Friday, April 19, 2013

This is one of those really premature "I'm excited about my team way before the season starts" football posts

Now that the NFL schedules for next season has been released. Let me do what the NFL wants me to do what every real NFL fan is going to at least think. I'm going to go through the schedule and predict what I think my favorite will do next season. My disclaimer here is that this assumes RGIII will be back for week 1. And I'm tired of hearing about how he's recovering super quick and all that, just let that man stay out of the media spotlight, get better, and come back strong. Anyway, here goes nothing...

Week 1: At home against the Eagles.... LOSS! Yep, LOSS! I am scared as crap of Chip Kelly's offense with Vick, Jackson, McCoy, and Maclin. Much like the offense the Skins ran all season last year, I don't think anyone's going to be fully prepared for the Eagles until about halfway through the season. That's not saying they're going to go 8-0 but it is saying that if you don't have guys that can consistently tackle people in open space (I submit, DeAngelo Hall, Reed Doughty, and Josh Wilson), you're probably effed unless your team can run up the score or get Vick out of the game so Chip Kelly has to adjust his calls based on a not-so-mobile QB. I joked about how the Redskins need to start studying Oregon tapes now but that isn't really a joke. So yea, a season opening loss at home on Monday Night Football sounds horrible but I actually think it can help temper expectations and humble the squad early in the season so they dig in the rest of the way.

Week 2: at Green Bay.... Well, isn't this just a doozy! From Chip Kelly's offense to the ridiculously surgical Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. LOSS!

Week 3: At home against Detroit... WIN. This will be a high scoring affair.

Week 4: At Oakland... If we lose to Oakland... Nah, we not losing to no faulking Oakland, screw that!

Week 5: BYE... That's a win in my book, lol. Kind of early in the season for a bye though. That may actually be a bad thing.

Week 6: At Dallas... WIN. DUCK FALLAS! Damn CowGirls.

Week 7: At home against Chicago... WIN! Chicago is going to really be mad that they got rid of Lovie. I don't think that defense will be the same.

Week 8: At Denver... This has the potential to be an amazing game. I actually feel like this is a toss-up but since we'll be in Denver I'm going with a LOSS on this one.

Week 9: At home verses San Diego... WIN. No commentary required.

Week 10: At Minnesota... WIN. AP will have 500 yards in this game but they'll still lose because Christian Ponder is Christian Ponder.

Week 11: At Philly... WIN. Week 11 means half of the season has passed (lol) and the Skins have seen that offense in-person once already. I expect us to be prepared for a WIN.

Week 12: At home against the 49ers... LOSS. I hate to say it because I know Lance is somewhere smiling but I don't see a win happening against that defense.

Week 13: At home against the G-Men... WIN. The Giants are going to be average or stink this year, watch.

Week 14: At home against the Chiefs... This is going to be a WIN but not as easy as people might think considering their new coach Andy Reid knows the Redskins well.

Week 15: At Atlanta... I'm going to this and it is going to be a WIN. Simply because Roddy White shytted on us (sort of) on ESPN First Take last week. And of course I'm going because the strip clubs in Atlanta are going to be off the chain after this game!

Week 16: At home against the CowGirls... WIN. Sweepin' them CowGirls!

Week 17: At the Giants... LOSS. Even though I don't think they'll do that well this year, I got them beating us one out of two times.

That would put the Redskins at 11-5 (that sounds kind of ambitious now that I think about it) with a QB fresh off a destroyed knee and a defense that can't stop a 6 year old from throwing for 300 yards. I'll come back around to this and do an updated season prediction around Week 1. But for now, I'll stick with this. HTTR!!!

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