Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You, ME, and Ray Lewis NEED to do this Race...

The ToughMudder
  • 10-12 mile obstacle course. YES, 10-12 miles, not 2, 3, or 5. That distance is kind of ridiculous for civilians, lol.
  • Designed by Bri'ish Special Forces
  • 25 military style obstacles
I'm sure this fantastic race also comes with lots of blown out knees, ankles, vomit, and the occasional person passed-out from heat exhaustion (sounds like fun right?). My buddy sent this to me and I think I may just do it. I used to run cross country in high school but that was 3 miles so I may have to tag someone in after 3 or 4 miles and let them run and then get tagged back in around the 8 mile point, lol. I'm sure this race would be excruciatingly painful but also super fun.

Random thought... How, and where do you train for something like this???

P.S. - I mentioned Ray because he's the only person that would be amped up enough to actually get me to finish this thing, lol.


Damon Smith said...

My coworker JUST invited me to participate in this yesterday. I want to do it but I will be out of the country. Bummed! Looks hella fun.

Anonymous said...

Man, I think I may do this. I mean, whose in better shape to do this than me, like really? LMFAO.