Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miscellaneous Randomness

The Broner/DeMarco Fight

My cousin, Thomas "Topp Dawg" Williams is a professional boxer and was on the undercard for the Broner/DeMarco fight until his bout was cancelled at the last minute. That was my primary (read: only) reason to go to Atlantic City. I didn't realize that Broner was THIS GUY and that I would be in for another ridiculous performance (both in terms of his boxing ability and his efforts to entertain before, during, and after the bout) by Broner.

As you'll see below, Broner danced his way to the ring with Kendrick Lamar alongside (a great surprise for me as a huge fan of Kendrick's album, "good kid, maad city") and subsequently put on a boxing exhibition reminiscent (tongue-in-cheek) of Floyd Mayweather Jr. on some levels. All his shenanigans aside, Broner appears to be a highly skilled boxer. AKA, Youngin is NICE! I'd like to see him when he fits some solid competition if he hasn't already even though DeMarco was the champ until last night.

Aside from that Special K also told me he used the phrase "no homo" in the post-fight press conference and I'm pretty sure he asked someone to brush his hair after entering the ring. Not to mention he did some sort of Harlem Shake/Stanky Leg dance after he knocked DeMarco out, lol. Shenanigans I tell you!

Eddie Murphy - "Put Your Mouth on Me"

Yeah sooooo, I don't know why I felt the need to post it but I did and just rolled with it. Never forget (lol)...


You know good-and-well I wasn't going to let this past Sunday's performance go without mentioning the most exciting player in the NFL did you? I would like to reference you all back to my post predicting his numbers for the season. I predicted he'd throw for almost 4,000 yards, 22 TD, and 15 INT. Right now he's on pace to have less than 10 INTs and throw for close to 22 TDs. He definitely has a chance to be a really great quarterback. I'm not as impressed right now with what he can do on the deal as much as I am with how level-headed and grounded he seems to be. For someone his age, his humility and maturity are both pretty impressive. My Skins aren't likely to make the playoffs this year but things look hopeful for the future. And not that "buy up all the free agents and a coach" in the off-season hope they used to sell every year.

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