Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Throwback!!! The Roots - Silent Treatment


Off The Roots "Do You Want More?!?!?!!!" album (released in 1995) which also features "Proceed" and "My Mellow My Man". If you're a hip-hop fan and don't have this album in your repertoire, you need to get it pay for it ASAP. I remember my friend Brazil introducing me to The Roots around this time by suggesting I check out "Proceed". Once I heard that song I was a fan, and have been ever since.

Black Thought is another one of those slept-on MC's because he's stayed true to his group and not strayed away for solo success. I respect it a lot but I think it holds him back from larger success. But he strikes me as the type that probably doesn't care about the fame, being rich, or having all the attention to himself. The early era Roots stuff is what I think of when I hear people mention them nowadays but they've still been making quality music in more recent years, including a really dope album with John Legend called "Wake Up".

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