Monday, July 22, 2013

Kanye's Black Skinhead video, dope and disappointing at the same [damn] time

Kanye just dropped an interactive video for Black Skinhead. From a technological perspective, it's awesome. You click play on the splash page and from there you can toggle the speed at which he raps using a slider in the upper right corner of the screen.

I don't think I've ever seen an artist (hip-hop especially) do this before. Kanye took the functionality built into the web and released his video straight to the InterWebs, it's a great idea/move. This video could never work on television in the same way it does on the web. And who runs home and watches videos on TV anymore anyway (sorry teenagers, I'm grown)? So that's the dope part of the video. The disappointing part of the video is the actual video itself. It's Kanye CGI'd to look like the Incredible Hulk (he's jacked with a shimmery chain on - the graphics guy/people did a kick-ass job) and posturing/running around in the video. I mean, I get it... This is "ARTISTIC". It definitely is but it's also pretty damn boring too (on some ole' "blavant garde" type shyt). Or maybe I'm just not artistic enough to appreciate the video fully, which could definitely be the case (just like it was/is with Yeezus as a whole).

Check it out for yourself though. You can watch the full video at


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I agree. I like the creativity behind the video but the video itself is just okay at best.