Wednesday, April 18, 2012

THROWBACK!! Another Bad Creation (A.B.C.) - Playground

All I gotta say is, "it's the Mizzark, chillin' in the pizzark. I gotta break, cuz my mother said be home by dizzark!"

Real talk, me and my boys wanted to be these dudes when we were young and this was hot. We all wanted to ride go-karts, have high-top fades, dance, and have that pint-sized swag, lol. I wonder what happened to these kids and I wonder how bad Michael Bivins roughed them off for their money.

"Mix-matched boots, pants inside-out, a fresh Starter cap, and go-karts with your name on the front!"


Lance Coleman said...

Yeah Playground, Iesha (sp?), Jealous Girl, and some other songs I can't remember the titles to right now were all tight back then. Plus the girls used to say I looked like Red, lol.

Now that I think back on it, who was writing for them?

Why blame Mike Bivens for their disappearance, weren't they last seen with Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin? I'm just sayin... Who knows what’s going on with them now.

Anonymous said...

LOL at you saying "plus the girls used to say I looked like Red". As if every lighskint ninja on the planet that was halfway skinny didn't get the same ole line. LOL.

Good question re: who was writing for them though. Maybe it was Sauce Money, LMFAO.

I wasn't blaming Mike Bivins for their disappearance, I was wondering out loud how much of they're money he's still spending.

"And yup, I'm still spendin' that Kris Kross cash!" - Jermaine Dupri

Lance Coleman said...

Ay man, it was all good to me, I was getting play off of them dudes. I was the ambassador for lightskint ninjaz in Elementary School.

I was just tweeting with Sauce yesterday about some beef he had with Nature that I didn't know about til now.

Bivins, should be rich. So should Teddy Riley. Those two dudes owned the 90's.

Anonymous said...

LOL at lightskint ambassador. I feel you though, lol.


Teddy Riley > Michael Bivins

Lance Coleman said...

Yeah. to All of that. LOL.