Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wake me up when the Riley Cooper situation blows over, it's boring me

How many times have I been somewhere and a drunk white guy says something similar or has that look on his face like he wants to say it? I'd say at least a hundred. I guess I'm supposed to get all up in arms (or actually fight) because some random ass bartender-by-day playboy-by-night white guy drunk off Bud Light and tequila shots is faking like he's gonna beat up a black guy? Arguing with fools is pointless unless they pose a physical threat to you or your family. I guess you could address it just to show you aren't going to stand for it, that's cool. But that'll probably escalate to an altercation. So in the end, I've chose to engage several times, others I just walk away shaking my head at someone else's ignorance. "Don't argue with fools." "Choose your battles wisely." Whose most likely gonna go to jail if a fight happens? Is it worth it with this guy, at this moment? These are the things I ask myself before I go defending the honor of Black folks against random drunken fools. Matter of fact, it's messed up that I even have to consider those questions but it just speaks to the complexities of being Black. We should be given an annual kick ass day considering how much pride we have to swallow sometimes. Shyt is better, but it is still bad.

Riley Cooper probably got drunk, caught up in the moment, told us how he really felt. It's a bunch of people right now that don't think they would do that, but in the moment would still end up doing the same thing. I am not surprised at all. It's not right, he deserves the slander, but there are other issues black folk should be up in arms about like the people in power that don't say it verbally but act it out through policies that have a much larger impact on the black community. Riley Cooper isn't passing any laws or hiring potentially hiring black people to work for him. There are bigger Gators to fry.

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