Thursday, July 29, 2010

1 Year Later...

July 30th will mark 1 year since my good friend Jarronn passed away. Time sure does fly. If he were here on earth I know we'd be talking about the new Rozay album and I'd be getting that phone call from him with his infamous greeting "What's up Mike-DAWG!?!" at least once every month. He'd probably be coming to the Stogies & Sippin' event next month. He'd probably be talking about going on my upcoming cruise in January and telling me about the plans he and his wife Jessica have coming up. It'd be a lot of casual conversation, laughs, and joning. You know, the stuff friends do.

But although one year ago I lost a friend, I gained one more angel looking down over me. One more person to help me check my humility, integrity, and character when I think: "If [Jarronn] was here, what would he do/say?" One of those people whose impact on you after he passed may have been more resonant than his impact when he was alive. Because we tend to take those moments of life for granted, myself included.

In the year's time that's passed since he passed, all of us that knew him have aged, but the question is, have we grown? Have we grown in some positive way that we can look back on the last year and say that we've accomplished something that helped to make us a better person. So the anniversary of his passing is like a personal annual review of sorts for me, and also a celebration of the good times I had with him.

Rest In Peace Jarronn.

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