Friday, December 28, 2012

The ONLY Reason I'm Nervous about Skins vs CowGirls on Sunday

Tony Romo doesn't scare me. Dez Bryant doesn't scare me. They'll get their numbers for sure but their both one brain fart away from causing a loss for their team. Rob Ryan however, is not to be slept on when it comes to coordinating a defense. His brother gets all the pub (for all the wrong reasons lately) but Rob is mean too!

Rob has seen the Redskins offense once and his defense got smoked like a blunt at Wiz Khalifa's house. Now he's had a week to prepare for an offense he's seen once before and I'm sure he's sitting back thinking of all types of sinister plans to shut the Skins offense down. Granted, the players have to play and DeMarcus Ware isn't going to be 100% healthy but I'm sure Rob is going to come up with a solid plan, it's just a matter of whether his defense can execute it well enough to not give up a lot of points. The Redskins are going to score. I'm guessing we'll put up at least 21 points though I'm not delusional enough to think we'll have all those big plays like last time. Games like this are where guys like Rob Ryan earn their keep and I'm sure he's preparing like a maniac.

My guess... The first team to 30 wins this game. The Redskins aren't going to stop the Cowboys from scoring at least two touchdowns. The key is whether Dallas can stop RG3 (throwing AND running) and Alfred Morris. The Redskins don't have a receiver as explosive as Bryant but between Moss and Garcon, they should be able to perform well enough to win. And if Hankerson keeps catching the ball and doesn't go back to his early-season "Stonehands" edition of himself, I think that he and Josh Morgan can be hold down the "possession receiver" role (even though Moss is better at that).

It should be a good game but of course, I'm rooting for a Redskins win! #HTTR!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Key & Peele: Substitute Teacher

"If one of ya'll, says some silly ass name..." and then he snaps the stuff over his leg ... LOLOLOL!!!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Movie Season!!!

Christmas may have already passed but the holiday season is still in full swing for most of us. That likely means either not going to work, going to work and not doing much of anything, or being at work and doing so much you're pissed and can't wait to get off and enjoy some free time, lol.

Hopefully everyone reading this had a great Christmas and was nice enough for the last year that Santa brought you everything you wanted. And although Christmas is gone for another 364 days, I wanted to pass along some of my favorite movies to watch during the Christmas/Holiday season. Not all are Christmas-themed but they're great to watch during this time of year!!!

Friday After Next

This is one of my favorite movies because of Mike Epps and Katt Williams. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's not kid-friendly though, lol.

Christmas Story

I'm going to assume that this is one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time since there is a 48 hour marathon of this film on TBS each and every Christmas. If you haven't seen this already, you probably don't celebrate Christmas or have been living under a rock.

Home Alone

This is another film that I will assume that anyone born after 1960 and before the year 2000 has seen, lol. This is probably number 2 on my list of favorite Christmas movies. Ralphie's first, of course. Home Alone is also where I first heard "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" by Brenda Lee, which is in my top ten favorite Christmas songs.

Bad Santa

This movie is so reckless and raunchy that it's hilarious that the theme is Christmas-based. This is most definitely NOT kid-friendly but this is a hilarious movie.

Trading Places

This movie isn't so much Christmas-themed as it is a movie where the Christmas holiday occurs, lol. Yet-and-still, it's one of the movies I think of first when Christmas time comes around. Eddie Murphy is hilarious as Billy Ray Valentine, much like he is as Hakeem in the next flick...

Coming to America

This is my favorite movie of all time, I have to admit that up front, lol. This is another movie where it's not Christmas-themed, it's just a great movie to watch at any time.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The (Aspiring) Rapper, K. Robinson

So I found out last night that my godson that lives in Buffalo raps (as K. Robinson). I had heard wind of this a couple years back but didn't know he really took it this seriously. But apparently, not only does he rap, he makes beats too! Now to put this into perspective, he's 14 years old. No 14 year old is out here dropping Andre Benjamin style gems or making Dr. Dre beats. Me being a fan of hip-hop/rap, I had to temper my expectations before I watched the video (see below).

When I watched the video I was impressed. Mostly with the latter part of the video where he does his verse a capella (at about the 4:35 mark) and I can tell that he actually puts some thought and effort into his rhymes and he's not just writing words that rhyme. Anyway, whether or not he becomes a rapper or producer or whatever, I think it's dope that a kid can have this as a hobby and channel all the energy he has into something positive that lets him be creative and develop a passion for something. That's dope and I'm proud of him.

Video: Big KRIT - Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I liked this song when I first heard it but not as much as most people I know. The video enhances the song by helping to bring out what he's saying with visuals and this is definitely one of those tracks that should be on the radio but likely won't be.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NFL Round-Up

It's about to be Week 16 of the NFL season which means a lot of teams already know they'll be home for the postseason and several teams are fighting for their playoff lives. It also means I'm playing for the chip in one of my fantasy leagues. The other league, I stink, lol. I've got a few issues I wanted to address and here they are...

The Superbowl

If the Broncos can avoid injuries and get home-field advantage, they're my AFC pick for the Superbowl. It's been proven that the Pats can be beaten by a solid defense that pressures Tom Brady (see: 49ers). Elvis Dumervil and Vonn Miller could do this. Champ Bailey's still got enough juice to shut down Brandon Lloyd. The only question mark on the defensive side for the Broncos is whether or not they can stop Hernandez/Gronk and Welker. But if they get enough pressure on Brady they can minimize the damage there.

The Ravens have proven that aging defenders and a not-so-elite QB (I take back what I said at the beginning of the season) can't get the job done. On paper, Houston should be able to get it done but in the end I think they have that same not-so-elite-or-even-close-to-it QB problem that Baltimore has. And there will be no dark-horse 6 seed team in the AFC that will pull off some amazing, world-shocking run.

In the NFC, I'm still not sure. The Packers are surging right now and the 49ers looks like they can beat any team on any day if they are playing at their best. Atlanta is solid and I expect them to make it to the NFC championship game but depending on who they are playing, I just can't see them winning. There's no way I could pick Atlanta to beat SF in that game. Maybe they could beat Green Bay but only if the game is in Atlanta. Seattle's defense makes them a tough out, especially at their home field. And the Redskins seem like they're surging and I hope they make the playoffs but even if they do, I just don't see us being able to win more than one playoff game with a defense that's basically a sieve. If I had to pick a team right now from the NFC, it would be the Niners but I'm not completely sold on them either like I am the Broncos.

Offensive Rookie of the Year

As much as RG3 is my favorite NFL player, this award should go to Andrew Luck. He's playing with a much weaker team overall and he's got a better record at this point and as a QB, he's just doing more. What I mean by that is that Luck is running a traditional offense which requires much more reading before the play and during the play. RG3 and Russell Wilson are not doing as much of that. They're clearly more gifted athletes but they're not being asked to do as much of the mental aspect on the field. That's not to say that they can't. They're coaches are just smart enough to utilize their athleticism while allowing them to transition to the speed and defenses of the NFL. They're all really fun to watch and make me excited about the future of the NFL and how the QB position (as a result of defensive lineman becoming faster) is changing into a position for the best athlete on the field, not just a guy who can sit back there, make reads, and throw it. The QBs of the next 5-10 years will likely be guys that are ridiculously good athletes. Cam Newton took the "athlete as quarterback" to an entirely different level last season by being able to put up the passing numbers he did as a rookie. No disrespect to Steve Young, Mike Vick, Randall Cunningham, or Donovan McNabb but Cam put up video game numbers. Young had the greatest WR ever. Vick seemed to always want to run more than pass, Cunningham was a scrambler that wanted to throw on the run, and Donovan's accuracy was ridiculously streaky (not that Cam's isn't sometimes).

If anything, RG3 should get the Most Exciting Rookie Player Award, Wilson should get the Most Slept On Rookie QB Award, and Alfred Morris should get the Lucky to have a coach with an awesome running system and QB that can run the option so I can get a ridiculous amount of yards for a 6th rounder award.

NFL MVP - Adrian Peterson

First of all, how can you NOT want to see this guy break the record after what he's been through. I'd bet that even the guys in his division want to see him break it, but just not beat them in the process, lol. What he's come back from and what he's done this year is simply amazing. I know Peyton's doing great and in my opinion he should get the Comeback Player Award (does that exist?). What Adrian is doing is simply amazing!

Video: Gods'illa feat Sean Price - Saviours & Punishers

I know I posted that Trinidad James joint the other day and I definitely like that track. But when it's time for that real hip-hop, gotta put something like this joint on.

"Back to that Timberland rap, so tie your hoodies up!"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jamie Foxx on SNL: "How Black is That?"

Actor, singer, comedia, and he plays the piano, AND he is hood-approved. Foxx is like a Black Renaissance Man. Homie is part-time coon, most times an actor, part-time comedian, moonlighting as a singer (and producer now from what I understand), but also informed and knowledgeable enough to drop jewels on his radio show while also being ratchet as all hell. Navigating through mass media outlets, the recording and movie industries is tough enough for any person but simply being a talented Black man in any single predominantly non-Black organization/entity provides a litany of challenges that are unique to the Black man. Being able to navigate as much as he does and remain true to himself is what I find most impressive about Jamie Foxx.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Deadskins, huh? Hysteria in Baltimore over the Ravens (LMFAO)!!!

Seriously, after losing to the "uppity Redskins" and our two rookie QBs yesterday and losing to the oldest QB on earth (Charlie Batch), the Ravens have fired their offensive coordinator (rightfully so but he should have been gone months ago) and every football prognosticator in the city is about to claim the end of the Ravens chance at a Superbowl. Personally, I find it all very very funny being a Redskins fan that lives in Baltimore.

Here's how I sum up the alleged Ravens-Redkins rivalry which is really a rivalry between two cities with different personalities that don't "click" with one-another:
I like how in this article from the Baltimore Sun, the writers uses the phrase, "uppity Redskins". That pretty much sums up how much Baltimore fans hate DC fans and why this loss hurts them so much. For years and years DC has been a better city than Baltimore in many ways and most Washingtonians have not been shy about stating it, especially those who have come from the D.C. area to live Baltimore. BUT when it came to football, the Ravens - since they came into the league - have been far more successful than the Skins over that time period. So the one sure thing Baltimore folks always had on D.C., it was FOOTBALL! Yeah, Baltimore has a baseball team too but the Orioles stank so bad Baltimorians couldn't throw the O's in the faces of D.C. sports fans. Not only did Baltimore have the better football team, Baltimore had a tough, "we'll kick your ass in a street fight too!" team! A team that definitely embodied the personality of many in this city. Tough, gritty, locally prideful folk (which is one of the things I respect about real Baltimorians). Baltimore sports fans have always viewed themselves as a tougher, grittier city with more heart and less pomp, circumstance, high-priced free agents, and well... "uppity-ness". So now that they've lost to us after we've been the "bums down '95" the fans here are really hurting. Oh well, let it burn folks and get over it. I'm sure many Ravens fans are thinking "I can't believe we lost to the soft, bum Redskins!" Well yep, you sure did and it sucks to be you for at least a week.

I don't feel bad for Ravens fans at all, especially the obnoxious ones that know very little about football but talk relentless amounts of trash. Any Ravens fan with solid football knowledge and a realistic perspective on their team KNEW that no matter how they felt about the Redskins, that game was going to be a tough one and one the Ravens could easily have lost. Joe Flacco's still the QB ya know?

The Ravens have a great football program with players that were once great and now they're just good. They had an offensive coordinator that failed to use his biggest weapon consistently enough and that's where the Redskins and Ravens are different. The Redskins run EVERYTHING through their most talented player, even on run plays, and even though he's a QB and not a RB like Baltimore's best player, Ray Rice. The Redskins are headed in a positive direction from being a mediocre/bad team for the last X years. The Ravens have been a good team for that same amount of time and now, their stars are getting older, losing a step, and they're QB is on his best day a low-end of the top 10 QBs in the NFL and on his worst day (or just on the road for that matter), one of the 5 worse QBs in the league.

The Ravens will make the playoffs and win a game (or two) and the Redskins likely won't make the playoffs even though we have a good shot. But every year the same thing happens and it will again this year, the Ravens will win a game or two in the playoffs and then it's back home with the Redskins, fighting over stippers at Stadium or the gold-diggin' chicks at the various late-night party spots in Washington. In the end, both cities appear to have good teams this year and although the cities have different personalities, we should be rooting for both cities to do well because if both teams do well it helps all of the Baltimore-DC metro area. It's not a real rivalry by any means when it comes to football. The real rivalry is among the two cities.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Latest Pair: Columbia Descender

This is the most comfortable athletic shoe I have purchased in a while.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thoughts on the Rap Nominations for the Grammy's

Best Rap Song

“Niggas In Paris” – Jay-Z & Kanye West: This is a great nomination for this award. A popular song but not so pop that it doesn't feel like a hip-hop/rap song.

Daughters” – Nas: Deep down, I really hope this song wins because of the topics Nas addresses but it's not going to happen.

“Lotus Flower Bomb” – Wale: Dope song and one of my top 3 off of this list. I'm rooting for Wale because of his DMV ties and the fact that even though he's signed to Fat Ricky he hasn't completely tried to emulate or poach the down south rap swag like other artists from up north (see: Fat Joe, Diddy)

“Mercy” – Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz: This would be a landslide to win in my mind if there wasn't that horrible part of the song where Kanye changes the beat during his verse. I may be more opposed to/disgusted with that part than most people but it takes away from the overall quality and flow of the song. I'd bet though, that this has a really really good chance of winning.

“The Motto” – Drake ft. Lil Wayne: My favorite song out of all of these listed here because the joint just bumps. I'm imagining that this will finish in the top 3.

“Young, Wild & Free” – Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars: This is a pop song, it should not be listed under the Best Rap category just because it has rap artists on it.

Who do I think will win? Well, I'm rooting for Wale and I think that "Lotus Flower Bomb", "Mercy", and "The Motto" should be the 3 finalists. But in the end I think it's going to be between "Niggas in Paris" and "Mercy". Either way, Ye Tuda gonna win.

Best Rap Album

Take Care – Drake: I don't think this is Drake's best work but I understand why it's on the list. I don't think this album should win though.

Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1 – Lupe Fiasco: I haven't listened to this album all the way through yet but I'm guessing Lupe does some of his usual addressing of social issues and "the industry is some bowlshat" banter on here so I'm not mad that he's nominated at all. Lupe drops a lot of dimes but nobody really listens.

Life Is Good – Nas: My personal opinion of this album is that it's really good but has been prematurely exalted to classic status by Nas stans due to Nas's history of not-all-that releases and their dying urge to call something Nas has done within the last decade a classic.

Undun – The Roots: I haven't listened and although I like The Roots I still think it's BEEN time for that Black Thought solo project.

God Forgives, I Don’t – Rick Ross: Really? This (like Drake) is not Ross's best work as an album (see "Trilla" and "Deeper Than Rap"). "Deeper than Rap" set the bar for me as far as Ross albums go and this one isn't close to being as good as that. Another Curtis beef or Jeezy beef and Ross might be able to make a truly classic album. Until then, I guess he gonna churn out that post-poverty but I still need my streetcred dope boy shyt.

Based On A T.R.U. Story – 2 Chainz: Clearly, this is the "it's still a popularity contest" entry. 2 Chainz raps but he is by no means the best at it. he makes catchy songs and is quite entertaining. If this is a popularity contest and not a contest about the best album, 2 Chainz should win. If this is about the best ALBUM, he shouldn't even be on this list. No disrespect to him because he has his lane and he's doing his thing but this album is not an award-winner in my opinion.

Whose gonna win? This is either going to go to Aubrey (Drake) Graham or to 2 Chainz. I know, I know, it sounded just as crazy as I was typing it as it did when you just read it.

Best Rap Performance

First off, I'm confused by the title of this award. When we say performance what do we mean? Performance on stage? If so, when and where? Performance in a video? Ok, I can see that sort of. I just don't get how you judge the best rap performance. It's not like all these folks showed up at the same time like a cheerleading competition and performed. Anyway, that's just my little axe to grind with the title of the award.

“HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)” -Drake ft. Lil’ Wayne: I ain't never seen this performed but I kinda like the song.

“Niggas In Paris” – Jay-Z & Kanye West: Here's your winner. They performed the song in Paris with Mary Kate and/or Ashley backstage. How can they NOT win the award?

“Daughters” – Nas: Video was cool. I like the song. Not sure how this is gonna be judged as a performance though.

“Mercy” – Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz: If we're counting the video as a performance, I think this should be in the top 3 for winning this award. That video was simplistically dope.

“I Do” – Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z & André 3000: Mehhhhhh. This song was sooooo over-rated because of that Andre verse.

Kay-Z should boycott the Grammy's next year if they don't win this category.

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration

“Wild Ones” – Flo Rida ft. Sia: I've never heard this song but I will admit that I like "I Cry" by Flo-Rida.

“No Church In The Wild” – Jay-Z & Kanye West ft. Frank Ocean & The-Dream: Since when did Terius Nash get added to the list of artists associated with this song? I guess he must have ghost-wrote that hook for Frank Ocean. Oh yeah quick question, what happens when you put Frank Ocean, Kanye, and The Dream all in a darkly-lit studio by themselves? Yeah, I don't want to know either. But I would love to hear the song that came out of it, lol.

“Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” – John Legend ft. Ludacris: This song was pretty avergae to me.

Cherry Wine” – Nas ft. Amy Winehouse: This song is HANDS-DOWN the best collaboration even though Amy is dead. Then again, maybe Nas will lose points because Amy is dead. Who knows. Either way, this is the best song listed out of all these categories and should have been up there for Best Rap Song. Definitely one of my favorite tracks of the past year.

“Talk That Talk” – Rihanna ft. Jay-Z: This was a solid radio track but Rihanna is better seen than heard in my opinion (even though I like the Diamonds joint). This joint ain't gonna win.

Nas, go get your award SON!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Video: DJ Khaled - I Did It For My Dawgs

Featuring Rick Ross, French Montana, Meek Mill, Ace Hood, and Jadakiss. This is my favorite joint off "Kiss the Ring". LOL at how Khaled snuck an Ace Hood verse on the video version of the track.

One thing I can't understand about the NFL and head injuries

Sure, there's been a crack-down on hitting defenseless receivers, helmet-to-helmet contact, and hitting the QB above the shoulders. Hooray to all of that. But I have always found it interesting that the NFL with all of its uniform restrictions and "partnerships" with Nike, Reebok, or whomever makes all the teams' jerseys, has yet to come up with a standard helmet design for all players to use.

It seems that some players have adopted helmet technology that helps keep their heads safer and presumably helps prevent concussions. Even back in the day I remember Mark Kelso (shown on the right) having that extra padding thing on his helmet that made him look like a space alien.

If the NFL is so concerned about concussions and preventing them, why hasn't there been any league-wide mandate that all players wear the some sort of advanced protection helmet?

Does the technology not exist? Does the NFL not want to piss off Nike since they're in bed with Phil Knight for the jerseys? I guess the theory is that if you eradicate helmet-to-helmet hits (which by the way is impossible unless the NFL changes to a "touch" league) then who cares what type of helmet a guy is wearing. That thought would be short-sighted at best. Running backs and linemen have helmet-to-helmet contact on just about every play, that's not going to stop. So making all of the players wear an extra layer of protection or a helmet with some special space-aged padding makes sense to me.

I don't believe I've heard anyone on television ask the question of a standardized helmet for safety and I've been sitting back thinking about it for a while now. I'm sure someone has, maybe I just haven't heard it. And apparently, not enough people have heard it. Changing the protective headgear across the board seems like a nice compliment to the money-grabbing penalties, fines, suspensions, etc. The NFL says it wants to protect its players from these types of injuries but do they really? Or, do they just want to use fines, penalties, and a new concussion protocol to create the illusion that they care? I don't know the answer to that. My hope is that they do want to protect players but that they also realize that there are additional measures they can take. If the league can mandate that all players wear thigh and knee pads (or they are fined) and make all players adhere to other wardrobe rules on the field (ask Clinton Portis or DeAngelo Hall), then if they wanted to, they could find a company (I don't even care if it's Nike) that has some next-level protective technology in their helmet designs and mandate that all players wear them. My guess is that the players who think about tomorrow and next year are already taking some steps to protect themselves. It would be nice to see the league put something in-place across the board to protect all players.



Thursday, November 29, 2012

The ONLY Reason to Watch South Beach Tow

South Beach Tow has become one of my favorite TV shows as of late. There's really only one reason to watch South Beach Tow and that is Berniece. If you don't know Berniece, check her out below in a clip from the show.

The show comes on Tru TV. Honestly, the stuff that happens on this show is so outrageous that I'm starting to think it's all staged. Even if it is, it's still pretty hilarious.

Miscellaneous Randomness

How to Twerk Video

"A" for excitement. "F" for execution. "N" for Nassatall!!!

Elevator Prank Video

You know, I thought this was a little funny initially but then I wondered what would happen if they put lil Roscoe from "'round the corner" in that elevator. Might not be as funny.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today, in Questionable Vigilante Justice News

Vigilante: A member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate); a self-appointed doer of justice (source: Merriam-Webster Online)

Clearly, these clowns in Florida have a thing for vigilante justice. First, George Zimmerman, now this idiot, Michael David Dunn.

Apparently (read: allegedly), Mr. Dunn took it upon himself to pull up to a convenience store, see that there were a group of kids in an SUV playing loud music and asked them to turn down the music. From there, an argument ensued (shocker), and ended with Dunn firing 8 shots into the SUV (killing one person) and then fleeing the scene with his girlfriend who had arrived at the store with him.

There are a couple of interesting observations I made when reading the Gawker article about this incident:
  1. Dunn was in town for his son's wedding and had a weapon in his possession. I don't know about ya'll but I doubt my parents will be packing heat when they head to my wedding ceremony. Maybe he was gonna leave the gun in the car (I hope) but really, why does he need the gun? I don't know about gun laws in Florida but I'm guessing that you can carry a gun around for no good reason (no, the right to bear arms isn't a good reason) and as a result, shyt like this can happen. If he did not have a gun on him would anyone have died? There's my contribution to gun control in the U.S. Stop letting just any ole' non-active-law-enforcement mofo walk around with guns just because they have a permit and are a self-described "gun collector".
  2. Why can't people just mind their own business and keep it moving? Seriously! I'm not gonna be out of town pulling up next to kids in an SUV telling them to turn down their music. I'm gonna do what NORMAL PEOPLE DO, shake your head and/or laugh and walk into the store saying something slick in my head, get my stuff, walk out, shake my head AGAIN, then promptly get back in my car and leave. Loud music ain't hurtin' nobody and it's only temporary if you're going to the store and then leaving. Stop trying to be a daggon vigilante! I could see if you saw these kids raping someone in the SUV, then it makes sense and you should do something. But playing loud music, c'mon son!
Of course, there are 3 sides to a story and I'm sure there will be more facts to come but this feels too Trayvon-esque to not raise an eyebrow and wonder why people at least two people in the state of Florida seem to think that they have the authority to serve their version of "justice". This is gonna remain my perspective on this unless it's proven that these kids fired at him, threatened him with a weapon, or in some other way posed a physical/deadly threat to him.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lyrically Linked: Young Jeezy - Done It Again

Best joint I've heard from Jeezy in a minute.

This for every ghetto in the world
Every little boy, little girl
I don't know you but I feel your pain
So for real I'm making it rain
We waiting on a savior, maybe Barack
Cop a new drop head that's missing the top
It's us against the world, we playing to win
We done it again

What the hell's going on this evening?
Feeling like Trayvon Martin, I'm barely breathing
On my back, looking into the eyes of my killer
You can take my life, but I'm still that nigga
What does Romney know about my ghetto to say the least?
Last time your partner got killed over a Caprice
Tell me thats the cost of life, a box Chevy
Make you wanna call Katrina up - Who broke the levy?
Got nothing but love for New Orleans they bounced back
See first the water came in and left just like that
See one thing about my people we got pride
See we work 'til we got laid off and not fired
GM go bankrupt, we out of work
That'll drive a single father in Detroit straight berserk
When you can't feed your family and kids, what's the solution?
Only one word for that: a Revolution (Shit)
Now Chi-Town looking like a war zone
Like they went to Afghan and brought the war home
When all the penitentiaries packed just like the club
And its supposed to be the land of the free, at least it was
99% of the country - they in debt
Trillion dollar deficit, nigga that's a definite
Got two words for that, thats just duty
Can't fix in one term what Bush fucked up in 2 (What?)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Ladies and gentleman, the Kit Kat Club is proud to present..."

THROWBAAAAAAAAACK!!!! The polka dot prince, Kwame!

Back when rap was a lot more fun and a lot less belligerent, lol.

When I first started listening to rap, Special Ed and Kwame were like the first two artists that I really liked. This took me way back, lol.

Dope Album Cover!

That's the album cover for Big Boi's "Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors" album. I'm not sure how the album will turn out but the one single I've heard "Lines (feat. A$AP Rocky and Phantogram)" is pretty good.

As for the album cover art, I think it's pretty neat, even when you consider that the animated effects won't be there on the printed version of the cover. But for web distribution to help build hype/buzz for the release, this animated version isn't too bad of an idea. I'm surprised more people haven't leveraged the powers of the not-so-useful-anymore animated GIF format.

PINK has some dope performances

I'm basing this solely on the two performance below. I don't listen to her music but I have seen two performances by PINK that I thought were creative, innovative, and outside the norms of what alleged, so-called "artists" do nowadays. I'll admit that I don't follow all these awards shows too closely and monitor who has the best performances but I have somehow caught two performances by PINK that I think were really great. One is from the 2010 Grammys and the other from the American Music Awards the other night.

Beee-Yonce stans, has she ever done anything close to this since I know someone reading this is thinking "dat bench ain't better than B doe!"

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miscellaneous Randomness

The Broner/DeMarco Fight

My cousin, Thomas "Topp Dawg" Williams is a professional boxer and was on the undercard for the Broner/DeMarco fight until his bout was cancelled at the last minute. That was my primary (read: only) reason to go to Atlantic City. I didn't realize that Broner was THIS GUY and that I would be in for another ridiculous performance (both in terms of his boxing ability and his efforts to entertain before, during, and after the bout) by Broner.

As you'll see below, Broner danced his way to the ring with Kendrick Lamar alongside (a great surprise for me as a huge fan of Kendrick's album, "good kid, maad city") and subsequently put on a boxing exhibition reminiscent (tongue-in-cheek) of Floyd Mayweather Jr. on some levels. All his shenanigans aside, Broner appears to be a highly skilled boxer. AKA, Youngin is NICE! I'd like to see him when he fits some solid competition if he hasn't already even though DeMarco was the champ until last night.

Aside from that Special K also told me he used the phrase "no homo" in the post-fight press conference and I'm pretty sure he asked someone to brush his hair after entering the ring. Not to mention he did some sort of Harlem Shake/Stanky Leg dance after he knocked DeMarco out, lol. Shenanigans I tell you!

Eddie Murphy - "Put Your Mouth on Me"

Yeah sooooo, I don't know why I felt the need to post it but I did and just rolled with it. Never forget (lol)...


You know good-and-well I wasn't going to let this past Sunday's performance go without mentioning the most exciting player in the NFL did you? I would like to reference you all back to my post predicting his numbers for the season. I predicted he'd throw for almost 4,000 yards, 22 TD, and 15 INT. Right now he's on pace to have less than 10 INTs and throw for close to 22 TDs. He definitely has a chance to be a really great quarterback. I'm not as impressed right now with what he can do on the deal as much as I am with how level-headed and grounded he seems to be. For someone his age, his humility and maturity are both pretty impressive. My Skins aren't likely to make the playoffs this year but things look hopeful for the future. And not that "buy up all the free agents and a coach" in the off-season hope they used to sell every year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Reason Newark (NJ) Mayor Corey Booker is AWESOME

Aside from being a very informed, grounded, energetic, devoted, and otherwise great politician Corey Booker evidently has a great level of patience for reckless Twittering.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video: Lupe Fiasco - B&tch Bad

Lupe is kinda getting his Nas on here if you think about it. But Lupe always throws some depth into his music and consequently doesn't sell as much as other less-progressive thought-provoking artists. I won't name any names.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jay-Z, The Power of Our Voice

Shot out to Jigga for using his voice to do something I wish he would do more of publicly.

THROWBACK!!! Mad Lion - Take It Easy

"Too many suckas and not enough time!"

Mad Lion - Take It Easy by abcDPGC

I remember skating to this at the old Crystal Skate on Branch Avenue back in the day, lol.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kanye West, "White Dress"

Out of all of his multiple personalities, this is one of my favorites lol. He's semi-channeling his 808's style here, minus the autotune. This one's off the "The Man With the Iron Fists" soundtrack. This isn't an official video but I actually like the treatment.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

If I was a real writer and not just a blogger, this is what I'd love to write about

The title of the post is not a shot at any other bloggers because there are a lot of awesome and credible bloggers out there on various subjects, it's about me recognizing that this is just a hobby and not something that I take seriously enough to call myself credible (in a writer/journalistic sense) at.

With that said, I just read a pretty good article by David Drake of entitled, "Real Trap Sh*t? The Commodification of Southern Rap's Drug-Fueled Subgenre", that made me realize that if I were able to write really well and informed about something, that article is a great example of what I'd like to write about.

He does a great job of providing historical context of what the term "trap" meant when it was first uttered by a hip-hop artist and he also gives great insight into how the term seems to have been accepted by the mainstream and somewhere along the lines, the real point of the "trap" has seemed to have been lost and/or blurred by mainstream hip-hop fans. That point being (as he stated quite well) that:
"Recognizing that there is a very real context to rap’s casual glorification of street violence, that it isn’t simply an action movie set in the hood, is a Good Thing."
If that isn't the P.S.A. of the year/decade for suburban/rural kids that think all hip-hop is entertainment, I don't know what is. A large portion of it is hyperbole and incessant glorification of things that don't really matter, but a good amount of guys talking about "the trap" actually come from a place that could well be defined as such. I won't waste time going on-and-on any further about the article, I really just wanted to make the point that it's the kind of stuff I would write about if I was good enough at writing but that I'm glad someone is out there critically thinking about these types of things and has a platform to put it out there. Kudos to you, David Drake.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Picture of the Day: The back cover of Kingpen Slim's Triple Beam Dreams mixtape

HA! I wonder how the cats that popped him feel. Anyway, aside from the provocative if not hilarious back cover, Kingpen Slim is pretty nice. Nice enough for you to check out his Triple Beam Dreams mixtape. Shot out to D.C.!

Monday, October 8, 2012

THROWBACK!!! In My Projects - Coo Coo Cal

Somebody besides me remembers this, lol. As far as I know, this is the only "hit" Cal had. I hope he made it out of his projects after the success of this song. And oh yeah, his dancing after the 3:20 mark cracks me up.

"Though my rent ain't nothing but 250, we sporting $5,000 drapes!"

I'm sure someone reading this is wondering what in the world made me think of this song. It was actually a Young Jeezy song I heard that made me think of it, "My Hood". My projects, my hood, pretty much the same thing.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Video: This is what a basement hip-hop party in London's Leicester Square looks like

I meant to post this a minute ago. You know, like when I got back from London. Anyway, on my last night there I ended up at a club in London's Leicester Square area and it was pretty fun. It was shocking to me that all they played was hip-hop but I'm glad I stumbled into my type of party, lol. It wasn't really in a basement per se but the spot was small and it had that basement party feel to it for sure. Just watch, you'll see, lol.

Video: Nas feat Amy Winehouse - Cherry Wine

My favorite joint off Nas's "Life Is Good" also features my fav video vixen, Brittany Dailey (YESSSSSSS)! Dope song and a solid video treatment.

Lance, don't hate on me sicing B.D.!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Video: Maroon 5 - One More Night

I've been a fan of most of Maroon 5's radio singles since "Sunday Morning" (even though I'm not sure if that was on the radio. Between that song, "Moves Like Jagger", and this I am realizing I need to go back and cop all their CDs.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

THROWBACK!!! Scarface feat Tupac & Master P - Homies & Thugs

Rap-A-Lot records was the background music to about 3 years of my life in high school. This is one of my all-time favorites from that era.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"But I'm not a rapper!"

Special K sent me this a long long time ago and I could not stop laughing. I feel like I posted this already but even if I did, it's just as hilarious as the first time I watched it, lol.

LOL at Chris Rock's hat and the dude rapping his lyrics.

Speaking of rap battles, never forget, "you gotta speak to somebody just to speak to me!!!"

Monday, September 24, 2012

Video: Stalley feat. Wale & Anthony Flammia - Home To You

One of my favorites off of Stalley's "Savage Journey to the American Dream" mixtape.

Not a big fan of Wale's verse on this track but this vibe fits Stalley's style well in my opinion.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video: Murs - Animal Style

If more rappers used the platform that they have to do stuff like this more often, the world would be a better place. I'm not saying I want to hear this every day or ride to it in my car but it has its place within the genre and there are artists of immense popularity that could do stuff like this more often. Or maybe this isn't a story that they can relate to. Or maybe it's just not relevant to their lives. Or maybe they're just as afraid as the guys portrayed in this video. Kudos to Murs.

"I believe that marriage isn't
Between a man & woman
But between love and love"

- Frank Ocean

In other news, Yunel Escobar is an idiot.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Video: Alley Boy feat. Pusha T - Your Favorite Rapper

This beat is tough. The concept of the song isn't anything we didn't already know and Pusha's "Hey Lil Wayne" verse is on point.

I still think this is my favorite Alley Boy joint though:

Monday, September 17, 2012

NFL Week 2 aka "I Should Have Known" Weekend

In hindsight, I should have known a few things would happen this week in the NFL.
  1. I should have known that the CowGirls would follow-up a great win with a loss on the road to a team they should have beat. Dallas came out and beat the Giants in week 1 and looked great (even though I hate to say it). They travel up to Seattle (hint #1) to play the Seahawks in a stadium that gets really loud (hint #2) and against a team like the Seahawks that no one expects to win so they basically have nothing to lose (hint #3). Needless to say, I took NONE of these hints and still picked Dallas. Silly me.
  2. I should have known that my Redskins would do the same dumb shyt the CowGirls would do. I mentioned in my Redskins season prediction that we'd have to keep Stephen Jackson in check and force Bradford to beat us. Well guess what, Jackson didn't play most of the game and Bradford surgically sliced-and-diced that stupid azz zone we were in. A zone that you will always get beat in if the defensive line doesn't put constant pressure on the QB. We didn't, Bradford and Danny Amendola scorched us. Now I could sit here and blame the loss on Josh Morgan and that stupid penalty or on Robinson for dropping that TD pass, or Mike Shanahan for being stupid enough to think Billy Cundiff could make a 62 yard field goal... But I won't do any of that, it's just way too easy. In the end, this should have been a blow-out but much like years passed, we found a way to lose. But my boy RGIII did go for 206, 3 TDs (2 rushing) and 1 INT which is pretty solid.
  3. Last but not least, I should have known the Oakland Raiders would lose after going cross-country to play the Dolphins. The Raiders are a model of inconsistency. They really have too much talent to be this inconsistent. McFadden's a beast. Palmer is still decent. And they have some solid receiving weapons. I'm not sure about their defense but they should have enough talent to compete with the Dolphins who have a rookie QB. But again, I should have known better than to think the RAYYYYYDAHS would pull this one off. Smh at myself.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Video: DJ Drama, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, & Jeremih - My Moment

I like this song a lot. Not sure why it inspires/sices me, maybe it's the Jeremih hook.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Video: Nas - Bye Baby

I probably gave off the wrong impression of this song in my review of the Nas album. This is actually one of my favorite songs on the album it was just one that I think we all saw coming. The video is solid.

This is good, but I'm really looking forward to the video for my favorite song on the album, Cherry Wine, especially since the video is going to feature Brittany Dailey. Shot out to RipRock for posting this video on G+.

Revisiting my NFL Season Prediction post

First and formost, the Redskins won this week and I am shocked in the best way possible. RGIII played great and the defense played well, but not necessarily great. I'd say that the defense got lucky more so than played great since Drew Brees was clearly off on Sunday. RGII beat my prediction of him throwing for 200 yards with a TD and an INT by a landslide. His line ended up going for 320 yards with 2 TDs and NO INTERCEPTIONS! That's stellar for a rookie debut. Congrats to him because the hard work paid off!

Now that I'm past my own team's play this weekend, the only other team I would like to talk about also happens to be in my "just formed after week 1" NFL season prediction. If you recall, my original post on how the season will end was basically full of nothing. But now that I have gotten a chance to watch a week's worth of games I think I'm ready to go out on a limb (it's still early in the season) and make a prediction for the Superbowl. Like to hear it? Here it goes...

The San Francisco 49ers will represent the NFC in the Superbowl. Point blank period, defense wins championships, just ask the Patriots. The 49ers went into Green Bay and basically shut Aaron Rodgers down completely. That's all I needed to see. And as crazy as it may sound, I think Alex Smith is the key to their season even more so than the defense. If Smith goes down who is his backup? That's all I have to say about that. But back to my main point, this team is stellar defensively. No one can run the ball on them, their LBs are stout, they pressure the QB with 3 or 4 man fronts, and their secondary is full of hitters and ballhogs. That's a recipe for forcing teams to pass, putting pressure on QBs, and forcing turnovers through the air, or just forcing teams into plain-ole 3-and-outs. If they stay healthy on defense and Alex Smith stays healthy, I've got them in the Superbowl this year.

In the other conference, I'm finding it a bit tougher. My gut is telling me that this is the year that Houston will make it to the big show but I can't rule out the Ravens. They're going to be hungry this year because of what happened to them in the playoffs last year. Not to mention, what better way to send Ed Reed and Ray Lewis into retirement than with a Superbowl win where they go out on top, their QB finally breaks-through (though I'd argue he did that in last year's playoffs), and every in Baltimore's favorite running back (Ray Rice) gets a chip? So I'm gonna roll with either the Ravens or the Houston Texans in the Superbowl against the 49ers.

Who will win you ask? Well, if the 49ers play the Ravens, I think the Ravens will win. The Ravens defense is just as gritty as the 49ers defense and I think the Ravens have an edge offensively over the 49ers, especially at the QB position. But if the 49ers play the Texans, I think the 49ers will win. I'm going to hate to see my favorite RB in the league (Arian Foster) lose in the Superbowl if it happens, but I think the 49ers would impose their will on the Texans more so than they could against a seasoned veteran team with playoff experience like the Ravens.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Newest Columnist for the Baltimore Sun, Lionel Foster

One of my closest friends, a man I've now known for 12+ years, just landed a job that he's not only a perfect fit for, but completely aligns with what he's like to do to help his city (Baltimore) grow and become a place that everyone would want to live or at the very least, appreciate.

Lionel Foster is the newest columnist for the Baltimore Sun and his first article just hit the InterWeb today! I'm posting this because I'm really proud of my friend but I'm also posting this because of what he stands for and what he seeks to achieve as it pertains to being from Baltimore and wanting to see the city grow and thrive That latter part is more important than anything else I could possibly mention here and I hope that by mentioning him and his column, you might give his first story a read and maybe you'll visit again next Friday or follow him on Twitter (@LionelBMD). He's sure to be informative, forward-thinking, and probably more entertaining than you'd think. You can check out his first column here (Native Son), and every Friday he'll have something fresh and new.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dumb Rappers Need Teachin', Chief Keef Edition

Just read online that a "rival" (Lil JoJo) of the rapper Chief Keef was murdered in Chicago and apparently Keef took to Twitter to laugh at the fact that Lil JoJo was killed. Let's keep in mind here that Lil JoJo was a teenager. He looks like he might have only been about 12 years old. It's a shame.

But apparently not so sad that Chief Keef couldn't find some humor in it while trying to claim "it's sad" at the same time.

To use his own words here, "That's that shyt I don't like!"

This is absurd and epitomizes the type of senseless B.S. that's perpetuated in urban areas throughout the country. Hip-hop and Black people in general, we have got to do better. Two young men aspiring to do something to achieve a better life that come from similar circumstances I'd assume and one of them is happy to see the other deceased? That's crazy! Who knows what the history was between these two not liking each other but the fact of the matter is that once you're gone, there's no coming back. Keef may have a small taste of fame right now to the extent that he can hashtag #richniggashit but in the big scheme of things he's clearly missing the point. For him to not have at least enough respect to keep his mouth shut while using (public) social media just shows his stupidity, ignorance, and lack of compassion for human life altogether. I don't know how it feels to be happy about someone else getting gunned down but maybe somebody can explain it to me.

I also find it interesting that Lupe had this to say about Chief Keef recently:
"Chief Keef scares me... Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents... The murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing and you see who's doing it and perpetrating it, they all look like Chief Keef." (source:
I totally feel what Lupe is saying. Have a good time with the music, make your money, but realize that you're part of something bigger and more important than your own self-indulgence and self-exaltation.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012-2013 NFL Season Prediction

Leading up to the first game of the season I really want to say that I have a prediction for the Superbowl and who will win the championship but I don't. I have an idea of who I think will make the playoffs, but between the Packers, Ravens, Texans, Lions (yep), Patriots, Niners, and Giants, I just can't call it as far as who I think will win the chip this year. Philly won't win because Vick is going to get hurt. The Panthers will make the playoffs but get ousted during Wild Card Weekend. To much excitement from me, Dallas won't even make the playoffs. The Steelers will find a way to lose a really close playoff game. And the winner of the AFC West will get ousted during Wild Card Weekend. Outside of those predictions, I just can't call it.

Yes, I realize this post is totally underwhelming, but I'm betting that this NFL season won't be.

P.S. - I have the CowGirls losing tonight against the Giants, but based on what I've already written here, I'm sure that's a shock to no one.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Prediction for the Redskins Season and RGIII

Yup, HTTR all day from August till December (cuz you know we won't be playing in January for another couple years and haven't in several years, lol). Below you'll see my prognostication for the upcoming Redskins season including a game-by-game stats prediction for Robert Griffin III, which will make the season at least a little bit more interesting for me. I'm not one of those ridiculous Redskins fans that thinks we are Superbowl bound (though I do think with great play from our new QB we could potentially get a wild card spot but that's still a long shot). I try to temper my expectations using reality as a guide. Let's be real here, my squad has stunk for the past few years and a ROOKIE QB isn't likely to change that in year 1. But, I do think we have a good enough team to not finish last in the NFC East if we play to the best of our abilities.

At Saints… Loss

Let's not get it twisted, the Saints went through a lot this offseason but going down to New Orleans and playing them in their home opener against a veteran team that can put up points on anyone, that'll be a tough win for us. Chalk this one up as an L.

[RGII Line: 200 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT]

At Rams… Win

We have enough talent to beat the Rams. We'll have to keep Steven Jackson in check and make Bradford beat us with the pass. This will be a good game to see how our offense stacks up against a decent defense that isn't top tier. They have a solid corner in Courtland Finnegan and a solid pass rusher in Chris Long. And overall, Jeff Fisher always has teams with solid defenses so they should not be a pushover in terms of putting up points.

[RGII Line: 230 yards, 1 TD]

Bengals… Win

This SHOULD be a win. A tough win because the Bengals defense is going to play well I suspect. But we should be able to keep up with Dalton and Green. And this is our home opener so everyone will be jacked up for this one.

[RGII Line: 210 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT]

At Tampa Bay… Win

I'm gonna be at this game so I'm going win regardless. But seriously, we SHOULD beat this team. Hopefully we don't get a win the week before, get a big head, and then go on the road and get molly-whopped.

[RGII Line: 250 yards, 2 TD]

Atlanta… Loss

They're just a better team all-around, especially offensively.

[RGII Line: 310 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT]

Minnesota… Win

We lost to Minnesota last year AFTER we knocked AP out of the game. I think this will be a revenge win.

[RGII Line: 230 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT]

At Giants… Loss

We beat them twice last year on their way to winning the Superbowl. They haven't forgot, and as a result will be stomping a mud hole in our asses at MetLife Stadium.

[RGII Line: 280 yards, 1 TD]

At Pittsburgh… Loss

Unless RGIII morphs into Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, we do not have a chance. Even then, it'll still be tough to go TO Pittsburgh and beat them. Sorry Skins fans, it's the truth. Let's be real here.

[RGII Line: 180 yards, 1 INT]

Carolina… Win

We lost to Cam last year and I think we'll want revenge this year. I expect this to be a high-scoring affair with us winning on a FG at the end.

[RGII Line: 300 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT]


It's a good thing we've got a bye week here because the next four games are all going to be tough as hell and I've got us only winning one of the and that could easily be a loss.

Eagles… Loss

Even if Vick is hurt by this time (which I fully expect him to be), Kafka or Foles are more than capable of shredding D'Angelo Hall our defense for multiple TDs.

[RGII Line: 240 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT]

At CowGirls… Win

We're gonna probably get swept by the Giants and split with both Philly and Dallas. I've got a hunch we're going to go down to JerryWorld and win this one.

[RGII Line: 280 yards, 1 INT]

Giants… Loss

See the previous Giants game prediction, I haven't changed my stance.

[RGII Line: 220 yards, 1 INT]

Ravens… Loss

This one is going to hurt since I live in Baltimore and don't mind letting people know I'm a Redskins fan. Much like Pittsburgh, this is just a better team that runs enough shenanigans on defense to confuse a veteran QB, let alone a rookie. And they've got solid weapons on offense and I don't believe we can stop all of those weapons.

[RGII Line: 150 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT]

At Browns… Win

If we have any intestinal fortitude then we will rebound from a Ravens loss by heading to Cleveland and beating the Browns. A team that we should definitely be competitive against and should have the veteran leadership and talent to beat.

[RGII Line: 290 yards, 2 TD]

At Eagles… Loss

See my prediction for the previous Eagles game. The Eagles aren't so good that they won't need to fit for playoffs altogether or playoff positioning at this point so they'll have full weaponry dispersed. And we'll be on their turf. Which means, we are focked.

[RGII Line: 280 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT]

Cowboys… Win

At this point the CowGirls will likely have a 0.000003% mathematical chance to make the playoffs and they'll have to go through us to do it. But we'll beat them if that's the case because that's just how the rivalry works. Only, we won't beat them, Tony Romo will dodge 17 sacks in a row, scrambled across the field twice, high-five Jerry Jones, and throw a 50 yard hail mary to Ogletree (of all focking people) on the last play of the game that he will have in his hands, get hit by London Fletcher, bobble, and it will fall into D'Angelo Hall's hand on the half yard line with one second left on the clock. Game over, Redskins win and send the CowGirls home just like we'll be going home. Season over.

[RGII Line: 300 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT]

That will leave us at 8-8 (not including the bye week win, lol) and of course out of the playoffs for yet another year. If you recall, last year I think I made the same prediction and we went 5 up and 11 down so we'll see what happens this year. Keep in mind that we had BeckStacy at QB last year though.

Directly related to this is how I think RGIII will perform this season. You've seen what I have as his stat lines above for each game which would give him the following line at the year's end... 3,950, 22 TD, and 15 INT

I think 22 TD could realistically happen. 15 interceptions may be a few INTs low though. And 3,950 yards seems on the high side as well but I'll stick with it and see what happens.

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 26, National Go Topless Day

You know, I understand the point of these type of "awareness events" and as a guy I clearly support this for the most obvious of reasons but yet-and-still I think sometimes people whose chests no one wants to see take this type of stuff as a green light to embarrass themselves in the name of "awareness" and "equality". Yes, I know, I'm completely missing/circumventing the point of this awareness day when I talk about people embarrassing themselves but you're also probably missing my point, lol. Which is, if you want men to treat you equally, I think that you might be better off by doing the things they [men] consider themselves to be the "best at", better than they [we] do. And even then as much as we will respect you and treat you equally for it, we're still men. We're flawed in that special way. The way that says: "Man, Donquisha is so much better at my job than me, I love working with her because she's super sharp ... But DONquisha got that DONKEY though!" That's pretty much how we work. Sorry, that's just the way it is and yep we know we need to try harder to not have penises and lustful moments but again, we're men (yes, I know we need to stop saying/being sorry too, we're a shambles). And YES, we'll try to do better, but do we ever really try hard enough [to meet your standards]? I mean think about your ex, did that bama try hard enough? Really?

So anyway, it's abundantly clear that you have won the shirts off competition a long time ago because you've got breasts (duh)! Most men love breasts even when they come in small packages. Green peas, bazookas, low-hanging fruit, whatever you want to call them, most men don't have them and don't want them but sho' wouldn't mind seeing a pair. That is unless you've got a horrible pair. Just like a women doesn't want to see a man with man boobies and taco meat, NO MAN wants to see a pair of terrible tatas, I'm just saying. With that being said, ladies, women, girls, please take the following into consideration this Sunday when prancing around topless should you choose to do so:

My point in all of this is to say that National Go Topless Day is great if it empowers women and helps them become more equal to men in some way. But in the big scheme of things, it may just be contributing more to the chauvinistic stereotypes that most of us men have regarding women. The same ones that the good men try hard not to fall victim to and that good women try not to fall into.

P.S. - For more information on National Go Topless Day, visit (NSFW, btw).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Favorite Sports Teams!

Football season is about to start up which means the real sports season is about to begin. I like basketball, I can watch baseball during the playoffs, and I watch enough Sportscenter to have an appreciation for and basic knowledge of most other sports but when football season begins, it's a weekly ritual to watch at least a couple games.

With that said, I'd like to go on the record (until I change my mind) with my favorite teams in all major sports just so there's a version of record when one of my teams wins a championship and someone says "mannnnn, you just started liking [insert team name here]!"


Most of you that read this blog already know or have figured out that I'm a Redskins fan. I have been since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I will admit that I was sort of a bears fan around age 5 because a family friend was a huge Bears fan and they had just won the Superbowl that year. But once I got old enough to like my own team for my own reasons, the Redskins were good, their paraphernalia was everywhere in the DC area, and I wanted to be WR just like Gary Clark. I remember "The Posse" inspiring me to want to be an NFL wide receiver. That's why I liked the Redskins and I've never strayed to this day no matter how bad we suck or how many times we have blown a lead in the fourth quarter to a sorry azz team. I'm a Redskins fan for life!

On a related note, I realize that the name "Redskins" is akin to having the Alabama Picaninnies as an NFL franchise and I fully support any movement to change the name to something non-offensive like the Washington Marion Barry's or something else that really represents the city's long-standing dedication to shenanigans.

P.S. - If I had the ability to pick a back-up favorite team at this point it would probably be the Panthers or the Lions because I'm huge fans of both Cam and Megatron. But that's the difference between liking a TEAM and liking a PLAYER. I like the Skins and my favorite players are on other teams which is actually pretty d@mn hilarious now that I think about it. But I'm sure RGIII (if he turns out to be good) will allow me to sound more sensible when I name my favorite player and favorite team. All this leads me to...


I'm a Wizards fan. Yeah I know, we suck. Yeah I know we'll likely continue sucking. But whatever, I'm a homer. I like to support the local squads. Not much more to say about why I like the Wizards other than that. It's not like there's a serious winning tradition or anything. In basketball my favorite players are LeBron and Kevin Durant. LeBron because he's just ridiculously skilled at the game and Durant because he's crazy good and he's also from the DC area. I root for the Heat and the Thunder unless they're playing the Wizards (as if that makes a difference in who is going to win, lol) and I rooted for LeBron to get his ring because I've been following him since high school and even with the stupid azz "Decision" I wanted to see him get his ring and hopefully regain some of his popularity with those who still hate him because of his "Decision".


Nationals all day baby! The best part about being a Nationals fan since they came back into existence is that they are playing awesome right now and I have been rocking my Nats hats for years in Baltimore even when the Nationals SUCKED! As a kid, my stepfather took me to the Orioles games once or twice a year but I was never really a fan of the team, just a fan of going to the games. When D.C. got a franchise again my loyalty was right there (did I mention I was a homer). Glad to see the Nats doing well and hopefully a winning tradition has begun.


I don't watch hockey regularly but I root for the Capitals (clearly). The only time I watch hockey is when it's playoff time and the Capitals are playing (even though I know we're going to blow it). That's as far as I go with hockey. If the Caps are in the playoffs, I'll watch. If the Caps are playing the Penguins, I'll watch. Otherwise, I'm watching basketball.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm not voting Republican, but they sure have some witty bumper stickers, lol

Back in 2009 I got a kick out of this anti-Obama bumper sticker. Don't worry folks, I'm still a Democrat.

And this year it turns out those sneaky anti-Obama folks have come up with another catchy little bumper sticker that I happen to think is hilarious.

I saw that one on the way into the office morning and couldn't help but chuckle. You have to be a serious Republican to put that on your car and ride around with it, lol.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Breaking News: Women everywhere stop what they're doing and give thanks to Augusta National

I just got back from lunch with my co-workers and while we were out eating I saw on TV (via ESPN) as "breaking news" that Augusta National Golf Club just admitted two female members. One, Condoleeza Rice. The other, Darla Moore.

Needless to say, admitting Condoleeza Rice takes care of a couple birds with one stone. She's black, and she's a woman. Whoopty-do! She's not the first black allowed in but she's the first black woman. Just as a fun fact the first Black was allowed to play at Augusta National in 1975 and the first black was allowed to join 15 years later in 1990. Yes, you read that right, 15 years. And now Condoleeza joins in 2012 as the first Black female member, well yippee! That's awesomely rapid progress, I know. Especially when you consider that Augusta National has been in operation since 1933. Clearly their leadership has a vision for a diverse membership and equal opportunity is engrained in the culture there, CLEARLY. Darla Moore runs Rainwater, Inc and has been rich (and philanthropic, shot out to her for that) for some time. A sarcastic congratulations to them both for breaking the gender barrier at Augusta National.

It's simultaneously pathetic that it took this long and slightly awesome in that it finally happened and now maybe there will be more women in the future that care enough to become a member. But really, what woman wants to be a member of a club that took this long to let women in? How awkward will it be if even though they let ya in, they still treat you like second-class members? My guess is, Condoleeza has given this thought because she's a well-educated Black woman whose had to think about this before from the perspective of a Black person in this country. Undoubtedly in her rise to becoming Secretary of State (albeit under the Bush Administration) she broke down many barriers for both women and Blacks but even when you break down barriers and you get in, you'll still looked at a little funny. I wonder if Darla's thought about this or if the wads of cash she's has make the view a little easier. Both of these women and their accomplishments demand a certain level of respect and perhaps that's what will make them (and women who join in the future) be viewed as "equals"... Perhaps. But let's not be so sure that the good ole' boy system is gonna break completely down when a few women are let in the club.

I'm just thinking out loud here not knowing much about the process of becoming a member or what the benefits are or who their membership consists of. But I don't think I need to know all of that information to know that it's completely absurd that it took this long to let a woman in. It also makes me wonder if any of the male members ever took a stand to put pressure on Augusta to let women become members because it's kind of absurd if not a single guy has ever taken that stance.

Anyway, with all that said, I'm glad to hear that two women have been allowed on the inside but clearly, there's still a long way to go.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm introducing a new word into my slang vernacular, filibuster

A while back I posted a bunch of words/phrases that I use all the time. I somehow left prexactly (precisely + exactly) off that list and I now need to add "filibuster" to that list.

Filibuster is defined as:
"The use of irregular or obstructive tactics by a member of a legislative assembly to prevent the adoption of a measure generally favored or to force a decision against the will of the majority." (source:

"A filibuster is a type of parliamentary procedure where an individual extends debate, allowing a lone member to delay or entirely prevent a vote on a given proposal. It is commonly referred to as talking out a bill,[1] and characterized as a form of obstruction in a legislature or other decision-making body." (source:
The main part of both of those definitions that I'm focusing on in my usage of the term is "obstructive" and "prevent".

With that in mind henceforth I will be referring to the following type of person as a FILIBUSTER.
  1. The girl that tries ridiculously hard to be one of the guys so that she can get some attention from (you guessed it) one (or more) of the guys. Then when she realizes that none of the guys are interested in her, she becomes the passive female "friend" that's a c*ckblock. Get out of here with that and go grab some self-esteem and a side of female friends. This is usually the same girl that makes sure she has one or two friends with her that are cuter than her so she can get some attention indirectly. We've been hip to you, you FILIBUSTER!
  2. The guy that always has something negative to say about every girl because he fell in love with the wrong chick years ago, got his feelings all destroyed nshyt, and still has not gotten over it. Look dude, if it was more than a year ago, the statute of limitations on your hatred and vitriol has passed. Let that mess go and do what most people do, go find a girl that's the exact opposite of the one you were dealing with and realize that that's not good for you either. But don't sit around hating on every girl just because she doesn't think your knowledge of football fun facts, prodding questions of prejudgement, and aura of "I'm still salty about my ex" is something she'd like to have more of. Have some pride why don't you, you FILIBUSTER!

Ok, I'm done.