Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Joint I'm Feeling, Jared Evans (feat Lil Fame) - Uma Thurman

I'm not sure who this guy is but I listened to the song because of the Lil Fame feature and I like it a lot. It looks like this is off of a release by Mr. Evans called "Boom Bap & Blues", which sounds like a concept worth at least one full listen.

Dedicated to the #7 Georgetown Hoyas... Wale - Georgetown Press

I've been considering posting this since it's one of my favorite tracks off of the Folarin mixtape and also because Georgetown has been on a tear lately. I didn't want to jinx the Hoya's run but after that double-OT win last night, I gotta post this. Shot out to Otto Porter!

I'm a homer so I rooted for Georgetown and Maryland as a kid and teen respectively. I remember the days of Allen Iverson, Victor Page, Exree Hip, Steve Francis, and Juan Dixon very well. Georgetown has had a consistently good program just not the same level of talent with respect to other top programs so it's good to see them making this run. I think a number 2 NCAA tournament seed is in the works for Georgetown if they keep playing like this or maybe even a number 1 seed if the top teams keep losing like they have been this year. Speaking of, this has to be one of the best years of college basketball ever!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yooooooo, they are not right for this right here!!!

This is messed up but it is completely hilarious. When the guy fell, I could not contain myself.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Images of the Week



I probably shouldn't endorse this one but...

This guy here in the background, smh.


Google Glass = WOW

The possibilities for awesomeness (and privacy invasions) are endless. This is epic shyt!

20 years from now when babies are born they are going to embed this in their eyes so they live their entire lives with it. That, and the RFID they'll put in their wrists will enable them to be tracked like human robots. Don't get too excited everybody, I know it's hard to contain just how awesome that's going to be for your great grandchildren.

Cynicism and conspiracy theories aside, check out more of this amazing technology at the Google Glass website.

Russell Westbrook, Flabbergasted

"Ya'll niggas trippin'!"

Russell Westbrook everyone, Russell motherf--king Westbrook!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Images of the Week!

J Lo still got it.

Cold bama!

Cold bama #2.

I don't really understand why this dress caused a stir. She shows off her cleavage ALL THE TIME! This is nothing more provocative than what she normally wears as far as I can tell.


Baddest dress of the night, Ms. Rowland!

No comment.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Commodores - Jesus Is Love

I would say "God put this on my heart..." but that's all cliche and what not so I'll just say that I thought about this song yesterday and it took me back to my childhood. I can't remember if this used to be played by my parents on Thanksgiving morning or Christmas morning or if I just used to hear it on Sunday mornings before I got dragged to church. Regardless though, I think this might be one of my favorite gospel songs. Hold up, is this even considered legitimately "gospel"?

My vote for the best dunk contest dunk of all time

Of note, I did not say "hardest" or "most difficult" dunk of all time though I think this dunk is a lot harder than people realize. You try jumping and doing a 360 dunk. Let alone a windmill at the end of it. Let alone a windmill where you are spinning your arm in the opposite direction of the way your body is spinning (read: fighting your body's momentum - which weighs significantly more than your arm). But a 360-windmill against your body's momentum all-in-one!!!! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit, that's tough!

Shot-out to that dickie Kobe is rocking under his jacket.

THROWBACK!!! Switch - Call Your Name

You know the sample, right? Well if you don't, Rich Boy sampled this song on "Throw Some D's". Here's the original.

Speaking of Rich Bwoi, what the hell happened to that guy?

Monday, February 11, 2013

LOL at this Volkswagen Superbowl Commercial

Taking Bar Rafaeli out of the equation, this was my favorite Superbowl commercial.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Images of the Week

This is pretty good, lol.

Owned by the weakest member of Destiny Chirren

You know who you are!

Say word!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Happier than Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot"

These GEICO commercials have been hit or miss as far as I'm concerned, but they hit with this one, lol.

Interested in Learning about iBooks or Starting a Website? Let me help you!

This spring I will be teaching a few short, evening courses as part of Roland Park Country School's Kaleidoscope Program.

The courses are listed below along with their respective costs. If you're interested in taking any of the classes you can complete the registration form at the URL at the end of this post.

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March 19 & 21: CREATING AN iBOOK: It’s a Lot Easier Than You’d Think! ($75): This will be a hands-on course where you will learn how to create an iBook.

April 23 & 25: PLANNING YOUR OWN WEBSITE: Where to Start ($50): This course will provide a general overview of everything you need to do and consider when planning for your personal or business website.
If you know of anyone that might be interested, please forward this email to them and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here.

Additional information and registration form:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dumb Rappers Need Teachin': Rick Ross Edition

This is more like an Uncle Luke/Rick Ross edition but Luke dropped some rather OBVIOUS jewels in an open letter to Rick Ross. Highlights below.
"all this gangster bullshit is jeopardizing your career. No club or arena is going to risk people getting shot. You can forget about doing any tours or CD signings. And if you can't make money, watch how fast Warner Bros. Records turns on you. "

"It's a shame you can't enjoy life without spending part of your earnings on heavy security or risking your freedom by purchasing an arsenal. Remember, that's what landed T.I. and Lil Wayne in prison. You don't want that to happen to you. However, those are the consequences of rapping about being something you're not. "

"very gangster rapper takes on the role of a real hood legend to build up street cred. But I don't want you to fall into the trap of believing you are really a gangster. "
The full article can be read here. Luke makes some good points and I agree with everything he said except, I don't think it's as easy as just "squashing your beefs". Let's not trivialize how difficult it would be for Ross to squash his "beef" with a bunch of different sets of Gangster Disciples by paying them off. As soon as he's paid off one or two, others would pop up because well, now they know they can extort him. And how exactly, does one go about paying off a known gang/drug organization after all these public threats and not end up (by legal definitions) involving himself in illegal activity? So while I applaud Luke for keeping it real in this letter and stating some obvious truths, I think Rick Ross is probably in a tough spot and he is going to need that security and arsenal. But like Luke basically said, this is the consequence of purporting a gangster lifestyle when you're pretty much removed from that life (if you were ever involved) because you're rich.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbowl Prediction

Just for the record, I picked the Ravens to win PRIOR to picking them to lose in the playoffs (see third paragraph below), I'm just saying.

With that in mind I'm picking the Ravens to win the Superbowl for several reasons:
  • The most glaring reason is that these guys are going to play their hearts out in an effort to get Ray Lewis a ring on his last "ride".
  • The Ravens are a veteran team with a lot of resolve playing a younger team that clearly has about 3-5 years (if everyone stays healthy and doesn't get traded or leave) where they will be vying for NFC and NFL supremacy. I don't think you can discount just how much veterans that produce on-field matter to a team. The Ravens have Lewis, Suggs, Ngata, Pollard, Flacco, Rice, Boldin, McKinnie (yep), and Oher that are all veterans that are proven and will be focused on getting that championship. Not that the young guys on the Niners side won't be focused and ready to play, but it's different when you've come close several times but not gotten the deal done (just ask LeBron before last year).
  • The Ravens defense has a solid blueprint on how to stop a QB like Kaepernick AND, if he stays in the pocket, the Ravens have also proven they can stop a QB like sayyyy, Tom Brady. And I doubt that Frank Gore and LaMichael James are going to beat the Ravens by themselves.
  • My Washington Redskins beat last year's Superbowl Champions and the last time San Francisco and the Redskins played, San Francisco won.
So there you have it. I expect Baltimore to be purple all weekend and probably for an entire year until the get eliminated from playoff contention or lose in the playoffs next season.

Friday, February 1, 2013

THROWBACK!!! Ray Cash - Sex Appeal (Pimp In My Own Mind)

Before there was Trinidad James there was...

Images of the Week

The fight was over a parking spot, (clearly) not Rihanna.

Caught that one while in a coffee shop the other morning, hilarious!


The facial expression though, lol.

Facebook shenanigans.