Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Collie Buddz - Come Around

I don't smoke, but I am feeling this song. I don't particularly like reggae, dancehall, or any variation thereof, but I like this song. WHY?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Documentary: Bastards of the Party

"Everybody calls me Bone..." Yeah, me too!

In case Cle "Bone" Sloan looks familiar to you, it's probably because he was in the movie, Training Day. He's directing this documentary on the history of the Bloods and Crips. The film is also produced by Antoine Fuqua, directory of Training Day.

I'm a big fan of documentaries and this will probably be the next one I catch. It's an HBO Documentary so that probably means it's On Demand or will be On Demand sometime soon. Hopefully it's as educational as I hope it will be. Even if you don't watch this documentary, you should take a few minutes to read the synopsis.

"Gangbanging is not a lifestyle, it's a death style!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's the little things that make life great!

"There comes a day in your life/When you want to kick back/Straw hat on the porch/When you old perhaps/Want to gather your thoughts/Have a cold one, Brag/To your grand kids on how life is golden" -- NaS
I had another one of those moments this weekend that made me realize just how special my family is. Not that I need a reminder, but every once in a while it seems like something happens that just touches my heart and soul.

I spent the night at my mom's house this past weekend because I had a lot to do on the PG side of things and sleeping there was the most convenient place for me to sleep. In the past few years I have done more visiting of my mom's house than I have sleeping over. Visiting on the weekend just to hang out for a few hours or just to stop by and say 'Hey'. But sleeping there isn't the most comfortable place for me when you consider I'm about 6'3" and my parents still have the twin mattress in my old bedroom from when I was living there. Also keep in mind that during my senior year of high school I was about 6'1" tall so the bed was too small back then too! LOL. But it's either there or the love seat in the basement that's even smaller.

Back to my story though. Sunday morning, I got up early early early to go and hoop at Run-N-Shoot with a few of my boys. I haven't played basketball since the cruise, but my man Bay loves to play ball so we got together with some other friends and went to hoop. But before I left that house, my mom came in the room and wanted to use the computer to put some songs on her iPod that my brother gave her.

Background: My mom is slightly technically challenged. She's great at typing and organizing things, but the InterWeb is really not her area of expertise. I guess that's what I'm here for?

So I explain to my mother how to import a CD and copy it to her iPod. Pretty simple stuff for me, but it was a little complicated for her because she's unfamiliar with the whole iTunes/iPod integration process. But once she got it, she was very excited and that made me feel good. After that, she had me explain to her how to use the Palm Pilot I gave her a month or so ago. So I explained that to her and again, she was really excited about having a new organizational toy. LOL.

These two moments are simple and not grandiose by any means, but they really made me feel good because my mom is not bashful about showing just how happy and appreciative she is. I love seeing her happy and she's that way about 95% of the time. That's why her nickname is SUNSHINE! She can brighten anyone's day.

To top off those two moments, I got the following email (with a picture attached that I'd asked her to send me) from my mother yesterday that simply made my day:
"I will be sending you some others [pictures] soon. I appreciate you showing me how to copy music to my library and then transfer to my ipod. Also for showing me how to use palm pilot.



PS-- ON the way out to pick up kids (Zoray, Demarco, Preston and Diamond and Zander) and go snow boarding (on cardboard boxes that is)

For me, that was one of the greatest emails I could ever get! On top of everything else in that email, I couldn't help but be tickled by the fact that my mother (who is roughly twice my age) is taking my rambunctious and always-high-off-candy cousins to go snowboarding "ghetto-style"! LOL. I LOVE IT!

Check out the flick though:

This picture is from when I was coming in the house from my buddy Booze's wedding reception. I was actually the Best Man. Hence the rose on my lapel. I think this is a pretty nice picture of me so I figured I'd post it. At least, I think it's better than this one.

Anybody who knows me knows that my mother and I have a very special relationship. I was definitely a momma's boy as a kid and even though my mother let me grown and become a man, she still says those little things from time-to-time that remind me of childhood and remind me of how strong our bond is. I love her so much and she's 100% right, "LIFE IS SO GREAT!"

Monday, February 19, 2007

All-Star Weekend: Who got robbed in Vegas?

Dwight Howard perhaps?

This was a crazy dunk just off the strength of his creativity and how high he jumped. Not to mention that he put a sticker up there with his face (and a message) on it (LOL). I think this was probably the best dunk of the night and should have (at least) gotten him into the final round. But obviously, the judges felt a different way.

Gerald Green's first dunk was actually his best in my opinion. His other dunks were nice but this was one the best. Look how high his head is when he throws this joint down...

The dunk he did over Emmanuel Lewis Nate Robinson was pretty difficult too though. I don't know why Nate set himself up by standing out there. I knew he was destined to lose the contest after that.

Check out the highlights from the dunk contest:

Sidebar: Michael Jordan was giving out some pretty low scores the entire night. Friggin dunking elitist! When Kobe's self-centered azz is giving out 9's or 10's, I would assume that everybody else is giving out 11's. Nah, not Michael!

Last but not least, check out these highlights from the high school dunk contest in 2005. It appears Gerald Green has been throwing it down with ease for a minute now. And who would have guessed that Josh McRoberts (who now plays for Duke) could dunk like this?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Battle of the Gangsta Cornchips

"Gangsta cornchip" is a term I first heard my friend Shawn (RIP) say a few years back referring to some guys around my neighborhood. The way he used it was to describe some guys who acted tough but really were soft and not as gangsta as they tried to appear. That stuck with me for whatever reason and I've been using it ever since.

Yesterday, after laughing tremendously at every aspect of the 50 Cent (aka Half-Dollar) versus CamRon "beef", I realized that this is truly a battle of the gangster cornchips. Let's check out each one's resume (and fruit-a-licious flick):

50 Cent

From Jamaica, Queens. Has gotten shot 9 times. Beefed with Supreme McGriff, Irv Gotti, Ja Rule, and others who are less relevant at this point. Has not been linked to actually shooting anyone, only fighting Ja "little guy" Rule at the NBA All-Star Weekend in ATL a few years back. It's been purported that he's a snitch/rat/informant for the police. He's rich enough to not have to want to be a gangster anymore (if he ever were).

Claim to fame: Terminating Ja Rule's career quite viciously and capitalizing on the ensuing success, turning himself into a millionaire.


From Harlem. Has gotten shot once, which he says Jay-Z was involved in. Mediocre rapper at best, but very distinctive style. Known for wearing PINK. He even owned a pink Range Rover. Watched his best bud Jennie Jimmy Jones get stomped out at the Rucker Park some years back. Related to pastor Ma$e but hates him now. Has not been linked to ever having shot anyone or getting into a fight. He too probably has slightly enough money to not want to be a gangster anymore (if he ever were).

Claim to fame: Well, he's not really famous unless you are a fan of rap music. But I would say his claim to fame is probably one of the following: 1) beinga habitually wack/confusing/weird rapper; 2) getting shot at Howard's Homecoming a couple years ago; 3) being ridiculously ostentatious; or 4) dropping that "Come Home With Me" album while he was on Roc-A-Fella Records. Then again, he is Ma$e cuzzo, so that probably helped a bit too.

So you take one guy who's an alleged snitch that got shot NINE times and has lost the ability he used to have to rap aggressively and viciously (see "Many Men", "How to Rob", etc. his earlier work)


Pit him against a guy who rocked pink faithfully for like 2 years, drove a pink Range Rover, and watched his boy get stomped out.

If that ain't a battle of fake-azz gangsters I don't know what is!

So I call their beef the "Battle of the Gangsta Cornchips".

First and foremost, it's like Biggie said:

"Don't you know bad boys move in silence and violence?"

No real gangster is going to begin the onslaught of e-beefing that these two clowns have initiated. Peep the history:

First, 50 goes on HOT 97 ("HOT 97 should be read as: instigator and proliferator of stupid hip-hop beefs) and Cam calls in to defend the honor of the illustrious KOCH records (LOL):

That Cuuuuuuurtis line is hilarious though.

Subsequently, 50 uses all his richness and ultra-swag to shoot this "diss video" at his place in Connecticut. I'm still confused by this because I don't understand why he's shooting such a thugged out video at his crib. You got these guys with red rags, Yayo bites the top off a beer and gives it to some chick, there's a firing range in his crib that he's shooting at, guns everywhere, dumbazz "Wouldn't Get Far" girls among the guns and liquor, all sorts of stupid shyt that just doesn't make sense. To me at least.

"Computer's the puting..." That's funny. I used to make fun of that line too. He'll say stuff like 'Zabbin the Judah' or 'rooting the tootah' and think it's hot.

Next, CamRon comes out with his own diss record aimed at Cuuuuuuurtis. I personally think that the whole Cuuuuurtiss yelling thing is hilarious!

Cam Diss - Cuuuuuuurtis

It was actually after I heard this song that I heard about Now that is taking this whole beef to another level. The comedy involved in watching two grown men beef over the InterWeb tickles me. I can't help it, "Imma grown azz kid!"

And of course, since 50 shot a video to his diss, Cam did the same thing...

Let's say it in unison everyone, CLOWWWWNNNNNNNNN!

Now there has emerged what I consider the icing on the cake.

Of course, this is Cam's real name and who knows the person that purchased this site and threw up the homepage...

Needless to say, this is one of the silliest hip-hop beefs of all time. But at the same time, it proves that the InterWeb is your friend even if you want to make a bama of yourself for the world to see.

Trust me, I should know!

Personally, I think this beef is really just getting started and these two NYers have some more bamafied moves in store that will shock, disappoint, and entertain us all. Because after all, I do find this stuff entertaining and hilarious or I wouldn't have just typed d@mn near 1000 words about it. Hopefully, this crap stays on wax and no one gets hurt other than pulling an abdominal muscle from laughing at these clowns!

Meanwhile, in real hip-hop news...

I'd like a Wintry Mix with a side of Donuts

It's snowy, sleety, and icy in the Smaltiwhore, Murdaland area. Not really a big deal unless you are one of those people who forgets how to drive when the weather gets a little rainy or snowy. (Actually, that would mean the entire states of Pennsylvania and Virginia, who seem to be unable to drive in any type of weather.)

Yesterday I got off from work and had to drive home throw icy weather. No big deal. Heck, I even have a donut on my car from the flat tire I got Saturday night. But I made it from work to Pei Wei Asian Diner, and to my house. No problems. I must admit that this is about a 7 mile drive (maximum) through Baltimore City though. So it's not like I had to drive across town or anything.

I'm in the house all evening, organizing my bills, watching North Carolina vs. V-Tech, and I fall asleep. I wake up this morning to snow all over the place (through my view out the window) and I turn on the TV to see if my job's closed. NOPE!

We've got to be in the office by 10:30am today. Never mind that d@mn near everything between Baltimore and DC is completely shut down right now! Johns Hopkins University is open for business. Academic "business" of course. This place closes down for nothing short of a hurricane or a blizzard, seriously. I am glad that I actually like my job because otherwise, this morning would have been a much longer one than it was.

After learning I had to come in, I go outside and shovel my front and back walkways, steps, and clean off my car. I realized that shoveling snow is a pretty tough job but it's also fun for me. And it's also better shoveling snow than shoveling Sugar Honey Iced Tea. After sweating it out in 30-degree weather shoveling snow, I can only imagine how frustrating, tiring, and gross it would be to have to shovel chocolate chunks.

After I shovel everything I go back in the house, hop in the shower, and head to work...Right after a quick stop at Starbucks. LOL. In the Starbucks parking lot I had a little fun in the snow and did some donuts.

That's not me, but you get the point. I'm sure people thought I was losing my mind, but I had a ball. I finally got into the office around 11am and my boss and two of my co-workers were here. What did they tell me when I walked in the door?

"Mike, what are you doing here? We're CLOSED!"

LOL. It turns out that they announced that the school was shutting down for the day while I was on my way into the office. LOL. But I'm here now and I don't have the InterWeb at home soooooo...Me and that Little Brother CD will be having a good time all day. Not as good as Ray Jeezy and Kim K though!

Next time I know to just wait until 10:30 before I even leave my house.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Diddy got me thinking...

Still one of my favorite award show performances EVER! Diddy and ERRYBODY at the VMAs

"Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks!"

Diddy killed it. Usher killed it.
Here's another one...

TIP and ERRYBODY...Top Back (Remix)

UPDATE: The other performance that I can recall off the top of my head that had me siced was at the first BET Awards when Jay-Z premiered H to the Izzo. That joint was crankin'!

I ain't hollering at NOBODY for about an hour and a half!

Do not email me. Do not call me on my work phone. Do not call me on my cell.

No, I am not about to watch that Kim K. and Ray J jump-off videotape (back to that in a minute though). No, I am not about to do some real work here at my J-O.

I am about to partake in what I know will be one of the dopest CDs I've heard since Hip Hop Is Dead. That CD being, And Justus For All.

Daneger Dane sent me this joint and it is just about finished importing into my "I-didn't-pay-for-it-but-I-use-it-like-it's-my-personal-joint" MAC at work. Once this thing is done, I would really appreciate it if nobody (except my mom or grandmom) contact me for about an hour and a half.

And I know you're thinking, "it's not that serious!" You're fuggin delirious! It is THAT serious. Take a listen to the radio and watch a video or two and you'll see just how serious it is. A serious lack of quality music. There's stuff you can bop to, dance to, but overall quality is not prominent at all.

Anywho, I thank you all in advance for respecting my request and I will holla Black (yes, I created that, not your friend who says it or used to say it) around 1:30pm or so.
"Wait a minute! Ain't that Brandy's brotha?!"

I don't know how the boy Ray Jeezy (and you Russ Parr listeners should be familiar with that one) goes from Kim Kardashian to Whitney Houston. That's like going from Beyonce to Lil Kim. What's really good with that?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Pro Bowl HighLIGHT

I didn't watch the game. I don't know who won. I don't why the game was on a Saturday. But I do know that this was 1) the worst play call of the day, 2) the best hit of the day, and 3) that Sean Taylor has NO MERCY whatsoever.

The funniest part about this footage is the the crowd's reaction to the hit and also the Japanese version of the play-by-play they run after the American version is replayed.

"aaahhhhhh, too-har-ak-toahhh!!!!!!"

"...pretty much translates in every language..." LOL. Indeed it does.

To put such a vicious hit into perspective, think about the fact that this is the Pro Bowl where everybody plays half-azzed and tries not to get hurt. Yet this guy runs 30 yards to pulverize a kicker rather than just shoving him out of bounds. In the big scheme of things, this is a pretty classless move. But it's hella-funny at the same time! LOL.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Technology is OUR friend: "GPS Shoes make people findable"

"Quantum Satellite Technology, a line of $325 to $350 adult sneakers that hit shelves next month. It promises to locate the wearer anywhere in the world with the press of a button. A children's line will be out this summer."

I think this is a very useful application of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. We all are probably aware that if our cars have OnStar (or some sort of satelitte radio receiver), we have a cellphone, a GPS-enabled watch or bracelet, that we can be tracked by GPS and located pretty much anywhere on the planet.

I've always thought that the next step in GPS tracking technology would be tracking people by embedding chips on their person somewhere. This is some real "Total Recall" type stuff, but I would not be surprised if at some point during my children's (or grandchildren's) lifetime this were to happen. Of course it would probably require government mandate (read, "law") for this to happen, but I still don't think that it's outside the realm of possibility.

But of course, there's a financial catch to owning these GPS-enabled shoes. This IS America right? The home of capitalism.
"The sneakers work when the wearer presses a button on the shoe to activate the GPS. A wireless alert detailing the location is sent to a 24-hour monitoring service that costs an additional $19.95 a month."
So naturally (or should I say: "As capitalism would have it"), safety comes with a nice little pricetag. But if I had children I think this would be a pretty worthwhile investment to make. You can't put a price on the life of a loved one.

You can learn more about the motivation behind creating this shoe, its capabilities and uses, and availability in this article on Yahoo! News. Or here,

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Astro-NUTZ: Imagine if she would have used weapons that could kill

I think this story is pretty crazy. People will go to extremes over their "less than romantic" relationships (you'll understand this in a second). Reminds me of the Lucy Pearl song, "Don't Mess With My Man". Take a listen:

"A NASA astronaut charged with attempting to kidnap a romantic rival in a love triangle with another astronaut was allowed to go free on bail Tuesday on the condition that she not contact the alleged victim."

"Lisa Marie Nowak drove more than 12 hours from Texas to meet the 1 a.m. flight of a younger woman who had also been seeing the astronaut Nowak pined for...Nowak -- who was a mission specialist on a Space Shuttle Discovery flight last summer -- was wearing a trench coat and wig and had a knife, BB pistol, and latex gloves in her car, reports show. They also found diapers, which Nowak said she used so she wouldn't have to stop on the 1,000-mile drive. Reports show that after U.S. Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman's flight arrived, Nowak followed her to the airport's Blue Lot for long-term parking, tried to get into Shipman's car and then doused her with pepper spray."

She was charged with:
  • attempted kidnapping
  • battery
  • attempted vehicle burglary with battery
This is CRAZY! On top of all that, she categorized her relationship with this man as "more than a working relationship but less than a romantic relationship." All that driving, the wound-but-not-kill weaponry, and you weren't even romantic with this guy? Shame. That's a lot of effort.

The BB pistol was pretty funny to read along with the diapers, but she also had "A steel mallet, several feet of rubber tubing and hand-written directions to Shipman's home."

You gotta read the full story here. Seriously, this is like the stuff that television writers make up. I bet this will be on Law & Order SVU soon.

By the way, she reminds me of the runaway bride a little...

Don't mess with her man!

Tuesday Morning Mash-Up

Common (feat. Kanye) - Southside

G.O.O.D. Music ya'll!

"A conscious nikka with MAC like Steve Jobs"
Nas (feat. Chrisette Michelle) - Can't Forget About You

"Heinous crimes help record sales more than creative lines..."

This song is SO DOPE!
Now Ebay sells it, but the Tribe used to kick it...

Just got this in an email from my co-worker. I never realized that this concept was something that A Tribe Called Quest already did. I wonder if it's just coincidence that Ebay is using this concept or if they knew?

Monday, February 5, 2007

Back on my old "you-know-what": Miscellaneous Randomness

Shawn's Funeral

It was a lot of what I expected. But it was also uplifting. It was sad to see him laying in the casket. I couldn't help but think of the last time I talked to him.

We were in his mom's house watching TV while I was waiting on his brother. He had a bottle of champagne, just sippin'. He offered me some, even though he didn't have to. I know he used to drink a whole bottle by himself and that's just how he did. I drank a cup, waited on his brother, and then his brother and I left. I came back later to drop his brother off and we were in the room between the kitchen and dining room and he asked me: "You tall Mike. Reach up there and grab that cereal box for me." A short while after that it was "Ayight Shawn, I'm gone man!" To which he responded, "Ayight!"

That was the last time I spoke to him. It now seems kind of ironic that his last words (as told by the people who were there with him) were "I'm okay." It would be one of the statements the preacher used to help soothe the pain everyone was going through at the funeral ceremony. It'd be something that many of us close to Shawn said during the day of the funeral. As the day went by, you heard more and more of us saying "I'm okay" instead of "Man this shit hurts!" Progression and relief, slowly but surely. I think that's what we all got during the day Saturday.

Shawn's resting in peace now. His two daughters and his girlfriend are still here along with his family and friends. I'd estimate that it was more than 300 people at his funeral. That's a testament to how many people he not only knew, but touched in some way.

We are going to miss the jokes, the advice, and the laughter Shawn. But one day we'll all see you again. We'll get to hear you crack some more jokes, make us laugh, and watch you pop some more bottles. It'll be just like old times, but better! Until then...

We love you! Rest In Peace!

In Memory of,

Travis LaShawne Robinson
Smoking Aces

Saw it. It was good. Go see it! Common and Crucial Keys do their thing in this movie! Not to mention the other seasoned actors in the movie that hold it down. If you liked The Departed, you'll probably like this. Though it's not nearly as good as The Departed, it's still very entertaining.
Happy Hour Hysteria

Have you ever been out with friends and some random guy/girl came up and just made his/herself at home and just started talking? I mean pulled up a seat, created a conversation and just rolled with it?

Well, this happened to me, 3 of my boys, and a homegirl last week. It was at a restaurant called Bayou Cafe (their cornbread is EXQUISITE!). My man Vinny won a Happy Hour so we all met up there. We're eating, drinking, talking, and being merry when homeboy in the pictures below inserts himself into our party and just makes himself at home.

Dude started off a little creepy (and we were all leery) but eventually we all just realized he was 1) drunk, and 2) desperately seeking to have some people to hang with. So, we let him join in and create quite an entertaining conversation laced with "MF-ers", references to bling-bling, and plain old silliness. AndHe also seemed to have a penchant for laughing at himself and tapping/touching me on the shoulder every time he burst out laughing (like I was his boy or something). Naturally, my friends got a kick out of this and turned it into a Kodak (Nikon in this case) moment.

Of course the normal picture is of Vinny and Kev. it's no way they could have sent me the normal pictures of myself.

Superbowl: One-Liner style

Devin Hester is so vicious!

Prince killed it.

Tony Dungy deserved it.

Peyton is finally #1.

K-Fed might have had the funniest commercial.

Jay-Z beats Don Shula at a game of high-tech football? Yeah right!

Career Builder's Promotion Pit had me dying.

BHill knows how to cater a party!

4 Sapporos will NOT get me drunk.

Even 4 days later, people still think the Happy Hour Hysteria is comical.

Rex Grossman is a blooper waiting to happen. But he got a $1 million bonus for getting the Bears to the Superbowl. They should have given Lovie $20 mill

I feel bad for Lovie Smith.

Where was Vanity at halftime? What was she thinking? How about Morris Day?

Reggie Wayne kills me with his psuedo-Josephine Johnny Dance in the endzone.

There's nothing like a good Superbowl Party!
Comcast still sucks...

Nothing more to it. Just a reminder. I am still without the InterWeb and a telephone at home. Chalk up 3 weeks now. Better Business Bureau, open your ears (and eyes)!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Baltimore Observed

It's with great pride and pleasure that I put you guys on to one of the best writers I know. I'm definitely saying this because he's my boy and I think his writing ability is amazing. But I'm also saying it because I know how much he loves to write, how hard he works, and how much effort he puts into each piece.

[Picture me stepping out of his way...]

So without further adieu from me, I would like to point you guys to my man L's article in The Urbanite, a popular Baltimore magazine. Please take your time and enjoy, Baltimore Observed

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Throwback CLASSICS!

If you love hip-hop, then you love these:

Grand Puba (feat. Mary J Blige) - What's the 411

Ya'll see Mary was rappin' back in the day before this "Brooklyn" character emerged.

"Take no shorts doing lovely in all sports." Man that was my line!

"All my love is all I haaaaaavvvvvvvvveeeee!"
Grand Puba - I Like It

And ya and ya say New York City!" This is more recent but it's still classic Puba.
MC Lyte - Paper Thin

MC Lyte - Poor Georgie

She and Queen Latifah have been kicking that good from way back in the day.
Arrested Development - Tennessee

This is the first hip-hop song that my peoples were actually cool with me listening to. But you know I had all that "other stuff" way before they let me listen to this joint (LOL).

Fellas, this is MOTIVATIONAL!

InCREDITable: Run my credit? For a discount on an oil change?

I just walked back into the office from dropping my car off to get an oil change. Normally, this would be a "nothing" event during my day. But today I realized something. And this is nothing new, but it kind of caught my attention today for some reason. I also went past that CVS by my job on the way home and all I could think of was that SHIM who made me uncomfortable that day when I wore my pink shirt. But anyway...

The cost of an oil change is $29.99. Seems steep to me, but whatever. But the advertised price plastered to the see-through (ya'll like how I decided not to use translucent) window was $14.99. I didn't even notice the advertisement until the guy behind the counter mentioned it to me. But how did he mention it?
Guy: "If you want to apply for a [company_here] credit card I can give it to you for that price [points at $14.99 sign]."

Me: What price?

Guy: [pointing again]. That one you bumbling idiot!

Me: [a bit stupified] Ya'll gotta run my credit for me to save $15 on my oil change?

Guy: Yes sir.

Me: No thank you.
This made me realize that people must actually take them up on these offers from time-to-time. As if it's not bad enough that we run our credit cards to the limit like Rick Ross on silly stuff, we actually apply for mechanic credit???

Pardon moi, but...How does this make sense?

I own a car that's such a lemon that I have to take it to the mechanic SO OFTEN (or one problem is so huge) that I need [company_name] credit to pay off the work on my car. This, in addition to typical credit lines I already have. My car must really suck.

This is one of those Meet the Parents moments (for me) courtesy of Denny:

"So let me get this straight, your name's Gay Focker?"

(you guys know this is classic stuff here)

"So let me get this straight..." I have a car that's a liability that turns into a credit card liability on top of the credit card liability I may already have? This makes no sense! But it does make you a Focker...A Dumb Focker! Man that's one of my favorite movies ever!

Anyway, let me not make it seem like I have not been a Dumb Focker myself. I did open an account at a certain women's store during my past relationship, so I can't front like I'm all high and mighty. In retrospect it was a bad decision, but it was made out of psychosis love. LOL.

I had to share this lil story because it caught me off guard and made me think about how many times I've been asked to open a Sears account, Target account, or some other credit line where they'd drop my credit score 10 points just by pulling it and I would eventually run myself into debt so large that only my life insurance policy could cover it. Sort of like that trillion dollar deficit they used to always throw around in political circles. All this debt-increasing, rather than just "sitting on money till I'm above the law", like Jay-Z once said.
Addendum: Just got off the phone with the "Guy" and he tells me that it's going to cost me $120 to change my oil and replace three taillights! LOL. It that's isn't CLASSIC, I don't know what is! Man I'm glad I know the little bit about cars that I do. Gotta love these mechanic guys. They're so wiley when it comes to preying on those who don't know! Fockers!