Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Favorite Sports Teams!

Football season is about to start up which means the real sports season is about to begin. I like basketball, I can watch baseball during the playoffs, and I watch enough Sportscenter to have an appreciation for and basic knowledge of most other sports but when football season begins, it's a weekly ritual to watch at least a couple games.

With that said, I'd like to go on the record (until I change my mind) with my favorite teams in all major sports just so there's a version of record when one of my teams wins a championship and someone says "mannnnn, you just started liking [insert team name here]!"


Most of you that read this blog already know or have figured out that I'm a Redskins fan. I have been since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I will admit that I was sort of a bears fan around age 5 because a family friend was a huge Bears fan and they had just won the Superbowl that year. But once I got old enough to like my own team for my own reasons, the Redskins were good, their paraphernalia was everywhere in the DC area, and I wanted to be WR just like Gary Clark. I remember "The Posse" inspiring me to want to be an NFL wide receiver. That's why I liked the Redskins and I've never strayed to this day no matter how bad we suck or how many times we have blown a lead in the fourth quarter to a sorry azz team. I'm a Redskins fan for life!

On a related note, I realize that the name "Redskins" is akin to having the Alabama Picaninnies as an NFL franchise and I fully support any movement to change the name to something non-offensive like the Washington Marion Barry's or something else that really represents the city's long-standing dedication to shenanigans.

P.S. - If I had the ability to pick a back-up favorite team at this point it would probably be the Panthers or the Lions because I'm huge fans of both Cam and Megatron. But that's the difference between liking a TEAM and liking a PLAYER. I like the Skins and my favorite players are on other teams which is actually pretty d@mn hilarious now that I think about it. But I'm sure RGIII (if he turns out to be good) will allow me to sound more sensible when I name my favorite player and favorite team. All this leads me to...


I'm a Wizards fan. Yeah I know, we suck. Yeah I know we'll likely continue sucking. But whatever, I'm a homer. I like to support the local squads. Not much more to say about why I like the Wizards other than that. It's not like there's a serious winning tradition or anything. In basketball my favorite players are LeBron and Kevin Durant. LeBron because he's just ridiculously skilled at the game and Durant because he's crazy good and he's also from the DC area. I root for the Heat and the Thunder unless they're playing the Wizards (as if that makes a difference in who is going to win, lol) and I rooted for LeBron to get his ring because I've been following him since high school and even with the stupid azz "Decision" I wanted to see him get his ring and hopefully regain some of his popularity with those who still hate him because of his "Decision".


Nationals all day baby! The best part about being a Nationals fan since they came back into existence is that they are playing awesome right now and I have been rocking my Nats hats for years in Baltimore even when the Nationals SUCKED! As a kid, my stepfather took me to the Orioles games once or twice a year but I was never really a fan of the team, just a fan of going to the games. When D.C. got a franchise again my loyalty was right there (did I mention I was a homer). Glad to see the Nats doing well and hopefully a winning tradition has begun.


I don't watch hockey regularly but I root for the Capitals (clearly). The only time I watch hockey is when it's playoff time and the Capitals are playing (even though I know we're going to blow it). That's as far as I go with hockey. If the Caps are in the playoffs, I'll watch. If the Caps are playing the Penguins, I'll watch. Otherwise, I'm watching basketball.

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