Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I got this in an email message from a friend of my sister...

Every day, a male co-worker walks up very close to a
lady standing at the coffee machine, inhales a deep
breath of air and tells her that her hair smells nice.

After a week of this, she can't stand it anymore,
takes her complaint to a supervisor in the personnel
department and asks to file a sexual harassment
grievance against him.

The Human Resources supervisor is puzzled and asks,
"What's sexually threatening about a co-worker telling
you your hair smells nice?"

The woman replies,

"It's Keith, the midget."

BEANTOWN...Here I come...

Headed to Beantown (Boston) today for a conference. The Society of Scholarly Publishing Annual Conference. This is a work-related conference that I went to last year in San Francisco and it was pretty cool. This year it's in Beantown so that means I'll have to accomplish a couple things before I come back...

1. Eat some New England Clam Chowder
2. See the SAUX (Red Sox) play baseball
3. Take a tour of the city (since I know jack-shyt about Boston)
4. Visit the New England Aquarium. Not really my thing, but why not?

Hopefully I can take some pictures and post em while I'm up there...We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

PHOTO: Last night, me and Common Sense had a talk...

Me, J and Common

We got out CDs signed, shook hands, showed Common a little love, and he was cool enough to take a flick wit ya boys! Go pick up that Common CD, "BE"...It's a CLASSIC!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lazy Afternoon

Getting pretty tired here at work. It's a gloomy day and that equals ennui and sleepyheadedness (I think I just created that word) for me. Tomorrow is JHU's commencement ceremony. I'll be taking the day off to see Sei and Chanty walk across that stage...CONGRATULATIONS YA'LL...BOUT TIME! LOL.

It's gonna be a good day tomorrow no matter the weather.

Once Friday rolls around it's time for Memorial Day Weekend. This year, that means relaxation and preparation for my Beantown trip beginning Tuesday. There's a chance I'll be heading to the beach on Saturday with T (nice), but we'll see what happens. It really depends on the weather. Anyway, it should be a nice 3 day weekend regardless.

WE GOT A PROBLEM HOUSTON...You'll shoot/gouge your eye out...

Singer HOUSTON tried to commit suicide a while back...Now there's some flicks to go long with the story.

This ain't no laughing matter at all, but it is kinda funny since he didn't actually kill himself.


Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

How DUMB is this?

Bad decisions can lead to a life of...Well, loss of life!

Monday, May 23, 2005

PHOTOS: Sunday afternoon BOAT RIDE: Clipper City

Sunday afternoon T and I went on a boat ride...The sailboat was the Clipper City. Nice old school boat that I found out via Kev ('preciate it homie). We went on a tour of the Baltimore Harbor from 4-6pm on this boat. T was a lil nervous at first because the boat is so "open" and they don't require that you put on a life vest. But once we got going, everything was alright. I have some pictures below for reference...CAPTIONS included...

I'll start off with the good stuff first

Damn, dude, you got a big 4-HEAD! Nice flick though

Nice smile T!!!!

Teia helping the crew...Who's that lady? "I don't know you mannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!"

Teia helping the crew again

This is T getting her Free drink for helping out the crew. She's so nice, she got the drink for me...Vodka and Pineapple anyone? It's CIROC!!!

Glamour SHOT!!! YESSSSS!!!!

This is the sailboat/yacht...The Clipper City

Baltimore Harbor shot

World Trade Center (Yes, there's one in Bmore too!) If any of you get a chance, check this view out from the Top

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Rusty Scupper Restaurant...My grandmother says they have some banging crab cakes. I haven't been there yet though.

Baltimore Harbor shot

Another Baltimore Harbor shot

Domino Sugar plant in Bmore...Word has it (shot out to T and her Fun Fact) that this is the largest neon sign in the world. Of course you can't see that now, but if this picture were taken at night, you'd really think it was TIGHT!

Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry is where the Star Spangled Banner (our National Anthem...You know, the one Whitney Houston ROCKED at the Superbowl like a decade ago...The DRUG-FREE Whitney that is..Pre-Bobby) was written. T reminded me that it was Francis Scott Key (not Andrew Jackson like my dumb-a$$ thought) who wrote the Star Spangled Banner during the middle of a battle. How historical?

I must admit that there's a lot of history in Baltimore and definitely a lot more interesting stuff than I would ever have thought was in the city. Does that make me like the city anymore? Nah, not really! But it makes it much more bearable. Shot out to T for being my fine-a$$ Bmore ambassador.

Daggon Shame...

I guess 50 needs to start bullet-proofing his boy's cars too...



Wassup people...I'm gonna use this blog entry to do a lil promoting for my girl! Teia's organization, Order of the Eastern Star, is having an all-you-can-eat CRAB FEAST at Martin's West here in Bmore. The cost of this crab feast is $45.00.

Before you get your draws/panties in a ruffle, I would like you to know, that there will be other food there for you to eat (buffet style of course) including, chicken, fish, beef sirloin, etc. Also, there will be a cash bar, free beer, a DJ spinning "Grown Folks Music", and a TON of people there eating, dancing, and having a good time.

Please come out and support and EAT, DRINK, and BE MERRY!

If you are interested, you can email me at mcarroll4716@yahoo.com.
If you are interested, you can email me at mcarroll4716@yahoo.com.
If you are interested, you can email me at mcarroll4716@yahoo.com.

For more information on the crab feast, click here (Word document).


After a night of painting, I went to sleep to wake up and head to PG for a noon meeting. Got a lil venture in the making that might turn into something HUGE. Shot out to my forum fellas!!!

After the meeting we went to hoop. I got my a$$ embarassed by Dane-Daddy on the court. Damn BONE! Shot out to Dane-Daddy! I'm on get-back though...But overall, it was the Hiwoo and Laf show. Kinda like Kobe and Antawn Jamison playing one-on-one. No bullshyt!

After getting embarassed on the court, I return to Bmore to get ready for T's housewarming/get-together/GAME NIGHT! I make it to her spot around 8:30pm ready to get my game on. She had food, alcohol (daiquiris, vodka, etc), and the games ready. It turned out to be a really nice get-together. She had a lot of her friends show up and some of their friends. For the most part, everybody was cool and had a good time. Shot out to BHill for coming through and showing my girl some love!

T, you know you have a good party when the COPS come knocking on your door! That means the party was a success! Not to mention the 3 calls you got the next day from people saying they had a good time. Even that 10 am call from the person I will refer to from now on as "The Suspect".

"You being investigated homie...And I would hate to give you that Rodney King beatdown after I catch up with you! Please slow down your Hyundai because you can't outrun the Lincoln even if you tried!"

Boney Picasso...Friday night painting...

Just got paid, it's Friday night, kitchen needs painting, and I'm feeling right!!!

Friday night, a bucket of paint, a girlfriend dying to give her kitchen some "life"...That was me this past Friday night. T and I spent our night painting her kitchen. It was pretty fun to my surprise. Two coats of (dammit, I can't remember the name of that color) paint. The color is like an orangy-yellow. Yeah, I know that doesn't help!

We spent about 3 hours total painting the kitchen. With some nice music on in the background and the excitement of neither of us having painted anything (well, maybe she's painted her own toes) in the past few years, we laughed, joked, and stroked (paint strokes people) our way to a newly colored kitchen.

Just in time for her get-together on Saturday evening...I wish I had some pictures for you guys...Maybe later.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Assata Shakur

You have got to read this article.


Shot out to JRon for sending me this one.

Check out this video people (it should be opened with Windows Media Player).

You gotta watch it twice. Once to laugh in general. And the second time to laugh at how long it takes the kid in the middle to catch on!

"I'm in Harlem shaking that bake. Sh00t ya funeral up they Harlem shake at ya wake!"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Interested in BUYING A HOME???

Check out this site...NACA.

Shot out to Biggermz for putting me on to this website.

An NBA Lockout would empty Arenas like Gilbert..

Get it..."arenas"...Gilbert...Man, I should have saved that line for a rhyme.

Check out this article on the potential NBA lockout. Man after my team's (the Wizards) season, I hope they don't have a lockout. Not to mention my favorite player (Lebron) is only gonna get better over the summer.

Come on David Stern! Let's get this thing done!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Last night T and I went to Timbuktu for dinner. I've never been there before so I was anxious to see how good the food was and how nice the restaurant was. It was a pretty nice place.

The crabcakes were nice. T had like a seafood combination platter with oyster stuff with crabmeat, a crabcake, shrimp, etc. Nice healthy meals. No libations though. A nice glass of white wine would have been nice.

I think the next time we have crabcakes, I'll try to make some myself.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Interesting article on sports and interracial dating...

Rex Chapman blows his whistle???

Interesting Article about MTV's show punked...

From allhiphop.com of course...

Snoop's BAMA-fied shoes...

Are these not the UGG-liest shoes you've seen next to them UGG (sp?) ly a$$ boots?

Shoe 1

Shoe 2

Shot out to Jay-Z for having the business-savvy to start all this rapper/sneaker cross-promotion on such a grand scale...Shot down to all the followers making wack shoes!

"Yo, my man, let me get a pair of them birdman lugz jonts!"

BIRTHDAY WEEKEND...Motorcycles, fights, and mistakes...

Thursday and Friday nights...Motorcycle class. Sitting through 3 hours of motorcycle instruction wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thursday night I went and got a new home entertainment center for the living room. Nice black entertainment center. Wanted to set that up Thursday night and get a haircut (ya boy had been woofin for a minute), but by the time I got home I was drained mentally and tired physically. I ended up taking the day off on Friday and spending most of my day putting it together. That sucked! So by the time I was done with that and ready to get up, get out, and get something (shot out to Outkast), it was pretty close to the time for me to get to motorcycle class. I did have two things to look forward to that night though. One, there was a cookout being thrown in T's honor (quitting work and starting Physician's Assistant school...She's SMART ya'll...Watch-out!) at her former boss's house. I was going to that after motorcycle class. And after the cookout, I was going over T's house. Keep in mind, this is the day before my birthday so I'm kinda getting a lil siced (for my non-DC/PG folk, that means "pumped").

So after class I made my way to the cookout and T and I sat there for a while eating and talking/joking with her co-workers. It was cool. One of her former co-workers is completely hilarious to me. He's a cool dude, but he says the phrase "MONEY!" so much that it's just comical to me. But in general, her co-workers are genuinely cool people and a good time was had by all. After the cookout...we went back to T's house and relaxed.

Saturday, May 14, 2005...MY 25TH BDAY...What's the best way to kick off your 25th? Wake up at 6am to drive a half-hour to go hop on a motorcycle. Which, by the way, is something you haven't done since you were a helluva lot younger. So I make my way to class and we have a day of learning how to ride. It was pretty fun. Just getting the basics down was important to me and I got it pretty quickly. There were about 20 people or so in the class. Unfortunately, 2 people were asked to leave. One, because she had fallen off her bike twice and another woman didn't want to ride any faster than 2nd gear. So they both left. Aside from those two situations, the lessons went great. I was siced like sh%t young (throwback terminology) on Sunday when I finished!

So after class I am ready to head home and get ready for the cookout. I end up making it home around 2:30pm or so (keep in mind we're supposed to start at 4pm according to the evite...CPT, and I ain't talking about Compton). So Prince Kev and I scramble from 2:30pm to about 4pm to get everything ready. My mom made it by (always reliable...I love you MOM) to help out and brought some banging string beans and macaroni and tuna salad. Around 4:30pm, our first two guests arrived...(I'm leaving names off to protect the innocent)

They left early due to prior committments, but it's all good....Me, I'm running late, I actually had to leave to go get more food and then come back home and take a shower. So, being the cool people that they are, they chilled in the living room and watched TV and hung out for a minute...And they even had another friend come through...That's wassup!

By the time I get out the shower, there are more people there. Dah man was on the grill (shot out to B on the grill)

...and we had a father and son as well...We needed a flick of Rah!!!

Finally, I make it out the shower, back downstairs, and the party is officially started...LMAO!!!

More people start to come

Clarke brings some grub and her roomate...

and the party is just about ready to get cracking. The punch was in place (see punchbowl in flick above) and it was time for everybody to start having fun (in other words, drink some of that PUNCH!)...

Of course, we all know that once the drinks get the flowing, anything is possible...Including fellas going old-school with the flicks...

Finally, T comes through. I knew she was going to be late but I was anticipating her arrival. Mom kept asking, "Where's T? Where's T?" So once she finally arrived, I was happy. It was really my birthday. And not just because she came with gifts either...LOL!

See that fog? It's from the libations! Or maybe that was just my body heat going up to like 230 (hot in the a$$ huh partna)! Man I was under the in-FLU-ence!


So the cookout is going great. People are eating, talking, drinking, and laughing. There are kids running around playing with each other. I'm having a good time. The big talk of the night was the Felix Trinidad vs. Winky Wright fight. So we had to get it! So I made the call to Comcast to get the fight. This however, was the beginning of the end of the night for me...

Last but not least, shot out to everybody who came through the cookout and showed some love. Thank you for the cards, the drinks, the smiles, the laughs, the food, the friendships. I appreciate it a lot.

More to come about me passing my motorcycle course on Sunday while enduring mental anguish and a hangover! I'm telling you guys, this was a weekend I will never forget. For reasons both good and bad! Somebody pray for me!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What is up with my man Lebron???

Article on Lebron James

Looks like my favorite player is making some questionable management moves. I hope things work out...

Fire Alarms and Fire Starters...

This morning...11am...Fire alarm at work. First fire alarm around here in eons. For real! It was cool to go outside and chill for a minute. It was also nice to see that the average age here at my job is no longer 45...it's now probably more like 43.5 b/c there were definitely at least 5 new ladies here who are younger than me. I used to be the youngest person here. WOW!

Spent a good amount of time today fwding battle raps for Dizzane...He and Puto were battling all day. Eventually I got into it myself b/c I was tired of all the B-S dudes was spitting. It was definitely some quality raps being put out there. Best quality we've had on the Forum in a minute. But I just got fed up with a couple things and had to vent. I'll spare the world my raps. Holla at me personally for a hot 16 (YEAH RIGHT).

Meeting with FE tonight at 7pm. This is gonna be a doozy. Hopefully I make it back to Bmore by 10pm.

Bday in 3 days folks! Holla at you boy! JRON been telling me I'm about to joint the Quarter Century Club. I guess it's all good.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dropping a quick 16 on ya lunch break...

So today I go to the gym on my lunch break. I get my free throws in and go around the world once. Then this kid comes on the court and shoots around with me for a minute. He couldn't be more than 18 years old or so. So after shooting around and chit-chatting with this dude, he challenges me to a game of one-on-one.


Now I had already gathered from his warm-up shots that he wasn't a very good basketball player. So I knew I could probably beat this kid. But did I really want to play him? Nah, I was good just shooting around.

...So after I told him "sure.", we went to 16 by ones. I figured I'd go easy on him and just shoot jumpers since I'd been dropping them regularly before he came on the court. So I drop a couple J's to start this game and then I do my lazy-defense routine till the kid runs up 6 to 2 on me. At this point, a man does one of two things, decides he's gonna let this kid boost his self-confidence, or he's gonna let his pride get the best of him and head straight to point 16 just b/c he knows he can.

So what did I do...I quickly tied the game up on a few drives. I felt a lil comfortable at this point. Then the kid drops two more consecutive points on me. LOL. So at this point I am ready to get the game overwith and stop messing around, but I still want to work on my jump shot. LOL. So I drop 4 straight 3's on the kid (musta got lucky) to get to 12-8...Okay, I'm safe. From there, I talk to the kid through the last four points to find out he's one of Hampden (Baltimore neighborhood) finest. He's actually going to Towson State University in the fall and plans on majoring in sports medicine. On my way to ending the game, I couldn't help but feel good for this kid b/c he is coming from a neighborhood like the one I grew up in...lower-middle-class...You know, one of those neighborhoods that are the result of gentrification. I was in a lot of ways proud of this kid for being able to go to college and pursue his dreams. At the same time, I felt bad for this kid b/c I definitely gave him the one-on-one match he probably wasn't looking for!

Mother's Day Pictures...

Live from Zanzibar...

Last night...

was actually a pretty laid back night por moi. Washed clothes, folded clothes, ate, went to sleep. Talked to T on the phone for a minute. Pretty laid back night.

Of course, being the sports fan that I am, I ended up watching the Pistons embarass the Pacers and a tad bit of the Suns run around the Mavericks. I couldn't help but hear (at some point last night) that Dan Lebatard thinks that Steve nash won the MVP because he's a white guy and Shaq is black. DUMBASS! Of course there's more to the story than just that, but why would you even bring up race in this case? It was the closest NBA MVP voting in awhile (perhaps ever...I can't remember) and there were so many other reasons you can cite that are warranted and can justify SHAQ being the MVP. Personally, I think SHAQ is the NBA's most entertaining interviewer (MEI)...His quotes are classics. Needless to say though, Mr. Lebatard, who makes regularly appearances as an analyst on ESPN and sometime stand-in for Tony Kornheiser or Mike Wilbon on PTI, really did an injustice to himself and the MVP voters. Even if (and by no means do I agree) race were an issue, the voting was still extremely close. And either man could have won.

Read more about Dan Lebatard's comments

Another item I heard on PTI yesterday was that Lebron (my fav player in the NBA) was considering dropping his agent and having one of his high school buddies be his agent (and that's notthe craziest part of this) AND sign a management deal with DEF JAM (as in, the music company). Man, something tells me that Jigga has his hands in this whole thing (remember, Jay wants to manage Beyonce, but her daddy ain't going for it). If he gets Lebron to sign a management deal with Def Jam, it'll be one of the most shrewd cross-promotional deals I've ever seen. Not to mention he'll make millions off King James.

[paraphase]..."young cuz I'm 42, dress like I'm 32, sign kids 18, make em do what I couldn't do."

Shot out to HOV!

Monday, May 9, 2005

Weekend in Review

Well, Mother's WEEKEND (OH yeah, not just the day people) was wonderful! Mom's came up Saturday and we hung out. It was nice. She made her infamous pasta salad and chicken salad while chit-chatting with me. Later on we went to the movies and saw CRASH. Which she actually fell asleep on halfway through. LMAO! But it was a GREAT movie!

Sunday was brunch at Zanzibar on the waterfront in D.C. I don't recommend their brunch. However, it was a lot of fun with me, mom, grandmom, stepdad, grand-dad, stepbrother. MAP missed out on a nice brunch catching up on his sleep...Lazy mother----! LOL. After brunch it was back to the house where my mom (who never stops moving unless she's in the bed sleep) went next door and nabbed our neighbor's grand-daughter for playtime. Somehow I think my mother enjoys playtime moreso than the little girl does. Go figure!

All-in-all, this was a very nice Mother's Day. I feel lucky to still have my mom and grandmom around.


CDs - Memph Bleek new album...AVERAGE (3 Mike's)

Movies - CRASH...Best movie I've seen since Hotel Rwanda...Highly recommended!!! Don Cheadle is definitely one of my favorite actors. Sam Jackson gets all the shine, but this dude is a great actor as well!

Sports...Wiz down 0-1 to the HEAT (DAMNIT!)...I'm predicting the Heat win the series 4-1...We'll probably take at least one game on our home floor. I'm glad my squad made it this far!

Friday, May 6, 2005


I can't believe I forgot to give props to the two people who inspired me to get this BLOG. First and foremost, T. You gave me the idea initially of keeping a journal (which I tried), but it just didn't work out. I can't sit down and write as fast as I can type. LOL. And secondly, L-Boogie! You, man of culture, gave me the idea again when you told me you were keeping a journal while in London (shot out to the Bri-ish)! Keep your boy informed about all your adventures over there! Backpacking through Europe and shyt!

And last but not least, I'd like to send a special shot out of LOVE to my mom! Mother's Day is a couple days away...I'm starting early!!!


Nowadays TGIF has so much more meaning...Number one, it means the last day of the work week. #2, it means Fortunato Fridays at work. Our weekly ritual and seeming rite of passage where we take a lunch break trip to Fortunato Brothers in Towson (FB Website) (about a 15 minute ride from the J-O-B) to enjoy pizza of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. And I sometimes enjoy a chicken cheese steak. I'm still trying to figure out whether this is a bonding event for me and my co-workers or just a boy's night out taking place during our lunch break.

#3. Friday usually means Happy Hour at Club ONE in Bmore (ONE Website). I never knew free drinks could mean so much to me. I never knew that a BALTIMORE CLUB would become a staple in my weekend activities. All my PG folk, please don't disown me!!! This joint was definitely TIGHT for about 5 or 6 months str8 on Fridays. It's a little weak now, but free drinks from 6-7pm keep ya boy sliding through the door at 5:59 for his two Pineapple and Vodkas. Anyone who hangs out with me knows that THAT IS MY DRINK! It's CIROC you bastids!!!!

#4. Friday means that I will probably be getting in late and sleeping in on Saturday. A few days ago a friend of mine asked me "I thought people stopped sleeping in after high school". Uh, NO! I will sleep 12 hours on the weekends if at all possible. And don't front like I am the only one!

So tonight...It'll probably be a start at Club ONE and then onto Jillians to meet my buddies from college (JH-WHO?) at Jillians. Hopefully I'm drunk by the time I get to Jillians. And hopefully, the Wizards will be finishing off the Bulls by the time I get there. Man, that boy Gilbert Arenas be hooping! Shot out to Kwame Brown! LMAO!

With all that said...HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2005


After a night of helping Hiwoo move into his new condo (yeah, buddy)...I woke up this morning dead-a$$ tired! However, I somehow found the energy to take myself to the gym during my lunch break and shoot 50 free throws, go "around the world" twice, and do a set of bench presses. Yes people, I lift weights occasionally!!!

Returned to work to finish up some new navbars (http://muse-dev.jhu.edu/~michael/navbars/). Right now...Just waiting to go home...This O-E is giving me the B-Geezies!!!

OH yeah! Since I'm still trying to get over this...How on God's wonderful green earth did Damon Dash end up with Aaliyah...And now this gorgeous woman...(OH MY GOSH!)...Perhaps I should be an arrogant, rich, self-centered bastard (OUCH) sometime soon! Hey Dame, how about hiring me to do the Dame Dash Music Group website?