Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012-2013 NFL Season Prediction

Leading up to the first game of the season I really want to say that I have a prediction for the Superbowl and who will win the championship but I don't. I have an idea of who I think will make the playoffs, but between the Packers, Ravens, Texans, Lions (yep), Patriots, Niners, and Giants, I just can't call it as far as who I think will win the chip this year. Philly won't win because Vick is going to get hurt. The Panthers will make the playoffs but get ousted during Wild Card Weekend. To much excitement from me, Dallas won't even make the playoffs. The Steelers will find a way to lose a really close playoff game. And the winner of the AFC West will get ousted during Wild Card Weekend. Outside of those predictions, I just can't call it.

Yes, I realize this post is totally underwhelming, but I'm betting that this NFL season won't be.

P.S. - I have the CowGirls losing tonight against the Giants, but based on what I've already written here, I'm sure that's a shock to no one.


Lance Coleman said...

LOL, you absolutely said nothing. The funny thing is that I almost used that same main picture. Good ol Google Image search.

Anonymous said...

"you absolutely said nothing" Pretty much, lol.