Friday, June 26, 2009

Videos: Rick Ross and Triple C's...Young DRO!!!

Rick Ross ft Triple C's - Yacht Club Remix

I really appreciate the girl on Ro$$'s back in this video. I mean I really really appreciate her, A LOT!

Young Dro - Farewell to the King video (not dedicated to Michael Jackson, by the way lol)

I would really love to hang out with Dro at a club/party one day. He seems like the type of guy that will have you DYING laughing.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I hate it when people send me emails saying this but...

...I gotta steal it.


Video: Arlington The Rap

I know, I know. It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...

This is CLASSIC!

LOL @ Only thing rising is my condo fees

So many dudes in here they should call this Ballston...LMAO!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Solemnly Swear...

Rick Ross gets it in (pause) on the second verse of this joint...

And I quote...

"7 feet but I'm still in the paint/like a ni99a 7 feet I'm Shaquille in the paint/I'm Jordan of the whips/Pippen of the pimpin'/You Jon Amaechi ni99a you a b*tch among the b*tches/Rollin' 50 deep so now they clearing out the bleachers/Ron Artest yes it's 50 for the features/Commas like Udonis endorsing them Gucci sneakers/Pull up in the Porsche of course you feeling the speakers/Feelin like chillin I'm billin' blowing that reefer/Hoes feeling me wit hopes of feelin my Visa/Call me Master P cuz it ain't no limit/I'm jumping like Spud Webb coach I gotta go get it/Trappin like runnin sprints, catch ya breath count ya chips/My lawyer Pat Riley I needed a great defense/I solemnly swear/Hand on the Bible/NBA money, bonus upon arrival/"

"This effing job can't help him, so I quit YA'LL WELCOME!"

"Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers/That's a different world like Cree Summers/I deserve to do these numbers!"

"Loss my momma, loss my MIND!"

"Where I wanna go, where I wanna be? Life is much more than runnin' in the streets"

"Should've finished school like my niece, then I probably wouldn't use my piece"

"I won't be taking no days off, till my spaceship takes off"

If you don't like this song you are CRAZY! In hindsight I have gained a new appreciation for GLC's verse. I'm glad they finally put this video out there because it was one of the best songs on College Dropout.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

THIS is What's Wrong with the Youth

Exhibit A: "Spectacular" of Pretty Ricky "fame" challenges artists to a dance off. Then proceeds to dance like a fruit in red/pink tight draws.

For obvious reasons I was completely disgusted the first time I saw it and couldn't watch it all the way through. But then it became like a train wreck where you don't want to watch it but you just have to because you want to see the crash. In this case, I could not stop laughing even though I was completely ashamed of myself for watching it. Nevertheless, I did and it has to be one of the funniest things I've seen so far this year. Funny BUT SAD! Are these the clowns that kids nowadays are looking up to? And I won't lie, I like Pretty Ricky's song "Hotline" but this is just too daggon much! Then homie goes and does this...

Exhibit B: Spectacular addresses the hate after his first videos then proceeds with more fruitiness...

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That's Spectacular! from jeff on Vimeo.