Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm on my New York -ish...

Some of you probably already know I went to NYC this past Saturday with a couple of my boys for my man's bachelor party (congrats Jon...Saturday's the big day mayne!). Well, it was quite a fun trip. I've got a lil run-down to give and some pictures. Maybe you'll find this interesting.

On the way up to New York, the guy here with the hat on lasted about 30 minutes into the friggin ride before he passed out. I mean knocked out like a baby. So you know who the butt of all the jokes was on the way up to New York.

The next flick is just after we got to NYC, checked into our hotel, and freshened up. We were headed out to find some food. This pic was taken in front of the hotel where we caught a cab to Times Square. About a block into the ride we realized we were ONE BLOCK AWAY from Times Square. So that cab ride amounted to about $3. We were definitely tourists on that one.

Once we got to Times Square, we walked around looking at all the stores and trying to find a restaurant. Of course there were tons of people walking the streets so we were bumping into people left and right and coming close to getting hit by cabs as we crossed the street. Lots of people (like me) out there with cameras taking flicks of the stores and buildings.

We walked around Times Square for a while, stopped at a few stores, and ended up at this nice lil restaurant I can't remember the name of. But it was alot like the District Chophouse in Wash., D.C. This place spealized in steaks and brewed their own beer just like the chophouse. We ate some steaks and had drinks. We ended up getting out of there pretty quickly to go back to our hotel and get dressed for the real reason we came up to NY...TO PARTY!

Back at the hotel after dinner, we spent about 45 minutes getting dressed. Most of that was spent with me asking everybody what outfit I should wear and joking one-another. We also took some time to pop a couple bottles of champagne that Dane brought and clip the cigars I brought. This 45 minutes was like our lil warm-up for the club.

Once we all settled on the fact that we were gonna get dressed up in slacks and shirts (rather than the usual jeans and button-down), we were dressed and out of the room in like 20 minutes (sippin on that fluid the whole time).

Below, we are as we wait on a cab in front of our hotel.

We were headed to Jay-Z's 40/40 club which (naturally) I was super siced about going to since I am a big Jay-Z fan. Yeah, I know...It's not like he was gonna be there, but still. So we hop in the cab and make our way to the club about 20 minutes after our 9pm reservation...Now for the good stuff.

The 40/40 club was free to get in. Not because we had a reservation, but because that's apparently just the way it is. As soon as we got in, we hit the bar where I bought everyone a round of vodka and pineapples (my favorite drink). How about a bill of $53! Now, I didn't realize that it was $53 because there was 20% gratuity included in the bill. What I did do was tip the bartender $5 NOT KNOWING he had already gotten a tip of like $8 already. DUMBASS! That's what I get for not paying attention to my bill. The damn Tru Life look-alike who fixed the drinks damn sure kept my $5 too!

After that we headed to our reserved section. Much like other ritzy clubs, the reserved section was just a bunch of couches and a couple little tables that were up about 3 stairs. Wack as usual. But the great thing about this place is that there are flat screen tvs everywhere! And there are projection screen TVs on each side of the bar that I'm sure you could see from Long Island. So no matter where you sit, you got a view of the boob-tube.

We sat in our reserved section and got harassed by a representative to buy food and/or a bottle and watched Woo flirt with the girls we had to share the section with for a minute. Now bottle service was ridiculously priced like it is in every club. Personally, I thought we could just order the cheapest bottle on the list (Alizé, $150) if we HAD to buy a drink to keep our seats. But no one was feeling that and I wasn't gonna press the issue considering that same bottle costs about $20 at the liquor store. So while we were debating if we wanted to buy any bottle at all, Randy and I got up and walked around. We walked through a couple billiard rooms, a cigar room, and a lounge type room. Naturally, we ended up finding the cigar room.


Eventually, all 4 of us ended up in the cigar room smoking the stogies we smuggled into the club, and drinking everything from Heineken to Remy. We watched the Winky Wright fight in there and afterward headed back out to the main club area where it looked like the Middle Passage. From there it was party time. To the bar, more drinks. And then to the dancefloor to embarass myself. (But it was so much fun though!)

I would divulge the details about how I almost got into an altercation on the dancefloor, but I'll save that for another post. Fortunately we enjoyed ourselves dancing and laughing at one-another dancing, and made it out of the club without any violence. After the 40/40 we tried to hit Club BED but didn't get in since they were no longer letting GUYS in. Just females or guys accompanied by females. So we ended up at a diner talking about how much fun we had. After that it was back to the hotel and to sleep. Pretty good night!

The next picture is from Sunday morning (after my obligatory trip to Starbucks) while we were walking around looking for some place to eat. We found a nice lil restaurant right by our hotel and had brunch.

After this, it was back to Bmore for me and back to DC for everyone else. Jon and Woo slept like babies on the way back so it was pretty much just Dane and I listening to rap all the way back. Shot out to Dane for putting me onto that Little Brother Chittlin Circuit CD. I had to go buy that joint mayne!

Overall, it was a really fun trip. I'm glad we could send my boy off the way he wanted.

Unfortunately in this post I had to leave out a bunch of details b/c this post would have been ridiculously long. It would have been so much easier to liveblog this whole trip. Maybe I'll do that on the next trip if I have that new Motorola Q by then. And after I read this thing over a few times, it'll probably get updated, so subscribe to your boy via bloglines if you know what's good for ya!



Lawrenorder said...

Sounds like a fun trip! It was a little difficult to get through the post... I started to tear up after that "Middle Passage" comment. You know, it's the side comments that make all the difference.
... while you're at it you should pick up Little Brother's "The Minstrel Show"... "can't stop, won't stop, ya lovin' it!?!"

miKeSee said...

Minstrel Show...Got that! "I ain't worried bout nikkas biting Minstrel Show they still teething off The Listenin'"

"Ayo I wake up every mornin..." Nah, Imma leave that line alone.

Anonymous said...

How you gonna leave out the part about Hiwoo's tight ass slacks...LMAO! You could've at least got in one joke about that one.

miKeSee said...

Imma leave the nut-huggers out of this.