Tuesday, April 30, 2013

THANK YOU B.O.B. and 2 Chainz!!!!

For doing a completely irrelevant video treatment for your "Headband" video that is also amazingly sexually gratuitous in "'Flashdance'-meets-super-soft internet-porn" sort of way. Apparently these chicks or at least some of them are pornstars which means Bobby Ray and Tity Boi should lose a couple sexual gratuity points for. Let's be real here, if they get paid to have sex (while being filmed) for a living then this video they should just do for free, right? Or at least for a discount. Not that there's anything wrong with getting paid to be a professional whoo-er actress or anything. I'm sure this is what every set of parents wants for their chillun. Anyway, I ran across this yesterday going through my Feedly feeds and the first thing I saw in the video preview/still was two women bent over in thongs and well, something compelled me to watch. And clearly, it only got better from that point. Aside from not calling my boss's boss a d*ck to a 30th different co-worker, I think it's the best decision I made yesterday.

This can't be the official video, can it? Oh yeah, this is probably NOT SAFE FOR YO'JOB, unless you work for Brazzers or West Coast Productions (ha!).

Funny how there are words on the screen yet I am not paying any attention to them whatsoever. Now that I think about it, I haven't even really paid attention to the song at all (I guess that's the point). Let me go back and listen to B.o.B. spit some lyrics and 2 Chainz set the bar for mediocre hood verses even lower.

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