Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THROWBACK! Clipse - Grindin'

"Legend in two games like I'm PeeWee Kirkland"

Would you believe that this was released in 2002? And even more interesting from a personal standpoint is that it was released on my birthday in 2002.

This song is an undeniable 2000s-era hip-hop classic. This probably paved the way for the mainstream coke-rap movement we had a few years back with Jeezy that was followed-up shortly thereafter by Rick Ross, and has now tapered off a bit. Now it's all about smoking weed and shyt *shrugs*. And who would have ever imagined when this song dropped that Pusha T[on] would be signed to a label run by Kanye West who was (around the time it dropped) coming off producing some of your favorite songs on Jay-Z's, The Blueprint.

P.S. - Aside from some of the joints Pharell has done for Jay-Z and Nore, this is probably my favorite work by him.


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