Saturday, April 20, 2013

Last-Minute NBA Playoff Round 1 Predictions

Celtics over the Knicks in 7 games. Do not underestimate how the tragedy might help bring Boston as a city together and the Celtics as a team together. And I already had the Celtics winning this series prior to the tragedy but now that they have just that much more to play for, I don't think they're going to go out in the first round. It won't be easy, but they'll pull this series out in 7 games. Not to mention if the Celtics can play consistent defense and get the Knicks to start shooting bad, it'll be 6 games instead of 7, lol.

Chicago over Brooklyn in 6 games. Neither of these teams are very noteworthy but Chicago is a tougher, grittier team with more heart.

Indiana over Atlanta in 5 games. Atlanta is not tough enough or consistent enough to beat Indiana. Not that Indiana is that much better than the Hawks but they're defense and solid big man and swing man play will make this a relatively quick series.

Miami over the Bucks in 5 games. This should be a sweep but I think that Miami has a tendency to play down to their competition (ie - those close games during the 27 game winning streak) and I think the Bucks can steal one.

Golden State over Denver 7 games. This one was really a toss-up for me but I think with Galinari being out, the Warriors have a great chance. This is going to easily be the most exciting series - in terms of points scored - in the first round.

Clippers over Memphis in 6 games. The Grizzlies can slow down the Clippers for a couple games but even when they do, Chris Paul is the best floor general in the game. I am very interested in seeing how rough Z-Bo plays Griffin though.

Lakers over Spurs in 7 games. This is a great match-up for the Lakers. If Steve Blake and Jody Whatley Meeks show up every game, the Lakers have a really good chance to win. The Spurs do not have big men that can stop both Pau and Dwight if they're both aggressive. And from what I hear, Manu may be out and if that's the case, it could get very ugly for the Spurs. I tihnk that Tony Parker will play better than he has been but I don't think that he and Tim Duncan can do it by themselves. I just have a gut feeling the Lakers are going to pull this one off.

Oklahoma City over Houston in 4 games. Unlike the Heat, the Thunder will sweep The "Asian Beards".

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