Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seattle Cop Punches Teenage Girl...So Uncalled-For

My thoughts on this:
  • Why did they have to be on "MLK south" though? No matter where you go in the U.S., if it's an urban area, there's a MLK-something (street/blvd/ave) and no matter what, it's either hood as hell or close to it. Why do our people STAY trashing Martin Luther THE KANG's name!?! Hold up, I just trashed it, didn't I?

  • The amount of force the officer used was definitely NOT needed but Black folks need to understand that these cops are out there scared as shyt (especially around young black folks - male or female) when people "we" come off as aggressive. As a result, their "natural" tendency is to over-compensate by using excessive force when they feel like they need to defend or protect themselves. It's not right, it's not fair, but it will get you Rodney d@mn King'd! Keep that in mind the next time you talk junk to a cop. I have done that in the past and gotten lucky but it's situations like this that make me realize I need to shut the heck up.

  • The Sergeant from the Seattle Police Department said he was glad no one was "seriously" hurt. Of course he is! The difference between a punch and a broken jaw in civil court (and ultimately a settlement) could be millions I'd guess. He doesn't want his department to get sued for anything too egregious or outlandish. Not that this isn't, but without a real injury they probably won't get taken to the bank for as much as they would if she had a broken eye socket or something worse than that.


T.C. said...

why i attempted to have a conversation about this at work i have no idea...let's just say the "law enforcement" i work with agreed with the force as they believed her actions warranted it...

yep that's the crap i deal with now...most law enforcement like you stated are scared and are also extremely conservative

miKeSee said...

The thing is, in general I don't blame the cops for being scared. BUT, I do think that there are other holds and/or defensive things they are taught to use (in addition to jabbing you in the jaw) to subdue a suspect. If it was a guy maybe I'd feel differently (there's some feminism for ya), but when your first reaction is to punch a chick it just seems like a chump move.