Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Favorite College Basketball Teams

With about an hour to go before the NCAA tournament begins, I figured I would write a post about my favorite college basketball teams (ie - the teams I've been rooting for, for years). Because I went to a small, private school whose basketball team was in Division III, I don't really have any alma mater loyalty when it comes to college basketball. All my favorites stem from my childhood and regional (shocker) fandom.


Before I really understood college basketball, I was a Georgetown fan. Being born in DC and living there as a kid and eventually moving not-so-far away to PG county, Georgetown was always the team that was consistently good and a team that I occasionally got to see. It was post-Patrick Ewing but I got to watch Alonzo, Dikembe, Allen Iverson, Victor Page, etc. as I was growing up and because of those guys I've always rooted for Georgetown. More recently, Jeff Green and Otto Porter have kept my Georgetown fandom alive.

North Carolina

This really is all about my stepdad. He is from North Carolina, used to go on-and-on about Dean Smith all the time, so I paid attention to UNC and rooted for them because my stepdad at one point had me convinced they were the best thing since sliced bread. But what was great about that was I got to grow up through the Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace, George Lynch (yep, I said it), Rick Fox... "eras", lol. UNC had some great teams during that era.


Thank Exree Hipp for this one. When he was playing for Maryland I used to play some video game on Sega Genesis I believe where Maryland was the only team I would ever play with because of this lanky-ass swingman. That was a pretty good Maryland team and Steve Francis pretty much made me a Maryland fan for life. Not because of what he did while he was playing there but because I watched this dude drop 52 points like it was nothing at a summer league game and from there I rooted for him and Maryland until he left. Throw Lonny "shoot-em-up" Baxter, Keith Booth, Juan Dixon, and even Chris "oh yeah, he was on that team too" Wilcox in there too when we're talking about Maryland players that made me like them and root for the team.

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