Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbowl Prediction

Just for the record, I picked the Ravens to win PRIOR to picking them to lose in the playoffs (see third paragraph below), I'm just saying.

With that in mind I'm picking the Ravens to win the Superbowl for several reasons:
  • The most glaring reason is that these guys are going to play their hearts out in an effort to get Ray Lewis a ring on his last "ride".
  • The Ravens are a veteran team with a lot of resolve playing a younger team that clearly has about 3-5 years (if everyone stays healthy and doesn't get traded or leave) where they will be vying for NFC and NFL supremacy. I don't think you can discount just how much veterans that produce on-field matter to a team. The Ravens have Lewis, Suggs, Ngata, Pollard, Flacco, Rice, Boldin, McKinnie (yep), and Oher that are all veterans that are proven and will be focused on getting that championship. Not that the young guys on the Niners side won't be focused and ready to play, but it's different when you've come close several times but not gotten the deal done (just ask LeBron before last year).
  • The Ravens defense has a solid blueprint on how to stop a QB like Kaepernick AND, if he stays in the pocket, the Ravens have also proven they can stop a QB like sayyyy, Tom Brady. And I doubt that Frank Gore and LaMichael James are going to beat the Ravens by themselves.
  • My Washington Redskins beat last year's Superbowl Champions and the last time San Francisco and the Redskins played, San Francisco won.
So there you have it. I expect Baltimore to be purple all weekend and probably for an entire year until the get eliminated from playoff contention or lose in the playoffs next season.

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