Monday, September 17, 2012

NFL Week 2 aka "I Should Have Known" Weekend

In hindsight, I should have known a few things would happen this week in the NFL.
  1. I should have known that the CowGirls would follow-up a great win with a loss on the road to a team they should have beat. Dallas came out and beat the Giants in week 1 and looked great (even though I hate to say it). They travel up to Seattle (hint #1) to play the Seahawks in a stadium that gets really loud (hint #2) and against a team like the Seahawks that no one expects to win so they basically have nothing to lose (hint #3). Needless to say, I took NONE of these hints and still picked Dallas. Silly me.
  2. I should have known that my Redskins would do the same dumb shyt the CowGirls would do. I mentioned in my Redskins season prediction that we'd have to keep Stephen Jackson in check and force Bradford to beat us. Well guess what, Jackson didn't play most of the game and Bradford surgically sliced-and-diced that stupid azz zone we were in. A zone that you will always get beat in if the defensive line doesn't put constant pressure on the QB. We didn't, Bradford and Danny Amendola scorched us. Now I could sit here and blame the loss on Josh Morgan and that stupid penalty or on Robinson for dropping that TD pass, or Mike Shanahan for being stupid enough to think Billy Cundiff could make a 62 yard field goal... But I won't do any of that, it's just way too easy. In the end, this should have been a blow-out but much like years passed, we found a way to lose. But my boy RGIII did go for 206, 3 TDs (2 rushing) and 1 INT which is pretty solid.
  3. Last but not least, I should have known the Oakland Raiders would lose after going cross-country to play the Dolphins. The Raiders are a model of inconsistency. They really have too much talent to be this inconsistent. McFadden's a beast. Palmer is still decent. And they have some solid receiving weapons. I'm not sure about their defense but they should have enough talent to compete with the Dolphins who have a rookie QB. But again, I should have known better than to think the RAYYYYYDAHS would pull this one off. Smh at myself.

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