Friday, September 24, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 3

Before I say anything I would like to give a big Newport News shot-out to Ron Cot Damn Mexico (pictured above). The boy came out in Week 2 and did the dayum thing. Even though they gave up a helluva lead in the 4th quarter Mike Vick played pretty daggon well. Props to him and here's wishing that he wins this week as a starter but loses if he's starting against my Skins.

I pretty much sucked it up last week. I only got 8 picks right, talked shyt about my favorite team (Redskins) that they disproved (but still lost, lol), and fell to 7th place in the standings in my pick'em league. But you know what? I'm not worried. This week's picks seem a little "too easy" so I'm expecting a few upsets (when I first looked I only had 2 upsets this week that I thought would happen). Anywho, let's get to pickin'....

San Francisco over KC: I would NOT be surprised if Kansas City shows up for this game (as in, plays well) but San Fran showed a lot against the Saints last week and it seemed like a "coming of age" game for Alex Smith so I'm gonna bet on San Fran's defense (that boy Patrick Willis is a BEAST) and a solid dose of Frank Gore for a San Fran win in a close one.

Vikings over Lions: Minnesota's gotta win at some point. And if they can't beat the Lions then Brett may as well hang em up after Week 3. Seriously.

New England over Buffalo: New England seemed to take that loss against the Jets a little harder than normal (well at least Randy Moss anyway in my opinion) so I'm expecting a blow-out this week. This is gonna be a good week for Randy Moss and Tom Brady fantasy owners.

New Orleans over Atlanta: If this game were in Atlanta I'd probably pick the Falcons. Divisional games are always tough and even though I don't think the Falcons will really do much in the long-run this year, they will be a tough divisional foe for the Saints.

Titans over Giants: Word is that Vince Young is starting so I'm picking the Titans. The Giants are a good team but I think the Titans defense can hold-up against them. Oh yeah, ya'll remember what I said about Brandon Jacobs last week right? That he needed Anger Management. And look what that bama went and did. I may change this pick though b/c I just realized the G-Men are playing at home. Decisions, decisions...

Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay: My brother is a Bucs fan (don't ask me why he grew up in MD and used to be a CowGirls fan and has never liked the Redskins) and he's predicting that the Bucs beat the Steelers. I'm predicting they get trounced like a cheap Mexican prostitute on the "old" Las Vegas Strip.

Cincy over Carolina: Either Chad or T-Ho will have 2 TDs this week, I'm just not sure which one.

Baltimore over Cleveland: Living in the land of Ray Lewis is kind of funny when you're not a Ravens fan. People here worship this dude like a God or demagogue perhaps. It's so bad that when some of the Ravens zealots at my job get sick I say: "I'm sorry to hear you're sick but I bet you'll feel better knowing that Ray Lewis feels great today."

Houston over Dallas: I'm not gonna lie, this is my "I'm still salty about the Redskins losing to them last week" pick. Even though I figure the bumazz CowGirls will probably win this one big and have all the prognosticators back on the "Dallas to the Superbowl" bandwagon, I am going to pick the Texans.

Washington over St. Louis: I was expecting St. Louis to win last week and it'll be just my luck that they beat the Redskins this week. Because you know, we lose games like this. Remember when Dallas went 1-15 years ago? Yeah, they beat us. Remember when the Lions only won 1 game (was that last year or the year before?), yeah they beat us. So this type of game is right up our alley. SMH.

Philly over Jacksonville: Week 2 of the Michael Vick show. I'm still trippin' off how people are calling the Eagles about Kolb and NOT Vick. Andy Reid's made it pretty clear that the long-term guy is gonna be Kolb but I guess since Vick is older and brings a bad reputation (yeah, they still on that) there's no point in trying to get him. I also like how Andy Reid is using Vick's mobility and their weak offensive line as his excuse to start Vick this week when Helen Keller could have listened to the game last week and knew to start Vick over Kolb. Andy Reid is almost in Norv Turner territory now that I think about it. Another "can't get the team over the hump" kinda coach.

Denver over Indy: This is my "lunchin' like shyt" pick this week. I know, I'm lunching. But watch, lol.

Indy over Denver: Just checked the injury report.

Arizona over Oakland: This game wasn't as easy of a pick as I thought it would be. Arizona appears to be rancid this year and Oakland is the perennial shyt-sandwich of the AFC. But I'll go with Arizona just because Oakland is gonna have to win a lot of tough games before I pick them again. Either that or I'll just flip-flop and pick them when I feel like it lol.

San Diego over Seattle: Last week we saw the real Seattle team. That's all I have to say. If they aren't playing at home they're going to pretty much suck. I know what you're saying, they're playing at home this week. Yeah, but they still aren't good enough to beat San Diego.

Jets over Miami: Miami has played two tough games. The Jets have played two tough games. I mentally flipped a coin on this one. I think the Jets have the better defense and if they can put some points up on the board they'll be ok.

Green Bay over Chicago: This game can really go either way. Green Bay's going to throw the ball every down so it's going to come down to how the Bears defense can hold up. The Bears will throw every down too but the Packers have a solid secondary (ie - Charles Woodson) and they can put a lot of pressure on the QB. I can't wait to watch this game because I know it's going to be a shoot-out.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You know you loved this joint, admit it!

Seriously, half the stuff they said in this song makes no real sense (ie - supercalifragilistic Tic Tac pro) but the shyt sounded slick back then (when I was like 12, lol). I'm willing to bet that Ghostface jacked his style of rapping from Das EFX or was at least heavily influenced by their usage of ridiculous slang and phrases that make no sense. Das is way more basic in terms of rhymes than Ghostface is so I'll give him a little credit in terms of building on their foundation lol.

There are so many classically quotable lines in this song it's pretty hilarious. If you'd like the full text of this lyrical masterpiece, check it out here.

"Yabba-doo hippity-hoo crack a boo!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's just one of those songs....

... that makes me HYPE!

Kanye & 'nem laced this one!

Question, is Charlie Wilson signed to G.O.O.D. Music? I know Pusha T is but I didn't hear anything about Charlie Wilson being signed. Not to mention Charlie's on the "bonus" song I'm including below...

Mos Def obliterated that joint (seriously, go back and listen again). Lupe reminds me a lot of Mos because they stay over your head (pausejustincase). The kid Big Sean on the first track is kinda nice at times too. Now that I think about it, G.O.O.D. Music has a pretty dope line-up:
  • Kanye Tuda (pop-rap)
  • John Legend (R&B)
  • Common (conscious rap)
  • Pusha T (street/coke rap)
  • Big Sean (I'm not quite sure yet but he seems like his nitch will be similar to Kanye's)
  • Kid Cudi (emo rap)
  • Charlie Wilson??? (old-school "crooner")
Not to mention Kanye can enlist pretty much anyone outside of Cuuuuuurtis and Taylor Swift to hop on a track.

These joints and more avaiable on Kanye's blog. Oh yeah, I got one more I'll present without comment...

It's a shame that Kanye is such a polarizing figure because it forces those who choose not to like him to give him less credit for his talent than he probably deserves. He's brought it all on himself through some of his actions but if dude were quiet or just less arrogant and obnoxious at times he'd probably be held in a lot higher esteem across the board.

Musically, Kanye has grown from a sample-driven producer to an all-around artist. He's not a musician in terms of playing an instrument but his creativity and vision for putting together music is something that not very many people have. I don't like everything he does outside of the booth but when it comes to making good (errrr G.O.O.D.) music, he's a beast. I won't go as far as my boy KCW and say he's the "Marvin Gaye of our generation" which is a bit much but he's definitely one of the best hip-hop producers of our generation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

You're right! I've never seen/had a girl like you befo'!

Bless her heart, she's trying so hard...

This has Dundalk and/or Essex, Maryland written all over it.

"I said that I'm amazin', not that I'm a Mason!"

My buddy Kev just sent me a link to this song and said it was supposed to be on the Kingdom Come album.

Chris Martin's "mooooooost kiiiings" line is kind of annoying but Jay goes on this joint.

Friday, September 17, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 2

And to the picture below I say, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Shut up and play some football Clinton! Before Clinton Portis gets in front of a microphone he needs to do two things. The first, is call Brian Mitchell and ask "Should I open my big-azz Miami Hurricane arrogance having azz mouth?" The second is call John Riggins. He won't need to ask Riggo anything because Riggins will just say "Clinton, shut the fock up!"

Last week I got 12 picks right. If it weren't for Phillip Rivers freezing up like a popsicle in the 4th quarter and dumb-azz Dustin Keller being semi-concussed from Ray Lewis's hit and not getting that first down I'd have had 14 picks right. The only pick I really got wrong (in my crazy world) last week was the Colts pick but I'd guess that I'm in the majority on that one.

Now onto this week's picks...

Atlanta over Arizona: They're playing in Atlanta. Atlanta's defense played ok last week (yes I know it was against Dennis "how long until he comes out of the closet" Dixon) and I just don't have any confidence in the Cardinals right now. Completely random: If Adrian Peterson is Purple Jesus then what is Kurt Warner, White Messiah? WOMP WOMP WOMMMMMMP!

Baltimore over Cincy: The Ravens defense is going to play well but this will be a true test for their DBs against T-Ocho. I expect Cincinatti to play well in this game and keep it close and it wouldn't surprise me if they won but I just can't bet against Ray Lewis right now. By the way, remember this hit? Yeah, me too lol.

Kansas City over Cleveland: I'm gonna say it again, Dexter McCluster is my sleeper Rookie of the Year pick. I said it last week and I'm saying it again this week. I'm not even sure why Kansas City is an underdog in this one after beating the Chargers last week. Oh, that's right... The Chargers beat themselves with their own ineptness in the red zone (effing Phillip Rivers)! Anywho, I expect Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones to have a field day. And I also expect my boy DEXTER to have another TD either in the return game or on some sort of trick play. I'm tellin' ya'll to watch out for the speedster from Ole Miss!

Dallas over Chicago: This is going to be a shoot-out. The difference is going to be Jay Cutler throwing one or two more INTs than Tony Homo. Dallas is fluke again this year AS USUAL but I'm not so anti-CowGals that I won't pick them this week. I expect Miles Austin to have a field day. My Skins would not have beaten Dallas last week were it not for that bonehead offensive lineman but Dallas has the most inept coach in the league next to Norv Turner and the most OVER-RATED offensive coordinator in the league. Just a sidebar, Sean Payton is the best play-caller in the NFL.

Philadelphia over Detroit: GO MIKE VICK! I wanna see this guy succeed so all the idiots that still hate him because of Bad Newz Kennelz can watch him revive his career. GO! MIKE! VICK!

Green Bay over Buffalo: Too easy. Next!

Tennessee over Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh can't put up enough points on Tennessee's defense and that'll be their downfall. Pinball (Chris Johnson) is going to have one or two big plays and Vince Young should be able to play "don't fock this one up for us" just well enough for the Titans to win in a close one. It's not gonna be easy but at home I'll give Tennessee the edge. By the way, "Pinball" is an original name I came up with for Chris Johnson because he bounces around and shoots off (pause) like a pinball. If you use it please credit this blogpost. Thanks in advance.

Minnesota over Miami: Old man Favruh will return to form this game. I'm thinking 2 maybe 3 TDs and 2 of those "only Brett Favre could do that dumb shyt, get away with it, and the announcers make it seem like he's a God" plays. I also expect Purple Hey-Soos to have a big day. Brandon Marshall, who?

Carolina over Tampa Bay: If Carolina sticks to running the ball with a couple play-action shots to Steve Smith this is likely to be a blow-out. If they don't stick to running the ball, then the Bucs have a chance at winning.

Denver over Seattle: Seattle may have pummeled the 49ers last week but I refuse to believe that's the real Seattle team. If they go to Denver this week and win, I'll start believing they're not the same ole' Seahawks. And it's not that Denver is that good, it's that going to Denver and winning isn't easy.

Rams over Oakland: This is my sorta-sleeper pick. The Rams suck. The Raiders suck. This is like the SuckBowl. But I think that Sam Bradford is going to lead his team to a win. It's just a hunch I have. Or is it a hutch? I dunno, but you know what I mean.

New England over the Jets: Randy Moss gets stranded on Revis Island (Revis is the new Champ Bailey in terms of over-hyped CBs by the way), maybe has a short-yardage TD and about 70 yards. But it's not about Moss, it's about Welker. This game will be all about 3 things: 1) How much time the male model (Tom Brady) has to throw the ball, 2) How many passes Wes Welker catches, and 3) Whether or not the Jets can establish the run (because they damn sure can't rely on their male model - Mark Sanchez- to win a game). New England is probably a better coached team even though I don't like Belicheck very much and the the Snack Man may have talked so much he's got those guys thinking they're better than they really are. Like Ray Lewis said, you can talk all you want but at some point you gotta put them pads on and play football. New England by a TD.

Chargers over Jags: We all know how the Chargers roll. They're going to run off a winning streak of 6 or so games, look like a Super Bowl contender, get to the first round and depending on their matchup get smashed or squeak through to the second round and then what I call the "Law of Norv Turner" will take over. The Law of Norv Turner is that no team eVar in life, for eternity, that is coached by Norv will win a championship in any sport at any level (not even a pre-pubescent miniature golf team that is the only team in the entire pre-pubescent mini golf league). It will simply throw off the balance of human life. It'll render all women infertile, all men will grow vaginas, and Ryan Seacrest will become straight, I'm convinced. That's a bit over-the-top but my point is that Norv doesn't have what it takes to get a team over the proverbial hump. Aside from that, Shawne Merriman is off the HGH so just like last year, that defense won't be able to hold up.

Houston over MY SKINS: I love the Redskins. But not blindly like a lot of my fellow Skins fans. The facts of the matter are...1) McNabb is a good QB but he has a similar set of weapons to what he had throughout his career in Philly and he has consistent problems with his accuracy. 2) We don't have a RB with any sort of explosiveness. The only thing Larry Johnson explodes on are his women, WITH HIS FISTS. He and Portis are just guys who run to a whole, get grabbed, stumble, and go down after maybe getting 3-8 yards. There will be no consistent break-away runs by a Redskins RB this year, I guarantee that. They were hoping Willie Parker could provide that but everybody else in the world knew he was washed up, why didn't we? 4) The only safety we have that can catch an INT (Chris Horton) doesn't even start. 5) Our best CB is a pretty boy that gets lucky once every game and gets an INT or a fumble recovery. 6) We went to a 27-year old rookie WR twice on a fade pattern last week. Granted, he's got a great story but ummm yeah, 27 year old rookie on a fade pattern twice in a close game when you've got Santana Moss and Chris Cooley to throw to. And 7)... Our defense lives by the bend-but-don't break rule and it works well sometimes. But when the defense breaks, that shyt BREAKS! And for that latter reason I expect us to lose this week. Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, and Matt Schaub are going to make fantasy owners happy this week.

Giants over Indy: Sorry Peyton, last week showed me that your defense isn't up to par. Not even close. And with Bob Sanders doing his best Yao Ming impression over the last few years, I expect your defense to only get worse. Dwight Freeney can't get a sack on every play. If the Giants are smart they'll run a lot of Brandon "Anger Management" Jacobs (he doesn't seem like the douche in the club that gets drunk and wants to fight all the little guys to ya'll, I'm just saying) in the first half and even more Bradshaw in the second half. The Giants receivers are good enough to give Eli some solid shots down the field and along those lines I expect my boy Mario Manningham to get it together this week and score. I'm also curious to see if Hakeem Nicks continues to play Plaxico Burress better than Plaxico played himself.

Saints over San Fran: This game will probably be a lot closer than everybody expects it to be. I wouldn't be surprised if it was close until the 4th quarter. The 49ers just don't have enough offensive firepower to keep up with the Saints and the Niners defense is going to give the Saints some trouble and I'm rooting for my boy Patrick Willis to have a great day but that offense can't be contained for 4 quarters, not unless Drew Brees gets hurt.

A Few Thoughts on that AZZ-Teca Reporter that the Jets Couldn't Contain Themselves Around

Ladies and gentleman, meet Azteca network sports reporter, Ines Sainz.

Attractive for sure in a "she fits the generic mold of what we're socialized to believe is beauty" kind of way, lol. Shes' been pitched by her network (TV Azteca) as "The hottest sports reporter in Mexico". Maybe she is. In fact, I'd like to be on the committee that makes that decision. Why, you ask? Because this is Ines Sainz when she was at the Jet's practice...

And this is Ines Sainz in a bathing suit...

And this is Ines Sainz on the beach thinking about me...

And this is Ines Sainz practicing her watching skills for the Jet's practice...

Where I grew up we'd call that a "butt-butt", not an azz (fellas, don't let that shot on the right fool you). But I'm sure most of "mainstream" America thinks this is like the best booty on the planet. And when you've got 53 alpha males sweating it out at practice I'm sure MRS. Sainz (yes, she's married), packaged in those jeans, was a pleasurable sight.

In general I don't think it's right to sexually harass a woman (ie - touch, make lude comments, or do anything else that makes her feel intimidated) even if a woman is dressed in what could be considered *sexy* or provocative attire. Like most guys, I'll look but not much beyond that. At the same time, I do believe that women know exactly what they're wearing and how it can be interpreted by men and should act/dress accordingly. It's like Dave Chappelle once said, "She might not be a hoe, but she wearing a hoe's uniform". And a lot of guys will react to that uniform accordingly. That's NOT to say that she was dressed like a hoe because she really isn't. She's just dressed in a way that accentuates body parts that men pay attention to. You know this, I know this, and I'm sure the Jets players were pleasantly surprised to see this.

Ines knows how her butt looks in those jeans and she could have easily chosen not to wear them because of the environment she was going into. It's as simple as not wearing sexy/revealing attire when you go to church (some of ya'll scrumpets still don't have that right yet). Even if the clothing is comfortable and you don't see anything wrong with it, that doesn't mean that you aren't setting yourself up for some type of harassment. Women her age are aware of this, especially the attractive ones, I'm just saying.

For this reason, I don't think she is innocent in this situation and I'm glad that she isn't making a huge deal out of it like American media outlets have been. At the same time, she didn't deserve to be harassed either. But I didn't deserve to have my bike stole when I was in the 5th grade. In other words, shyt that you don't deserve to have happen to you can sometimes happen. And as far as the blame-game goes, I don't accept the "it's the fault of the network she works for" explanation. She has gone along with the "hottest sports reporter in Mexico" tag-line for this long so to a certain extent, she has invited this type of behavior. Men are men. We look, we make comments among one-another, and sometimes we do childish stuff to get a "hot" girls attention. It's in our nature. And it's in all of our nature to want to be around people we feel are attractive in some way (be it physical or otherwise). Who knows, Ines may have thought that wearing something like that would make her more likely to get the interview she wanted with Mark Sanchez (we all know how those USC QBs roll).

All I'm saying is that you decrease your likelihood of getting an STD if you wear a condom. And you decrease your likelihood of getting catcalls or harassed if you don't wear certain types of clothing. This is common sense and sometimes you sacrifice comfortableness or "wearing what you like" out of respect for yourself and the situation you're going into.

I don't feel sorry for her one bit even though I think what happened is wrong. Ines is going to be famous off of this and she's actually down-played the entire incident so maybe it's only certain people in the general public that care and the NFL trying to save face. Personally, I think she invited the behavior (perhaps she's this naive but I doubt it) by dressing the way she did. There are other female reporters that don't dress that way and are probably even more attractive than her.

I've never been in an NFL locker room but I can imagine that there's a TON of reckless stuff that goes unreported and that female reporters don't have it easy. But we shouldn't all do female reporters who carry themselves in a classy, mature, and professional way a disservice by feeling too bad or demanding apologies from people for a female reporter that's marketed as the "hottest reporter in Mexico" and comes to NFL practices with painted-on jeans. It's disrespectful to women that have been harassed far worse in their workplaces for no reason whatsoever.

Below you can check out Ines comments on the shytuation....

<a href="" target="_new" title="Reporter reacts to controversy">Video: Reporter reacts to controversy</a>

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The MOST RECKLESS Commercial on TV

I saw this the other day and laughed but thought it was a joke. I think this might actually be serious lol.

Probably makes for a great Christmas stocking stuffer ladies ;-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wait for it...Wait for it..

"Let's go eat a cot-damned snack!"

I just bust out laughin' watching this.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How Did I Forget to Post My NFL PIcks for the Week???

Maybe it's because there's been a shytload of stuff on my mind outside of football or because my mother and brother's birthdays were both last week and my parents anniversary is today. It's been somewhat of a whirlwind in more ways than one over the past 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, even after most of the games this week being done, I'm still posting my picks. Of course, these were made prior to any games being played.

New Orleans over Minnesota: The game was in New Orleans, they're coming off a Superbowl win, and old man Favruh has barely been there in the pre-season. Not to mention the Saints are well-coached and won't just fold if the Vikings had come out and scored on two or three straight possessions.

Miami over Buffalo: Trent Edwards is Buffalo's QB which means the other team will ALWAYS have a chance, even in Buffalo in the middle of winter with Santa Claus playing QB... The other team will ALWAYS have a chance to beat Buffalo regardless. You could make every skill player as fast and elusive as CJ Spiller and as long as Trent Edwards is at QB, the other team will ALWAYS have a chance. In a nutshell, Buffalo sucks. They need Marv Levy back.

Chicago over Detroit: I wasn't really gung-ho about the Bears in this game because it's a divisional rivalry and Cutler's good for 2 or 3 INT's at any given moment. BUT, Matthew Stafford and Megatron (see pic above) are not enough to overcome Mike Martz offense with Matt Forte.

Tennessee over Oakland: Jason Campbell might help Oakland get better but they're still *Chris Berman voice* THE RAAAIIIIDAHS!

New England over Cincy: Cincinatti is NOT FOR REAL. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE THIS YEAR! Even though I wanna support him because he's a black coach, Marvin Lewis needs to be gone after this season if Cincy doesn't do really really well.

Giants over Panthers: Eli has enough weapons to put points on the board and unless DeAngelo Williams and Steve Smith score 3 TDs between them, I don't think Carolina has a chance.

Pittsburgh over Atlanta: Atlanta, much like Cincy, IS NOT FOR REAL. Pittsburgh (even with Dennis *I think he is a fruit* Dixon) at QB will play defense well enough to keep the game close and let Jeff Reed kick them to a win.

Tampa Bay over Cleveland: Flip a coin. I think I subconsciously made this pick because my brother is a Bucs fan and his birthday was last week. Outside of that, I have no real reasoning behind this pick.

Jacksonville over Denver: If I'd thought about this one again I may have picked Denver because the 10th wonder of the world slash second coming of the Messiah slash most humble person on earth (Tim Tebow) plays for Denver. But I had confidence in MJD and no confidence in Kyle Orton.

Indianapolis over Houston: If you're into stats in this division you'd know that the Texans have only beaten the Colts like 2 times in the last 16 meetings. The Colts also have Peyton Manning. This pick was a no-brainer for me, even with the game being in Houston.

Arizona over St Louis: It's St. Louis... with a rookie QB.

Green Bay over Philly: I figured this would be a gritty game and a couple big plays would make the difference. I'll take Aaron Rodgers gun-slingin' the Pack to a win.

San Fran over Seattle: This is supposed to be the year San Fran runs the division. Seattle always plays well but manages to suck just enough to not do anything in the post-season. They're an enigma if you ask me.

Washington over Dallas: I'm die-hard Skins fan. There's the explanation you were seeking. Aside from that we play at home. And EVERY EFFING YEAR the media and prognosticators sice Dallas up to be a juggernaut and what happens, EVERY EFFING YEAR... THEY BLOW IT! This year will be no different, starting in Week 1.

Jets over Ravens: I live in Bmore and even though I'm a Skins fan, I have NO PROBLEMS with the Ravens at all. I think they have the talent to win, but I just don't think they'll be able to go to NY and win this one.

San Diego over KC: SD's going to come out strong this year. Ryan Matthews and Phillip Rivers will have big games. I hope my sleeper Rookie of the Year Pick (Dexter McCluster) plays though. This kid is going to be exciting it's just too bad most people will only get to see it on Sportscenter because nobody watches Chiefs games, lol.

Friday, September 3, 2010

"I showed you your first Tech on tour with Large Professor..." - Jay-Z

I guess this is what Jay was referring to:
"Main Source soon set off on tour, along with the UMCs and Jaz. One particular night of that tour came up recently in the very public catfight between Jay-Z (then Jaz’s hypeman) and Nas (who rolled with Main Source). During a show in Washington D.C. the sound system cut out, forcing the artists to do the same. The angry crowd rushed the stage and chased the rappers back unto their tour bus.

'We were figuring we were gonna have to knuckle down,' explains LP of the incident, which Jay has used to attack Nas. 'Jay came outta nowhere, reachin’ in his gym bag like, ‘Don’t even sweat these niggas. I got that.’ He didn’t show [Nas] the gun like, ‘I’m gonna shoot you,’ but we were all just like, ‘Whew!’' (Source: XXL Mag, 2002)
Never knew the story behind this one but always wondered. If you aren't familiar with the quote, it's from "The Takeover" (which has its own wikipedia page by the way lol).