Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sarah Palin's Facebook Page


Props to HolyTaco for this one.

The Roc Boots in the Building Tonite!

You already know.

I'm a PG/DC dude but I am not fond of the Nike boots that every dude in the DMV seems to have at least 2 pairs of. Since a kid I have never really been into stuff that every other dude in the urrea has except for New Balance 996s when they were the shyt and Timberlands. And I have never owned a pair of Jordans (does this qualify me for having my Black card revoked?). As a matter of fact, I haven't even bought a pair of Timberlands since the year 2000.

But more likely than not I will have a pair of the Roc Boots this winter. Oh my bad, the "Roc Climber". $119 is a lot less than I was expecting for a price tag so I don't even think I'll feel too upset after I buy them. Shot out to Complex for posting these joints.

Yes, these are Rocawear boots.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sean "Puff Daddy - P Diddy - Diddy - Puffy" Combs: This Focking Guy

A requiem for the ability to tolerate Diddy's antics?

I missed blogging about this crap last week when it came out, but I cannot resist.

This Swagga Like A Milli (you'll see what I mean) bowlshyt Puff put together is just ridiculous (the second video is really the classic joint)...

Puff-a-Diddy-Puff is incorrigible. SMH.

Of all people who wanna fake gangster on wax, Diddy does NOT get that privilege. You can ask Suge why. "Go to war with a coast and get a star for that shyt." Come on Puff, be serious.

Oddly enough, this is mildly funny/entertaining to me just because it's so far off the deep end that you can't help but laugh and shake your head. What's bad about it is that Diddy probably takes all this stuff he's saying seriously.

Does this get a "we got to do better" label?

P.S. - I have reserved my comments on R Kelly's interview with Touré for a time after I have prayed for forgiveness for my initial thoughts. But all I gotta say is that after 7 years of accusations surrounding this guy having sex with a teenager he asks Touré to clarify what he means by "teenager". That there says it all. And what he says after the clarification is just scary.

(ALERT: Not Safe for Work) Video/Pic of the Day: What is this guy thinking?

*** dies ***


And for your efforts, you get the following prize sir...

Two Songs I Like

Ciara (ft. T Pain) - Go GIRL!

This one was originally "Hood Girl" by the way. For some reason they had T Pain singing the first verse on the original.

T-Wayne - I Can't Believe It

Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture of the Day: Pride

I say pride because my man Dwayne (shown above with his wife at their wedding last Friday) has come a LONG LONG way in the time I've known him. We became friends in high school and he was one of the people in high school that I felt like I had a friendly intelligence competition with. We had the same computer class and probably a couple others I can't remember off the top of my head. But I remember he and I always being the first two people done with projects in Mr. Schlude's class. And I remember always being second out of the first two, LOL. To put it simply, dude was smart. Better yet, bright. One of those guys who was cool but also smart as shyt. I guess I looked at it as a friendly competition and we definitely had a mutual respect for one-another.

In the years since high school he's been through a huge obstacle and come out on the other side an even brighter, deeper, and more spiritual person. He's a man now. Handsome son, beautiful wife, great relationship, and so much more to come. I wish he and his wife all the best in the future and I'm glad and I'm proud that I can call him my friend. And I'm glad that I have been able to sit back and witness what is one of the most motivating and inspiring people I know.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'll admit it. I think she's HOT!

You know how sometimes you don't really pay attention to someone and then all-of-a-sudden one day it hits you..."She is fine as hell!" Or something about someone just pushes them over the line of mediocrity to hotness? Well, I had one of those moments a few weeks ago.

I always knew that Tina Fey was pretty sharp and definitely funny. But I never really looked at her and thought about how good she looks. But I guess it's because of the clause in the male/female laws of attraction that forces most of us to look over the smart ones for the fine/attractive ones. Don't front like that shyt isn't the case.

But Tina Fey helped reinforce something I've known for quite a while...

Smart chicks are f*cking HOT!

Not hot like this...

But hot like this...

Yeah, that "take the glasses off and let your hair down" shyt! I am not gonna front I kinda have a secret (well not so much anymore) love for that. I'm a geek, I know. But on the flip-side, if you give Tina a chance, she might just surprise you.

I'm just saying.

And that's not to say that the first woman pictured above is not smart. But just saying that if all I had was a picture of each and a choice between the two women in the first two pictures above, I know who I'd be likely to choose.

I didn't really realize that Tina Fey was attractive to me until I started watching 30 Rock (which is friggin' hilarious by the way). I don't know if I'm the only guy who didn't want to readily admit that I thought she was hot in a study-buddy kind of way but that's definitely how I felt. A sucker for intelligence and wit...Yeah, that's me.

After I started paying more attention I had to give it to her. She's HOT! Albeit in that "I'm not trying too hard to be HOT but I'm still managing to be semi-awkwardly HOT while maintaining my true personality." You know the kind of HOT where a girl seems to either not realize how HOT she is (which by the way, is a good thing sometimes) or is just starting to realize that guys thinks she's HOT. Fellas, you DO know what I'm talking about, right? It's not just me...Is it?

I guess I should have put a disclaimer on this post stating that I'm a "SexyHot for one night a fling" and a "SmartHot for a wife/life" kind of guy. I guess this goes along with the whole Miss Independent ish I like as well.

Anywho, I am going to go ahead and officially add Tina Fey to my Celebrity Sleeper Bun Bun list. Kelly and Sophia need to make some room. Paula is still in a league of her own though.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Happens In Vegas....

...ends up getting posted to this blog. Faux pas? Perhaps. But whatever, I'll drink to that.

Most of you know Woo and I went to Vegas for Labor Day. I have been so busy since returning that I haven't gotten a chance yet to blog about it. I thought about blogging a post each day while I was out there but realized quickly that I was not going to feel like doing that (especially when Internet service was $10/day). But aside from the cost, I was too busy doing stuff.

I'm not going to give the full recap of everything we did because it would just be too for a single post. So I'll try to break this up into a couple posts (try). But to begin, I will mention that we hit the following spots:
  • The Bellagio
  • The Palazzo
  • Caesar's Palace
  • PURE (in Caesar's Palace)
  • Poetry (in the Forum Shops @ Caesar's Palace)
  • Caramel (in the Bellagio)
  • Hawaiian Tropic
  • The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace
  • The 40/40 Club ("at the Palazzo, they said it was not so..." - Jay Z)
  • The Venetian
  • LAX (in the Luxor)
  • The Luxor
  • South Pointe Casino
  • Rum Jungle
  • The Palms
  • Ghostbar (in the Palms)
  • A strip club I cannot remember the name of
We stayed at two different hotels while we were there. Actually, the latter was a resort about 4 miles south of the Strip.

The first was the Orleans Hotel and Casino on Tropicana Avenue West of the strip. Not a bad spot to stay. Funny thing is that the day after we checked out (we only stayed here for a day) someone told me that there was a swingers convention going on at hotel.

As soon as we got there (it was early as hell when we got there) we went to the friggin outlet mall of all places. Then to get some food and then we checked-in at the Orleans. From there I was determined to check out the Palms and see the pool. I'd read/heard a lot about a Ditch Friday party at the Palms on Fridays and I was planning on heading there the next day so we headed over to the Palms. And what do we see when we get there that makes me smile???

Needless to say I was confident that the pool at the Palms would not let me down. LOL.

On a Thursday afternoon, the Palms was ok if you'd never been there before but it wasn't enough to keep us there past the 7pm closing time of the pool. So we headed to the strip.

Here we are in front of Paris.

And you know we had to stop and take a picture in front of FatBurger.

"If I wanna squirt her..."

We continued our little stroll down the strip and ended up going into Hawaiian Tropic for 2-for-1 drinks. The pic at the top of the post is from our hour or so drinking session at Hawaiian Tropics. Even though it's 100+ degrees outside, we're in the bar drinking and when you leave out and start walking the strip, there are ALWAYS lots of people drinking out of gigantic souvenir cups. Wild!

Continuing down Las Vegas Blvd we end up walking past a couple young ladies who tried their best to entice us to go to some below-ground bar. And of course, IT WORKED! But first...

They were pretty nice but the bar was completely WACK! We walked in, walked out, and kept it moving down the strip.

One of the things I like about Vegas is that when you're walking down the strip, it seems like every 2 or 3 casinos you walk by, there are people handing out free passes to clubs. Here's a quick look at the collection of club complimentary or discounted passes we got. And this is from the last night so we'd already used up quite a few.

Another common occurrence on the strip (which got on my nerves real quick) is that at certain spots there are always 5 or 6 people in a group handing out "cards" for what I like to call..."escort services". I'm sure you all know what I mean and the first time you get handed a card it's kinda funny. But after the 20th time in a single day someone has tried to give you a card with a number to call and a hooker on there d@mn near naked, it gets pretty old. That is, unless you are patronizing. Which I WAS NOT!

Another thing Vegas is known for is the wedding chapels. We happened to drive right by one on our way to the Orleans Hotel and Casino.

And as nature would have it, as soon as we hit the strip we ran into a couple that had just gotten hitched.

Right before we ran into this couple we went past Bally's (which we never actually went inside of). Bally's would always catch my attention at night because there was always this picture up on a huge screen/monitor outside of a woman with a thong on.

Anyway, I thought the entrance to Bally's was pretty cool so I had Woo take a couple of pics of me standing there.

That night we went to the club, PURE. I'm only going to post one picture from the party because it pretty much sums up everything from that night (LOL)...

I can't quite remember how the drink got there (it wasn't me unfortunately that put it there) but it managed to stay there for a few minutes and eventually returned to my hand. Nothing crazy went down (notice I did not post the girl's face...hint hint) but the cupholder served it's purpose for a couple minutes.

To be honest, this (our first) was my favorite party of the entire weekend. Not because of the picture above but because this was the height of my excitement. First night. So much to see. So much to do. And we did quite a bit more.

That's one night down. We were there for 5...

Still to come...
  • My cousin's bachelorette party stop at The Ghostbar @ the Palms
  • The Grand View Resort
  • Pussycat Doll dancers
  • LAX
  • Video of the Bellagio water show (thanks to Woo)
  • The songs of the weekend
  • My opinion of Las Vegas

Soulja Boy = Smartest Dummy in "Dance-Hop"

Yes I know, there's a lot I need to explain.

First, check out Soulja Boy's (Tell Em) latest song, "Bird Walk" (spotted at Notes From a Different Kitchen).

Shyt sandwich, I know.

But, what I also know is that by Christmas grown-azz people all over the country will be in the grown-azz club doing this friggin' dance. Not to mention at weddings, funeral repasts, bah mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, on your favorite cruise line, and any other place a daggon line dance can happen at any given time.

Lots of people my age (and older) hate on Soulja Boy, including me from time-to-time. But some of it is most definitely warranted. At the same time I actually have a little bit more respect for Soulja Boy than one might assume. Depending on your age and mindset Soulja Boy can come across as a walking minstrel show, a kid just making up fun dances, a "rap star" (lol), or another n-word looking like a fool (among other things).

But regardless of how I feel about Soulja Boy's music, I respect this kid's hustle. Soulja Boy created a song (as in actually produced the song...Read: made the beat) and a dance to go along with it to boot. Most rappers call themselves artists but could not produce or write a full song without an outside producer. And let's not even talk about arranging a complete song with some someone assisting them. I am not saying Soulja Boy is Beethoven or Kenneth Edmonds but the kid took Fruity Loops and made an undeniably catchy dance song. No it's not lyrical and yes it's crass. But yet-and-still, he came up with the idea himself and he was/is his best promotion with his YouTube videos and outspokenness. And on top of that he happened to pick one sub-genre of music that tends to have long-lasting hits, line dances. The electric slide, booty call, cupid shuffle, and cha cha slide will be getting rotation for the next 50 years. And just in case people don't want to remember, these dances associated with a particular artist or group have long been a part of hip-hop. Remember Kid-N-Play? Remember the Running Man? I could go on, but you get my point.

While Soulja's dance songs may not see a test of time quite as long as other traditionally and universally accepted line dance songs, he'll at least have a 5 year run off these songs and he'll probably make enough money to go to school and stop being so d@mn ignorant (yes I know he probably won't take his money and go to school). Speaking of money, he allegedly has a deal with YouTube where he gets $0.15 for each comment on his YouTube channel. I don't know if any other artist has leveraged the YouTube Partners program to a larger extent but Soulja Boy sure isn't bashful about letting you know he sure uses it. And with all these other rappers starting their own social networking websites and presumably bringing in no direct income from them, I think Soulja Boy might be onto something.

I say all this to say that you might not like Soulja Boy's music and you may not like Soulja Boy. But you've got to give him at least a smidgeon of credit for making his own way. If that ain't hip-hop, I don't know what is. If you want to be mad at somebody for Soulja Boy's music, be mad at his parents (where the hell are they) and be mad at the record labels putting out songs by teenagers that refer to stuff like this.

P.S. - I dedicate this post to K, who pretty much hates Soulja Boy and everything about him.

"I know you ain't gon' let me run it back this far....

...just so I can go and fumble on the 1 nikkah" - Phonte (of Little Brother)

Monday, September 15, 2008

White Privilege

I'm just saying reading...

Shot out to K for sending me the link.

Politrix - You're better off renting if you want to vote in Michigan

Michigan Republicans aim to keep residents in foreclosure from voting.

Amazing! And not in a good way. Since when does being in foreclosure mean you cannot vote? Of course, many of those with homes in foreclosure will be minorities (who typically vote Democratic).
"Macomb County [Michigan] is in the top three-percent of counties in the U.S. hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis -- and African-Americans, as the primary victims of sub-prime lending practices, make up the majority of these cases. African-Americans also tend to vote democratic, which is why it's not surprising that the GOP would target these voters for suppression."
As the article states..."This is just the latest -- and most transparent -- in a long history of racially and politically motivated GOP attacks against Michigan voters, designed to suppress votes by disenfranchising individual voters and creating confusion and delays at the polls."

As you can see, the fockery has already started. I'm sure there's more bowlshyt like this to come. Reminds me of a Scarface track, "Smartz".

UPDATE: Looks like the Obama camp is suing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Video(s) of the Day: Snoop Ain't No Dummy and Eli Porter's Big Brother

It's a shame he doesn't show this side publicly more often.

Never thought I'd say this but I seriously hope this guy is mentally challenged. Eli Porter says..."My biiiig brother was a BIG brother." Shot out to AB for sending me the video.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Picture of the Day: Rainy Day Wedding

This picture was taken over the weekend at my co-worker's wedding. I was not there for the wedding but this picture was passed along and I thought it was pretty cool.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kanye West: Poussée de l'enveloppe

As usual, Kanye is pushing the envelope with his music. Graduation was just the first step in his move toward making his music global, and not pigeon-hole himself into the same 'ole hip-hop box. He's weening us off of that formulaic hip-hop slowly (that is, those of us who care to grow as he grows) and not just diving off the deep-end á la Andre 3000 (The Love Below). Sometimes people aren't ready to take the dive so abruptly. But if you bring them along slowly, you've got a shot at keeping those original supporters/fans and also finding some new fans that others in your genre (in this case, hip-hop) might not be able to even get a second listen from.

When I first heard the live version, I wasn't too pumped about Love Lockdown. In fact, it made me think: "This sounds like some Beatles shyt". And I'll admit I don't know much about the Beatles music and I might only know a couple of their songs if I heard them right now. But that's not the point. Regardless of the what the production reminded me of or I thought it sounded like, I did recognize that Kanye wasn't just waxing poetic about the L-word (no Showtime series) for the fun of it. Homie has been going through it! From his mom's untimely passing to his break-up with his fiancé Alexis, Kanye has been going through the (e)motions.

So even though the song didn't resonate strongly with me musically at first, I felt the lyrics. I felt his passion for his music that's always been there, unforgiving and unashamed. That's what I appreciate and respect most about Kanye, his passion. Sure he's an azzhole, but he knows it. Sure he's got one hell of an ego, he knows that as well. But does he NOT always find some way (amidst the azzhole tendencies, ego, and otherwise self-centered and prima donna-esque antics) to show that he's human?

Yes, he does.

Love Lockdown is a great example of Kanye's ability to be less superstar and more average Joe.

Listen to the lyrics! If you've ever loved someone and jacked that money messed up or the other person messed up, then you should be able to appreciate this song.

Kanye West - Love Lockdown (props to Eskay for posting the track)

P.S. - It looks like Ye is taking heed to his own words... I'd bet that the Kanye-Alexis re-up is what prompted this song. Good to see them back together though. He obviously was going through it.

Israeli airport security wants to see you dance

Israeli airport security is taking the "So You Think You Can Dance" show a little too seriously. We all know that America allegedly has talent but come on... How does dancing at the airport prove your identity?

You probably are wondering what I'm talking about. Well, check it out...
"A performer with the famed Alvin Ailey dance troupe on Tuesday said he was twice forced to perform steps for Israeli airport security officers to prove his identity before he was permitted to enter the country." (source: Yahoo!)
This makes me wonder...How does dancing prove your identity? Yes, it proves you may be a part of a dance troupe but prove your identity? Hmmmnnnn???

I understand the man's name is Abdur-Rahim JACKSON (LOL @ the Jackson last name when his first name was Abdur-Rahim). But the Jackson should have been tip-off #1 that this guy was an American. Secondly, I can also understand that Israel is fearful (just like the U.S.) of terrorist attacks but come on, they didn't think this guy was Palestinian or Iranian, did they? I guess this is what ethnic profiling is all about.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture of the Day: Australia's Stiletto Sprint

I KNOW you see the woman on the ground...with about 30 women in heels behind her (presumably about to run). I wonder what happens.

And yes, there are more pictures....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada

Blogpost coming soon...

Well D@mn Solange! Tell em how you feel!

There's no way this ish was Tina-approved. Matthew, maybe.

Solange feat Wale - F*ck the Industry

First song I've ever heard this chick on that I like. And I will admit that the ONLY reason I listed is because 1) Heem sent me the track, and 2) Wale is on it.

Video of the Day: McPalin

Oddly enough, Governor Palin is a lot more entertaining and appealing than John McCain. No, not appealing in that way (although she is good looking for an older woman) but appealing in the sense that when she speaks you do want to listen because of the way she speaks. McCain, not so much. And I think he proved that last night with his boring speech that I half-watched (because it was boring).

I still sometimes wonder how Republicans really claim they like this dude. Or is it just that they hate the Democrats so much? I don't know if they are just haters or can't stand losing. Anywho, I am about 51% convinced at this point that Obama will win this election so hopefully in early November that's how the numbers will play out in the popular vote. Not that the popular vote has mattered in 8 years or anything.

An Obama T-Shirt I Can't Resist Buying

Even if it costs $36!

Shot out to G-Mo for posting the shirt, pics of others wearing the shirt, and the source of the original idea for the shirt. Not to mention links to where you can cop the shirt.

Check out G-Mo's blog for the full post on the t-shirt.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

On my mind for a minute

Ladies I gotta get this one off my chest because it's been bothering me a bit. It isn't targeted towards you in a negative way, but in an informative way.

DO NOT! Under ANY circumstances! Eff with a dude if he has a CHIN STRIP!

I rest my case! If you don't already know, NOW YOU KNOW!

Ok, I'm done.