Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quote of the Day

"...why would XXL and Smooth magazine be holding a joint model search, when they're owned by different groups of TIs and ostensibly compete against one another? But I wouldn't be surprised if they cop their 'models' from the same suitcase pimps. The better-looking ones go to XXL, the rest of them go to Smooth - similar to how Playboy and Penthouse have been able to peacefully coexist. One magazine has more attractive women, the other one lets you see inside them. At the end of the day, the white man still gets paid."
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Rap-Up and Jeremih's Raindrops Video

Skillz - 2009 Rap Up

It's a shame that we all look forward to Skillz's end of the year recaps more than we look forward to his actual albums. He's a talented cat and has done a LOT of ghostwriting in the past but it looks like his legacy will be Mr. End of the Year.

(NSFW) Video: Jeremih - Raindrops

This video is RIDICULOUS!!!! Ridiculous in the best way possible if you're a guy. I've been to Magic City once before and I can attest to the fact that this pretty much the truth as far as Magic City's "staff" is concerend, lol. Also, I remember there being a $40 minimum if you wanted to use your credit card at the bar and a $7 ATM fee (as if the $20 cover wasn't steep enough). Welcome to Magic City, people! Best viewed through the lens of this video's camera unless you're able to (and planning to) make it rain, lol.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 16

These are the Christmas Quick Picks. I had a horrible week last week and dropped back to 5th place overall. I have to make up 4 points in two weeks so my new team name is "All or Nothing". Wish me luck!

San Diego over Tennessee. "Pinball" (aka Chris Johnson) gets his yards but San Diego wins.

Atlanta over Buffalo. I think Buffalo might win but I'm giving the Falcons an edge because they're playing at home.

Cincinnati over Kansas City.

Cleveland over Oakland. I picked Oakland at first but then I thought about Jennings performance last week and the fact that this game is in Cleveland.

Green Bay over Seattle. I've been saying all year Seattle sucks. It's because they do.

Miami over Houston. Miami needs this win and I think they get it.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay. This one is going to be UGLY.

Giants over Carolina. Carolina will play tougher than the Skins did but the Giants will pull this one out.

Pittsburgh over Baltimore. The Ravens always lose these types of games.

Arizona over St. Louis.

Indianapolis over NYJ. I really want to pick the Jets but I think the Colts are just FOCUSED right now. I think they might drop next week's game though.

49ers over Detroit.

Eagles over Denver. Denver was done for the season weeks ago.

Dallas over Washington. After last week I refuse to go with the Skins in an upset.

Minnesota over Chicago.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 15

I accomplished my mission last week of gaining a point on the leader. I went from 3 points down to 2 points down. This week I'd like to pick up another point if possible.

My team name was going to be "3 Weeks 2 Points" a la last week but I decided to change it to "Rest in Peace Chris Henry" for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, I don't think Henry's passing will inspire his team enough to beat the Chargers but maybe they'll make a heck of a play-off run and he'll be their inspiration for that.

Indy over Jacksonville. It's a divisional game so I think that even though they have the AFC wrapped up, Indy will still take this one seriously and try to put up points like they normally do. Jacksonville is one of the most inconsistent "play-off teams" (hey, CowGirls) right now.

New Orleans over Dallas. No way Dallas goes into New Orleans and beats the Saints. I refuse to believe it.

New England over Buffalo. Randy Moss goes for 100+ yards and 2 scores. Jarius Byrd might make you think Buffalo has a chance at stopping Moss. But they don't. And won't.

Arizona over Detroit. What a great game to rebound from that embarrassing performance they had in San Francisco.

Miami over Tennessee. I really would like to take Tennessee in this game but I just can't. Miami is playing for a play-off spot and Tennessee is basically playing to see if they can get Chris Johnson past 2000 yards on the season. I think Miami having a lot more to play for makes the difference in this game.

Kansas City over Clevelend. This was another tricky choice for me after Cleveland beat Pittsburgh. This game is in Kansas City though and Jamaal Charles, Chris Chambers, and Dwayne Bowe (yep, he's back this week) should be able to step it up this week and beat the scrub-azz Browns.

Houston over St. Louis. Andre Johnson. That.Is.All.

Jets over Falcons. Wanted to take the Falcons but I just don't have faith in them against a solid Jets defense. But can the Jets score if this turns into a shoot-out? Meh.

Eagles over Niners. Sorry 49er fans, I just don't see it happening. Not in Philly. Not with the Eagles fighting for a play-off spot and the NFC East title. If the Eagles can stop Frank Gore they win this game. If they can't, I think they lose. Philly will find a way to score a couple TDs even if it has to come from DeSean Jackson returning kicks. But if they Eagles defense can't stop Frank Gore, it'sa wrap. Not to mention the Giants WRs had a field day against the Eagles so that makes things look a little promising for Crabtree if the Niners can get a run game going. So again, stop Frank Gore, win the game.

Ravens over Bears. The Bears are not going to come into Baltimore and win. They're not good enough. It's not that the Ravens are that good, it's just that the Bears aren't.

Broncos over Raiders. In Denver. Broncos are the better team. The Broncos need a win to manage decent play-off positioning. Who's starting for the Raiders this week? Is that Mark Rypien? Hold up, it's Andre Ware. Oh nope, it's focking Charlie Frye!!! Charlie Frye, everyone!!!

San Diego over Bengals. Sorry Bengals fans...It's not happening. You'll start the game strong with a lot of emotion and passion. Maybe even go into the half up by two TDs. That's when it starts going downhill though. Rivers and company find a way to win.

Green Bay over Pittsburgh. Green Bay has the better defense, the better offense, and the better QB. Do I think that playing in Pittsburgh means something? Yes, I do. But not so much in this game when Green Bay is more than comfortable playing in "the elements" and are simply a better team this year.

Seattle over Tampa. *YAWN* Games like this are why people get false hope about the Seahawks every year. They'll score like 40 points this game, watch.

Vikings over Panthers. Do I even need to talk about this one?

Redskins over Giants. Upset special. The Redskins pass defense is good enough to hold up against the Giants. The run defense is the question though. The Skins can get decent pressure on Eli too. The two breaking points in this game will be the Redskins rushing defense and the Giants defensive line. If the Giants line can get to Campbell, it's a wrap. If the Skins defense can stop Jacobs/Bradshaw, they've got a solid chance at winning this game regardless of how the offense plays. I guess the "make Eli beat us" mantra isn't such a bad one now that I re-read what I just typed, lol.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Real Hip-Hop: Gods'Illa

I won't even try to convince you that I posted this song here a long time ago...

I'm not even gonna say listen to it because I know 'em...

I'll just say that if you like real hip-hop, then you should listen... And then hit up the UAU Open Mic on Tuesdays in D.C.

This right here is proof that the grind pays off. Congrats on the video fellas! Looking forward to seeing ya'll blow up even more.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 14

I'm now in 3rd place after a relatively bad week. I'm down by 3 points with 4 weeks left in the season so my new name is "3-Points 4-Weeks". Original, I know. This week is one of those tricky weeks with some divisional games that were tough to pick (ie - Giants/Philly) and a few teams with some must-win games against tough opponents (ie - Dallas).

I'm looking to pick up a point or two on the leader this week. I haven't taken any picks that are completely insane (or at least I don't think so) but you can judge for yourself.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland...The weather's going to be near 0 degrees (yes, ZERO) in Cleveland and Pittsburgh's not afraid of playing in that type of weather. I'm not so confident in a mediocre/horrible Cleveland team being able to face this weather and the fact that they suck to beat Pittsburgh. Even if Hines Wards ends up not playing and they don't have Troy, I still think the Steelers toughness as a team wins this game for them. I expect it to be somewhat close though because of the weather.

New Orleans over Atlanta...I wanted to take the Falcons, I really did. But I just can't. After the scare last week against my Redskins of all teams, I think the Saints are going to put on a clinic unless the Falcons can get some sort of a running game going. I do believe that the Saints will lost this season though and my guess is that it will either be at Dallas next week (especially if the Cowboys lose to the Chargers this week and Philly beats the Giants) or at Carolina during the last week of the season when it's a divisional foe and the Saints will probably rest a lot of guys.

Green Bay over Chicago...Green Bay's defense is playing very well and they can score in Chicago in any type of weather. With all that said, this is a divisional game and it would not surprise me one bit if Jay Cutler threw 4 TDs and they routed the Packers. That's just how the NFL is sometimes when it comes to divisional games. But yeah, I'm picking the Packers.

Indianapolis over Denver...The puzzle that was the Denver Broncos was solved by the Ravens several weeks ago and the Broncos have yet to recover. And unless Dumervil sacks Peyton 5+ times this game I don't see Denver winning. Unlike the Saints, I don't think that the Colts will lose this season. The only team that I think will be tough for them after this week is the Jets in the next-to-last week of this season. You cannot under-estimate Peyton Manning. If he's playing more than 2 quarters you've gotta put your money on the Colts at this point. The game at Buffalo in week 17 will be a tough one as well (especially if the weather is bad) but in the end I think Buffalo might beat themselves in that game even if the Colts are starting their 2nd stringers.

Kansas City over Buffalo...Kansas City beat the Steelers at home and I think they'll play well this game.

Cincinnatti over Minnesota...I believe that Cincinnatti's defense can contain Adrian Peterson. He might get a score but he won't dominate them. The loss of E.J. Henderson is going to be very important this game I believe. Cincinnatti in an upset.

New England over Carolina...No explanation necessary.

Jets over Bucs...The Bucs are going to make this one interesting but since the Jets are great at stopping the run and the pass, I'm not sure how Tampa will manage to score enough points to win. The Jets are starting Kellen Clemens but they run the ball better than any team in the league and the Bucs can't stop the run.

Miami over Jacksonville...Miami can play good football when they want to and I think that they'll win this game. This is one of those toss-up games.

Baltimore over Detroit...Ravens fans will be going wacko for Ray Rice after this one is over. Maybe even Flacco too! But again, the Ravens are not for real this year. Get over it Baltimore!

Houston over Seattle...Can't stand Seattle. Can't stand Houston's undpredictability. Houston wins this game at home though.

Tennessee over St. Louis...Chris Johnson runs for 200+ and 3 TDs.

Washington over Oakland...My sole reason for this pick is that the Raiders suck at stopping the run. The Redskins can run the ball and I think that they've been getting better and more competitive over the past few weeks. I'm going with my Skins this week. And naturally, they'll friggin lose, lol.

Dallas over San Diego...I went back-and-forth with this pick for a while. Dallas is NOT FOR REAL just like the Ravens aren't. San Diego always goes on a mid-season winning streak and then loses a game JUST LIKE THIS ONE and still somehow manages to limp backwards into the play-offs. I really think that San Diego should win this game but I just don't think they will. Even with Dallas's record in December and the CowGirls not being legitimate to me, I still think they will win this game. I blame all this on Norv Turner. Great offensive coordinator in Dallas, mediocre coach in San Diego.

Philadelphia over New York...Philly can stop the run. The Giants pass defense is lackluster at best. DeSean Jackson is going to play. This does not bode well for the Giants unless they can get consistent pressure on McNabb. Hold up, they shouldn't have any problems putting pressure on McNabb! Man, this is another tough pick. I'm sticking with the Eagles though. I just don't believe in the Giants secondary or their offense.

Arizona over 49ers...The 49ers are talented on defense but they won't stop the Cardinals from scoring. And the Cardinals defense is playing really well it appears (though they might just mail it in this week, lol) so I'm going with the Cardinals.

Friday, December 4, 2009

ATHLETES of the WEEK: Vince Young

This just in!!!! VINCE YOUNG (apparantly) IS NOT DEPRESSED, HURT, OR SUICIDAL!

As a matter of fact, he's playing like he did back at the University of Texas. And in the win last week against Arizona, Vince looked a lot like he did in that EPIC National Championship game back 2006 at the Rose Bowl.

I've been rooting for Vince since he came back into the line-up as starter this year because last year he got hurt, disappeared and unable to be found by the team, and subsequently the media turned Vince Young into a spectacle by saying he was contemplating suicide. Not to mention the fact that his mother didn't help the situation by telling the media he didn't want to play football anymore. In a matter of a week or so he went from promising young quarterback to young quarterback spiraling out of control. WOMP!

The truth of the matter is that Vince Young was a kid who came into the NFL having dominated the game of football at every level. In addition to that, I'm sure he came into the NFL with a bunch of people around him who had been telling him he was the best person to every play QB and that he would be a star in the NFL. But that NFL stardom doesn't come without many trials and tribulations. Just like every other young NFL QB does, Vince struggled at times. At other times he showed glimpses of greatness. These are the ups-and-downs every quarterback tends to go through until they settle into an offensive system with some decent weapons and learn how to read NFL defenses. It wasn't a big shock to me that Vince might have been having some trouble growing in the NFL. But when you considering the pressure placed on an NFL quarterback you also have to realize that not every player in the NFL (let alone a QB) is ready to carry the emotional load that comes with being in the NFL and expected to perform at a high level.

Vince got hurt early in the season last year and the team was turned over to NFL journeyman (but also Superbowl QB) Kerry Collins. The Titans then went on to win 13 games last year with Collins at the helm. During this great run it appeared to me that Vince Young was mostly an afterthought. And when he was thought of there were questions about his mental toughness, stability, and his ability to succeed in the NFL that all came before anything positive. Meanwhile, Vince Young was on the sidelines keeping quiet and apparently learning a lot about the NFL.

This year, after a horrendous start to the season with Collins as the starter, the Titans brass decided it was time to see if Vince still had something left in the tank (which is a crazy thought considering how young he is) and the owner made it publicly known that he felt Vince should start. Titans' coach Jeff Fisher subsequently started Vince in the next game and since then the Titans have yet to lose a game of football beating the Jaguars, 49ers, Bills, Texans, and a thriller over the Cardinals with Vince leading a 99-yard drive to win the game capped with this throw to rookie, Kenny Britt.

Now I'm not even close to being Vince Young's number 1 fan. But even if the Titans lose every game from here on out I think Vince Young is the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year this year. I'm just happy to see a young brother rebound from adversity to come back and prove (at least up until this point) his doubters wrong. It's good to see him rebound from everything that happened last year and play like a stud for the last 5 games. It just goes to show that sometimes every one else might doubt you, but if you believe in yourself you can do whatever it is you set out to achieve.

Congrats to Vince on his great play this season and I hope they continue to play well.

ATHLETES of the WEEK: Allen Iverson

This week A.I. resigned with the Philadelphia 76ers. Am I supposed to be excited about this? Am I supposed to be excited for him? Really, am I?

I think this is a desperate move for A.I. and an obvious business move for the 76ers. Allen doesn't need the money, he just needs the spotlight/ball. Everybody knows that even with A.I. the 76ers aren't doing anything this year. The Sixers could have Moses Malone, Dr. J, A.I., Andre Iguodala (WTF is an Iguodala by the way), and Eric Snow and they STILL would not do ANYTHING this year!!!

Everybody should know that they're only bringing in Allen because he's loved by Philly fans and he undoubtedly help ticket sales. Sure the 76ers need help when you consider Lou Williams is out for 8 weeks with a broken jaw. And sure, Iverson could come in and average 25+ points per game on that team which really doesn't have a true scorer other than Williams. But in the end, what is Allen looking to get out of this situation other than a starting spot and the ability to jack-up shots whenever he wants? I don't think John Thompson would have advised him to come out of his semi-retirement to play for the 76ers.

The only way I can think this will pan out to give Iverson what he claims he wants (a championship) is if the following happens...
  1. Iverson comes back and averages about 25 per game (which is HIGHLY possible).
  2. He demands a trade at the trade deadline to a contender (*knocks on microphone*...Cleveland, are you there? Hey, is this thing on?) to come off the bench or maybe even start in the case that someone's point guard is injured for the remainder of the season.
  3. He makes a run with the contender and somehow manages NOT to screw up the chemistry of the team (the way Shaq-a-saurus is doing in Cleveland) before they make it to the Finals and win a championship.
Aside from this strategy, the only way I see this making sense for Allen is to perform well until Lou comes back, take a seat on the bench, and come off the bench as the sixth man with the green light, and average 20+ off the bench.

Yes, I know that benching Allen friggin Iverson for Lou Williams sounds stupid if not mildly Eli Porter. But so does Allen Iverson accepting a 1-year tender to play with the 76ers when he's trying to win a championship! The fact of the matter is that if A.I. comes in there and shoots the ball a billion times a game he's going to hurt the 76ers growth as a team more than help them. They have young players that won't be able to develop this year and after this year we all know Allen is out of there and the 76ers will most likely be left with a set of young players that missed a year of growth.

Fill the seats now, or build a contender for next year or the year after? That's the question the 76ers brass answered when they signed A.I. It's ALL about the money.

To me though, this signing says more about Allen Iverson needing the ball/spotlight than it does about the 76ers (a business) making a business decision. It doesn't seem like Allen has matured from those years in Denver and Detroit when everybody wanted to surmise that he'd grown and developed into a more team-oriented player. I'm not saying that he isn't a team-oriented guy or that he can't or hasn't been one but I AM SAYING that he won't be one on this particular team. A.I. needed to go to a team that is a contender with veteran leaders (San Antonio) or a combination of young studs and veteran leaders (Cleveland, Boston) in order to be the team-oriented Allen we all know he can be when he wants to.

But there is one angle in all of this I haven't considered much to be honest. Maybe A.I. is being black-balled by a large number of teams in the league because of his "reputation". He has a reputation as a guy who plays hard every game but doesn't like to practice. He has a reputation as a me-first guy that isn't unselfish enough to fit into a true team structure. And he also has a bad boy image no matter how much some people want to act like the corn rows, tattoos, and street gear are now a non-issue. Just a thought.

What I do know FOR SURE is that he's not going to win a championship in Philly...EVER! That opportunity was lost several years ago. So my advice to him would be to play his butt off until late January and hope someone makes a trade offer for him that the 76ers can't resist. In the meantime I'm sure A.I. and Mike Vick will have the Philly party scene going bonkers!

ATHLETES of the WEEK: Tiger Woods

My MAIN man Eldrick Woods, also known as "Tiger". This week Tiger went from curiously crashing his car in his own driveway to being chased out of the house with a golf club to having an affair with up to two women. As you can see, it's been a busy week for him but if any animal can handle all these things, it'd be a "Tiger". But it seems as if Tiger knew a few days ago that all the cheating talk might hit the fan soon considering this completely hilarious voice message he left for his jump-off. And there have also been text messages he sent to his jump-off released as well which are also rather humorous.

I'm still curious as to whether his wife beat his azz with the golf club prior to him crashing or not. It appears that those details might just go untold. I'm also still curious about how Tiger and his wife could simply tell the police they weren't going to talk to them about the accident. Hmmm, must be nice.

I've noted on this blog before that Tiger was someone I looked up to and he still is, just not in terms of him being a good father and husband. This is definitely a hugely bad decision on his part but it doesn't take away from the other things he's accomplished. No one is perfect and we all have made poor decisions at some point in our lives. You live and you learn. I just wish he could have been a better husband for his family and father to his kids when temptation came his way. But he still has time to make things better, hopefully.

I'd be lying if I said that this shytuation is surprising. Tiger's a rich athlete and lots of rich athletes (and not-so-rich non-athletes as well) get caught up in shytuations of infidelity so I don't think anyone is surprised. I never had Tiger pegged as Mr. Innocent but I probably did have him pegged as Mr. Cornball a few times and I think that lots of people may have taken his cornball-ness to mean that he wouldn't do something like this. To that I say, NEGRO PLEASE! Or better yet, C'Mon Son!

Tiger's biggest mistake in all this was deciding to cheat in the first place. The second biggest mistake was that he went and did what all these rich athletes that cheat seem to do (see Steve McNair). And that is, he found himself a young SCRUMPET that is far less attractive than what he has at home to go out and get "Becky", Rebecca, and Amanda Sue from. I don't think I'll ever understand why these guys risk so much for these bootleg chicks. The girl Tiger was dealing with (seen on the right) was on VH1's Tool Academy for crying out loud! I realize that just because you have a pretty wife at home doesn't mean she's the ideal wife but you make a vow for a reason. In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for better or for worse...Let's take these vows seriously guys. Otherwise, you might end up on TV with the Kobe Bryant "Adultery Face" (and the make-up ring bill also, lol)...

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekly Football Picks - Week 13

I'm now in a 4-way tie for first place. That New England pick really screwed me or I'd be in the lead right now.

My team name this week is "Brees-ing By BeliCHUMP". If you can't figure out why you must have missed the game and/or score from Monday night. Drew Brees played one heck of a game.

Now for my picks...

Buffalo over NYJ...Buffalo has been playing well since they got their new coach and Ryan Fitzpatrick started playing QB full-time. I think this will be a tough game but the Bills will pull it out. They seem to be playing with a new fire. The Jet's defense will play the Bills tough but I think Buffalo will edge this one out.

Philadelphia over Atlanta...Even without DeSean Jackson and a iffy Westbrook coming off a concussion a few weeks ago, the Eagles still have enough talent to beat Atlanta. Especially win you consider that Philly has a better defense and Matt Ryan will be out and Michael Turner may also be out. When it comes down to it, the Eagles still have Donovan McNabb and I think he'll be the difference in this game.

Chicago over St. Louis...Cutler throws for 3 or 4 TDs and the Bears win.

Cincy over Detroit...This one might get U-G-L-Y!

Colts over Titans...This just in, Tennessee is giving up the second most yards per game passing in the league. Indy will give up a couple big runs to CJ on the carpet but I don't see the Colts having too much of an issue scoring on the Titans. I would really like to see Vince Young pull this off and solidify himself as the Comeback Player of the Year (which he already is if you ask me), but I don't think their defense is going to hold up against Peyton. Sure, CJ might score 3 or 4 times in this one but the Colts shouldn't have a problem coming right back down the field and scoring on that generous Titans defense.

Denver over Kansas City...Denver HAS TO win this game, and they will. That's the only logic I have in making this pick.

New England over Miami...Miami suffers because of that rout the Saints pulled off last week.

Pittsburgh over Oakland...Oakland beat Pittsburgh, IN PITTSBURGH? IN DECEMBER? I think NAUGHT!

Carolina over Tampa Bay...Tampa is 1 AND 10!!!! 1 AND 10!!! This is a divisional game so I wouldn't be surprised if they won it even if it's being played in Carolina. But seriously, they're 1 AND 10! I can't pick them against a team with as much talent (Jack DelBUM, not withstanding) as the Panthers.

Houston over Jacksonville...Neither of these teams are for real. I think Houston is the better team overall so I'm picking them.

Chargers over Browns...The Chargers continue to pulverize people for one more week. then they go to Dallas next week and lose a shoot-out to the CowGirls.

Giants over Dallas...Dallas has a soft run defense from time-to-time and I think this might be the week that they get exposed. Brandon Jacobs needs to get going early-and-often in this one and if so, I think the Giants win. The CowGirls can get on a roll offensively and score some points but I think the Giants defensive line will give Romo some problems this week. Yes, I know who DeMarcus Ware is, but I think the Giants will focus on running and controlling the clock with a few shots down the field here-and-there to Manningham and Smith.

49ers over Seattle...I say it EVERY WEEK almost, SEATTLE SUCKS! 49ers go up there and win!

Minnesota over Arizona...Arizona should have a chance in this one but Minnesota's defense is too good. I see Old Man Warner getting sacked a few times by Jared Allen in this one while Old Man Favruh can hand-off to AP and take a shot down the field with Harvin or Rice after the Cardinals defense starts to key on the run. Good luck with that, Cardinals.

Green Bay over Baltimore...Much like the Texans, the Ravens ARE NOT FOR REAL! The Ravens have a solid defense so lots of people want to believe that they're for real. But the truth is that the defense hasn't been as dominant the past couple of years as it had been in the years before that. And what appeared to be a juggernaut offense in the early part of the season has turned out to be just an average offense. With all that said, I still believe Ravens SHOULD win this game, but I don't think they will. Why? Because the game is in Green Bay. Baltimore is a better team (especially when you consider GB's offensive line) but Aaron Rodgers and the Pack can still throw the ball effectively in whatever the weather may be in Green Bay. The Raven's defensive backs are liabilities on every play with the exception of that kid with the dreadlocks. And unless Ray Rice scores 3 or more times I just don't see the Ravens pulling it off. Oh yeah, Green Bay's defense isn't too shabby either. They're #1 overall, first against the pass, and 4th against the run. The Raven's don't give up as many points per game though so this should be interested. But again, PACKERS WIN!