Friday, October 29, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 8

Somehow, nobody managed to get a concussion last week. I wonder why? Am I the only person that saw defensive players pulling up so they wouldn't get penalized or am I trippin'?

Miami over Cincinnati: Did I mention how I think Carson Palmer is washed up?

Dallas over Jacksonville: This says less about Dallas and more about how bad the Jags are. Even without Romo the CowGals have enough talent to beat the Jags, right?

Redskins over Detroit: After being the ONLY team the Lions beat a year (or was it two) ago, I think my Skins will take this one. Unless they try to put Carlos Rogers on Megatron. In that case, I think it's a wrap for us.

Chiefs over Bills: Buffalo plays with a lot of heart but I'm starting to become a believer in the Chiefs.

Rams over Panthers: The Panthers stink.

Jets over Packers: After having a week to prepare for the Packers, I think the Jets defense will be dialed in.

Denver over San Fran: They have to rebound from that azz-whoopin' last week, right?

Titans over Chargers: Watch out for the Titans! They're showing that they are a very tough team this year (a la the Steelers) that's well-coached and disciplined. The Chargers on the other hand, are neither of those things.

Oakland over Seattle: No, this is not because they blew out the Broncos last week but because Oakland's defense is statistically pretty good against both the pass and the rush AND Seattle is near the bottom of the league in offensive passing and rushing. They're playing in Oakland after the Raiders had a HUGE win against a divisional foe last week and Seattle's only won a single game on the road this year (against the Bears). I'll go with Oakland on this one. Disclaimer: This pick was originally my "close your eyes and flip a coin who cares" pick, until I started looking at the stats.

New England over Minnesota: As much as people hate Bill Belicheck, he's a GREAT coach. Regardless of whether old man Favruh plays this week I think Minnesota is taking an "L". Favre's injury and the rift between he and Brad Childress isn't a good thing for this team as the season goes along. I think the Vikings may actually be better off starting Tavaris Jackson (more mobile than Favre) and playing run-first, ball control offense. Favre isn't getting it done so maybe it's time to rely on that horse in the backfield.

Tampa over Arizona: As it turns out, THIS GAME is my "close your eyes and flip a coin who cares" pick. I really don't believe Tampa is as good as their record. They're playing in Arizona and the Cardinals should have enough talent to win. This game will probably come down to who can run the ball better. Both teams are in the bottom of the league in rushing defense. I'm gonna go ahead and take my brother's team, Tampa.

Pittsburgh over New Orleans: I'm taking Pittsburgh but I would NOT be surprised if the Saints actually showed up for this game and put up a bunch of points. Pitt's defense is not that good against the pass statistically but they're in the top of the league when it comes to sacks. I think New Orleans has the talent to win ("obbbbbbviouslyyyyyyy") but I think that Pittsburgh is just a better team playing better football right now.

Colts over Houston: Houston's pass defense is HORRID but their rush offense is great! The Colts will figure out a way to minimize the damage Arian Foster's gonna bring and they'll also find a way to get some pressure on Matt Schaub. Offensively, Peyton will put up some points and I'm sure he's been studying the game tape (they're coming off a bye week people) from their early-season loss to Houston like he's about to take the MCAT.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"Wave your hands in the air like, you don't care!!!!!!"

I'm kinda glad riding to Amidon elementary school in the morning with my moms gave me an appreciation for a lot of older music I wouldn't otherwise have listened to. Some of this stuff is just classic. Looking back now as a grown-up I can groove to it, reminisce about rides to school with moms, and get a quick laugh as well lol.

Is it just me or do his eyeballs scare the crap out of you too? Also, about 1 minute and 15 secs in his outfit gets real Eddie Long-ish (yep, I said it). I will say one last thing about his attired though. If I was gonna wear a jock strap on the outside of my clothes it would definitely be red. Like him, I'd need a big red jock to take away from my chicken legs. Maybe he and I have more in common than I'd like to admit (fml).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LeBron may just want to let his basketball do the talking

I saw this online last night for the first time and my initial reaction was "Hmmmm. Intersting." The more I have thought about it the more I wanted to support LeBron (I'm a big LeBron fan) and this commercial. He comes across introspective and slightly remorseful (or not at all, depending on your interpretation). He pokes Barkley and Jordan in response to their comments about his "Decision" to join D Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. And he asks some rhetorical questions about the happenings of the past few months.

I wanted to feel the rebellion LeBron seemed to feel when filming this. I wanted to feel like this commercial did a good job of justifying the "I'm just doing me" attitude of my generation and LeBron's. But really, I just can't.

"Should I stop listening to my friends" he asks. Then he says, "they're my friends". This isn't high school and I know he's not that far removed from high school but that's a bit immature. Just because they're your friends doesn't mean they give good advice. Just because you're loyal to them (and vice-versa) doesn't mean you should take their advice. Fact is, your friend(s) helped you make what many believe to be a really bad decision in doing "The Decision". I think it was a bad idea no matter how much money it raised for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Had he chose to stay in Cleveland, maybe it would have been a "decent" idea. But to do an hour long special knowing you were gonna go to another team was in poor taste no matter how much you're doing what's right for you and yours. Even when you're "doing you", there's a way to be respectful of others.

In the very beginning he asks, "what should I do?" and at the end he asks "should I be who you want me to be?" The answers to both of those questions are really quite simple. You should just play basketball and be whoever you are. The latter of which we've all seemed to get a much better idea of since "The Decision".

LeBron's legacy won't be tarnished when-and-if the Heat win a couple titles. LeBron will regain popularity this season much like Kobe did after he beat the rape case. My advice would be for LeBron to let his basketball do the talking. No need to care what people think. He didn't break any laws! We live in a society where people are fickle. They'll love you one day and hate you the next and vice-versa. It's like Jay-Z said: "First they love you then they hate you then they love you again!"

LeBron, what goes around comes around. They loved you in Cleveland. They hate you now. But when you guys start winning in Miami and you're droppin' triple doubles, they'll love you again. Well, most of them will, lol. You've got a talent that not many people have and been blessed to make millions of dollars using it. Instead of feeding into the media's reaction and fighting over your so-called marketability and image...

How about you remember that damn near 100% of your "marketability" is tied to the sport you love and are gifted at.

How about you just do basketball well like you've been doing and watch the marketability and brand rebound (pun intended). You've gotta remember that if you couldn't play basketball, you wouldn't be half as rich or as popular as your are right now. Stick to what you do best and find a mentor with experience in the NBA limelight both on-and-off the court but not someone as huge as Jordan or Barkley. Someone with a bit more humility and less fame that's grounded might do you some good.

And last but not least, if you do decide to address something, make it something more worthwhile than what people think about your dumb-azz "Decision". Make it something that counts! Like the fact that no matter how rich you may be, there will always be a white man richer than you that writes your checks for both on-and-off the court activities. Or, the fact that no matter how much money you make or fame you are given, to a lot of people you're still a tall, muscular, lawn jockey. And for all the progressive white folk that may read this, everything isn't about race but a lot of it is. Even if it's subconscious and not overt, it still is.

But to answer your question... What should you do? Play basketball. JUST DO IT!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hip-Hop's 10 Best Animated GIFs

I stole these from's post of the 50 best and basically compiled them into the ones that I thought were the best. And just as a point of information, you can make an animated GIF out of any video footage so while a lot of these are animated GIFs technically, they're not true animated GIFs in that they were originally a set of still images combined into an animation (webNerd much?).

Without further adieu, here's my list of the best 10 out of Complex's 50, and a couple bonus ones I picked out.

Rolling in at #10, Mr. Bentley himself (Complex had this one at 47)...

Whatever happened to Mr. Bentley? He went from being Diddy's manservant to allegedly selling umbrellas to allegedly being signed to G.O.O.D. Music to being invisible. I guess he might have just pigeon-holed himself with the whole buffoonish manservant act. I hope not because dude is actually pretty daggon bright (as in, well-educated).

Coming in at #9 is Jay-Z and his Roc Boy's salute (Complex had this at #31)...

Fellas, you did this, at least once... With one of your friends.

Next up at #8 is Jay-Z again, but for all the wrong reasons, lol (Complex had this at #12)...

If you watched the Fade to Black DVD then you know that Jay-Z has a proclivity for making weird faces when he's feeling his music and this seems to prove he makes the same type of faces when listening to other people's music. It's hilarious how Jay-Z can be cool as a fan in pic #9 and a goofball at #8.

Who's up at #7 you ask? None other than Diddy himself (Complex had Diddy at 33)...

Sometimes I am thoroughly entertained by Diddy and other times I feel like he poaches hip-hop. It's really a case-by-case situation. But the Diddy Bop is classic. Perhaps not as classic as this though...

Number 6, Dame Diddy (Complex had this one at #34)

Dame might stay losing post-"BreakUpAFella", but when Rocafella was at its prime, Dame was a dancing machine (no Michael Jackson). This is one of his most classic moments doing the "roll the dice" dance. What Rachel Roy saw in an azzhole like Dame that danced like this I will never know, lol. The only issue I've got here is Dame being shirtless.

Number 5 (Complex had this one at #39)...I wonder how Jay-Z feels about me having Dame at #6. Well....

I bet this sums up how Jay feels very accurately. "He's alright but he's not real. Jay-Z's that deal", lol.

Coming in at #4 is the homie Brad Jordan aka Scarface aka Mr. Scarface (Complex had this at #6)

This is probably the last face you'd expect to see FaceMob making but if you saw the video from which this GIF was made, you'd totally understand why, lol. Real Face fans know about hittin' her with the "High Notes", lol.

Number 3 (Complex has this at #19) is dedicated to all NYers that think everything is about NY hip-hop and nothing else

This might be one of the lamest, most homo-erotic things to ever happen in hip-hop. I love New York hip-hop and always have but if this is what NY hip-hop has to rely on to "bring NY hip-hop back" then good riddance to NY rap. Personally, I think the people who ONLY respect NY rappers as lyricists and give less credit to southern other rappers with ridiculous skills (ie - Lil Wayne, TIP, Scarface, Andre Benjamin, etc.) should be forced to listen to MIMS move to Atlanta or Houston for about a year so they can get some "hip-hop exposure". New York was the birthplace and used to be the epicenter people, but the genre & culture is bigger than NY now and there are other talented artists outside the NYC's 5 burroughs. Get over it. Or pull a Diddy/Fat Joe and ride the south's "gonads" until you become relevant there.

Number 2 (Complex had this at #36) is one that needs no words really


And my number 1 hip-hop animated GIF of all the times (at least from those that I pilfered from's list) is...

Hands-down the coolest President eVAR! No, it's not because he's black and I am too. No it's not because being cool matters when it comes to Presidents. But simply because Obama is the type of cool that every man wants to be but only few are born with. I don't have it and most of you cats reading this don't either. But few men are blessed (yes, blessed dammit) to have his coolness, intelligence, speaking ability, confident humility, and overall presence. Even if Obama wasn't the President he'd be somewhere being the coolest mofo in the building and you can't deny even if you want to, lol.

Honorable Mentions

In case you were wondering what Complex's #1 choice was, it was CamRon arguing with Bill O'Reilly...

And here are a few others that I think are worth checkin' out...

This one is just completely hilarious!!!

It's really Officer Raw$e's reaction to LeBron's "Decision" but someone did a great job of making a hilarious animated GIF out of it, lol.

This one's really for the fellas. I used to be a big Rosa Acosta "watcher" but then she got to the point of over-saturation on the InterWeb and I stopped being interested, as much. Her stretching videos are pretty well-known in hip-hop webnerd circles so this one you've probably seen before but the sheer sexiness of it demands I post it here.

Watch for the hook hat!

Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey! He gets so excited about his music and performances sometimes he just can't stand up straight.

Im not really sure why or maybe it's because this kid is Justin Beiber-ish but this makes me laugh out loud (no lol).

"[What's] the reason the NFL is popular? You take all the contact away, IT'S SOCCER!"

That statement is classic, but Mark Schlereth has a good point. This is going to be a polarizing issue this week and probably going forward throughout this season in the NFL.

Schlereth's thoughts are in response to the NFL now threatening players with suspensions for first-time offenses of "illegal hits". It doesn't seem like the NFL has a truly clear definition of what an "illegal hit" is so this is gonna be up to the refs and the league to determine during the game and after the games, respectively.

Want more evidence that this is a polarizing issue? Watch Steve Young and Matt Millen go back-and-forth about it.

In general, I think that the league should do something to protect players that are defenseless. None of us want to see a player paralyzed or killed because of a devastating hit on the football field. BUT, there's no real way to force defensive players to stop hitting so hard and if defensive players DO start pulling up from hard hits, you are going to see a lot of defensive players get hurt. Aside from that, you will also see lots more yards after the catch as well so expect receivers and quarterback's statistics to improve. It's going potentially to take some of the physicality out of the league but I think it's probably a good idea. At the same time, NFL players know full well that they can potentially take a devastating hit and they go out onto to that field and play. And they're getting paid well for the risks their taking. I'm sure that most players probably won't like it but deep-down if you're a slot receiver like Wes Welker you're sitting back somewhere smiling on the inside and keeping a straight face on the outside. None of these guys want to have a Mike Utley or Darrell Stingley moment no matter how tough they think they are. None of them!

Here's some of the (scary) science behind concussions and also a video on how Tedy Bruschi believes players can change their tackling styles to prevent these head-on collisions that are being outlawed...

In the end, the NFL is a business and this is a smart business decision. The league has to protect it's players, especially the players that make big plays on offense (WRs, QBs, and RBs). You take away the most electrifying and exciting players on offense because of big hits and you take away some of the excitement of the league. Sure, fans care about big hits on defense and we love to see them. But we care more about a 80 yard touchdown pass from Favre to Moss or an 50 yard Barry Sanders-esque run for a TD by Chris Johnson. The NFL is GOING TO protect these guys because they're investments. Well really commodities. Use them up for profit while you can and once they retire, don't pay 'em much because they aren't really helping TV ratings anymore. There are much deeper issues within the NFL and hopefully this issue of illegal hits forces people to think about those larger issues.

This reminds me, I need to go pick up Bill Rhoden's "Forty Million Dollar Slaves"...

NFL Picks - Week 7

Man that hit looked horrendous in regular speed and deadly in slow-motion. DeSean had memory loss and everything. But, this hit is a part of football and similar hits will happen again. I agree that helmet-to-helmet hits should be outlawed and suspensions levied, but having played football before I know how hard it is to avoid a helmet-to-helmet collision when you're at full speed out there and playing aggressively.

Moving right along... Shot out to the homie RipRock for posting his picks before mine, lol. I promise I made my picks without looking at yours so I wonder how many we'll have the same.

Atlanta over Cincy: Atlanta's playing at home after taking a horrible loss to Philly last week and I'm not convinced that the Bengals QB is good enough to win them a game if he has to. Atlanta will NOT get blown out like last week and if it's close I don't expect Carson to be able to get his team a win.

Redskins over Chicago: Although we lost last week we played the Colts pretty tough. The Bears aren't as good offensively as the Colts so I think we have a shot. The key is going to be whether or not we can 1) run the ball and 2) stop Julius Peppers from sacking Donovan 4 or 5 (or more) times.

Philadelphia over Tennessee: Philly is playing good football, no matter which QB they have behind center. Tennessee's defense has been playing good football but I think the Eagles might be the team to really expose them. Then again, Andy Reid's at play here and he sometimes finds ways to fock things up. Regardless though, I'm gonna go with Philly in this one.

Kansas City over Jacksonville: I'm starting to think Kansas City might actually be legitimate this year. Jacksonville, not so much.

Pittsburgh over Miami: This is gonna be a close one. May be a true defensive battle for both teams but this is where you will see why Ben is so important to the Steelers. At the end of the game, if he has the ball in his hands with a chance to lead the Steelers to a winning FG or TD, he will do it. It's almost a guarantee.

New Orleans over Cleveland: The Saints aren't playing well, but they aren't bad enough to lose to the Browns are they? I think NOT!

St. Louis over Tampa Bay: St. Louis is playing good football. Tampa has been playing decent also but my gut tells me the Rams are gonna win this one.

49ers over Panthers: The Panthers stink, badly.

Baltimore over Buffalo: Since it didn't happen last week, I guess this game will be the one where after a blow-out win the NFL prognosticators will have the Ravens in the Superbowl.

Seattle over Arizona: I talked a lot of garbage about Seattle in the first few weeks but their win last week convinced me that they may actually be a much better team that I think they are. Arizona's been stinking it up and I don't care if they beat the Saints they still stink.

Denver over Oakland: This one is actually a tricky one because it's a divisional game. The Raiders beat the Chargers (divisional foe) and now they are probably going to play well against the Broncos too. If Denver can avoid turnovers and dumb mistakes I think they'll be ok.

New England over San Diego: This is the type of game the Chargers typically win to make you *think* they're ok and they'll be in the running to make it to the AFC Championship game. Not.This.Year!

Minnesota over Green Bay: I'm not sure why, I just have a feeling. Favre against his old team and Green Bay's defense isn't playing as well as it did last year.

Giants over Cowboys: The Cowboys SUCK! I'm not saying that because I hate them but because every year the Cowboys are a paper champion. As long as Wade Phillips is the coach they will never win a Superbowl. They may very well make it there (not this year though) but they won't win one. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even make the play-offs this year.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I want my wife to know how to throw down in the kitchen... EVERY DAY!"

Fellas, I'm sure we all got a kick of this post. But it does indeed go both ways....

Cherese, you are on point ONCE AGAIN!

In case you missed the first one, check it out below:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Help Find Jessica!!!!

Not really...

Thousands Of Girls Match Description Of Missing Sorority Sister

Having attended a predominantly white college I found this video hilarious! Now they need to do one of these for H.B.C.U's. Or would it be racially insensitive?

"Where are all the good black men? I just can't find one."


I'll refrain from making any general blanket type of comment and just say that this video is really accurate in a lot of instances, which is pretty sad. Shot out to Cherese for sending me this!

Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Picks - Weeks 5 & 6

Yep, I forgot (again) to post my picks last week. The worst part is that I only got 4 games right, which is pretty pathetic. I'm almost embarrassed to post them now but I'll go ahead and post them (without comments, lol).

Posthumous Week 5 Picks

Jacksonville over Buffalo --> Correct

Cincy over Tampa --> WRONG! Ok, I lied about the comments thing. Is it just me or is
Carson Palmer looking WASHED UP!?!? I have no faith in this dude anymore and I'll give it two more losses or week 8 (whichever comes first) before Chad and T-Hoe start publicly criticizing Carson. Marvin Lewis tried to take the blame for Palmer's 3rd interception but he blew that game for the Bengals.

Atlanta over Cleveland --> Correct.

St. Louis over Detroit --> Wrong. Shaun Hill. That's all.

Kansas City over Indy --> WRONG! My sleeper/upset pick. WOMP!

Green Bay over Washington --> Wrong! To my surprise we won this game. I didn't get to watch it so I'm SURE we tried our best to lose it but from what I understand Laron Landry turned into Sean Taylor this game so I'm kinda happy I was wrong and happy for him. He's playing at a pro bowl level this year. I'm still not convinced we'll be doing shyt in the long-run but we'll see how we fare against Peyton next week and that'll tell me a lot about how I should feel about the rest of the year.

Chicago over Carolina --> Correct. I'd actually picked Carolina initially now that I think about it, lol.

Baltimore over Denver --> Correct. No way Kyle Orton was gonna beat the Ravens at home.

Houston over G-Men --> Wrong. Matt Schaub and Arian Foster disappeared. Someone put out an A.P.B.!

New Orleans over Arizona --> Wrong. If the Saints lose next week to the Bucs I don't know if I can consider them a reliable pick anymore this season, even if it's against a team that stinks. Who played QB for Arizona in this game again? PreXACTLY!

Dallas over Tennessee --> Wrong. I pick Dallas and they lose, what a surprise. At home, after a bye week these bums lose. When are they gonna fire Bum Phillips, Jr? Really! He's done at the end of the season if the team is healthy and they don't make the Superbowl. I'm taking all bets on that one.

San Diego over Oakland --> Wrong. When are they gonna just fire Norv Turner, really. Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, and Andy Reid... My three least favorite and competent coaches on the league. Andy Reid used to get bailed out by Donovan all the time (yes, Philly fans, it's true) and now he better hedge his bets and hope that when Vick gets healthy he'll do the same because it sure looks like Kolb can only manage a game, not control/dominate one.

San Fran over Philly --> Wrong. San Fran gave this game away. It was really pathetic.

Jets over Minnesota --> Haven't played yet (I wrote this part on Monday afternoon). My guess is the Jets will win in a close game but with my luck thus far this week I'm almost sure I'm wrong. Oh well.

Now onto my picks for week 6...

Bears over Seahawks: The Bears are playing pretty well right now, especially defensively. And if Cutler comes back they'll probably put up some serious points. I don't think the Seahawks can keep pace.

Green Bay over Miami: It's in Green Bay. They're in need of a win. If Aaron Rodgers is not playing I will be changing this pick.

San Diego over St. Louis: After the embarrassing loss to Oakland they HAVE TO beat the Rams. Am I the only person that realizes once Shawne Merriman went off the HGH this team has not been the same? Also, am I the only person that KNOWS Norv Turner sucks? Norv was sucking long before Merriman got off the cream and the clear but this defense has NOT been the same since homie stopped shooting up them 'roids. San Diego's problem has always been that they are a finesse team with a coach that has no ability to get them "up" for the big games. Looks like it'll be the same 'ole story this year.

Baltimore over New England: After this game EVERYBODY will have the Ravens in the Super Bowl. With Randy Moss no longer there I don't see any reason why the Ravens will shy away from blitzing the crap out of Tom Brady. And this will be a good test to see if the Pats really do have a running game.

Giants over Detroit: G-Men are playing really well now. If they put pressure on Detroit's QB (Hill or Stafford) it's a wrap. The variables with the Giants are how Eli plays and whether or not they're defense puts pressure on the opposing team's QB. Last week, they have both clicking. We'll see if they can keep it up.

Atlanta over Philly: Philly almost blew the game against San Fran. Atlanta's a better team than San Fran. I have Mike Vick playing in this one even with the sore ribs but I don't think he'll be effective running and may even be timid because of the ribs. If Atlanta's smart they'll sit back in coverage, contain Mike Vick to the extent possible, and see if Vick can dink-and-dunk them enough to score a few times. I don't think he can while he's hurting. The threat of Mike Vick running is a game-changer.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland: Big Ben's back, right? Cleveland stinks, right? You already know what's going to happen. It's a divisional game so the Browns will play well. But I think Big Ben's coming back at the perfect time against the perfect opponent to have the perfect "warm-up" game. 300+ yards and 2 TDs (hopefully to Mike Wallace since he's on one of my fantasy squads).

Tampa Bay over New Orleans: This is my gut pick for the week. I have a feeling that New Orleans may just stink it up this year. They've been playing sub-par (by their standards) and something just seems off. This is a divisional game so I expect Tampa Bay to be competitive. Add-in how the Saints have been playing recently and I think the Bucs may have a little more confidence in being able to compete and win.

Houston over Kansas City: No way Arian Foster and Matt Schaub will pull a disappearing act two weeks in a row, right? Kansas City's a good team and a surprise this year but the surprise has to end at some point. Why not let the end begin this week, lol?

Jets over Broncos: Too much defense. Same thing the Ravens did to the Broncos, the Jets will do.

San Fran over Oakland: This is my "I hope they get one this week" pick. Oakland just beat the Chargers but that was a divisional game. I'm guessing they may just mail it in this week. This is a rivalry of sorts in itself, the "Across the Bay" rivalry. San Fran *should* be a better team, I think.

Minnesota over Dallas: Randy Moss will have a big game. Did you see Dallas's corners against Tennessee? Sheesh! I would not be surprised if Minnesota put up 40 points in this game. Anybody notice that I haven't mentioned Brett Favre's penis at all in the past few weeks even though the media can't "let it go" (HA!)

Washington over Indy: I know, I know. You think I'm crazy hyped off the win over the Packers. Well, I'm not. But I don't think we're going to roll-over for the Colts. If we can stick-it-out and beat the Packers (whose defense is better than the Colts), then why not be able to compete with the Colts? Yeah we'll give up a lot of short and medium passes to Peyton. Yes we will have to get our running game ready to rock-and-roll. And yes, if Mr. Freeney isn't contained we're in for a long day. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and pick us this week. If we can get this one, it'll be a solid home win against a solid team. Donovan's just mobile enough to not get sacked too many times and he can create on the run so I don't think the Freeney factor will be that huge. But if we can't play solid pass defense and run the ball we are short!

Tennessee over Jacksonville: Aside from Mike Vick, the "other black QB" that needs to get some props is who? Well it damn sure isn't David Garrard!!!! And that's why the Titans will win. Aside from the fact that Pinball (Chris Johnson) is about due for a 200-yard game.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Barry Sanders, Jr... A Chip Off the 'Ole Block

Just ran across this post about Barry Sanders, Jr and it looks like he's on the path to being potentially great college football player. I won't dare say he's going to be as good as his dad because that remains to be seen but he's definitely miles beyond his high school competition and he'll probably dominate in college as well. Here's a quick highlight reel...

Also, if you clicked on the link above to go to the original blogpost you'll notice that he "...Through his Heritage Hall (Okla.) High School Chargers' 5-0 start, Sanders has rushed for 970 yards and 14 touchdowns. A huge chunk of those stats came in a monstrous performance against Tulsa NOAH on Friday night, when he scored five touchdowns and ran for 313 yards on 13 carries. At one point he scored three touchdowns in the span of only four runs." This sounds pretty crazy but in high school there are sometimes players that are just that dominant so this isn't completely unheard of. But that still shouldn't take away from just how much better he must be than the competition to post those types of numbers.

What I like most from what I read/saw is that he seems like a pretty intelligent and well-spoken kid...

With all that said, even though junior appears to be a beast, it's going to take a lot more to be as good as his dad.

Friday, October 1, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 4

Much like the week before... I sucked a big fat one last week too. I only got 9 picks right last week. Let's do a quick recap of the picks that I got wrong...

Kansas City beat the 49ers: Apparently, I was wrong about the "coming of age" moment for Alex Smith. His coming of age was more like Memphis Bleeks in that, he's still "one hit away".

Atlanta beat New Orleans: I'm not mad about this one. It was a divisional game and they can be close/tough. Hartley (who I also have on my fantasy squad) jacked that money and missed the kick. Which reminds me, I need to drop him from my fantasy squad.

Titans beat Giants: Focking Eli "The Enigma" Manning. This dude - and his mildly retarded facial expressions and demeanor - cannot be consistent to save his life.

Dallas beat Houston: Like I mentioned last week, I figured Dallas would win this one and piss me off. We beat Dallas in week 1. Houston beats us (Redskins) in week 2. And now Dallas beats Houston in week 3. Makes perfect sense, right?

Rams beat Redskins: Again, I said this last week "I was expecting St. Louis to win last week and it'll be just my luck that they beat the Redskins this week. Because you know, we lose games like this. Remember when Dallas went 1-15 years ago? Yeah, they beat us. Remember when the Lions only won 1 game (was that last year or the year before?), yeah they beat us. So this type of game is right up our alley. SMH." Yep, smh again!

Seattle beat San Diego: Seattle may be very well on their way to proving me wrong. San Diego on the other hand..."They were who we thought they were!" That is, a Norv Turner coached team.

Chicago beat Green Bay: Another divisional game that could have went either way.

Now onto this week's picks. Let's hope I get at least 10 games right this week.

Atlanta over San Francisco: Atlanta showed a lot of heart and grit when beating the Saints so I'll take them at home over San Francisco. The Niners need a win really bad I just don't think they'll get it this week.

Jets over Buffalo: The Bills are winless for a reason. They suck. I'm expecting the Jets to pitch a shut-out.

Cincy over Cleveland: The "Battle of Ohio". Cincy has way more talent on both sides of the ball.

Green Bay over Detroit: This might be an upset special. Detroit came very close to beating the Bears in week 1. I don't think Matt Stafford's going to play but Shaun Hill is actually serviceable at times. Jahvid Best is a touchdown-waiting-to-happen so it'll be interesting to see if the Packers defense can stop him. But unless he has one of those Al Bundy games (4 TDs, Polk High, ya'll know what I'm talking about) and the Packers can't score on the Lions defense I see this being a rout.

Titans over Broncos: Pinball (Chris Johnson) will have another solid game. The difference-maker in my mind here is that they're going to be playing in Tennessee.

Seattle over St. Louis: Seattle will probably blow St. Louis out simply because I talked so much crap about the Seahawks over the past few weeks and because the Rams beat the Redskins last week.

Saints over Panthers: Carolina needs to get their running game together FAST or it's going to be a LONG season.

Pittsburgh over Baltimore: This is gonna be a game that all the people who love smash-mouth football will enjoy. Low-scoring, hit-fest. Whoever turns the ball over more than the other team will lose. Also, I think Ray Rice is hurt and why bring him back against the Steelers defense (at this point in the season) to take a bruising when they'll need him in the long run. Steelers by 3 points.

Houston over Oakland: Oakland is second in pass defense but near the bottom of the league in rush defense. Can we all say in unison, Arian Foster?

Indy over Jacksonville: The Jags are horrible this year. David Garrard is playing horribly and I don't think Dwight Freeney's presence will help that.

Washington over Philly: Obviously this is my "he's a Skins fan reaching out on a limb for an upset" special this week. I love what Mike Vick is doing but I'm picking my Skins to go to Philly and upset the Eagles. They've gotta rebound from that horrible performance last week.

San Diego over Arizona: No comment.

Chicago over the Giants: Giants only have six sacks this season. Unless that number increases dramatically this week, it's a wrap against Cutler's gunnin' azz!

Miami over New England: This is my real upset pick of the week (notice, I've only picked 3 underdogs, lol). It's a divisional game and the Dolphins played the Jets tough last week. The game is in Miami so maybe a little distraction from J-Lo in the owner's box will work in the Dolphins favor.