Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WebNerd Alert: Conficker Worm Might 1-8-7 your C-P-U Tomorrow

In case you didn't see the special on 60 Minutes about the Conficker worm or your job/school hasn't sent out a bulletin warning you about it, tomorrow is the day that "experts" expect the Conficker worm/virus/does-it-really-matter-which-one-they-call-it to proceed to jumping off (read: eff some s--- up).

Some of you may have had fishy stuff going on with your FaceBook account lately and if your account started sending out random messages then you may have been hit with Conficker.

The likelihood of the entire InterWeb going down as the clock strikes midnight tonight (á la the Y2K fear that many had...smh) or at some point tomorrow is probably EXTREMELY unlikely. But the likelihood that you might somehow have gotten infected with Conficker and not known it is a little more likely. And since that's the case you have to consider that this thing could potentially scam you out of your precious, recession-fighting dollars. So you probably want to read Symantec's information on how to remove the Worm.

I will definitely be checking my system tomorrow to see if something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. Lord knows I don't want hackers to have access to all this pRon I have on this muddasugga!

Mac users, disregard everything you just read, pricks.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Quarter Post, Half a' Post, Whole Post AYE!

The title will soon become ironic. This is my second time posting 2nd Time. I wonder if this verse will be as poignant in another 5 years. Let's hope not.

Oh yeah, what's even more ironic is who the verse is coming from.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Zealotry = One of the reasons why the world is effed up

Check this shyt out:
"A church based in Topeka, Kansas, is scheduled to demonstrate next month outside Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda because the school, which opened in 1962, is named for a man who may have been homosexual." Source: Washington Post
This is the same church/group that stages anti-homosexuality demonstrations at military funerals (shocker).

It's organizations like this that make me wonder if this is how domestic terrorist organizations start to form. Not that a religious based organization will turn into a domestic terrorist group (although anything is plausible at this point in my mind) but that a terrorist group has these zealous and extreme views that they end up demonstrating by doing violent/harmful things to innocent people.

In general I believe religious zealotry has been the cause of far more violence, war, and death than any harm homosexuals who simply live normal lives and mind their business will ever do. Just because you have the right to protest and voice your opinion doesn't mean it's a worthwhile one.

"People reverse the system politics verse religion/Holy war muslim verse christians" -- NaS ("I Want to Talk to You")

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Police officer pulls this guy (who just so happens to be an NFL player) over while he's on his way to the hospital.

I'm not going to lie, I'd have probably just ran on this dude and went in the hospital. They'd have had to catch me if it was my mother or mother-in-law (not that I have one, lol) in there. Eff it.

What I can't really understand here is why this officer lets his pride get in the way? He couldn't let an obviously emotional man (because his mom-in-law was "about to die") go check on his mom. Why not just escort him up to the room and then do all this later? If it were a pregnant woman in the car would he have let this guy go in the hospital?

And beyond that, all this shut your mouth ish just leads me to believe he wants to talk down to this guy because he feels like the guy is being insubordinate (and I won't even play the race card here but this did take place in Texas and this guy is Black and he appears to be driving an expensive SUV). He is definitely being insubordinate, but can't we understand as humans what this man was probably going through mentally on his way to the hospital and while the police officer is going through all this B.S.? I understand law is law, but no law should be interpreted such that it doesn't allow for the human condition to be taken into consideration when it's being enforced.

And they wonder why we be on some "f--- the police" shyt. Protect and serve my azz!

Shot out to Rah for sending me the video.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unloaded Pallets of Books

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sit Your Dumb A$$ Down!!!

Anybody with this shirt on should get smacked off G.P. Image spotted at TheRapUp.

I wonder how some men might feel if women started walking around with shirts that said "I'll Lorena Bobbitt your a$$"???

Anyway, this is just an ignorant cry for attention. Any guy that wears this shirt is sure to have a litany of issues.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Air Yeezy's

I don't really buy custom tennis shoes but I gotta get a pair of these joints since I'm trying to be so flyy they call me Marty.

The all black joints and the pair in the top pic on the right would be the joints I'd consider buying. Maybe the Glow in the Dark ones but I'm not sold on those just yet.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Website to Check Out: JDDIVERSITY.COM

If you're a minority and you're considering going to law school, are in law school, or are practicing law, you should check out jddiversity.com.

And if you're not interested in signing-up right now you can always follow them on Twitter (ie - the current InterWeb juggernaut).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wine Sale in Baltimore: Buy 1 bottle get the second for HALF PRICE

My favorite wine & spirit (ie - liquor) store in Baltimore - which also happens to be less than a mile from my place - is having a Spring Wine Sale starting next Wednesday. But since I am on their email list I get early access to the sale starting (you guessed it) TODAY!

That's what's up!!!

But I wanted to share the coupon that they sent me for "early admission". If you're in the Baltimore area and you enjoy a nice bottle of vino or you'd like to stock up since it's a good sale, I HIGHLY suggest printing this coupon and going to get yourself a few bottles.

Don't forget to get a bottle for ya boy!

Do you know your ABC's???

I bet Eli Porter does. And I bet he learned from this guy.

LMFAO! Yes, I'm wrong but I DO NOT CARE! LOL!

What the hell did he say X was for? And only a black person would say "U is for UPTOWN." LOL

Shot out to Laf for sending me this.

If you don't know about Eli Porter you better ask somebody! He is the BEST!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baltimore Blocks: 31st St and Greenmount Avenue

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Baltimore Blocks

Harwood Park in east Baltimore
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NCAA Tournament Talk

I'm going to make this short and sweet...

South Region

The South region is what I refer to as the DEATH Region. Everyone's picks will most likely live-and-die by their choices in this region. The Ty Lawson factor combined with the fact that Oklahoma will undoubtedly blow any game that Blake Griffin gets shut down in (or under-performs in). I love Jeff Capel but anytime a team relies on 1 player to carry them I am very reluctant to put any hope in that team. Just ask Gary Williams the year Stevie Francis was a BEAST in the ACC. My prediction is that if Ty Lawson plays then UNC takes this one. Otherwise, I'm rolling with the Zags.

My pick: UNC
Plausible: Gonzaga
Longshot: Syracuse
Sleeper: Clemson

East Region

I don't like Duke so I refuse to believe that they're going to win this region even though they definitely have a pretty good shot. But if Villanova doesn't take them out, then I believe Pitt will. VCU will win in round 1. Please believe it (shot out to Blingenwroth on that).

My pick: Pittsburgh
Plausible: Duke/Villanova
Longshot: Florida State
Sleeper: Under-achieving a$$ Tennessee

West Region

My first thought was that UConn will jack that $ in this region but I think they'll be okay. Purdue is going to do well but I just don't think they have the talent to beat UConn when-and-if they play well. I was kinda torn between UConn and Memphis and in the end went with UConn in two of the three pools I'm in but I wouldn't be surprised in Calipari's boys win it.

My pick: UConn
Plausible: Memphis
Longshot: Marquette
Sleeper: Because I am a homer I'll go with Maryland even though they'll probably lose in the first round.

Midwest Region

This is Lousville's for the taking. If they play defense and their press is on-point, nobody in this region should beat them. And don't think for a second that Michigan State will beat them. Remember, Michigan State lost to Maryland early this year. And THAT my friends, speaks volumes.

My pick: Louisville
Plausible: Nobody but Louisville. Then again, maybe Wake Forest though I don't have any confidence in them.
Longshot: Utah or West VA
Sleeper: This region is a friggin' sleeper.

So there you have my final four: Louisville, Pittsburgh, Memphis, and UNC (if Ty Lawson is healthy). Boring, yes. But hopefully correct. And because I am not on the Louisville bandwagon as much as some others seem to be I believe that Pittsburgh will take it all.

"You could learn a lot from a dummy"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What If this was the Track Listing for Rick Ross's Upcoming Album, Deeper Than Rap?

Based off what I have heard thus far if this was the tracklisting for Deeper Than Rap...
...as opposed to this...EYE would already be calling this album a classic.

If you've heard those songs you might not agree that it would be a classic, but you can't deny that it would be a solid album. And I don't think it's arguable that Ross has started to come into his own lyrically (read: stepped his game the you-know-what up). If you disagree with either, you're probably just a hater.

I jacked the pic above from a video DallasPenn shot and hit the nets vis-á-vis NahRight.com (at least that's where I first saw the footage). I assume that is just the list of tracks the BAWSE played at the listening session but if this album were an EP with just those tracks the joint would be FI-YER!

"In the south we call him Curly...He's not straight!"

The Johns Hopkins University Press Annual Booksale

My job's annual booksale....

March 25 from Noon to 9pm (college day: students, faculty and college staff welcome)

March 26 from 9am to 7pm (open to the public)

***Books $3/lb***

View the flier here

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Common on UAUTV and Chef Brazil Murphy

This is an interview that took place around the time Common came to Baltimore last week. I went to school with the guys who run UAU TV and did some early website work for them as well. It's good to see them getting some shine and doing big things. Substantial also went to my high school though he was a year or two ahead of me.

Common Sits Down w/ Substantial for UAUTV (Up And Up Television) from Up And Up Television -Truth Hall on Vimeo.

Also check out another video from UAUTV's Vimeo channel featuring my man Brazil (fyi, the video takes a second to load). I haven't talked to this dude in a minute but I heard he's doing big things as a chef. Capitol Heights stand-up!

Video: Viagra (Stay Up!) - 88 Keys feat. Kanye West

This is hilarious! Great song. Great video!

The Death of Adam album is pretty good if you haven't heard it already.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Video (this is probably for the fellas): Kid Cudi - Superboo

Obviously, the best thing about this video is that it features the Beautiful Warriors (and beautiful they are). I'm not even sure if this is an official video for the song.

But to be honest, the more I hear from Kid Cudi the less I look forward to from him. It's not that I dislike his music because it's not bad music at all. It's moreso that his music is not resonating with me. Maybe if this song had a different beat I'd like it a bit more.

His feature on Yeezy's 808s ("Welcome to Heartbreak") is a good song. Day N' Nite is a good song and I was looking forward to hearing more after that. But since I heard Day N Nite I haven't really been impressed by anything else. I can definitely see his music garnering him a lot of mainstream/pop success because he has that Kanye-ish cross-over appeal. But as far as singing rappers (or is it rapping singers) go, I'll take Drake over Kid Cudi. But you already knew that.

Video spotted at nahright.com

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Picture of the Day: Thunder Thighs

I needed this laugh. I ain't gonna lie though, I do have a shirt close to that color. My joint doesn't fit quite the same way though, LOL.

Shot out to LC for sending me this.

Video: D-Wade Playing like the NBA's MVP

I don't think he'll win the MVP because his team is not doing as well as Lebron's or Kobe's (and because deep down I want Lebron to win). But you have to admit that D-Wade is playing out of his mind this year.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Video: Rick Ross (feat. John Legend) - Magnificent

Act like you don't like this song if you want! You'll just be prolonging the inevitable.

Ross is making better songs than 50, but he won't win their beef/battle/whatever. BOSS!

P.S. - Let me find out John Legend got a lil hip-hop swag. Even though I love his music and he has a little hip-hop swag in this video He still suspect though.

Video: Lil Wayne - Prom Queen

This is one case where I think the video enhances the song. Tying these visuals to the theme of the song brought it all together for me. Nice job Wayne!

I kinda liked this song the first few times I listen but quickly dropped it from my iPod rotation. Now it has to go back in.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lykke Li feat Drake - Little Bit

I was listening to the So Far Gone mixtape on my way into work this morning and I couldn't get this line out of my head:
"both hearts beat like a metronome".
It's from the song "Little Bit" (dope). I had no idea what a metronome was so when I came into the office I looked it up. Turns out I have seen a metronome plenty of times before, I just didn't know what the name of it was.

I heard the version of this song with Drake on it before hearing the original. I actually thought it was Drake's song. I only realized that it was Lykke's song when I did a search for the lyrics of Drake's version. I'm not sure if Drake just jacked the beat or if it's really a collaborative effort between he and Lykke (hence the title of the post with Lykke Li featuring Drake) but I am REALLY feeling Drake's version of the song and now that I have seen the original I like that one too and it also helps me understand what Drake was trying to do (creatively) with his version.
"The pressure's on/both hearts beat like a metronome/both in sync like Justin song/feels so right but it's just so wrong/I wonder what my world bout/when ni**as that I know tryna take my girl out/and her friends say I ain't the one to go for/she just mad cuz you always get approached more/Oh well, tell her fall back/caught up in some more sh*t tell her call back/tell her get a man that ain't cheatin' on her a** with a girl that I know/yeah, tell her all that, that/and as for you, I think I know you're the one/the closest I've come, I probably a...little bit, a little bit, a little bit in love with you"
Video of the original (which is dope even without Drake) is below.

Spotted at http://newbornrodeo.com

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and download the Drake "So Far Gone" mixtape. If you like rapping or (R&B style) singing you will enjoy it.

Keri Hilson goes in on BeeYonce???

Keri Hilson - Turnin' Me On Remix (feat. T-Wayne)

"Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best/You can dance/she can sing/but need to move it to the le..."

All I can say is, Wow! Keri you are foyne and all but this is a little bit much. A few thoughts...
  1. Whoever is ghostwriting her raps must also be in charge of her marketing plan
  2. Even though I am not a huge Beyonce fan, disrespecting B is not a good look
  3. The diss as a marketing plan has not been viable since 50/Ja. Don't people know this?
  4. "I shot the sheriff but wait till I shoot these b*tches" is a WACK line. Ghostwriter FAIL!
Let the ghostwriting war begin...Polow vs. Jay-Z.

P.S. - Teddy PinnedHerA** Down killed it. Matter of fact, T-Wayne (both of them) killed it, lol.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nighttime view from the new office

You've seen it during the day, now see it at night.

Me likey.

Why Rappers Get a Bad Name: Big Kuntry King Edition

Big Kuntry King - Chris Brown

"I'm tryna Chris Brown you/beat out ya brain."

Seriously dude. This is where things are taken too far. Your albums deserve to flop (17,232 units) when you're putting lame shyt out like this. Find your buzz another way homie.

This is about as bad as Maino saying "Chris Brown, hell yeah I'll beat a b*tch!" Put your ignorance and lack of respect on display for the world to see fellas. You wear it well.


Monday, March 2, 2009

WebNerd Alert: Mac Operating System on Your Phone

You knew this was coming. Granted, it's not one of the flavors of Mac OS X but yet-and-still, it's the Mac operating system on a cellular phone.

To elaborate on this a bit I need to explain that because you have an iPhone does NOT mean you have the MAC OS (operating system) on your phone. It means you have the iPhone OS, which is not the same thing as the MAC OS. If you have Windows Mobile OS on your phone you don't have the Windows XP/Vista OS on your phone, you have a piece of shyt that is unstable phone with an operating system created by Windows that's specifically for use with cellular phones.

So someone being able to have a working version of the MAC OS (let alone one of the Window's OS's) on their iPhone is a pretty nifty technical feat. I'm not surprised that someone has taken the time to do this but I am surprised that it's seemed to take so long.

Shot out to Blingenwroth for sending me the article on this.

[Random Thought: I've had another WebNerd Alert drafted for a minute now about tweeting your blogposts. I think I should get that one posted soon.]

Video: Jake One (feat. Brother Ali & Freeway) - The Truth

I really like this song but it's nowhere near as potent a verse from Brother Ali as the one he did on 2nd Time with Wale. That verse >>>>>> This verse.