Friday, April 1, 2011

WebNerd Alert: Google +1

This is pretty major on a few different fronts:
  1. If you have a Google account and you activate +1, Google will pretty much know (without much doubt) exactly what you like, enjoy, or are interested in. That means much more accurately targeted ads by Google and Google's ad partners (AdSense anyone) to your search results pages and probably many other pages potentially will have ads that are ON POINT. Not to mention you will be able to +1 ads as well. Which really just means that Google makes more money by presenting you with ads you're more likely to click.

  2. This is really just a small step into the world of social networking for Google. The Buzz experiment failed (or as some say, was a bit ahead of it's time and people weren't quite ready to use it or know how to best use it), and that was a step in the social networking space whether you believe it or not. We're all familiar with the "like" button on Facebook. The difference between Facebook's like button and +1 will be that no one goes to FB to search, they go to Google. So every time you decide you want to perform a search, you can help increase the accuracy of Google's results (for yourself and others) by "+1"-ing.

  3. This is probably just the beginning of a fight between Google and Facebook to control the social networking and/or search space. Facebook controls social networking, Google controls (read: has access to tons of) data. Pretty soon they'll be competing head-to-head whether it's over search or socializing. It's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. I'd place my bet on Google if I had to. The next Internet revolution will be driven by data and Google's got it, lots of it. And they're cooking up some shyt in the lab, I'm sure.b


RipRock81 said...

i get it, and it seems tight, plus its free advertisement for companies just like facebooks places or foursquare, but i don't really get the name. In my mind +1 usually means someone you are bringing with you to an event, lol.

Anonymous said...

I think this is just another step in Google plot for a world (data) takeover. I've talked about it on this blog a few times before and based on some of the stuff they're cooking up in the lab it just seems like they want to become ubiquitous.

I agree re: +1 and the evite thing, lol.