Friday, June 8, 2012

Let's take a trip back to 2004...

... and take a look at the XXL magazine article below where a nice sampling of rappers were asked whether or not they're into anal sex. Some of you probably saw this in its original print form but I was just made privy to it today.

I found some of the responses hilarious and my guess is that you will too. My favorites are paraphrased after the jump.

When it comes to anal I'm rolling with Fiddy as far as not really being into it, but some of the other responses had me dying laughing.

Lil Wayne: Oooh, my daddy said it in a song a minute ago and everybody started buffocking.

Talib: I'm much to pure to be doing anything such as that.

Jadakiss: "I don't pump on that block!" Apparently Jada is even nicer with the double entendre's than I thought.

Trina: I do it, I just don't want it to be in print.

Mr. Cheeks: Lights, camera, action!

Joe Budden: Only if a video vixen wants me to do it.

Nore: So after I sh*ts on the b*tch...

Bleek: I'm saying, what would Jay do?

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M.C. said...

And NORE is ignorant. This fool said he would give anal to J. Lo in a NY minute. LMAO! Wow!