Monday, January 23, 2012

Skeeball League: Week 2

We went 1 for 1 in our 2 matches this week, putting us at 2-1 for the season. I'm assuming that puts us somewhere near the top of the standings considering there's 20 teams in the league. We would have gone 2-0 but on the last roll of our first match some woman managed to bring her team back from 60 points down by hitting the ever-so-elusive 100-point hole. Please tell me what the odds are that someone that's probably been drinking for 2 hours straight could come in on the last roll of the match down 60 points and nail the 100-point hole. Seriously, I'd like to know the odds on that.

The second match wasn't really close but it was still fun. We'll see what happens in Week 3. On another note, I'd like to identify some of my favorite team names from the league (there are obviously some very smart, witty, or funny people in this league).
  • We Met in Rehab
  • Ain't Nothing But A Skee Thing
  • Skeez Nuts
  • Skee Ball So Hard University (I'm not a Ravens fan but I thought this was awesome)
  • Honeybadger Don't Care (this is so irrelevant it's hilarious)
  • Feeling Friskee (you see what they did there, right)
  • That's What Skee Said

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