Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skeeball League: Week 3

The games started a little earlier than usual this week so we were only 2 deep for the first game. Me and my co-worker Jim somehow managed to pull out a win against a team of 6. I would call it an epic win but it was more luck than epic-ness. For our second game, we almost had a full team and somehow, we managed to lose in the 7th match of the best of 7 matches. Oh well, we're still 3-2 at this point. I honestly don't know where that puts us in the standings (apparently the guy who keeps up with the standings has some "issues" right now healthwise) but as long as we're going 50% every week and I'm drinking for cheap, it's all good. Not to mention the wings, lol.


Lance Coleman said...

wheres the link button? lol

Anonymous said...

link button???