Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video: Lupe Fiasco - B&tch Bad

Lupe is kinda getting his Nas on here if you think about it. But Lupe always throws some depth into his music and consequently doesn't sell as much as other less-progressive thought-provoking artists. I won't name any names.


Lance Coleman said...

great song, great story, well done video. the video brings all the imagery together perfectly. but whats up with the RG3's he's rockin?

Lupe is one of the most complex artist out there, his word play is so sick.

The black face and booty shots might be too much for MTV though.

This song is actually a lot like "Dumb it Down" to me, its like the two songs are part of the same movement or story.

IDK if I can compare this to daughters, but probably to Black Girl lost.

A. B. said...

Caught this joint on the XM the other day. Really feeling this. Lupe always takes me there.

M.Carroll said...

Lance, RG3's is what all these youngin's rock nowadays. Especially in Chicago. Lupe mentioned in an interview that cats who look like this scare him (the context was Chief Keef) and that leads me to believe that Lupe is doing this to disprove stereotypes about young black men that wear their hair this way. As usual though Lupe comes with some stuff that makes you think.