Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NFL Round-Up

Tim Tebow (aka The Mile High Messiah aka Football Jesus)

At this point, how can you NOT root for Tim Tebow? I'm guessing that the only way you can't is if: 1) you are a fan of another team in the AFC West, 2) he beat the crap out of your favorite college team while he was at Florida, 3) or you're just a hater.

We all know that Tim Tebow can't throw like an NFL quarterback should be able to. We all know that Tim Tebow has an "elongated motion". But we all know that Tebow is a winner too! What's the most important thing in sports? W-I-N-N-I-N-G!  Sure, his style of QBing won't allow them to win long-term unless he improves as a passer. Sure, he may NEVER be a good passer. But he surely is a winner.

And he's winning while all the analysts are taking small, medium, and large shots at him. Some of which are warranted, others are just because people began talking a bunch of crap about the guy and now they'll look stupid if they completely recant. Bottom line is that Tebow is helping the team win and he's doing it with poise when it counts and after the games he's humble about it all. A lot of these young football players should follow his lead. He's got heart, a great attitude, and I assume he's a hard-worker. I'm not a Broncos fan but I'm rooting for Tebow to continue to succeed and get better.

Also, special shot-out to Tebow for staying so righteous and holy while being in a relationship with...

That was his girl in college and my guess is by now he's probably moved on to bigger and better ummmm, "things".  It's a tough job Tim we know, but if anyone can do it, it's you! Moving right along...

Ndamakung Suh: Look at him, he's big and soft and cuddly... And he smiles too!

He ALSO needs some anger management classes. You can't just go tap-dancing on people's arms AFTER the whistle blows. He should have gotten the two games that he did and I hope he doesn't appeal. He needs to just let it go, take the punishment, and move forward and not do this again. The Lions are done now after losing to the Packers anyway so he may as well take the two games off and come back and start working on how he's not gonna get fined for the rest of this year and next year. I like this guy as a player but he's got some sort of issues going on where he is literally trying to rip people's heads off, knock them out completely with forearms to the head, or mash their heads into the ground then step on them. Really 300-lb person that was a first round draft pick? You thought no one was gonna take notice at your barbarian tactics?

I don't think he's dirty like he's being labeled because I'm sure there's lots of stuff that goes on in the scrums/piles of NFL lineman that's foul and he may just be reacting to that by taking it out on everyone in the wrong ways and at the wrong times (no that doesn't make it right, lol). I think he's got that edge and/or mean streak that a lot of great defensive players have but he's got to do a better job of controlling that aggression.

Will the Packers Lose?

Shot out to the dude on the right in the pic above. And apparently, it really is cold in Green Bay.

I doubt that Green Bay will drop a game this season barring any injuries to their most important players (read: everyone on offense and Charles Woodson, lol). If they don't lose this week to a reeling Giants team that needs a win to have a chance at winning the NFC East, I do not see Oakland coming to Green Bay and winning, Kansas City beating them, or the Bears or the Lions beating them the last two weeks (especially if GB doesn't sit their starters). The only teams that have even a remote shot are the Giants and Bears. If the Giants can pressure Rodgers and control the clock by running the ball they have a shot, especially if Eli/Forrest is having a solid game. The Bears have a great running back that they can use in so many different ways to hurt the Packers defense but if they have to keep pace scoring with the Packers, they no longer have a QB capable of doing that (I think Caleb Hanie proved that last week) and they really don't have the WRs to do it. If only Matt Forte could play RB and 2 WR positions, at the same time, lol.

With all that said, I think the Packers would be better served in the long-run by losing a game. If they drop a game sometime in the next couple of weeks it'll burn pretty badly because they're so close to a perfect (regular) season. They'll take that fire into the playoffs and really go on a tear I'd bet. Aaron Rodgers is playing out of his mind and will have a bad/subpar game or two this season and that's when they could potentially lose.  If I were the Pack I'd rather see that game/those games happen during the regular season than in the playoffs.

Superbowl Picks

Packers vs. The Steelers/Ravens. Part of me wants to see Ray Lewis win one so he can retire on top though I'm not a Ravens fan. Another part of me thinks the Ravens will lose to the Broncos in the playoffs on some bum shyt like they lost to Seattle, Tennessee, and the Jags. The Steelers aren't the same Steelers but they play tough every game and that'll make them a contender until the end. Tom Brady and his team can't play defense well enough to make it and Houston losing Schuab is a killer. The Ravens or Steelers defense against the Packers offense will be a great game. But the Packers will have a hell of a playoff game against the 49ers if the gods are good to football fans this postseason, lol.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Cam Newton

I had my doubts about Cam initially because I thought he'd be a prima donna but he's playing solid and if he had more weapons around him (like a consistent running game and a second reliable receiver) they may have went 6-10 or 8-8 this season. One other thing I like about Cam is this guy wears some MEAN AZZ SUITS after the game. You can tell his daddy is a preacher cuz youngin' be smoother than a pearl-handled pistol at that podium.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Von Miller (honorable mention to Ryan Kerrigan)

I almost took Miller with the last pick in one of my fantasy leagues (who cares about a kicker) and I should have. He's having a heck of a year on an average team but he's showing that he has an innate ability to get after the ball. Now if he could only lose those dumb-azz glasses.

League Offensive MVP: Aaron Rodgers (honorable mentions to Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Matt Forte)

I do not need to explain this one. If it's not gonna be him it has to be Drew Brees who is most likely going to break Dan Marino's passing yards record for a single season. One that he could have broken a few years back. Matt Forte for obvious reasons and Peyton Manning because his team really does suck worse than I could have ever imagined without him. They're not winning a game this year.

League Defensive MVP: Patrick Willis

Beast! I know how much airtime the superstar safeties in Pittsburgh and Baltimore get (as well as the LB in Baltimore) but Willis has been a consistent beast at LB since he came into the league. He doesn't get all the INT returns for TDs and he's in San Fran and they have been sucking so he's not gonna get the same publicity as the Baltimore and Pittsburgh guys but please believe he is just as good and means as much to his team as any of those other guys do to theirs. The most miraculous things he's helped with in my opinion is getting Carlos "Stonehands" Rogers to learn how to actually catch an interception, because he surely could not do that when he played for my Skins.

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