have to go with the Broncos. I still feel like they have to lose at some point and this is a prime week for it with them coming to BodyMore and all but I just don't believe in the Ravens defense the same way I used to. Just my luck though, the Ravens will blow them out for their first loss of the season.

Jags over Titans. *yawn*

Chargers over Raiders. Chargers will win. LT will score but he'll still be old and washed-up for the most part.

Vikings over Packers. Brett wins his homecoming game. Get it? The Packers are outmatched offensively and defensively, but much more so on the defensive end. Did you see what Jared Allen did to the Packers the last game?

Cardinals over Panthers. How are you gonna pick against the cards after they beat everybody's pre-season Superbowl winner last week?

Saints over Falcons.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 7

That's how I looked after last week's picks, lol. Last week was HORRENDOUS. So horrendous that I am now TIED for first place in my Pick'Em league. Now I've gotta try to get myself back ahead by a couple picks/points. This week's peeks seem relatively easy with a couple of exceptions.

I've changed my team name this week to "ZORNucopia" in honor of the abundance of media attention the shytuation in Washington has received, albeit negative. His days are numbered. You know. I know it. He knows it.

As for my picks this week...

Green Bay over Cleveland. Cleveland stinks. That is all. Instead of giving advice to Terrell Pryor, maybe LeBron should be giving advice to the Eric Mangini.

San Diego over Kansas City. After losing that divisional game at home against the undefeated Broncos I don't see the Chargers dropping this game. San Diego always likes to make the season dramatic/suspenseful in the AFC West by under-performing for a third of the season and then going on the roll they should have started the season with, late in the season when their backs are up against the wall. One thing is for sure to me though from what I've seen from the Chargers, LT is not who he used to be. I don't know who has fallen off more of a cliff, him or Clinton Portis. They both stay injured, they both are getting "old for RBs", and they both used to be good if not great.

Indy over St. Louis. This is going to be U-G-L-Y! Peyton Manning has thrown for 300+ yards every game this season and now he's got the Rams defense to torch after the Colts come off a BYE WEEK. He might throw for 400+ this week if the Rams actually put up a fight.

Minnesota over Pittsburgh. I am NOT picking against Brett and Adrian again until they lose. This may very well be the week that they lose (they will NOT be going undefeated) but until then, I'm going to stick with picking them. This is the opposite of what I will be doing with my beloved Redskins. I'll take my chances this week with them playing Pittsburgh. It's in Pittsburgh and I want to pick them but something's telling me not to.

New England over Tampa Bay. This game is going to be played in London (*yawn* unless I was going to be there to watch it) but no matter where it's played Tampa Bay just doesn't have the talent to stop New England's offense. This won't be a 59-0 blow-out, but I wouldn't be surprised if Tampa loses by more than 20.

San Fransisco over Houston. Houston is like the sleeper cell of the NFL. You never know when they'll show up. San Fran on the other hand is coached by one of my new favorite coaches, Mike Singletary. He's one of my favs because he's an old-school, hard-nosed coach that dropped his pants at halftime to let his team know they were getting their azzez kicked. How can he NOT be one of your favs after that? LMAO!

Jets over Raiders. After last week you might wonder a few things: 1) Will Sanchez have another horrible day? 2) Who will throw more interceptions, Russell or Sanchez? 3) Will the Raiders play the way they did last week in a win against Philly? 4) Will Oakland's coach punch a player this week? 5) Will Al Davis drop dead during the game? Okay, that last one wasn't nice, I take that back. The Jets defense will carry them through this game and Sanchez will get back on the right track.

Carolina over Buffalo. Buffalo sucks as much as Cleveland does. Carolina sucks less and has more talent overall. If this game were in Buffalo I'd have taken the Bills.

Chicago over Cincinnati. Chicago should win this game. If Jay Cutler pulls a douchebag-Cutler-game like he does every once in a while, they'll lose. For the record, I think Jay Cutler has the potential to be a GREAT quarterback but he just seems like he needs to be doing security at a Las Vegas tattoo parlor that only pornstars patronize (i.e. - doucheBAG!). As for the Bengals... Cincy has me confused, it's that simple.

Atlanta over Dallas. Yes, I know they're playing in Dallas and the CowGirls are coming off a bye week. But can't I just pick against the CowGirls because I can't stand that they're over-hyped EVERY YEAR and haven't done anything in YEARS!?!?! Atlanta's good enough to beat Dallas at home and I'm hoping that is the case.

New Orleans over Miami. This game is going to be a LOT closer than people probably think it will be. Miami has HEART and that can sometimes make-up for being overmatched when it comes to talent and/or offensive firepower. If New Orleans slips up, they might just get beat.

Giants over Arizona. Sorry Fitz, you guys just don't have the defense to pull this one off. It'll be a fun game to watch though.

Philly over Washington. Like I said above, I'm using the opposite strategy in the case of the Skins with regard to the strategy I'm using in the case of the Vikings. I am a FAITHFUL REDSKINS FAN, but I AM NOT... I repeat AM NOT, picking them again this year until they win a game. Philly got beat by Oakland last week but you are an idiot if you believe they're going to play that horribly against a divisional rival on Monday Night. Is this the week that Michael Vick scores a touchdown? Hmmmmnnnn...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Latest Pair

If you caught my last post on my latest pair of shoes then you know that I have a strong proclivity for buying shoes. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in a minute so I figured I'd post the pair I just purchased. Shot goes out to Wingenroth for Prime-ing these via Amazon for me.
These are the New Balance Men's RX505. They're actually a cross-country shoe (spikes and all) but I plan on using them to play football in. Why you ask (because I'm sure you care)? Because they're light. I thought about buying a pair of football cleats until I realized how I don't like the clunkiness and weight of cleats. Then I realized just how light the track shoes I used to wear when I ran actually are. Granted, a pair of cross-country spikes won't have the lateral support - in terms of being able to cut east/west with a good grip - like football cleats do. But in the end, I'm not trying out for a spot on the Redskins either so what does that matter, lol?

Sidebar: The Redskins could use me right now though to be honest.

So we'll see how these cross country kicks fare on the football field this weekend. Hopefully I don't bloody too many people with these. LOL.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Morehouse MEN"...Don't dress like women. Well, maybe some of them do.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Morehouse graduate.

I just finished reading this article from Inside Higher Education and it explains how there's a new dress-code being enforced at Morehouse (an all-male historically black college) that's being well-received in general by the students but not so well-received by the homosexual population. Sidebar: What's politically correct, gay or homosexual or both?

I actually think that Morehouse College's creation of a dress code is a great idea for an all-male H.B..CU. With all the stereotypical images of Black males floating around television, movies, and the InterWeb I think this is conducive to helping young brothers step up their game as far as situation-appropriate attire goes. And I'll go on record and mention that of the 3 men I know that are Morehouse graduates, they all dress very very well and know how to dress specific to the event/occasion.

As for the dress code, it seemed fair overall and sensible. Some of the items that jumped out at me from the dress code are the following:
  • Sunglasses may not be worn in class or at formal programs. This is a welcomed dress code mandate as far as I'm concerned. I'm tired of seeing guys wearing shades in the club, let alone class or a formal program. You're future ain't that bright, bama.

  • Jeans may not be worn at major programs such as convocation, commencement or Founder's Day. I consider this part of the "step your game up" program that all young Black males should have to go through. I'm tired of seeing dudes show up at funerals with jeans on and a R.I.P. T-shirt. And I'm tired of dudes showing up at the N.S.B.E. banquets with durags jeans and a blazer on thinking they are stylin'.

  • "Sagging," defined as "the wearing of one's pants or shorts low enough to reveal undergarments or secondary layers of clothing," is banned. Do I even need to comment on the fantastic-ness of this one? Not only do I not care what the sign on your azz says homeboy, I don't want to SEE the sign on your azz either!

  • Wearing of "clothing associated with women's garb (for example, dresses, tunics, purses, handbags, pumps, wigs, make-up, etc.)" is banned. (Morehouse educates only male students.) This one appears to be causing a bit of controversy among the gay students. Not a surprise. I'd call this one the "Rid us of the Queens" mandate. This is obviously an attempt to keep some of the gay males from taking it "too far". I don't think this is right, however. This seems kind of discriminatory even though I'm not necessarily fond of guys dressing up in women's clothing. It's one of those, you don't like to see it but they have the right to do it type of things, like visiting one of those racist group's websites. But nowadays with the tight jeans and man-purses the attire/accessories of the young male isn't that far off from a female's "typical" attire/accessories.
This particular stipulation/rule however makes me wonder...

The above picture is taken from my previous blogpost.

Overall, I think the dress code is definitely a GOOD thing. Young men (especially young Black men) need to be held to a high standard for the way they present themselves in public and in general. Take a second to perform a Google image search for "young black male" and take a look at the first result you get.

And while I think the dress code is a great idea, at the same time I don't see the need to have a stipulation that targets a specific demographic subset of the student body. Doesn't the leadership at Morehouse want the "Morehouse Man" be tolerant enough to live with a few cross (or close-to cross) dressing guys on campus? You'll have to live with it in the "real world" once you get out of college, so why not start learning to be tolerant (if you aren't already) at Morehouse?

In addition, if the dress code is "part of a larger agenda to develop student's minds and 'social consciences'" (according to Morehouse Vice President for Student Services, William Bynum), then how does this stipulation fit in with that agenda?

Social conscience is defined as "an attitude of sensitivity toward and sense of responsibility regarding injustice and problems in society." That is, part of having a social conscience is being sensitive towards injustice. Wouldn't it be an injustice to have a dress code that completely singles-out a specific group of the student body? If this where a predominantly white institution and a no-durag policy was instituted I'm sure many Black students would be defiant. Just because Morehouse is an all-male institution doesn't mean it should (or that it has the right to) single-out the part of the gay population that wants to dress like females. And yes one could argue that Morehouse banning durags singles-out the "durag wearing" population at the school but we all know that's not the same issue as discrimination based on sexual preference.

In general, this rule echoes a larger societal sentiment toward gay males and in this case specifically gay males that dress like women. In this case that sentiment could be considered disdain, uncomfortableness, or even intolerance. The U.S. is a male-dominated society and nowadays that doesn't always coincide with the sexual evolution that seems to have taken place among the youth of America. If Morehouse really wants to "develop students' minds and social consciences", it should consider rescinding that particular part of the dress code. Maybe they'll help instill some tolerance by being more tolerant as a college. In general, the Black community might want to start realizing the parallels between the civil rights movement, women's rights movement, and gay rights movement. They're not equivalent, but some very important lessons can be learned and from that knowledge, more progressive and forward-thinking choices/policies can be made.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 6

Ok, I have a confession to make. I changed two of my picks at the last minute last week. So I ended up getting the Redskins game right (picked Carolina to win at the last minute) and I picked the Dolphins to win at the last minute. So my week wasn't as bad as my post from last week would lead you to believe. It still wasn't good though, lol. Hopefully this week I'll do better.

I'm up by two points in the Pick'Em league, still holding down the #1 spot. But "they coming for my head"!!!

This week I am changing the team name to "WhoDey? Bungled Broncos" in honor of the Bengals and the Broncos who are the biggest surprises to me so far this season. Cincinnati beat Baltimore, in Baltimore. That's a feat. And the Broncos (who I thought were full of you-know-what) beat the Pats. And while the Pats aren't as good as they used to be, they still should have beat the Broncos. So there you go Broncos and Bengals, enjoy!

Now onto this week's picks...

Bengals over Houston. In hindsight, the Bengals have played a pretty tough schedule up to this point and it looks like that's seasoned them well. Defense is playing well and Carson Palmer is also playing well. I'll take the Bengals at home in this one. It would not shock me one bit if they got over-confident and let the Texans beat them because the Texans have a lot of offensive fire power. My advice to Marvin Lewis: Let Cedric Benson run the ball 20-25 times this game and you'll win.

Green Bay over Detroit. Detroit stinks. Green Bay FTW! It's a divisional game so the Lions will get up for this one but Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings are going to have a field day.

Baltimore over Minnesota. I know, I know. Picking against Favruh and Purple Jesus at home. But the Ravens NEED this win. Coming off two losses, Ray Lewis just got fined $25K for his decapitation attempt on Ocho Cinco, and Minnesota has to lose at some point, right? This is going to be a GREAT game!

New Orleans over New York. If the Saints defense plays well, they win. I think they will. No team in the NFL can completely contain Drew Brees and the Saints' offense. They'll score some points and I think playing at home gives them an edge.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland. Have you looked at Cleveland's roster lately?

Tampa Bay over Carolina. Flip a coin on this one, really. I'm taking the home team.

Washington over Kansas City. This pick is not based on my loyalty as a Skins fan. It's based on the fact that they win games at home against shiddy teams. And this year it appears that they ONLY win games at home.

Jacksonville over St. Louis. I'd pick the Rams but...Sike nah, I wouldn't pick the Rams.

Philly over Oakland. Philly's going to make Oakland look so bad that Mike Vick might have as many touchdowns as Donovan McNabb this game.

Arizona over Seattle. This is my "Larry Fitzgerald Loyalty" pick. Seattle put up 41 points last week but I don't think they'll do that against the Cards. Also, Seattle loses to good teams. The question is though, are the Cardinals actually good this year?

New England over Tennessee. *Yawn*

Jets over Buffalo. Since the Bills only put up 3 points last week AGAINST THE BROWNS, I'm going to go way out on a limb here and take the Jets who have a fantastic defense, a just-acquired WR who looks like he has something to prove, and a young QB that's been playing decent. Oh yeah, and they're playing at home. Will this be the game T.O. explodes?

Atlanta over Chicago. I think this one's going to be a shoot-out but last week Atlanta showed what they can do offensively against a team with a solid defense. This week playing at home gives them an advantage.

San Diego over Denver. Playing in San Diego...The Chargers need this win since they're about to play 3 straight divisional games with this one being the first and two cupcake games the next two weeks (KC and Oakland). I'm gonna be real reckless here and say the Bolts crush the Broncos by 10-15 points on Monday Night.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jackson Jive Skit: Taking us back 20 years, literally.

This is not a direct testament to what I said a while back, but it does drive home my point that when we act out on a level with so much media coverage that it reaches throughout the world, it can have far-reaching ramifications of the way some people view us.

I fail to believe that after doing that routine once 20 years ago and having the level of education that these Australian men have, that they don't see how this is offensive. The fact that it's an "act" or "all-in-fun" is not an excuse. And just in case you weren't aware, Australia has it's a little history with racism as well.

Kudos to Harry Connick, Jr. and his remarks.

One person's good fun can be extremely offensive to another person.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 5

First things first, I sucked pretty bad with my picks last week. I actually lost 3 points of my lead off that horrendous week so now I'm only two points ahead in the Pick'em League. I figured I'd have a couple of weeks that were debacles between week 3 and week 17 so there's the first. I need to get back on track asap.

This week seems like an easier week of picks than last week but it's also one of those weeks that could turn into one of those unexpected weekends of upsets. Let's hope I'm still in first place after this week (I'll even settle for a tie for first).

I changed the team name this week to "Braylon.The.Brawler" for obvious reasons and my picks are as follows.

Buffalo over Cleveland. After the Braylon Edwards trade this week I don't see any reason why Cleveland will be able to do much on offense. And even without the trade I just don't see Cleveland going TO BUFFALO and pulling out a win.

Pittsburgh over Detroit. Do I really need to justify this one?

Dallas over KC. Kansas City sucks. Dallas isn't as good in real-life as they are on paper but they'll win this game easily. As a matter of fact, this is one of those games that alleged experts will watch and say "The Cowboys look like the Superbowl-bound team we thought they were". WOMP!

Minnesota over St. Louis. I will not doubt Brett Favruh again until he actually loses a game. And I'm starting to think the Suitland Rams could beat the St. Louis Rams.

Giants over Oakland. With or without Eli, the Giants will be Oakland. The Giants second-string squad could probably beat Oakland.

Philadelphia over Tampa Bay. McNabb's back! Tampa's defense is suspect...Big day for McNabb.

Washington over Carolina. Yes I'm a Skins fan. But no, I am not blindly loyal. I think that if we keep D'Angelo Williams "confined" and get a touchdown or two, we will win this game. It's gonna be a close one though. Steve Smith will smoke D'Angelo Hall for at least one touchdown, GUARANTEED!

Baltimore over Cincinnati. This one will be a lot closer than people will expect but after the loss to the Pats, Baltimore is going to prove a point against a divisional foe. That point is, don't get them mad. I need Willis McGahee to score a couple times in this one for my fantasy squad.

San Fran over Atlanta. I like Atlanta's QB a lot. I want to pick Atlanta. But Patrick Willis and the 49er defense is playing too well for me to pick against them at this point. Especially against Atlanta who doesn't seem to be much of a real threat to anyone right now. Coming off a bye week you'd think Atlanta will have a great game plan but I'm not so confident in that theory.

New England over Denver. New England will do to Denver what Denver did to Dallas last week. That is, prove that they're not as good as people think they are. I'd bet that most of the people in my Pick'em league will pick the Broncos to win this one though. Good luck with that.

Arizona over Houston. This will be a shoot-out! But in the end, Fitzgerald will be the difference. Andre Johnson is gonna have a monster game though.

Jacksonville over Seattle. I really don't like the Seahawks and Jacksonville is capable of putting up serious numbers offensively as long as David Garrard doesn't go all cluster-f*ck like he has a tendency to do.

Indy over Tennessee. Tennessee is gonna play this game very tough. But the Manning-factor is just too much to pick against.

Jets over Miami. I wouldn't be surprised if Miami won this game but I'm not picking against Rex Ryan's defense.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"It always sounds better when you turn it up loud" -- Too $hort

Every time I hear a new song that I really like it reminds me of that Too $hort line. I've had Drake, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Slaughterhouse in my rotation pretty heavy lately. Not to mention some bangers I've found on the InterWeb. But in the past week I've heard the songs below - all of which are new to me - and I like them a lot so I figured I'd get back into the routine of posting new music I like.

Usher - Papers

There seems to have been some hoopla about this song and whether or not he should air his personal business out in his music... yadda yadda yadda. What is music without some real emotion people? Aside from that, Usher has a history (ahem, Confessions anyone?) of airing out his personal business through his music. And the last time I checked, Confessions was Usher's BEST FRIGGIN WORK! With that said, if this upcoming "Raymond vs. Raymond" CD (is that title not hilarious to you, lol) is anything like Confessions then Usher's going to have ANOTHER classic on his hands. Music is therapy for some, entertainment for some, and somewhere in-between for others.

David Banner - Something's Wrong

Honestly, there's something about David Banner that strikes me as EXTRA and I don't really embrace his music that much because of it. But on every CD he has a couple songs that I really like whether it's because it's one of those country club bangers or because he's talking about something that I connect with. This song is a case of the latter.

Rick Ross - Special Situation

This is boiler-plate Ricky Rawse music right here and by now you know how much I fool with Officer Ricky. This guy sure has a knack for picking some good beats. BAWSE!

Bonus coverage of Rick...

GodsIlla - Got Ya'll

"Rhyme like a clock w/no hands, straight timeless". I have known these guys since high school and it's great to see their grind paying off. And it's even greater to be able to post their music because I truly like it and not because I feel obligated. This is real hip-hop! Check 'em out and get familiar.

Kid Cudi - Soundtrack to My Life

I don't usually have many positive things to say about Kid Cudi but this song cranks! Real life shytuations = REAL music.

Rich Boy - Haters Wish

I think I like this song because of the beat moreso than what Rich Boy is saying. I'm not going to lie though I think that (at times) Rich Boy's country twang along with the way he stresses certain words/phrases in his verses makes up for his lack of lyrical ability. He is also fairly good at picking good beats. And as a rapper, if you can't rap very well you better be good at picking out nice beats until you start rapping well (see: Rick Ross).

Tila Tequila: Scrumpet Savant *slash* Osmotic Intellectual

Before I start I will say that all I know of Tila Tequila up until this point are the following two things:
  1. She was the star of a "reality" tv show where both men and women were in competition to win her "love".

  2. She accused NFL star Shawne Merriman of choking her.
Outside of those two facts, I knew nothing about Tila Tequila until I read a little on Wikipedia about her before writing this post. Absolutely nothing. Nor did I really care.

I only began to care yesterday when I read Charlamagne's tweets about Tila Tequila and they made me think...WTF? Then he posted these tweets below from Tila (read them from the bottom up).

The problem I have with these tweets is that there are some serious racial undertones and utter ignorance present. Not to mention that they infer the notion that she is informed and educated enough to advise Black men on how to act. Tila, please!

To cite a few of the items that jumped out at me...

Ignorance with a splash of stupidity: She mentions that she's "from a 3rd world country" yet she grew up in a gated community in Houston until she was 8. Last time I checked, that doesn't qualify your "community" for humanitarian aide from the U.N. Tila, please!

Ignorance with the racial undertone that black men are women beaters: In one reply to Charlamagne she says she doesn't know who he is and could not care (which is completely understandable) but on top of that she asserts (presumably because all she can see is that he is a Black man via his Twitter page) that he's probably a woman beater. I can only assume that this is because of Shawne Merriman allegedly choking her. This same racially-based stereotype is reinforced later when she says "is that when ya fellow BROTHA choked me up?" Well now. I guess I'm a woman-beater too. If she's making broad stereotypes based on race then I guess I also interrupt people at award shows and fight dogs. No way a "brotha" could be this articulate, educated, and successful without having beaten-up a few celebrity scrumpets on the way up. Or is our president just the exception that proves the rule? Tila, please!

Talking down: Tila goes on to say: "I see the ignorance stemming from a certain will never help ur community get out of that stereotype." Huh? Before you start pointing the finger at Black people about stereotypes that exist about us, think about what types of stereotypes about YOUR people you could be facilitating. Tila, please!

In the end, I respect the fact that her family probably did work really hard to get themselves to the U.S. and provide a better life for Tila. But she was less than a year old when it happened so big props to her family for that, not her. I also respect that somewhere along the line, Tila may have worked hard to overcome (or at least try to overcome) some of the obstacles she's faced.

It's obvious she has had issues all of her life. But just because she felt attacked on Twitter she decided to throw caution (and her own troubled past) to the wind and hint at what Black men need to do to in order to better ourselves? She's not qualified. My momma is. My grandmomma is. Michele Obama is. But Tila Tequila, definitely is NOT.

I know she's still salty about the Shawne shytuation and maybe he did choke her, or maybe he didn't. Maybe she said some left-field racist shyt to him and THAT'S WHY he choked her. I don't know what happened and I definitely don't condone the abuse of women. But what I do know is that being D-list famous and having dealt with a Black man that you accuse of choking you does NOT qualify you to be a sociologist that analyzes the reasons black male stereotypes exist and how they can be eliminated. Stick to doing what you do best - being a scrumpet for the world to see - and worry about bettering yourself. Please, and thanks!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cuz she's such an effing LADY!

I can see my mom looking at this while shaking her head then saying to me: "Mike, that girl is 'rough'." LMMFAO!

I completely bust out laughing at the beginning when she says: "Live from GAAAAHFIELD TERRRRRRACE!"

I like the whole DMV swag ladies but this is just too much. Quite hilarious.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 4

Team Name this week is "BrettSanchez.Hautie". That makes it two times thus far I've used Brett in my team name so I guess I don't dislike him as much as I have over the past couple years. And after his performance during week 3, how could you not like the guy just a little teeny bit. That is, unless you're a 49ers fan, lol.

First and foremost, I was completely WRONG about my Redskins last week. Truly pathetic.

Right now I'm still 5 points ahead in first place in my pick'em league though, even with the incorrect Washington pick. I guess I wasn't the only person who thought they'd win.

Now I'll move on to this week's picks...

Chicago over Detroit. Don't let the win over the Skins fool you. Detwat ain't shyt.

Cincinnati over Cleveland. "I lost a flip for five stacks" is kinda how I feel about my pick in this game. Flip a coin...You win some, you lose some.

Indy over Seattle. Peyton Manning. That is all. Colts go 4-0.

Giants over Kansas City. I feel bad for Matt Cassel.

Baltimore over New England. The New England "dynasty" is over talk will be driven home at 1pm on Sunday. By 4pm Ray Lewis will have ripped-out four spleens, had 1 pick-6, decleated 2 receivers, and praised God in the most maniacal way you could ever imagine. All in a winning effort. Don't be surprised if the Ravens go 15-1, 14-2, or UNDEFEATED this year.

Washington over Tampa Bay. At home against Tampa Bay after a week like last week, you better win.

Tennessee over Jacksonville. I do not care what the Jags did against Houston. It will not happen this game.

Houston over Oakland. I really really really want to pick Oakland in this game but something just isn't letting me do it. That something is called JaMarcus Russell.

Buffalo over Miami. T.O. gets a TD this week and the Bills win. I had picked the fins originally but now that Chad Pennington is out for the season I'm going to go with the Bills.

Jets over Saints. If you can't see this one coming you are BLIND!

Dallas over Denver. Unless Knowshon goes for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, Denver won't be able to hold up against the cowgirls defense.

49ers over St. Louis. This just in, San Francisco is FOR REAL. Ask Adrian Peterson.

Pittsburgh over San Diego. The ONLY reason I'm picking them is because they're at home. If they were playing in San Diego, I'd be picking the bolts.

Green Bay over Minnesota. Seriously, how can you pick against revenge in this one? Aaron Rodgers outplays old man Brett and GB gets burned by Adrian Peterson but the Packers squeak out a win. This is going to be the game of the week, I guarantee it.

Overall, this is going to be a GREAT weekend of football and I can't wait!

Chris Rock tells it like it is

Chris Rock probably has a little leeway in saying some of that stuff because he's a comedian but his comments are right on point and should be taken more seriously than just jokes.