Thursday, July 15, 2010

Affion Crockett's Drake Spoofs are Hilarious!!!

These spoofs are so funny I have to do a post for archival purposes. At least, they're funny to me because I've been following Drake since the hype first started.

Original Blackberry Freestyle

Watch how hard Flex sices this shyt up though, LOLOLOLOL!

My favorite Flex quotes:

"Shootin' the movie! IN HD!"

"I need his mic UP...Let me situate this!"

"Ya in the Aston Martin doing DONUTS!!!!"

Drake took a lot of heat on the InterWeb for reading the rhymes off his Blackberry but I don't really think it's a big deal. None of these rappers freestyle anymore anyway so what's the big deal if he hadn't memorized his Blackberry freestyles yet, lol.

Affion Crockett Spoof

LMAO at "You need some fruit!" and him saying "why you put that on, Imma find something for that!" lol.

Original Westwood Freestyle

Westwood sicing this joint almost as much as Flex. Flex's sice-ups are EPIC though because his voice just takes over any other sound, lol.

Affion Crockett Spoof

Peep how Affion has the handshaking and mannerisms down to the tee, lol.


M.C. said...

YOOOOOOO! This mess was hilarious! You should have posted the interview before the freestyle because your boy Flex - I swear he nutted himself! He was SO OVER THE TOP! Every little thing Drake said he was just losing his mind over it. And then he had to get all detailed into how he runs the club scene in NY. They should've spoofed the interview, cause it was funnier than the freestyle!

Affion and those eyebrows...*DEAD*

And those bombs...his mannerisms were hilarious on that Westwood spoof.

miKeSee said...

The eyebrows are what really did it, lol.

Flex's sicing of Drake was epic and monumentally hilarious.

What was funny is that I saw the Westwood spoof before I saw the original and then to hear westwood call himself a girl in the real video had me DYING!

miKeSee said...

Just listened to the interview...Flex was off the hook! LOL.

What's funny is when Drake said Bill Blanks he was so siced like "yeah, I fit in"...That shyt was HILARIOUS!

Then Flex goes..."Yo fam, you got so much slang" and I bust out laughing!

M.C. said...

YESSSSSSSSS! Man, I thought he was going to pass out when Drake said, "Billy Blanks!" Flex is a clown, and he must have hit those bomb shots a thousand times. The "you got so much slang," comment just put the icing on the cake. Too freakin hilarious!

T.C. said...

yes the eyebrows...germany is in the building, we needs some fruit some oranges....

i can't...

i just can't...

iamyancee said...

Ahahaha! We need some apricots! What!? Both Westwood videos (the real and the spoof) were almost equally hilarious! Dude's freestyle was about as good as Drake's joint on there...not good for Drake!

miKeSee said...

"Dude's freestyle was about as good as Drake's joint on there...not good for Drake!" LMAO