Monday, November 19, 2007

Mike Vick: Stupid or Suicidal?

The reason I ask is because Ookie Mike Vick decided that today he'd turn himself in to begin his sentence EARLY. Yes, you read that correctly, E-A-R-L-Y! Who goes and does that? Seriously. R. Kelly has been avoiding jail time a trial for like 5 years now and this guy Vick wants to go in early? What a crazy world. Then again, they tried to get all his money and I'm sure his brother isn't financing his lavish lifestyle so maybe he's just given up. Sad. But perhaps appropriate. Not that he gives up on himself, but that he's not living lavishly.

Think about this...
  1. It's three days before Thanskgiving
  2. He doesn't get sentenced until Dec. 10th
  3. What black man do YOU know who is itching to start his sentence early?
  4. It's 3 days before THANKS-friggng-GIVING!
Seriously, anybody who voluntarily decides they want to go to jail early (let alone 3 days before Thanksgiving) needs to be put on suicide watch! There's no way I am scheduled to get sentenced on December 10th and decide that a few days before Thanksgiving is ideal to go "in". Miss mom's macaroni and cheese, greens, turkey with gravy and stuffing? Awww hell nah! I'm treating Thanksgiving like the LAST effing SUPPER!

Does he not want to spend this holiday with family before he kicks off (no pun intended) his jail time? However long that's going to be. I seriously hope a bunch of idiots don't interpret this as Mike Vick being "gangsta" because he decided to go in early. I've heard of that before. Even had a friend decide to go "in" a few weeks before he was schedule to be sentenced. But that shyt was in March! Around that time there aren't any largely significant family holidays that include tons and tons of food and (dare I say it) football!

Good thing they don't allow you to have belts or shoestrings in jail because I get the impression Ron Mexico Mike Vick might use his athletic ability to tie one hell of a noose (or figure-8 knot perhaps) and murk himself. God forbid he does that considering that's pretty much a one-way ticket to you-know-where, but seriously....Tell me you couldn't see it happening! Until then, I'm sure that sub 4.5 speed will come in handy around shower time. And to think, I thought my life was starting to suck! Man I am chillin' compared to this guy! Screw you student accounts office. I'll get you that dough when I'm good and ready!

As much as I think he (and TIPPORD) are idiots for making those bonehead decisions, I don't like to see any Black man incarcerated because I don't believe anyone comes out of there ready to assimilate right back into society. And the time you lose incarcerated, you can never get back. Not to mention the arguable but probably valid theory that the system (once we're in it) is setup to keep us inside of it. And that's not even taking into consideration the possibility of getting Beecher'd (or would it be Keller'd).

As an aside, what's in the limited supply of [low quality] H20 down in Georgia that has some of these young, rich Black men doing dumb ish? Hmmmnnnn.

As dumb as it sounds, I'd rather see guys makin' it rain in the strip clubs than killing dogs or buying guns. At least they're not hurting anyone (directly).

"9 in my right, 45 in my other hand..." Hmmmnnnn. That chorus isn't doing TIP any favors now I'm sure

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again

Song is GREAT! Video is GREAT! Album is GREAT! My boo A-Keys is GREAT!

Common thinks he's slick. I been peepin' his moves since Smokin' Aces. Real slick Comm, real slick!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Random Miscellaneousness

G-Unit at their best..."Feel[ing] Good"

I'm serious about the title by the way. These guys are at their best when their rapping recklessly about whatever it is they feel like rapping about at that given moment (ie - Stunt 101). Tony Yayo embodies this every time he raps actually. I think this guy just gets on the mic and says whatever is on his mind. It seems like any other time the unit tries to put together one of those lame formulaic songs-that 50 obviously constructs on his own and orders his underlings to do what he thinks they should be doing over some over-priced club track-the song pretty much sucks.

But "Feel Good" shows us the best of the collective known as G-Unit. That is, the ability to thrive as the underdog. When that is the case, they always seem to have that reckless abandon and lack of concern for what you think or have to say because they're just going to "do them". Think about Ja Rule's topple from the top to the bottom. Who was the underdog (or group of) that's responsible for that? And that is why this is when they're at they're best. And when they're at they're best, they are for d@mn sure entertaining. LOL. And I dare you to tell me that after Yayo's album flops, Bank's second album flops, Buck's second album flops, and Kanye vs. 50, that G-Unit is NOT the underdog. I rest my case! I predict that the next G-Unit album, Shoot to Kill, will be pretty good. If it's anything like the G-Unit Radio 25 mixtape, I'll buy it. The skits on that mixtape alone are worth the price of purchase (LOL).

Oh yeah, there's also a hoodrat "dirty" version of "Feel Good" in which you can watch Yayo smack little kids some random butts. That Tony Yayo guy cracks me up. 50 Cent too! The entire video is misogyny comedy. Both versions. LOL. That LOL is @ the comedic talents of the Gorilla Unit by the way. Not the misogyny. You know, before I get cursed out...I wouldn't want anyone to think I like big butts, thongs, voluptuous women, or smacking azz from time-to-time (ne homosexual pas). Because obviously I don't!

"I love my sisters, I don't love no b*tch!"
Speaking of no Gayborhood...


I wonder if this... what they meant when they wrote this...

A closer look...
These are actually two separate pictures that have nothing to do with each other. The first is a picture I found online. It's obviously a Halloween costume in poor taste or gone bad, whichever you prefer. I don't think I have to speak on it.

The second set of pictures hits a little closer to home for me. I was at a bar last Tuesday and after paying for my drink, I got that dollar as part of my change. I could tell there was some writing on the bill so I looked a little closer and there you have it: "Niggers are ugly!"


Initially I was upset at the sight of the word because subconsciously I assumed it was some hate-filled non-Black person who wrote it. But after taking a minute to talk to BHill about it and then calm down a bit, I realized that I really had no reason to be upset. I'm not a ni99er and anyone could have written that, even a Black person! It made me realize that some people try way too hard to promote racism and hate. Regardless of who wrote it, they had to: 1) have the thought to write it, and then 2) actually go through with writing it. So I assume it was a coward who would never say something like this in anything other than an environment in which it's somehow considered acceptable. I kept the dollar and I doubt I'll ever spend it because I realize that I don't want to put that "hate" back into circulation. In addition, I think I will use this somewhere down the line to help educate some younger folks on the lengths people will go to in order to spread hatred.

"Hatred is ugly!"
Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

I have never seen this before but I think it just earned a spot in my top five videos of all the times. Very cool video!

"Oh what a feeling! I'm feeling LIFE!"

Euphoria? This is it...

This video complements enhances the song perfectly. I couldn't ask for me. This takes me back to Jon's bachelor party at the 40/40 and pretty much every event my friends and I have hit over the past couple of years where there's been 5 or more of us present. LOL. Smoking cigars in the room that Jay, Diddy, and NaS are in, that was us! On the dancefloor, that was us! Can't wait for the next moment like that...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tyra Banks would like for you to explore your "vageeene"

Yeah, but does the puppet smell like this or have this much power?

On a more serious note, this is pretty educational and I could see this being used in health classes. Grown women (IMO) should know this already though. Especially considering I knew this stuff already (LOL).