Monday, June 24, 2013

Adrien Broner, Doing Too Much, As Usual

This guy has skills but he's not Floyd (yet). He's trying way too hard to be Floyd-esque and it's kind of annoying and coonish about 90% of the time. This makes me appreciate Floyd's intelligence because he may talk a lot of shyt and be flamboyant but he is oftentimes pretty smart with what he's saying, he's just not as ratchet about it as Bronner.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Images of the Week

Mannnn I'm so late. I thought I had posted these already, lol.

My cousin out in Vegas and managed to get himself a picture with Fiddy.

Ain't this the truth, lol.

As someone that bikes into work sometimes and nowhere else, this flier has me sold on expanding my biking horizons, lol.

This guy is a clown.

I wonder what these two could have been cooking up.

I hope Jay and Rae come out with something together, but not anything Jay-driven. Something Rae likes that Jay just throws a verse on.

It looks like him, but naaaaaahhhhhh.


This bama right here though, lol


Pretty much true.

It's not just kids that think this way.

Mine would be red, for sure.

Getting started early, lol.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

2 Chainz ran, and you would have too!!!!

So Tity Boi got robbed in San Fran a few days ago. The interwebs seem to be a little amped up about him and his crew running. Well, when someone has a gun aimed directly at you, what's your natural instinct, to stand there??? Anyway, we all know these rappers typically aren't tough guys in real life and are just (in most cases) normal people with tough backgrounds, (in most cases) relatively new money, and a talent/gimmick that they've used to become famous as a rapper. With that in mind, I can't be mad at 2 Chainz for hauling ass when these cats tried to rob him.

This exact situation happened to me and two of my best friends in 1998 as we were leaving a party on Howard Univsersity's campus. We all jetted in different directions, I was the one that got caught and basically boxed in by two dudes carrying guns. I lost a pair of silver foamposites, a wallet with no money in it, and survived with my life. 2 Chainz is lucky he made it, just like I was.

It's easy to sit back and laugh at something like this and question how tough a guy is but in reality, probably 95% of us would all do the same thing because we value our lives. Anyone that stands there and plays tough guy either doesn't have anything to live for, doesn't care about living, or is just plain stupid. But in the end, this is what happens when you act tough on records, eventually somebody tries to find out first-person, just how tough you really are.

I'm not even going to comment on this bama falling, smh.

THROWBACK!!!! Cherrelle feat. Alexander O'Neal - Saturday Love

Shot out to my moms for this one!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Video: LIfe Long - Rockie Fresh feat. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hussle

This joint is tough. I only paid it mind because I saw Nip and Ross featured but Rockie Fresh has another joint I like called "God is Great".

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Possibly the most corny rap ever written, recorded, etc.

I watched this on 2dopeboyz and at first thought it was a Soulja Boy-created joke video. Then I realized that the girl is actually from the Bachelorette TV show and what they're rapping is that dumb crap they say to her on the show (clowns). So this video is a corny rap based on a corny TV show where everybody is faking like they're looking for "true love". Again, possibly the most corny thing ever written, recorded, and that has a video. I feel like I shouldn't even help give this crap free viral promo because I'm sure that's what the point of this whole thing is, lol.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Video: Wale feat. Rick Ross & Lupe Fiasco - Poor Decisions

Lupe verse >>>>>> Ross verse >> Wale verse

"Can't afford 'em but you still gon' get 'em."