Thursday, October 11, 2012

If I was a real writer and not just a blogger, this is what I'd love to write about

The title of the post is not a shot at any other bloggers because there are a lot of awesome and credible bloggers out there on various subjects, it's about me recognizing that this is just a hobby and not something that I take seriously enough to call myself credible (in a writer/journalistic sense) at.

With that said, I just read a pretty good article by David Drake of entitled, "Real Trap Sh*t? The Commodification of Southern Rap's Drug-Fueled Subgenre", that made me realize that if I were able to write really well and informed about something, that article is a great example of what I'd like to write about.

He does a great job of providing historical context of what the term "trap" meant when it was first uttered by a hip-hop artist and he also gives great insight into how the term seems to have been accepted by the mainstream and somewhere along the lines, the real point of the "trap" has seemed to have been lost and/or blurred by mainstream hip-hop fans. That point being (as he stated quite well) that:
"Recognizing that there is a very real context to rap’s casual glorification of street violence, that it isn’t simply an action movie set in the hood, is a Good Thing."
If that isn't the P.S.A. of the year/decade for suburban/rural kids that think all hip-hop is entertainment, I don't know what is. A large portion of it is hyperbole and incessant glorification of things that don't really matter, but a good amount of guys talking about "the trap" actually come from a place that could well be defined as such. I won't waste time going on-and-on any further about the article, I really just wanted to make the point that it's the kind of stuff I would write about if I was good enough at writing but that I'm glad someone is out there critically thinking about these types of things and has a platform to put it out there. Kudos to you, David Drake.

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