Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mysterious "Watch The Throne" Email

Yesterday I received the following message in my inbox suggesting that I pre-order Jay-Z & Kanye's "Watch the Throne" album.


The same album that had a single drop long long ago and then nothing!

The same album that Kanye ran off at the mouth about on New Year's Eve saying it was dropping "in one week"?

Now, I'm supposed to get this in my inbox and pre-order the album with no word about it from Jay or Kanye in months and no "second" single to listen to? Yeah right. I guess this was a true test of my Jay-Z/Kanye STAN status. I'm glad I failed. Apparently the album has a release date of August 2 which is less than a month away. We'll see. As for the pre-order, drop another single fellas and I might consider it.


RipRock81 said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. The email confused the crap out of me when I got it.

RipRock81 said...

Change the name to "Watch Me Jone" on any fool that just drops $15 on a cd that they only heard one track from and the track was just ok, not amazing, not even on either of their levels for first singles.

Maybe next I'll get an email from Dr. Dre telling me to pre-order Detox.

What are they taking out a loan to finish the project or something?

Anonymous said...

The email seemed completely left-field to me. LOL at Watch Me Jone.

If you get an email from Dr. Dre re: Detox the world is officially coming to an end.