Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Democrats should be completely fine with Donald Trump mouthing off

"A wise man told me once 'Don't argue with fools. Cuz people from a distance can't tell who is who'" - Jay-Z

Hopefully Obama ignores Donald Trump's short-sighted, politically amateur, and seemingly idiotic banter. All my enjoyment of The Celebrity Apprentice notwithstanding, I think Donald Trump is on the road to make lots of money, but doing it with little to no self-awareness or dignity. Why this guy is personally attacking the President is beyond me and I can only surmise that it's because he's trying to create a buzz and run for the Republican nomination just so that he can lose horribly and somehow generate more interest in himself and his business ventures as a result. That's really the ONLY logical explanation here. Either that, or he's just plain stupid. And I don't think for one millisecond that Donald Trump is dumb or that this is (brings out elephant) racially motivated. This has to be a business move.

Trump's gone from questioning Obama's citizenship - something that has already been verified - to now questioning how he made it into Ivy League schools. The citizenship question wasn't quite as laughable as the latest question about getting into school. Obama went to Occidental College, then transferred to Columbia, and then to Harvard. Conventional wisdom might say that even if he did slip through the cracks and get into Columbia by a hair, he then went on to Harvard which I'm sure wasn't an easy place to get into. But according to Trump, he can't fathom how Barack was able to get into not just one, but TWO Ivy League schools. I guess he thinks BOTH were flukes or something else was at play. Meanwhile Barack "went on to Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude 1991 and was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review." Something tells me that probably wasn't a fluke and moreover, neither were his admission into either school.

I hope that Donald Trump keeps talking though. His popularity among Republicans is rising and my guess is that this will only help the Democrats. Trump may very well force polarization of the Republican Party that might come back to haunt the eventual GOP nominee (Mitt Romney anyone?). Donald Trumps loud-mouthing of the President is only going to hurt his credibility and further expose his political inexperience. In the end, the more support he gets from non-Tea Party Republicans (the majority of his supporters are Tea Party folks I believe), the better-off the Democrats are. For that reason, there's no real need for the Democrats to respond to his accusations until absolutely necessary. And that may never be the case, lol.

This post inspired by this article at the Huffington Post.

Friday, April 22, 2011

WebNerd Alert: Google to offer Notebooks for sale AND LEASE

The latter part of the title to this post is what makes this not-so-formal announcement really interesting.

Google apparently/allegedly plans to offer:
  • Notebook computers with their Chrome OS
  • They'll be available for "purchase" in June/July
  • They can be purchased as part of a subscription service for $10-$20 per month per user
  • Google will provide hardware refreshes as they are released
  • Google will replace faulty hardware for the life of the subscription
This is pretty cool people!!!!

The first thing I thought about when I read this was all the people who may not be able to afford a notebook computer at all that *may* now have access to a computer much easier now. I say "may" because a subscription-based model leads me to believe that there will be some sort of credit check and contract required and some people that can't afford a notebook (not even a cheap one) may not be approved.

Aside from that, leasing a computer that you will presumably download software/OS updates to via wireless and get FREE hardware refreshes as they are released is a pretty big deal. Hardware refreshes for the life of a device is pretty big. I wonder what the full description of a "hardware refresh" will be though.

In any event, this is a very interesting move by Google and reinforces my theory that they are out to takeover the entire world. You can check out the full post where I learned all of this information by clicking the link below:

Exclusive: Chrome notebooks confirmed to be released June/July

Also, more on Google Chrome OS:

Google Chrome OS

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Knicks aren't very good (yet), but Boston isn't much better

Watching the first two games of the Boston vs. NY series has made me realize a few things...

Number 1: The Knicks are NOT playing smart, disciplined basketball when it really matters.

Game 1, Melo takes a three ball at the end of the game rather than trying to drive and drawing contact. Game 2, Jared Jeffries doofs a pass at the end of the game when he could have simply tried to actually shoot the ball. Not to mention with 4+ seconds left the Knicks let the Celtics inbound the ball and run the clock out (completely inexcusable at that point in the game).

Number 2: Mike D'Antoni teams play defense by happenstance.

Call it playing defense "when you want to" or playing defense by happenstance, either way the Knicks and D'Antoni's Suns teams were and are notorious for scoring and not playing much defense. How many times do commentators and other coaches have to say "defense wins championships" before we all realize that for the most part, it's completely true?! Melo and Stoudemire, the two stars on this team (well, one SUPERstar and one star), play defense when they want. Stoudemire's much more of a defensive force when he puts his mind to it. Melo well we all know he's there primarily to put the ball in the bucket. But imagine if he wanted to play defense at the level of a Kobe, Dwight (both are great individual defenders), and maybe even Dwayne Wade, or LeBron (two great team defenders).

Number 3: The Knicks have no real veteran leadership.

Boston's veteran leadership and will to win has shown at the end of each of these first two games. They should be down 0-2 right now having dropped two games on their home floor. If the Knicks had a couple veteran guys who are committed to keeping everyone on the same page in tough situations and executing well, I think they would have won the first two games. Melo cannot win by himself. I repeat, it's GREAT to watch and he's a beast on the offensive end but MELO CANNOT WIN BY HIMSELF! That was proven in Denver and it was proven again last night. He needs help from not only Amare but some veteran guys who aren't afraid to step up, speak up, and make sure everyone is giving their all in each phase of the game when it really counts. Maybe Chauncey can play this role or does play this role somewhat, but I feel like there's still someone missing (P.J. Brown, anyone?).

Number 4: The Celtics are not looking too good.

Maybe this series is gonna be their wake-up call but after watching them almost blow two games to a Knicks team that they shouldn't be having this much trouble with, I'm not so convinced that the Celtics are going to be as tough of an "out" this year for Miami or Chicago as I initially thought. Maybe they are underestimating the Knicks a bit or maybe they're just lethargic right now and will really get-up for the next round (if they make it). Either way, the Celtics are looking a little old to me and I'm not sure they'll be able to get it together, even with Shaq in the line-up. Especially when you consider the Knicks almost won last night without Chauncey and with Amare out for the majority of the game. If the Knicks actually were a team that executed well for a full 48 minutes, they would have won.

Number 5: Doc Rivers is a hell of a coach.

I think I knew this already, but I really came to appreciate just how good a coach he is after these last two games. Last night (as pointed out by the commentators) he fooled everyone by giving KG the chance to make the go-ahead bucket. I would have bet money that Pierce was gonna get that shot. This isn't the sole reason I think he's a good coach obviously, but it's an example of where I think his coaching ability stands-out (or either he just got lucky, ha). Doc just seems to know his team very well as far as strengths and weaknesses go and he also has the complete respect and command of his team. I don't see that from the Knicks (and a lot of other teams... Hey Spoelstra!) in the same way I see it from the Celtics. Those guys in green believe they always have a chance to win and they trust their coach to get them there. The Knicks seem to believe they have a chance to win if Melo & Amare can get it done moreso than they believe in their coach and what he's asking them to do.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Guilty Pleasure

Act like you don't know the words to more of this than you think you do...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

THROWBACK!!! Frankie Beverly & Maze

I'm posting this for reasons...
  1. It was playing in the lobby when I walked in this morning (siced me!).
  2. It goes quite well with today's weather.
  3. It reminds me of driving to school with my mom when I was a lil young whippa-snappa (ha).

And if anybody leaves a comment saying anything to the effect of "what you know 'bout some Frankie Beverly", I will ban you from the blog, LMAO.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Best April Fool's Day Joke

GMail Motion

Check out their fake guide on what motions you need to make to control your GMail account, lol...

LMAO at them having the "crane" as the motion for "P.S.". The "star message" motion is hilarious too! More on the prank here.

WebNerd Alert: Google +1

This is pretty major on a few different fronts:
  1. If you have a Google account and you activate +1, Google will pretty much know (without much doubt) exactly what you like, enjoy, or are interested in. That means much more accurately targeted ads by Google and Google's ad partners (AdSense anyone) to your search results pages and probably many other pages potentially will have ads that are ON POINT. Not to mention you will be able to +1 ads as well. Which really just means that Google makes more money by presenting you with ads you're more likely to click.

  2. This is really just a small step into the world of social networking for Google. The Buzz experiment failed (or as some say, was a bit ahead of it's time and people weren't quite ready to use it or know how to best use it), and that was a step in the social networking space whether you believe it or not. We're all familiar with the "like" button on Facebook. The difference between Facebook's like button and +1 will be that no one goes to FB to search, they go to Google. So every time you decide you want to perform a search, you can help increase the accuracy of Google's results (for yourself and others) by "+1"-ing.

  3. This is probably just the beginning of a fight between Google and Facebook to control the social networking and/or search space. Facebook controls social networking, Google controls (read: has access to tons of) data. Pretty soon they'll be competing head-to-head whether it's over search or socializing. It's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. I'd place my bet on Google if I had to. The next Internet revolution will be driven by data and Google's got it, lots of it. And they're cooking up some shyt in the lab, I'm sure.b